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Jeshua: The Family of One

Jeshua: The Family of One

Beloved and holy, and only Child of the heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, Child of One. All is connected. There is no separation.

I have said that through the years to you Beloved one, “There is no separation.” For in truth, the Holy One goes forth as One. It is as we have spoken many times a stream of Isness. You are very much that stream. Most of the time you feel yourself perhaps to be a pebble in the stream, perhaps a leaf floating on top. But in truth you are the stream -- of consciousness and of divinity. And you are coming to a place within, knowing your divinity. And in that space, I meet you. For truly, remember. Take this to bed with you at night, wake up first thing in the morning with it, there is only One. Okay. Full stop period.

Anything else you want to talk about? Yes, there is much that has been happening in your world -- in the larger world, as you know it. Much of anticipation, much of separation, much that's calling out to be healed, to be known in wholeness. And in your own individual lives, there are questions that you have. And you will be working with those questions to come to the place of holy Knowledge, holy Wisdom.

Beloved ones, I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph. Jesus, you have called me. And it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Great joy of holiness. In this evening, we will talk of the Oneness that you are. That I AM. That we are as one. For in truth, you have felt this with the brothers and sisters from time to time. Fleetingly probably, but as you do the hugs and you put heart to heart, you feel the oneness of the one heartbeat, the one particle as you understand it of God going forth. God the Father/Mother/All That Is.

For you are a stream of divinity always flowing. And you have said, “I will know my individuality in this stream. I want to know who I am.” Have you ever asked that question? Of course, you have. You have asked it of your wise ones. You have asked it of the ones who walk with you in this lifetime. You have asked it as a small child learning the language wanting to know, “Who am I?”

And you have been given a name and you have said, “I will live with that name for a while, but perhaps I will change it,” because you have said, “I feel a different connection to sound.” And so, you have chosen another name perhaps or a nickname. Or, because of certain that you do with various ones, you have a nickname descriptive of what you have been doing. “Soupy, you make the delicious soup that feeds not only the body, but the soul.” That place where you come together with seemingly individuals and you do the hugs. You do the smiles. And the eyes meet and you know Oneness. In that instant, you know the Christ Self of you. Yes, the miracle soup that brings us out. To know, yes -- as you feed the body, you are also feeding the soul, feeding the remembrance of who and what you are.

“Jeshua, I'm not a what. I have a name. I'm a person, not a what.” Ah Beloved one, you are much more than what you know yourself to be. And that is what this lifetime is all about. You have wondered, “Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? I have an occupation, I have a career. I have a name. I seem to have an independence of being myself, whatever that is. But why am I here?” And my answer has always been because you chose to be here.

“Well, why would I choose to be in a world, such as what the news presents to me every day, about agony, about duality, about us and them? The good and the not so good? Why would I choose to be in that?” And I say unto you, you can change your perception. The world is as you see it -- meantime. But it is not going to stay that way. Every day when you awaken and you open the eyes first thing, you have choice as to how you will see -- the bed, the bed fellow you sleep with or not, how you will see the room, the daylight or if it's still dark. You have choice as to perception. And if it seems to be dark outside, go for the inner light. Close the eyes. Take the deep breath and say to yourself, “I am the one having the human experience. But I am holding and I will go forth in this day as the emissary of love.”

For in truth, I have said this to you many, many lifetimes, not only this lifetime, over and over, but many, many lifetimes. For in truth, we have walked together in other lifetimes. And I have said to you, “You are walking, living love.” That is your soul being and purpose -- is to be love, to extend love and to know yourself as love. It is love coming home unto itself. That is who and what you are and why you are.

You have asked of me, I have heard your prayers. “Jeshua, Jesus, why am I here?” Sometimes in agony of what is going on around you, sometimes in agony of the body. And you have asked, “Why am I here?” And I have said to you to give the hugs. To be in love. To love ones and to walk together in peace.

(Aside to cat) We have the questioning one, the curiosity one, it's no wonder you have that saying that about curiosity and the cat. Beloved one, you need not chase this small insect. But if it suits your purpose, yes. And it seems to.

You have love walking on two feet. You have love in front of you walking on the four feet. You have love that is winged and flies through the air. You have ones who swim. Ones who walk and race and can fly in the spirit that you are. Life is, as you're finding out, an adventure.

