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Beings of Light: The End of Shadows and Manipulations

Beings of Light: The End of Shadows and Manipulations

Greetings dear children of Earth. We need to contact you regularly to let you know what's happening on Earth.

In one of our last messages, we spoke to you about the revelations that are about to take place in your lives, on a social, governmental and other level. You understand that all these tribulations currently taking place on your planet have a reason for being. In fact, all this feverishness that is manifesting itself in you and around you is the great trigger for the approach of the truth with regard to everything that is happening on Earth.

What do we mean by this? We've already told you that your government leaders, and the world government in its entirety - that is, very few humans in relation to the Earth's population - are feeling increasingly uneasy.  Everything they've had in place for many.... many years is falling apart.

To take a very simple example: the latest pandemic to hit the human population very recently was created to further weaken human beings by scaring them, by creating a great deal of fear. Now, if you look closely at the results of this situation, it has created some fears, yes, we agree, but above all... above all it has brought about a great shift in consciousness in many of you.  Many human beings have asked themselves a great many questions about the sincerity of your governments, the sincerity of certain doctors, certain pharmaceutical trusts, etc. But there has also been a great change among the inhabitants of the big cities who, following this confinement, have had a flash of lucidity and wish to live partly in nature.

Nature has become a refuge for many of you.  Doubts, great doubts, about your rulers have taken hold of your minds. You understood, in part, that these humans are only greedy for power, and that in their hands you were toys to be manipulated at will.

So in conclusion, everything they put in place four years ago in your earthly time has backfired.

Over the past few years, the energies of Light sent down to Earth from celestial places have begun to transform human consciousness. Certain men and women on Earth have had, and still have, more and more courage to demonstrate the evil of your government leaders, the pharmaceutical lobbies, and many other money-hungry humans who, thanks to this, want to rule the earthly world.

Here and there, you may hear revelations that may shock some of you, but which are real. We warned you several months ago that certain revelations would shock you into thinking they were unthinkable. We thank the men and women of Earth who, through their courageous disclosures, are supporting us in the evolution of human consciousness. It's important to know that every day that passes brings a little more collapse of the Dark Light, which, in spite of everything, in its final bursts will try everything to keep its grip on your lives.

But whether they like it or not, this is coming to an end. You will realize that some of them will fall ill, have accidents that will keep them away from public life, or leave the Earth in one way or another.

Know that all this is essential for the survival of the Earth and its humanity. Of course, you're going to say: "But what about those who, coming from other shadow planets, manipulate these humans by dangling the strength and power of power and money in front of them?

Our answer is this: All these beings from other planets of non-love won't be able to sustain the power of Light that will emanate from humans who will understand the true meaning of Life. These beings from other planets, who manipulated what you call the world government, will be progressively expelled from Earth by our Celestial armies charged with protecting the Earth and its humanity.

How can Beings of Light have armies?" you may ask.

We don't have guns, shells and bomb-launching planes like on Earth.  Our way of protecting the Earth is through energies, special rays of energy that hit certain shadow vessels.  This is done from vessel to vessel. We don't want to create deaths, but we use these special energy beams to block as far as possible the movements of shadow beings who want to meet humans who want to take control of you.

Gradually, and quite rapidly, beings from shadow planets will be prevented from coming to Earth, allowing Serenity to take hold on your planet. Of course, there will always be humans who don't want to believe the lies and deceptions of your rulers and others, and who will label you as liars yourselves.

We tell you to trust in what is happening now. Trust in our help, our support, but as you know, and as we repeat once again, you too have your share of work to do to bring Light to yourselves and therefore to the Earth. Together, you and we are going to make the Earth what we call the New Earth, a planet of Peace, Serenity and Light.

That's the purpose of what's happening now, to bring the best, the Joy, to the Earth and to the hearts of human beings.

Don't be frightened by certain disclosures that are being made and will be made more and more in certain sincere media. Have confidence in what's about to happen, it's the end of the shadow, it's the end of its manipulations, have confidence, we thank you.

We love you.

Translation By CrystalWind.ca

Marie-Josée Andichou

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