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Archangel Michael: Who is Like God



His name means "Who is like God" and he is also called the Prince of Light. His temple is in Banff, near Lake Louise in Canada. His main colour is yellow, in fact the fire of the Solar Plexus is his domain, but because he carries a large sword made of a blue flame he is often associated with the colour blue and so with the throat chakra. You may see sparkles of these colours when he is around.


He is the Greatest Warrior Angel of all - the protector and guider of light and love. He helps eradicate fear and infuses people with courage. He will intercede for you instantly particularly when a situation is interfering with your life purpose. He says ..."everyone has a free will, you can choose a life path of fear and restriction or a life path of joy and freedom. Fear is nearly always used as a controlling "tool" by those who have authority over you. Many people on the Earth path have multiple fears, some are founded and others are unfounded"....

Archangel Michael is also the angel in command of Light Workers. He transcends time and space and can be everywhere at any time.


Michael will help bring a peaceful end to fights with a family member, loved ones, neighbours, agencies or even strangers. Archangel Michael clears negative energy when asked. He can clear negative energy from any space (including your mind and heart) - ask him to clear the energy in your home, office, car etc.  

Whenever you feel afraid or uneasy, mentally say "Archangel Michael, please protect and calm me now". If you are in an unsafe place or neighbourhood, ask Archangel Michael to be your angelic bodyguard to escort, guide and protect. 

In fact, you can ask Michael to be permanently stationed by your side so you'll always be safe under his powerful protection. Just mentally say "Archangel Michael, please be my guardian angel in all directions of time. Thank you". And it is so!! 

Archangel Michael is who you call when you want to remove negativity and fear from your life. Layers of negative attitudes and limiting beliefs can be cleared and released energetically when you receive an angelic soul clearing.

Some interesting reading on how some religions see Michael 

Also St. Michael the Archangel and, in Arabic, Mika'il, perhaps the greatest of all the angels, whose name likely means "Who is like God". He is captain of the hosts of the Lord and the most beloved of all residents of the heavenly host (with the possible exception of the archangel Gabriel). 


Accepted by the Jews, he emerged as such a major angel in Jewish lore that he was honoured as the patron angel of the nations (out of seventy) who did not fall from grace, his bias entirely understood since it favoured God's Chosen People.

Michael appears twice in the Old Testament and is noted, with Gabriel and Raphael, as one of the few angels actually mentioned in the Bible: in Daniel (10:13), he is called "Michael, one of the chief princes," and later (12:1) is a "great prince." Besides from these specific references, he is declared the ruling prince of the archangels, chief of the choir of virtues, the prince of the presence, and an angel of mercy and repentance. He is also credited with being the angel who spoke to Moses in the burning bush; the messenger who stayed the hand of Abraham before he sacrificed his sin.

Jewish legend also states Michael to be one of the three "men" who visited Abraham and one of the five angels, with Uriel, Metatron, Raphael, and Gabriel, who buried Moses. Apparently Michael had to fight with Satan for the body of the Lawgiver, an event mentioned in the New Testament Letter of Jude. Finally, in the Dead Sea Scrolls is the story "The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness," in which Michael is described as the prince of light, leading forces of good against the darkness of evil.


Michael was embraced enthusiastically by Christianity and honored as the leader of the angels whose very name was used as a war chant by the holy angels during the war in heaven. As commander of the heavenly host, he led the good angels in their successful conflict against Satan and the fallen angels. He is named in the book of Revelation, fighting against Satan, and at the end of the world will command the hosts of the Lord in final conflict.


The Catholic Church honours Michael with four main titles or offices. He is the Christian angel of death, carrying the souls of all the deceased to heaven, where they are weighed in his perfectly balanced scales (hence Michael is often depicted holding scales). At the hour of death, Michael descends and gives each soul the chance to redeem itself before passing, thus consternating the devil and his minions. Michael is the special patron of the Chosen People in the Old Testament and is guardian of the Church; it was thus not unusual for the angel to be revered by the military orders of knights during the Middle Ages. Last, he is the supreme enemy of Satan and the fallen angels.