You have asked before the Incarnation. You put your order in for some excitement, some adventure, some detective work where you have said, ‘I want to know all there is to know. I want to be everything I choose to be. I want to have the human experience.” Now other lifetimes you have said, not in words but you ever said, “I want to know how it feels to swim in the water as the very huge what is known in the English as a whale. I want to know what it feels like to be the small hummingbird that comes up to the hummingbird feeder and sits there with a beak in the nectar. I want to know how does it feel to be a friend? How does it feel in the human experience?” So, you devise all kinds of experience for yourself. And you find ones to adventure with you. And when you do that in a certain example of exercise, there is a heart that truly does open. And you find yourself in love.

And it feels very One.

There are times when you have wondered, “Will anyone ever see the true me? Will anyone really love this one that I think I am? Will anyone really open themselves as to who they are to share it with me?” And yes, you have found ones. And you have opened who you have thought yourself to be -- that aspect of yourself at that time -- to ones to share in very deep friendship. You say, “Yes, what do you think life is all about?” And to get very esoteric about it, and to dwell up here in the mind and say, “But I've read this book, and it says, et cetera.” And then to say, “But, come let us walk together.” And that is where you find the oneness. Together.

You have asked of your Father/Mother/Creator/All That Is to allow you to know all there is to know about the human life. Other existences you have asked, “I want to know everything there is to know about being a cat, or about being a dog on four feet. Or being a snail that doesn't have feet but does travel. I want to know the essence, the true essence of life in all of its forms.” And as you ask, immediately the answer has to come.

Otherwise, it's not a question. So, it has to come with its own cloak of answer. And it says, “Experience. Go ahead, experience.” And so, you have said, “Yes, I will take upon myself the attributes of human, the attributes of being a snail, the attributes of being the winged one who flies high up in the sky and has a perspective that ones who are walking on land form do not have. I want to know, experience, be All.”

“But Jeshua, wouldn't that take lifetimes?” As it is seen in your understanding, yes. As it is seen in my understanding, no. And you are in essence me as well. For there is only one of us. “Well, I look around Jeshua. I see more than one. How come you can't make more than one.” I can and have and do from time to time. I go in your shopping malls. I walk amongst you. I sometimes sit down on a bench next to someone who is sad, someone who is perplexed about, “Where do I go in life? What do I do? What do I experience?” Or just a simple, more simple question -- although it can be quite entertaining – “Should I buy the red jacket or the blue jacket?” And they sit on the bench and contemplate.

So, I sit down next to you. I have done this. And I have said, “What are you trying to decide? What are you working with. What's going on?” Or if there was something going on in that shopping area and you have wanted to talk about that, we talked about that. And look for the holiness that is in it. And then when we are finished, I say goodbye and I walk off to find someone else to talk with. For in truth, I enjoy being in your shopping malls. There is much to experience, much to see, much to entertain and many who are in a place of just wanting some peace and love.

So, I walk amongst you. And sometimes you have a feeling of, “That one knows me.

How can they know me? I don't think I know them. How does that one know what I am going through?” And I smile. I reach out the hand and I say, “It is all working out. Be at ease.” And so, some take my offer. And some say, “Well, no, not quite. I want to suffer a little bit more. I want to have some more drama in my life.” And so, it is given. That which you ask for, you will receive whether it be the knowledge, wisdom of knowing who and what you are, why, why you are -- or if it is just to contemplate the heaviness of human life. And I do see ones who are contemplating the heaviness.

“Oh Jeshua, how I suffer.” Oh, yes. Would you like to tell me about? “Oh, I would love to tell you about it. You see, I have this…” And then the story continues. Yes. Would you like to be happy? “Yes, but I can't be happy. There's so much sorrow around me.” Would you like to see a different picture? “Well, yes, I would. But..” And there's always the but. When you get to the place where there is not a but after it, you will know peace. You will know happiness. You will know love in its true essence.

And some of you have reached that place. That place where you say, “life is good.” And you smile at each person who comes into your energy. And they may smile back or they may walk on. But they will know that something, something touched them, something that felt different. That truly is what you have asked to be here for -- to be the emissary of love, of calmness, of hope. To say to ones -- whether in words, or just with the eyes and the smile – “There is love, there is hope. Life is worth living. You have chosen it. Now, make it the way you want it to be.”

“You mean I've got the power to do that?” Yes, Beloved ones you have the power to do that. I give it to you –to you, to you, to you, to you, to you, to you, to you, to you and to all of you. Anyone who is asking to know the power of love, it is yours for the acceptance. You have found it. It is there waiting for you to say, “I accept it. And not only that, but I am going to spread it because I know that my friends, this is why they're here. This is why we do the hugs. This is why they come and talk with me because they want to know that space of oneness, that space of love.” Then yes, you can do it with the hugs. You can do it with the words that ones may or may not accept. They will come back. They will want more. They may not admit that they are asking, but in truth they are asking you to show them. Show them, “How shall…? Show me how you can be happy. I know that you face the same human questions that I do. I know that you have the ups and downs. You meet all different people and how their chances are of being happy are the same as mine.”

