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Message from God: The Ambition

Message from God: The Ambition

Once you have released your fears and come into your actual being, you will reap joy, peace and love forever, once all deceptions fall away from you, you will realize your true nature and beauty.

No deception, no matter how well orchestrated, can bring you the fulfillment that you are now present with. Understanding your life from your being makes this awareness possible. This is why it is so important to begin the “clearing work”, to shine and recognize, to dissolve, to be clear and present, attentive and present, gentle and loving.

Restrained fullness

Ambition and greed are close relatives; energetically they have an identical structure.

Your energies are bound, dammed and blocked. What should be in free flow is condensed and creates discomfort and compulsion. Ambition puts a lot of pressure on you and has a big impact on your psychological well-being.

Ambition is withheld abundance, you experience lack and this feeling of ambition is intended to help you out of this pattern.

EHR-GEIZ always reflects a strong lack of abundance. You are stingy with your free energy, you are not giving, as everything is geared towards securing, achieving and preserving this pattern. This feeling causes a freeze in your energy body. This can also be seen physically, you appear stubborn and your facial features are tense. The ease and feeling good in yourself and with your life - as it is - have become a distant memory. Ambition has you under control, you are subject to this illusion of abundance because behavior that is exclusively oriented towards one goal suggests this to you.

Determination, consistency, toughness and constantly new challenges are essential characteristics in your society and enjoy an important status. However, it is precisely these characteristics that prevent BEING CALM, BEING IN CALM and PEACE, and ACCEPTING life as it is!

Ambition constantly creates unrest and dissatisfaction. You always delve into new topics and miss life, the beauty of the moment, the dignity and majesty of your being.

Ambition pretends to satisfy your need for abundance. Your fears and the causes that are actually responsible for your lack of ability to be abundant remain undiscovered and untouched - and the restrictive feeling of ambition remains.

You are consistent in everything you tackle, you are hard on yourself and others, you set yourself a goal and you work with all your might (!) to achieve it. Your entire life situation is aligned and subjected to this dictate; you literally sink your teeth into it and strive for this fulfillment. There's just one thing you've overlooked: Where's the joy?

You only experience joy as an immediate expression when you have achieved a goal. It quickly evaporates, because after all, there are still so many things that you absolutely want to experience and achieve and for which you create another fixed resolution.

Again you can't calm down and the state of silence becomes strange to you. You may even begin to find the silence threatening.

Your interpersonal contacts are mostly superficial because you have subordinated everything to a new goal. Every interpersonal communication needs your full attention and time to be experienced as enriching. In order to achieve a true, deep and fulfilling exchange, you need to be relaxed, aware and love.


But you don't have this calmness of heart when you're busy trying to achieve a new "goal".

But you have to have goals, you might object, because otherwise everything is the same! This question is born from your ego consciousness and serves to avoid looking beyond it, to not see what underlies this constant restlessness and striving.

You have a strong lack, a strong inferiority within you - and this creates these permanent expressions, your persistent restlessness and restlessness. Getting behind what it is that keeps you creating new “success patterns” is essential and brings you back your actual fullness.

Who tells you that you have to have goals? Who? Have you already observed and questioned this?

Are they perhaps the forces that want to keep you in “permanent employment” and in constant deprivation, energies that make you a prisoner, a slave? And for what?

Just so you don't get to rest! Because rest means thinking, observing and communicating with your innermost feelings. From there you will receive your answers about your being, your actual tasks and your overall being. Through this silence you will begin to see through and constantly setting new goals will seem useless, worthless and completely alien to your essence.

Setting goals means acting from your intellect, from your ego - no state of being sets goals. Since everything is as it is and every moment is important and needs your undivided attention, “goals” have no justification in this awareness. Listen to your heart, you will never hear a voice saying, “You must be enlightened by January 1st, so make an effort!”

Anything that puts pressure on you is always born from the ego. Everything that sets you free and brings about lasting joy and peace is born from your heart. Yes, and it is absolutely necessary that everything appears to you INdifferent, not NOT MATTER, but: equivalent, equivalent and indifferent.

This requires your observation and your clear mind; living and experiencing the moment is crucial. Because the constant “alignment” with the goal allows all moments to slip past you undone and “un-experienced”.

A strong feeling of inferiority causes your ambition, fears and a lack of abundance arise. As you begin to block out everything around you that does not serve your goal, this pattern is similar to greed.

So what does it take to get out of this pattern? First, there needs to be an “abundance” of frustration.

As soon as you have achieved a goal, something like satisfaction and joy arise for a short time. You are completely happy and cheerful. However, this feeling only lasts for a short time and you are off to new challenges again.

If this pattern repeats itself often enough, you begin to ask: Why doesn't this satisfy me consistently and where does this emptiness come from after the joy is gone? Where are you, lasting happiness, lasting joy, eternal love? Where?

I climbed the highest mountain, dived into the deepest water, but you didn't stay. Like a lover who promises you everything after the first night but runs away, the feeling of contentment and joy, of serenity and unity also disappears.

Constant frustration, constantly waking up to the realization that your lover has left you without a trace, makes you ask the necessary questions. You begin to shift your gaze and attention – inward. You search your inner world to look for the abiding, unobtrusive and ever-present love. You are doing the only right thing! You look for the solution within yourself.

Your pain has brought you to this level of recognition and from now on you begin to question your emotional structures, your constraints, patterns, habits and causes of your actions, and you learn to see through them: your ambition is exposed!

Removed from apparent fulfillments

Your lack, which has nurtured this feeling, is recognized and brought into the light, dissolved and released from your energy body. Now your energies flow freely and harmoniously again.

Through the power of your being, you experience yourself embedded in the all-encompassing abundance - fearful holding back and cramping your energies are no longer necessary. Since you no longer feel any lack, there is nothing you want to achieve. You enjoy being in every moment, you are in God's trust and you know that all potential for knowledge is brought to you.

Your clear view and your undivided attention, your now acquired gift of discrimination and your ability to recognize the right connections, lift you out of the world of “illusory fulfillments”.

Your face regains its softness and those around you also notice this change. Every harshness is gone from you and the fulfilling joy of your heart is reflected in your gentleness. You are in harmony with yourself and your body also expresses this - your movements become rounder, smoother and more harmonious.

The still widespread emotional pattern of ambition, purpose and success has left you - and constant joy and unlimited abundance have been given to you. You wake up and for the first time your lover is lying next to you - in all his beauty. It was not an empty promise that abundance will come as soon as you live out of your being and as soon as you have released hindering thoughts, patterns and blockages.

Your love remains - and that is not an illusion. This is the only true and always valid reality.

Once you have released your fears and come into your actual being, you will reap joy, peace and love forever, once all deceptions fall away from you, you will realize your true nature and beauty.

No deception, no matter how well orchestrated, can bring you the fulfillment that you are now present with. Understanding your life from your being makes this awareness possible.

This is why it is so important to begin the “clearing work”, to shine and recognize, to dissolve, to be clear and present, attentive and present, gentle and loving.

All deceptions and illusions must be removed from you so that you can manifest your essence in full power. Each new resolution brings you closer to your nature until you finally enter the complete beauty of your being - into the reality of your limitless abundance.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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