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A Message to Light Bringers - April 6, 2023

A Message to Light Bringers - April 6, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are, as always, very pleased to have a moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer wishes to speak with those amongst us whom you might term as extraterrestrial (off-planet), to ask Star Nations about their role in assisting humanity in these days of tremendous change and rebirth:

COR: Greetings, friends! Thank you for speaking with me today.

Star Nations Representatives: We are honored to assist!

COR: I’m wondering what you are assisting us with that we have no idea about. I understand from the current White Knight Reports that there are ships landing near or hovering over disaster-struck areas and areas of conflict, such as Ukraine, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, and so on. We are very grateful that medical and other assistance is being provided to those who are suffering in troubled regions at this time. I’m just wondering what else is happening, in terms of benevolent intervention from our ET friends and family members. Of course, we see a great deal when we travel in the etheric in our sleep state, but on a conscious level, many rely on information received in meditative states, and from various channelings.

Star Nations Representatives: Of course. You are curious to know what is happening that your news media is still too terrified, and too overtly controlled, to answer! We will say that all of you are assisting us, so that when we say “we” in reference to the work we are doing, we may not be including you in your waking state, while in a human body.

Yet we do include you in the sense that your spirit multi-locates to be with us in our work, as well to be with you as your body sleeps, or in your deeper meditative states, in which you move dimensionally and energetically to various parts of the world or the cosmos.

COR: I don’t know too many human beings who think of themselves as your equal. I know you speak now from a number of intergalactic cultures. But we tend to think of ourselves far more as requiring rescue than offering it!

Star Nations Representatives: In fact, you are all highly skilled and highly aware, and carrying a well-developed consciousness, or you would not be here now as a Light Bearer (many of you also Starseed).

COR: How in the world are we assisting your Earth missions?

Star Nations Representatives: With your own missions! You are many of you masters of Lightwork in that you know how to manipulate energy that has been conformed into matter, even in its denser forms.

So that you are able to affect physical objects with high-level focus and mental concentration, as well as manipulate sophisticated technology from a distance, via organic interface with a ship or whatever technology you are addressing.

COR: Good grief!

Star Nations Representatives: This is not strange or new to you in your quiet time of activity while the body sleeps. Nor is it strange or new or unlikely to your higher aspect.

All of your higher selves are very involved in the Ascension process. We tap into the frequency of assisting Earth and Her people, and from there, answer both humanity’s calls and Earth’s to know where we are welcome to assist, without disturbance to anyone’s life path.

We hold all in a very high place of respect and honor. We are not here to interfere. Intervention is entirely different from interference, which you have also been subjected to for eons. We of the Ashtar Command do not support such.

COR: And so—if we don’t consciously call you in, you don’t move in to help?

Star Nations Representatives: As so many of us are in human form now, there is no way we could not be involved. Some calls may be unconsciously voiced, yet we hear them.

Many volunteered to come forward at this time to assist where needed while in a human body, regardless of the true “race” of beings they belong to on their home planet or star system.

We cannot abandon them, nor anyone whom they are working with. The time is too crucial, and the work too crucial, to stand back when agreements were already formed between us and those family members who would incarnate here, stating how and in what instances we would intervene.

Though some of that is subject to being revised, per the events of the new Earth timeline.

COR: What about cries for help from those you are not related to or not directly working with? Those who simply desire to call in your help for one issue or another?

Star Nations Representatives: We confer amongst ourselves and with that person as they visit us in the etheric. Almost always now, the answer is Yes, though the extent of our assistance is at times limited.

COR: Why is that? And what kinds of assistance do you refer to, friends?

Star Nations Representatives: Some of you have come in requiring that there be only minimal assistance from Star Nations, and so we honor that. You have, in what might be called your idealism, requested that only emergency support be provided by us and our technology. Yes—that is so, in any event.

You have heard the phrase that has been spoken to contactees, for example, that “You will not be allowed to destroy yourselves, or your planet.”

COR: Yes!

Star Nations Representatives: This is so. It is not a philosophy. It is Universal Law, and we follow it. You inquired regarding the kinds or types of assistance we offer, and this will vary depending upon the Earth culture requiring support, and the galactic culture answering that request, and the needs of the moment.

At times, as you have noted, we give actual humanitarian aid—food, shelter, clean water, medical assistance—to those whom your Earth governments have abandoned.

Yes, the situation on the Earth is that dire in places, and the energies high enough overall, that we are able to step in to assist, not only as you have requested, but also as the veil between your world and ours grows thinner by the moment. We have spoken with your world leaders numerous times to remind them of the tenuous state of Earth’s eco-balance, and that their own safety and that of their families—even their empire—is at stake now.

They tend to believe that we are exaggerating—or rather, they prefer to behave as if we are. Yet they understand that if they do not cease the war machine, the “dirty fuel” use, and the incessant overproduction of unnecessary goods that are quickly used and as quickly discarded, we will step in full force, as we would in the case of certain cases of warfare.

COR: You’ve done so before! To prevent nuclear war, for one.

Star Nations Representatives: We have indeed.

COR: What else might we know, friends, that we rarely or never hear of?

Star Nations Representatives: We are feeling that some are not aware that they sit on galactic councils and assist in the decision-making regarding what on the Earth will be aided, and what will be left to your own devices.