In other words, you stop, breathe, and accept love. And how do you accept love by giving it. And you notice. You have felt it and it feels very good. It seems to be sometimes a miracle. And in truth when you make that shift to the place of knowing love and knowing that that is who you are -- love on the two feet. I speak of the four-footed ones sometimes as being love on four feet. But that is who and what you are.

And you are also like the four-footed one who is always wanting to know more. To investigate. Yes. To see what might be under the chair. In other words, whoever was sitting in this last, “Did they leave me a crumb?” Yes. And then to go for the love -- to be petted. That is what everyone wants -- to be petted, to be loved. And to see the holiness, the goodness that you are, even if you do not see it immediately. And you see it for them. And they say, “Is that really true? Is there something about me that is lovable. I thought I was too heavy, or I thought I was too thin. I felt I was too short. I thought it was too tall. I thought I was not the right name. Didn't go to the right school. Didn't have the right parents.”

Beloved one, you are love walking on your two feet. And it is what you have asked to do and to be. To be love. To extend love – it’s called friendship. That is love. And it is to allow ones to know that the reason they have come together in any sort of twosome, foursome,1,659 foursomes is to experience and to give love. And to give it with a smile.

Know you the love in a smile? Of course, you do. It feels warm, it feels accepting, it feels like, “I'm safe. If one is smiling at me, a certain smile, I think I might be safe with them.” And you are because you are smiling as well. Very good. So beloved ones, a very short paragraph on love.

Now, as I promised you, we will take questions in this evening. For we have found that many of the questions open doors, windows into what you really want to know. You enjoy listening to the words pouring forth. But what you really want to know is in here (Jeshua gestures to heart) and it has been as you call it -- I hear this word from my beloved friend -- it has been bugging you. So now we are going to get the bug out and see what the questions are.

Yes. So Beloved one who is working the computer and also one on the screen. Okay.

We will have ones asking because you are the ones who are activating the body, going through this lifetime, having the challenges having the benefits.



If you want to ask a question, just raise your hand or there's also a place on reactions where there is a hand that you can click on. Okay. Kimberly has a question.


Okay, where's Kimberly? Ah, there's the beautiful one. Okay, get really. full of energy. Yes. Great.


Hello, I'm so happy to see you today.


I'm happy to see you. What would you speak of? KIMBERLY

You have talked a number of times about how you walk among us in shopping malls. And this may seem like a kind of silly question but how do you do that? Do you manifest the body? Do you infuse yourself or indwell someone who is open to the experience or something else?


All of the above. Most often I will take a form. I will assume a form that is friendly. I don't try to come on as something like a ghost, or whatever. I do not borrow anyone's white sheet and wear the white sheet with a couple of eye holes. No, I come the same as you and manifest a body. Because in truth, what you are doing right now as we speak is manifesting the body.

So, I do the same thing. I sit next to you and I say, “How's it going?”

And sometimes people, the individual looks at me and says, “I don't really know you, why are you asking me?”

And I say,” No real reason. Just thought you look like you are pondering something.” “Well, I am.”

And then the story comes out. And in the telling of the story, quite often is the answer. Not something that I magically do. But it's just that already it has been rumbling around in the mind. You know, that feeling where, “I have to give a speech tomorrow -- what am I going to talk about? I have to talk to the boss tomorrow about this project -- how am I going to put it so that he doesn't say to get out of his office, whatever? How do I take care of my mother who is suffering because she has some kind of illness with the body? How do I…” The whole list of human questions.

And we talk. And in the talking, as you know because you have experienced this, oftentimes the answer comes right out of that question. Because after, what ones often want to do is to get clarity on it. But also, to share it so that they don't feel that it is a heavy burden. Because once you share that energy, at least you may or may not have the answer. But quite often you do in just the talking of it. But the heaviness of it -- because it has been shared -- is lighter.

So, this is something I give over to you who walk with a form, talk with a voice, to sit next to someone. And you may start out talking about how you are pondering something because you know, it's kind of a little bit hard to sit down and say, “I know you're suffering, what are you suffering about?” Yes, well, that doesn't get you very far in meeting heart to heart. But to say, “You know I'm going through this situation that I don't know how to handle.” And then you just say, “Blah, blah, blah” whatever. And you have opened up the dialogue.

