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Tunia: The Land of Discrimination

Tunia: The Land of Discrimination

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Today I will tell you a story that is likely going to make you quite uncomfortable. However, there is an important point to this story, as will be revealed later in the message. Or perhaps you will realize the point yourself during the story.

Imagine there is a land called Discrimination Land.

In Discrimination Land, it is socially acceptable to say in public that black people are the source of society's problems.

In Discrimination Land, even government officials sometimes joke that white people are superior to black people in some way. People don't get in trouble for making these jokes. In fact, many white people see it as charming when someone jokes that white people are superior to black people in some way. If a black person were to speak out against this, it would be the black person speaking out who would be seen as doing something inappropriate. 

Conversely, in Discrimination Land, white people are less accepting of jokes about black people being superior to white people in some way. White people are generally fine with jokes about black people being stupid, but not with jokes about white people being stupid.

In Discrimination Land, some black people are loved and respected, including by white people. However, just an average black person, without anything special going for him, is sometimes treated as suspicious until proven innocent, just because he's black. It is socially acceptable to say that you crossed the street because you saw a black person walking towards you and you felt unsafe.

Most people subconsciously see black people as inherently not having any value and as only having value if they can do or produce things. Meanwhile, most people subconsciously see white people as inherently having value. Consequently, there are a lot of resources and organizations that are openly saying that they are only helping white people, while there are very few black-only resources and organizations. There is also much more government funding for help-only-white-people organizations than for help-only-black-people organizations.

In Discrimination Land, social clubs for exclusively white people are seen as completely legitimate and understandable. It is seen as obvious that some white people want to be in a space where there are no black people present. Meanwhile, social clubs for exclusively black people are seen as suspicious and potentially problematic. The only legitimate kind of black-people-only club would be one in which black people are explicitly there to better themselves in some way. But just a black-people-only club where black people can hang out with each other and talk and have a drink and perhaps play some chess, oh no no no, a number of white people see that as very bad. Even though white people also think that it is completely acceptable and understandable for a white person to want to be in a space where there are explicitly no black people allowed.

In Discrimination Land, courts and police are theoretically supposed to be fair. However if there is a conflict between a white and a black person, cops and courts are usually strongly biased in favor of the white person. And everyone knows this.

White people also get measurably lighter punishment for the same crime than black people do. This is seen as a good thing, because black people are seen as inherently more violent, and thus as deserving of harsher punishment if they commit a crime. Few people care that even if black people really are more violent in general, that doesn't mean that it's fair for an individual black person to receive a harsher punishment for the same crime than an individual white person would. 

White people like to talk about equality. However, if there was a referendum on whether practical measures should be implemented to make sure that courts gave equal punishment to white and black offenders, many and perhaps most white people would secretly vote against these measures. 

Many white people like that white people get lighter punishment for the same crime. Some white people don't like this, but also don't do anything, even though if the moderate white people took a bit of action then this unfairness would be resolved quite quickly. 

That's a pattern in general: you have the white people who openly say that it is good that they have privilege over black people in certain areas, such as being preferentially hired. These white people will often actively work to defend or even extend their privilege, and they will actively work to hurt black activists. And then you have the moderate white people, who acknowledge that it is unfair, but they don't take any action to change things and they also don't support initiatives by black activists. And so, the discrimination continues.

White people may be willing to help an individual black person if that individual is particularly well-liked or seen as valuable. However, if black people as a group have a problem, then white people generally only give lip service to the idea of helping black people. Meanwhile, white people feel that black people should tangibly and practically help white people.

Even if the problem that black people face is clear systemic discrimination against them, white people will generally only give lip service to the idea of helping them. However, if white people feel that they are being disadvantaged in any small way whatsoever, then white people will mobilize and take action and ask for tangible help from black people.

In Discrimination Land, many businesses will prioritize hiring white people over black people, either as official policy or secretly. Again, some white people openly like this, and some white people don't like it but they also don't lift a finger to change the situation.

Similarly, there are also quite a few scholarships for exclusively white people, even though white people are already more likely to attend university. 

It is not socially acceptable to be a black people's rights activist. Even the more moderate white people often oppose black people's rights activists.

In Discrimination Land, far more black people kill themselves than white people. But no one really cares. Usually, people just say that it's up to black people to change this.

In Discrimination Land, black people do the vast majority of the hard, tough, dangerous, dirty work that is needed to keep society running. Far more black people die at work than white people. White people do safer and relatively more comfortable work, with fewer and more convenient hours. These kinds of comfortable office jobs often discriminate against black people during the hiring process. 

Are white people grateful that black people do the hard, uncomfortable, demanding jobs that are needed to keep society running? Usually not. It's more common that white people work fewer hours and do more convenient and comfortable work, and then complain that black people earn more money. Even though white people make as much as black people if they work the same hours at the same job. 