Many (most) are unaware of their true rank or role in their own star-based societies, as well as their true family, and true soul partner. They have allowed the distractions of a dense planet to pull them away from their true selves, and to delude them with feelings of loss when they feel they are getting older, or have not accomplished this or that, or have little currency saved, or fail in some way in their duty to their loved ones.

None of this describes any of you in your truest state. You exceed all limitations imposed upon you by the energetic entrainment and mental/emotional programming of so many Earth lives, or even only a few Earth lives.

Humanity is coming out of its hypnotic trance now, though it has taken thousands of years to progress to where you are now.

Your “leaders” are aware of this, and it is driving them to drastic actions in an effort to pull humanity’s vibration back down to "manageable" levels. Interestingly, as they launch one dark scheme or event or another in order to accomplish this, Earth beings grow all the more adept at waking up and recognizing the dark ploys.

You will not return to the consciousness level of 100 or even 50 or 20 years ago. It is impossible. You are being remade on a molecular level, and your awareness of this too is growing. The etheric realms are likewise evolving ever upward. The vast majority of you no longer wish to be caught in what some call the karmic cycles—the repeating patterns in which you live one Earth life after another, unable to get past certain events, relationships, or roles, feeling doomed to repeat them as you attempt in each new lifetime to finally resolve these old ruts and narrow designations. That time is past now, and none need fear otherwise.

COR: Would you say that some of us are starship captains or commanders, and some are—explorers? Healers? Ambassadors? Cultural translators?

Star Nations Representatives: Of course—these and far more besides.

Look at what you most value and enjoy in this Earth life! There are many clues all around you, within your own heart-space. Though many of you desire to be aboard a great ship, and to grasp your many abilities and fully developed siddhas, we wonder if the greatest adventure of them all is looking into your own heart-space, finding what needs to be healed there—or to sing its song!—and to walk the path to allow the fullness of that journey.

And so, in healing yourselves, you heal whole aspects of human consciousness, and your Earth.

COR: That is the hardest journey, friends. But it seems to be what we signed up for.

Star Nations Representatives: Yes indeed! And no need to feel sad as a result. You are all moving forward so beautifully.

We would say, release any defensiveness you may be carrying at present, from past or current situations.

Those whom you feel have injured you were only performing their role, however crude that may have been, in showing you what you have not yet healed, and what work there is to be done there.

Those who left you before you wanted them to leave were likewise fulfilling an agreement formed in the higher realms before you were born. Even seeming abandonments carry their own gifts.

And those you have desired to love who have not fully seen you, or whom you have yet to meet—they too are fulfilling the agreement to show up for you in certain ways, and at a certain time.

All of it sacred! All of it as you desired and designed before incarnating.

COR: Will those who have felt oddly out of place, who know deep down they are Starseed—will they ever feel at home here?

Star Nations Representatives: As life on this planet moves to a higher vibration, yes. Perhaps not fully until then, but this is part of the "cultural anthropology" that these ones desired before volunteering to assist Earth and humanity at this time.

COR: And we’re moving ahead, from what you can see?

Star Nations Representatives: More fully each day! The Light flowing into your atmosphere shall never abandon you to the former way of life.

COR: As we heal ourselves, do we hasten forward the time when Earth is restored fully, and freed by way of NESARA's enactment?

Star Nations Representatives: Of course. This is one reason why we encourage you to walk that path which is so clearly laid before each of you. To attend to your own fast-rising consciousness, and the requirements of your own inner life.

COR: Perhaps we’re doing that too slowly?

Star Nations Representatives: We cannot judge you. Each path determines its own pace of growth.

COR: We so look forward to seeing ships decloak and show themselves fully! I have several friends who have witnessed this, but all I notice are cloud ships—which are still an encouragement, yet not the ones that have really revealed themselves.

Star Nations Representatives: In every path, there are reasons for what is witnessed and what is not. You have witnessed ships by being aboard them in your sleep state. These moments come to you as images similar to the dream state, and this too is vital. Many are experiencing this now. For those who have not, they may request such, though at times, the subconscious, fearing such experiences, will have strong boundaries up that prevent conscious awareness of such.

COR: A friend’s mother came in from the Other Side during a channeling session recently, and said to her daughter, “You won’t believe what’s happening on the Earth! "Militaries being defused—their technology no longer functioning as it once did. Government leaders being visited or taken up on the ships, and spoken to about the terms of surrender to the Light, and what they must do for their countries and the Earth now . . . "Mother Earth being released of so much toxicity . . . People awakening and traveling more etherically at night. "Women regaining their goddess selves, standing strong for themselves. It’s astounding!” Would you say all that is true?

Star Nations Representatives: Every inch of it! So much being revealed now. And ancient technologies long hidden in the Earth, and the energies of sacred sites, now awakening that have long been dormant. Humanity feels that intuitively as well.

COR: And an increase in ship sightings, and ET interventions.

Star Nations Representatives: Yes, as we say—you have invited us here, and so have the Light codes flowing onto Earth now. Those with even the slightest inclination to integrate these energies with their conscious, everyday selves are doing so increasingly now. The old deceptions that have held you back for so long are increasingly ineffective now. They are being upended.

COR: Thank you, my friends. I hope we will speak again! Star Nations Representatives: Of course! We serve all with an open heart, from the vibration of Oneness. Namaste!


Copyright 2023, Caroline Oceana Ryan
I channel messages from the Collective, a group of ascended fifth and sixth dimensional Lightworkers who serve under the Ashtar Command.
The Ascension path can be challenging.
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