And they probably will say, “Yeah, and you know, I'm going through…whatever.” And in the talking, as you have discovered all of you, in the talking is the answer. And ones will say, “Oh, I never looked at it that way.” Well, maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. But in that moment, there's the “Aha, this is okay. I think I have a better way of looking at that. Another way.” Okay. They may come back the next week and sit on the same bench at the mall, and the suffering of it. And if you feel called you may sit next to them and say, “Well, hey, you know, we talked last week, how's it going?”

“Well, I tried saying to them that they were just really being stupid to be suffering so much. And that didn't go over?” No. You need to meet them heart to heart, in a place of simpatico -- sympathy. Not that you're feeling sorry for them, but a place where you can meet them and say, “You know, I've been where you are. I know how it

feels.” And you do know how it feels. You are in the human condition. And you've been there. No matter what the condition is. You're probably and if you haven't experienced it outright, you can imagine and meet them.

So, long answer to a very good question. Thank you. KIMBERLY

Thank you


So you, you must have experienced this yourself when you were walking the earth way back when.


Yesterday GLENN

Yes. Just yesterday.


Right. GLENN

So, there are a lot of times when I'm deep in meditation and I'm thinking about other people and sending them love. Thinking of them lovingly -- speaking, drumming, meditating, praying. And I wonder sometimes, I often wonder, “Am I having any effect? Or do I? Or how much effect do I have when I'm by myself sending love to others? And/or do I need to do this in person?”

You can't be everywhere -- well, you are everywhere at once. What am I saying? But as a man in a form, how much effect do I have in sending love to other people? Does it really affect them? Does it reach them?


Yes, To every part of that question, yes. There is no separation. The energy that you send forth is in what you call the milieu of energy. And it goes to the one who is suffering. And the next step is for them to accept it, to stop for a moment and to feel that, “Hey, there might be a better answer to what I'm doing.” There might be just that openness.

And for you, it has, of course, the benefit of letting you feel, really feel love -- to know that you are in the presence of love because you're giving it forth. And love is an energy; it's tangible. You can feel it. You guys who just got married, you know that feeling. That's what brought you together. You looked into the eyes and you thought, “Oh, that feels good.” Of course.

And it's true for all of you. You meet ones -- and you don't have to be in the married state, you can be in the friendship state which then takes in everyone. Okay. And you meet that place, one on one where the heart opens. And you feel that you understand. You know you want to give love, to say -- and you often will find yourself saying, “That which you're in, you know the mess that you think you're in -- it's gonna get better.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I've been there,” you say. Because you have. You have been where they are walking. And where they are suffering with something they feel is bigger than they are and there's no way to come out of it in a good way. And you say to them, “There is an answer to this.”

And they say, “well, how do you know?”

You say because, “I’ve been there.” And you have. You have been there. If you haven't in this lifetime, imagine it. And you can do that. Because you have experienced it in another lifetime. You have been everyone, everywhere and done everything.

So even to say, “Well, Jeshua you know, I discovered this tiny little snail under a bush this morning. You mean I've been this?” Yes. If you stop for a moment, you take that deep breath and you look deeply at that snail, you are at that moment one with the snail that which you're looking at. It is true for every living being. And it is true for every that thinks it is not living as well. That is how the principle of oneness works.

(Speaking to cat that is meowing and objecting to being petted) She does not like her – that, that part. You see, she had an experience in this lifetime where there was another cat that was enamored with her rear end and she ended up having five kittens. So, it is a sensitive spot for her. So, she says, “No, don't want to go through that again.” But she does like the head rub. She's good with that, but yes, yes, she's okay with that. She is very much like people. You all have your sensitive spots. You all have your sensitive subjects that you either want to hear about or talk about or not. This is very true.


We have a few more questions.


Okay. I always digress. EVA

Julia, would you please ask your question?


Sure. Thank you very much for the opportunity to ask a question. I have two.

One is short. When is actually your birthday? You said that December 25.


You're asking about my birthday, Jeshua’s birthday. In truth, it was in August. It was during the warm season; it was not in the winter time. Your holy fathers chose the time of darkness in order to bring light to this reality. But no, my actual birth was in what you now call August.

Yes, that was a short question. JULIA

Now, the question is -- so, I understand we all spirits in human body. What is the connection, what is our connection to Mother Earth? Should we get attached or I mean, how do you see that?