Any perceived unfairness against white people is complained about bitterly by some white people, even if that unfairness doesn't actually exist.

In Discrimination Land, if a ship is sinking and there are too few spots on the rescue boat, people think that black people should willingly give up their spots to white people and accept their death. A number of white people also think that if war breaks out, that the government should draft black people but not white people to go fight. Meanwhile, people talk about black privilege.

In Discrimination Land, more research money is spent on a kind of cancer that primarily affects white people, and far less research money is spent on a kind of cancer that only affects black people. Despite this, many white people insist that they are victims and that society is rigged to benefit black people.

Sometimes the term toxic blackness is used. It is not socially acceptable to talk about toxic whiteness.

If black people complain, both black and white people often tell them to "black up", which means shut up, don't complain, don't show your pain and go do some productive work.

The supposed equality movement for white and black people is called White-ism, and it contains some white people who absolutely hate black people. The more moderate white people in the White-ism movement make no real effort to tell the people in their movement to stop openly saying that they hate black people. They are more concerned with trying to get black people to behave in a way that benefits white people.

Despite the claims that White-ism is a true equality movement that is good for white and black people, White-ism almost never takes tangible action to address clear cases where black people face systemic discrimination.

So, that is what Discrimination Land is like. 

It sounds like a horrible dystopia, right?

Well, you may very well be living in Discrimination Land. If you replace "black person" with "man", and "white person" with "woman," then the above dystopia is the West as it is, today.

So yes, the entire story was one big metaphor about the West in 2024, with black people standing in for men and white people standing in for women.

People are used to thinking of men as evil privileged oppressors, and think of black people as victims who should be helped. Therefore people are often emotionally fine with men being treated badly, but not with black people being treated badly. That is why his message is so uncomfortable.

However, in the West in 2024, I really don't think that it is useful to treat men as evil privileged oppressors. 

Are there individual men who genuinely are evil privileged oppressors? Yes, there are. But that doesn't justify treating men as a group in that way. In the West in 2024, average men really don't have more privilege on the whole than average women do. 

Rich men also aren't rigging society to benefit men -- see for example more money being spent on breast cancer research than on prostate cancer research, or there being more women's university scholarships than men's university scholarships even though already more women attend university.

I'm not saying that black people and women don't face discrimination. And yes, there are differences in context between men, black people, women and white people.

Still, if some treatment of black people in this message made you really uncomfortable, then I invite you to consider if it is okay to treat men that way. Because I really don't think it is helpful to treat people more harshly -- in this case men -- just because they were born into a certain group.

With respect to some parts of my message, people might want to argue: "it is understandable to treat men more harshly, because men statistically commit more crimes." Well, poor illiterate immigrants who come from a completely different culture statistically commit more crimes too than native-born citizens, so should we also treat these immigrants more harshly than native-born citizens? See, immediately it becomes uncomfortable again (at least to some people).

Personally, I'm in favor of saying that if anyone commits a crime -- be they a man, an immigrant, a Muslim, a Jew, or whoever -- then hold that individual accountable. But don't treat the entire group harshly just because that group as a whole is allegedly more likely to do bad things. Hence, don't give an individual man a harsher sentence for the same crime than a woman, just because men as a group are seen as more violent than women.

Now yes, despite all this, I completely acknowledge that society is harsh and unfair and awful towards women. And I am sorry, my beautiful sisters, you indeed deserve to be treated so much better than you are. However, average men aren't treated any better by society than you are. Saying that the problem is the patriarchy is in practice often just a roundabout way of engaging in White-ism, to use my earlier metaphor for feminism.

The solution for women isn't fighting men, or trying to out-compete men or trying to demasculinize men.

The solution for women is to come together with men and to actually work together for the common good -- and that includes doing more than giving lip service to the idea of changing areas where women are unfairly privileged over men. 

From my perspective, it's a bit shocking that some women have great ideals and are very warm towards men they like, but are cold and callous and uncaring towards average men, and wouldn't even vote to end pro-female discrimination if someone created a referendum for that. Obviously, this isn't true for all women, but it is true for a substantial number of women. 

Think back to Discrimination Land earlier. Do you think that there can be a white person who has reached the highest levels of spiritual attainment, who never spends a little effort to help a black person and who never speaks out against the unfairness that benefits her group and hurts black people? I don't think so. I think in this case, such a white person is either still dealing with her own trauma (fair enough), or she is in separation consciousness. Because if she genuinely was in unity consciousness and indeed saw black people -- men -- as being part of herself, then she would at least occasionally spend a little effort to help a man or speak out on their behalf.

