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Urgent Message from Ashtar: Navigating Ascension and Unveiling Darkness

Urgent Message from Ashtar: Navigating Ascension and Unveiling Darkness

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, and I am here today with update on the progress of Ascension Process on your planet.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, you are required to get ready to accept, what is coming and get through the very unexpected turbulent times that are going to occur in the near future. Everything is happening by Divine Plan and not by the prophecies written by false sources. The process of Ascension is about leaving behind the 3D Hologram and switching from a flesh body to a Light one.

This transition is happening right now, you just can’t see it at this moment with your human eyes. The frequencies are reaching high level on your planet Earth that very soon the Evil Entities will start running from the Light. We said before that their days are numbered. Nothing can’t save their existence or their new negative plans and their dark agendas on how to control humanity.

They are completely exposed and can’t hide anymore. The truth carries high vibrational energies and reveals all of the lies. Your planet experienced too many negative and destructive events, it’s time for a change. According to the Divine Wisdom and Love soon enough, all of the dark trauma that humanity experienced will become just sad memories nothing more.

Evil feeds on your anxiety, fear and etc., don’t give in. Over 6 billions years Mother Earth was visited by Galactic friendly and hostile civilizations. When humans were created, they never claimed this planet as their own. This allowed for the continuation of aggression from Space by ill-natured beings. They liked the fact that anyone can live freely on the surface of Gaia, and it was easy for them to take over the planet without any resistance.

Mother Earth became an experiment ground, where humans got separated by language, race and religion. You still have a difficulty to comprehend, on how to be free from judgment, love each other freely without any expectations in return and etc. The Negative Entities created a false history, prophecies and myths to hide the real truth from humanity.

They put their minions everywhere even in the Light Community. To save their lives, they would sell a whole planet to anyone without any regards for the humankind. Darkness in your world superficially suppressed an advancement of your civilization. Most people in your society are driving cars with gasoline, by now all of you should have your own spaceship.

The gasoline in your world is not supposed to be negative for the environment, the problem is that the way the Dark Ones use it in the vehicles is not in a correct way. There is a reason, why there is oil underground and in the oceans on Earth. The oil was supposed to be used in a safe manner, as part of the human development for a certain period of time until humanity creates more advanced technology.

The Dark Ones agenda about the climate, saying that the Earth is getting warmer is false. They use this as an excuse to keep humanity in fear for their lives and to push their propaganda for their, so called friendly green environmental technology. This green technology is actually worse for nature and people than the non green technology. For example, there is a negative company on Earth that is known for building electric cars.

These electric vehicles use lithium batteries ,which are not good for people or environment. Anyone, who drives these cars, is constantly poisoning themselves, it will create health problems or even lead them to their death. Also, these electric batteries blow up randomly, after the explosion it’s hard to put the fire out, as the car usually burns completely. Once you get rid of these lithium batteries, they are toxic for nature.

The renewable wind energy is also not good technology either. These wind turbines kill a lot of birds, they just fly into them and die. This wind technology doesn’t produce enough energy either, as there are few places on Earth, where it’s constantly windy. The spinning propellers usually break down easily, it’s also hard to get rid of them, as they are toxic for their environment.

The Dark Souls also put this wind technology in some locations on the surface of the ocean. After they did that, the whale population started to decrease in those areas, as these wind turbines make a lot of noise underwater, the whales get effected in a negative way.

The Negative Ones also are trying to have the humans to eat bugs, because it’s better for the environment, and they are saying that there will be not enough food for everyone in the future on Earth. For example in Finland, they created a bread made from crickets, in one loaf of bread they crush 70 crickets. You have to ask yourself, how is it better for environment, when you kill 70 crickets per one bread. This is false, there is plenty of food for everyone in world. If you would see, how much food is being thrown out to garbage by food stores across the globe, you would be shocked.

The main reason the Dark globalists elite are pushing the global warming agenda is to keep the whole humanity in fear, in a low vibrations and for a new way for them to make more money on these green technologies, which are actually worse for the environment than the none green technology. The Earth is not getting warmer, that’s absolutely a false narrative.

After my last mission, we were able to put a new special protection system around Mother Gaia to prevent any attempts to be attacked by the Dark Outworlders. Your frequencies reached a desired level to use this technology. Open your hearts to receive wisdom and guidance from Divine, many of you are still lost and confused, what is happening around you and what is the real truth.

Divine continues to lift up the ones with her energies, who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey to Ascension. Stay positive and trust the process. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Sending Supreme Love to my Brothers and Sisters.


Channeled by Erena Velazquez

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