How so I see Mother Earth? JULIA

Or our connection to it.


The relationship? Yes. Mother Earth is at the same time a living being. You have the knowledge from what you would call the Ancient Ones, okay, that knew that Mother Earth was a living being and assigned attributes to her. That is why she is called Mother Earth and there are -- depending on the civilization the story about her varies. But you are very much made of physicality in this essence, in this lifetime where you have said, “I will take upon myself something that I can feel, move, play with, do something, walk etc. And I will be on a…” What do I call this -- a collection I guess, a coming together of energy.

Now Mother Earth as you are -- now your scientists are -- now saying to you is not the only semi-permanent physical being planet that you are able to walk on, go into the caves, live within her et cetera. It's not the only. Your scientists are beginning to understand frequencies, to understand distance throughout what you call your solar

system, okay. And beyond. Oh, yes. And there is more, okay. And beyond. And that is what you call in your terminology -- as far as you can understand -- the universe right here.

But your scientists, including you, are recognizing that there are other universes. There are other planets outside of this solar system. You have now developed -- you as mankind, womankind -- you have developed the means to understand space. And you have found by various what you call scientific methods, that there are other universes as well. And there are.

And do you have being upon them? Yes, you do.

“Ah. You mean this isn't all of me?” No, Beloved one, this is not all of you. It's wonderful. It's a great example of what you can bring forth to play with, to experiment with, to enjoy, be in joy with. Okay. But there are other you’s -- y-o-u-‘-s as my beloved friend and teacher has told me -- out there that you are.

“My God Jeshua, that’s more than I can handle, I mean, I can't even handle this.” Okay, it is just a footnote or one of those elevated notes to realize -- make real in your awareness -- that there is more. That you are more. You are living, moving; you're having a being here, a consciousness, a focus. That is what it is -- a focus. But also, there is you in the far reaches, as far as you can imagine. That is why you love the science fiction. It takes you out of a narrow perspective saying this is all there is. And oh my, this is all there is? No, it is not. And there is more. Much, much more. And it is a blessing.

So very good question, very expansive, very much for you to think about, play with, imagine. Yes. Your science fiction is not fiction. I will say to you though, when you do watch and read your science fiction, to realize that there is a bit more knowledge that goes beyond the human knowledge. You have fashioned it size-wise, character-wise for this lifetime. And there is more. But you don't have to worry about that. It isn't like I had someone come and say, “Oh, now you've given me too much. It's too much. I can't go there.” You don't have to go there. Be here now. Later, somewhere else.

Answer the question, did it? I hope? Yes. And more. Okay. JULIA

Thank you.


We have Pat, who will be asking her questions. So Pat, if you can unmute yourself. Oh, looks like you have. Okay, spotlight you.


I had an experience at the end of September, or through September, and almost didn't get through it. And then it felt like divine intervention but everything fell into place -- the right doctor, the right hospital, the right everything. And, and I'm here. And my feeling was that there was just too much love to give and too much love to receive to leave.


Very good. That that realization, that place of oneness is your salvation. In other words, yes you can have the human experience but this is not all. And you were tapping into the more of you -- I won't say the Allness -- but the more of you and realizing not in a way that uses human words or even human philosophy. You went beyond that. You said there must be. And you pushed aside all the previous understanding, all the previous reading or what people had told you and you said, “I feel, I feel there is more. I want to know that more.” And with that realization you came alive. And you will keep on living for a while. Because, a good long while, because there is much more to discover. Well done.

JESHUA (addressing new person in audience with question) Yes, beloved one.


Yes Jeshua, thank you. I really appreciate given that so many of our mainstream sources are kind of about spirituality and the meaning of the universe and the world -- are a lot of omissions, a lot of errors, some intentional some not perhaps. But I've studied quite a bit into the Urantia Book, which some people think of science fiction. I'd like to know if that's an actual fair representation of kind of how things are put together -- the hierarchies involved, the life carriers, all these fascinating beings that make up the universe. Thank you.


It is truly real at this time. And there is more that is not included in it because it would -- you have the saying for this, it would boggle the mind. Okay, even as it is written it is already boggling, okay. And there is more. Yes. It is very good intro; it is very good introduction. Yes. Go with it.

