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Archangel Raphael: Healed By God

archangel_raphaelJulie Lomas

Archangel Raphael’s name means ‘Healed by God’ and his temple of light is in the Etheric Realm over Fatima in Portugal. He appears as a green and golden light. He bears a healing staff and he carries a cup of healing balm, he has fast vibrating wings. He radiates a golden light from his forehead. His energy is very renewing and grounding and is very peaceful and his healing can be called upon at anytime. His divine qualities are Healing, Truth, Science and Abundance.


Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of healing. He wishes to extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to work with him for their own personal healing, or that of another. The blessings, mercy and compassion of Archangel Raphael and his legions of healing Angels gently bring healing to wholeness of the body, mind, spirit and also to relationships. If he doesn't come to heal you when requested, he knows the right angel to send and does it right away. Archangel Raphael is especially responsive to healing all children and animals. Each person is capable of healing themselves and assisting others to heal. Each person can readily work with Archangel Raphael and all of the Archangels and other Beings of Light here to support us. They have unconditional Love for us and wish to help us live our lives to our highest potential.


To work with Archangel Raphael and your own personal guides all you need to do is invite them in and state your intentions. It is best to always ask for healing in your ‘highest good.’ That way any underlying problems are healed and you are not just concentrating only on the symptoms. The best way to ask Archangel Raphael and your personal guides to work with you is from a meditative or quite state of mind. Be as open to the healing as you can be and with pure heart.

When you are ready to begin the healing call Archangel Raphael's name either in your mind or softly out load and ask that he come in to assist in your healing. At that time you can also invite in your Higher Self and your own personal Spiritual Guides...Guardian Angels. You do not need to know their names, they are very aware of you. All that you need to do is direct your thoughts to them and say "Please help me heal" or "Please join with Archangel Raphael in my healing process".

To work with Archangel Raphael for yourself

After getting into a relaxed or quite state of mind and inviting Archangel Raphael in: Try to picture Raphael standing over you with his hands outstretched over your head. See the healing energy in the form of White Light flowing from his hands down your body. Try to relax and feel the energy. You may not be able to feel the energy at first, but after you work in this manner for several sessions (if needed) you will probably begin to become more sensitive to the energy. Most people feel the healing energy as a warmth, or a tingle. Some people feel it as a soft and loving current running through their body. It is best to do this overall healing first to open you to the healing energy and prepare you on all levels to accept the healing. This initial step can last for several minutes or until you feel that it is time to move on to the next step.

You can now work on specific areas of your body. If you can, place your hands over the area that you would like healed, picture Raphael's hands over your own and see the White Light flowing through his hands to your own and on to your injury or area of illness. Your hands may become very warm from the healing energy when you do this. If you cannot reach the injured part of your body visualize Raphael's hands over that part and see and try to feel the energy flowing there. It does not matter if you are good at visualizations, or whether or not you can physically feel the healing energy, your intentions and the assistance of the Beings of Light that you are working with are what you are healed by.

Heal injuries and illnesses

This method works with injuries and illnesses equally well. You may repeat this work several times a day if necessary, or whenever you feel that you need it. In many cases once you are used to working with Archangel Raphael and your personal Guides... Angels it is enough to just ask them to come in to help you to get fairly quick relief and healing, especially if the situation is chronic and they are used to working with you many times throughout the day or week for healing or symptom management such as pain relief. Find what works best for you. Some people like or need the extra focus and visualizations each time.


Please do remember to thank your Guides and Angels for their help. They really appreciate the acknowledgment that you know they are their working with you. You can also take the time and opportunity to talk with them, either telepathically in your mind or softly out loud. They do hear what you say and acknowledge in ways that they can, even if you cannot hear their responses back to you in words.



Julie Lomas
Julie is the founder member and Managing Director of Conscious Connections,( www.conscious-connections.com ) a company dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness and holistic practices, including stress management transformation and life coaching to all areas of peoples' personal lives.

Julie holds a Degree in Education, is an Executive Business and Life  Coach,  Award winning Writer, Japanese Reiki Shihan and Reiki Master Teacher, Professional Crystal Therapist and Teacher, Stress Management facilitator,  and an international facilitator in personal development and awareness. She has 18 years of experience in teaching and practicing holistic therapies in the Middle East, Europe, Greece and the USA. She is an expansive thinker with an excellent reputation and record of achievement in these fields. Julie is a leader and is well known in the holistic world across the Middle East Gulf countries, where she has a large following, speaking out and advocating correct learning and high standards of all holistic practices. She appears regularly on several Middle East countries TV and in magazines and journals.


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