Michael has been the object of considerable examination on the part of theologians, especially regarding the apparent inconsistency of having an archangel-a member of the eighth and second-lowest choir of angels-lead the hosts of the Lord. Some, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, declare him to be the chief of the order of archangels. His high post is presumably explained by the fact that archangels are in the forefront of the fight in the world against evil, so Michael, as their chief, assumes the command of the angels by virtue of his experience. Others, most notably the Greek fathers such as St. Basil the Great, wrote that Michael was superior to all the angels; others appointed him the ruling prince of the seraphim, which would place him in the highest position in heaven.

Michael has been venerated by the Church from early time. His elevated position is made clear by his title of saint, by the number of churches dedicated to him, and by his many appearances in history. He supposedly visited Emperor Constantine the Great (d.337) at Constantinople, intervened in assorted battles, and appeared, sword in hand, over the mausoleum of Hadrian, in apparent answer to the prayers of Pope St. Gregory I the Great (r.590-604) that a plague in Rome should cease. In honor of the occasion, the pope took to calling the mausoleum the Castel Sant'Angelo (Castle of the Holy angel), the name by which it is still known.

Among the Muslims, Michael is one of the four archangels (with Azrael, Isfrafel, and Gabriel), and one of the two angels, with Gabriel, named in Qur'an. He resides in the seventh heaven and is popularly believed to have wings of emerald green.

A favourite angelic subject in art, matched only by Gabriel, Michael is most often depicted as a proud, handsome angel in white or magnificent armour and wielding a sword, shield, or lance. In some paintings he is shown with a banner or holding scales. Quite often he is seen, like St. George or some Madonna’s, in conflict with a dragon or standing upon a vanquished devil. Of him was declared in Milton's Paradise Lost (Book VI).


(this is a letter from a friend of mine channelled from Archangel Michael. It is probably how many of you are feeling at the present, I know I am, and so it explains much)

The angels asked that I send out a short message to all the subscribers regarding energetic changes in the atmosphere right now.

This message is from Archangel Michael:


I AM Archangel Michael and I wish you blessings and Light at this time. You may have noticed a shift in your consciousness recently. It may be that you are more emotional and letting go of old sorrow and pain now. You may feel stressed and not feeling like you are getting as much done. This is because the planet vibrations are quicker now and your physical body realigning to this higher vibration.

Before the full moon of November 8, release all the outdated and unneeded in your life. This may include old emotional hurts you are carrying around from childhood and letting go of relationships that are no longer healthy. Let the emotions flow from you making room for healing and transformation. Let your spirit be lighter and brighter. Concentrate on your aura and if it feels heavy, you still have work to do. Bringing pain to the surface for release is healthy and will enable you to make room for better things and relationships. Releasing old negative energies will help you to be more powerful and effective both as a human and as a Lightworker.

Before November 8, write out all you desire and want to manifest in your life. Work on drawing and attracting those things to you. Leave the past behind and focus only on your brilliant future. Know that you deserve and can have all you need and desire.

On the evening of November 7 or on November 8, give your intentions over to the Holy Spirit and trust that your desires will be followed by inspirations and ideas to make them come to fruition. Sit in quiet meditation and envision your life as if all your intentions are already reality.

Lightworkers, know that you play an important role in showing the doubtful that anything is possible as long as faith, trust and right action follow your intentions. Show them that you can step off into the unknown and soar!

Ask for me now to clear away all that is unnecessary now. Ask me now to clear away all that is not for your highest good. Ask for me now to infuse you with Love and Light. Know that it will be done.

I send you blessings on your journey and stand at the side of all Lightworkers.

In Love and Light,
I AM Archangel Michael"



Julie Lomas
Julie is the founder member and Managing Director of Conscious Connections,( www.conscious-connections.com ) a company dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness and holistic practices, including stress management transformation and life coaching to all areas of peoples' personal lives..

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