Or alternatively, you can adopt the traditional feminine mindset, where your role as a woman is to be modest and respectful towards all non-criminal men, and to obey and support and love and cherish and provide housekeeping and sex to your husband, and to give your husband authority over your family and over society. As a traditional woman, don't divorce your husband just because you're not happy and then take half his stuff. If you fulfill the traditional feminine role, then it's not inconsistent to have the attitude that men should fix their own problems, and fix the problems of society besides. 

It's fine to expect men to fix society and fulfill the traditional male role -- if you fulfill the traditional female role. Because if you expect men to be the ones to take responsibility to fix society, then you must give them authority over society. It doesn't make sense to expect someone to take responsibility without giving them authority.

The other option is to adopt the modern position that men and women should be equal and have equal roles. Well, in this case -- you want men to help women out and you want men to address things that are structurally unfair towards women, right? Well, if you want equality, that means that women should also actively help men out and actively work to fix structural unfairness towards men. 

It doesn't really work to say "oh yeah, I agree, but some other woman should do that" or "it's not my responsibility to help men" because almost all women are saying that. If courts or hiring practices blatantly discriminated against women, then women also wouldn't accept it if nearly all men said, "oh yeah, I agree, but some other man should fix that" or "it's not my responsibility to help women."

If women killed themselves three to four times as much as men, or if 92% of workplace deaths occur to women, then women would expect men to immediately help them, right? And indeed, men would immediately take action in that situation. Well, in reality, men kill themselves three to four times as much as women do, and 92% of workplace deaths happen to men. So, it would be good if women could start helping men -- I know life isn't all sunshine and roses for women either, but women don't face the level of systemic discrimination that men do.

Even the more moderate and reasonable women usually don't support male men's rights activists, even the ones who make very reasonable requests. Hence, men can't change this by themselves. Moreover, it's not a very enlightened perspective to be in a group with unfair privilege and to say that it's up to the discriminated-against people to change that. 

I'm not saying that every woman must dedicate her life to men's rights. I'm just suggesting that women occasionally speak up against the unfairness, or occasionally spend a little effort to help average individual men.

Men have been a lot better in the last hundred years with listening to women and agreeing to reasonable requests, than women have been about listening to average men and agreeing to reasonable requests. Maybe that was appropriate in the past, back when women genuinely didn't have certain rights. But it's not appropriate anymore, because average men really aren't unfairly privileged anymore. The number of men in certain highly paid positions is just a result of more men choosing to study certain subjects and more men choosing to work 60+ hours per week.

If you would protest against companies preferentially hiring white people, but wouldn't protest against preferential hiring of women, then you might have some victim mentality or anti-man resentment to work through.

If women demanded an end to female-only hiring quotas for example, it would go away immediately. And the day that women actually take some real-world action to help average men, might very well be the day that your society starts healing. Until that happens, your society might very well keep declining.

Average men are the workhorse of society. So long as the workhorse keeps being neglected and beaten and told to fix its own problems, I think your society will just keep getting worse (so long as there is no big intervention). If everyone sees it as not their responsibility to help the workhorse, then everyone suffers, because you all need the workhorse to work, and the workhorse is currently sick and can't do it alone and needs love and care.

Let's say that the supply of money in a society remains stable, however the workhorse of society is severely ill and as a result fewer goods are produced. Well, now the same amount of money is chasing fewer goods, and hence prices go up. And hence there is inflation. So yes, reckless amounts of new money are being created, but part of the inflation also comes from the workhorse of society -- average men -- struggling so much, and no one helping the horse.

The good news is that even relatively small actions can make a big difference. I understand that not everyone has the energy to organize an anti-male-discrimination demonstration. But even just being kind to an average man (and not only being kind towards the exceptional men), or giving men a compliment, or listening to them can make their month. 

This channeler still remembers that a random woman gave him a glass of water a decade ago when he was outside working during a hot day. Seemingly average men are very unused to receiving kind gestures from random women. Men are also so unused to being appreciated that they often remember compliments for years, or for the rest of their lives. So, you can help a man a lot with not much effort. 

Even just a little appreciation and kindness goes a long way.

I wish you a very good week.

With love,

Your star sister,


Note from the channeler: I was touched by this one-minute YouTube video from psychiatrist Alok Kanojia (“Dr K“):


We are not the only humans in the universe.
In the Pleiades star system live the humans called the Pleiadians. They have a Star Trek like civilization.
Many Pleiadians are currently close to Earth on spacecraft. They are helping us to achieve our freedom and build a love-based society.
Pleiadians seek to empower and uplift us, to remind us of our own gifts and qualities and to share their love with us. Because after all, we are their Earth brothers and sisters.
I'm an Earth man with initials A.S. Here I share channeled messages from the Pleiadian woman Tunia, the Pleiadian man Hakann and a few other beautiful souls.
If you prefer listening to these messages instead of reading them, you can also find them on my YouTube channel “You are loved“.
You are free to copy or translate these messages, so long as you link back to the original message.

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