I see we have another question here. Yes, Beloved one. WOMAN IN AUDIENCE

Thank you, Jeshua. Can you hear me? Is this working? Okay. Jeshua, I've been studying the third volume of your book. And it, it brings to mind an association of

when I've tried to read the Bible in the past. And what I come away with is when I'm reading sermon on the mount and, and looking at that, that it's like there is a very strong demarcation about the life that is to be lived in a certain way. And I guess comparing the way that I've lived life with the way that it's written, I feel like I've fallen short much of my life. And I've come to understand that that is a belief in separation. And I'm here to overcome or to expand beyond that belief. But in that study and looking at, at those teachings, this feeling that arises is a feeling of being less than -- that I've missed the mark, that I've made so many mistakes within my life. And you know how, how do I come back into alignment with those teachings without this feeling of being less than that brings up shame and guilt and clearly keeps us from a state of being in “heaven” -- quote, unquote -- when we get involved in those lower vibrations. And so, rather than being separated from the teachings, I would like to, you know, fuse those teachings in a higher understanding. Can you speak to that, please?


Yes. That which has happened up until this very moment is finished. Completed. All gone. From this moment on, you are anew. Therefore, don't beat yourself up for what you didn't do in this other chapter. It’s closed. It's finished. Who has the power to say it's finished? You do. And I will second it. But that is finished. And you don't have to worry about it.

Say, “Aha, I am born anew.” I think you've heard that, that saying. Okay. And you are. In every moment, you have the opportunity to go forward with a new mind, new understanding. And you are. You have seen this. “I have a new understanding when I read this. Aha, there's something else here.” Okay. That you can close the door to and say it's finished. And it is. Now, you are new. You've got it.


Thank you


You've got it.

Yes, it is for all of you, as you have the graduation ceremony to say, “Okay, I have completed all of this and now I am graduating.” Well, you are graduating. You have completed all of that. All of that was preparation to look at it and to say, “Oh, there's a

lot of alternatives you know, but this is where I am. This is what I want to be, do, think, hope, realize.

Very good. It puts a smile on the face does it not? Perfect. EVA

Jeshua, didn't you also tell us that we have really never failed or never sinned because everything has brought us to this point.


Exactly. You have a wealth of experience behind you. You never have made a mistake. You have experienced and then you have walked on.


So that must be what John Lennon meant when he said, “I am a walrus I can look at you. I am the ape man. I am the walrus. I can look at you.


Yes (laughing) that’s very, very true. EVA

We have more questions now that you’ve got the ball rolling. Okay, Victoria, you’re next. Unmute


Thank you. I have been trying to understand addictions. I have many friends who know that I just -- that my spiritual studies happen to be my cup of tea. And they ask for help. And there are all these different addictions that people have. And I seem to have come relatively free of troublesome things like that, except for maybe chocolate chip ice cream. You have to watch out about that.

Seems to me that when people have a hard time letting go of a lot of food, or not wanting to eat so they can become emaciated and look super thin. Or vice versa. Or having trouble with smoking or alcohol. Somehow, it's like these certain things that trouble them are like open ended and they can never -- they don't come to completion with them. In general, when we eat food, we feel fine and comfortable and we don't go on forever. But certain things seem to get to people. I don't know.

Maybe they came with this in their agenda? But if they’ve come to explore what it means to have an addiction, those certain kinds, why would they ask for prayer help?

I'm just feeling perplexed. I like the idea of -- I mean, I love doing the prayer work and helping and encouraging, and just loving them. But I'm not seeing, I guess, the result that I want to see -- a total completion with it. I don't know. Did they come expecting to ask me for help and then that helps me to rise higher in my understanding of problems that people have? I find this perplexing, Jeshua, I just – I mean I just want to help and they ask for the help. So?


Right. You have touched on part of the answer there. Yes, you are both -- one feeding the other. One wants to have some help, “Please. You know I need help. I'm not strong enough. I'm not big enough on my own.” And the other one may come along and say, “Well, I can see how what you need, et cetera.”

In truth, it is a call for love. They are wanting to know their wholeness. They are wanting to know that they are worthy of being loved. And the what you call addiction to whatever that is just what they see to be a ticket to asking for your help, for your love to see them differently. Now in truth, they are perfect as they stand. Sometimes these ones that you look upon and you see the human addictions and you judge. Even if you don't mean to judge, you do. And you see them as lacking or not quite strong enough to get over that addiction. But in truth, that one is really, really strong because they have said, “I will play the part of the addicted one. Send me.”

So that puts a little different view on things. There are no weak ones. There are no ones who are in a place that they cannot get out of themselves -- in truth. But they have agreed that they will play a part and they will play it to the best of their ability. And you may find them lying in the gutter of the street with a water coursing down over them. And you say, “Oh, poor thing, how did you ever get to…” And yet the soul of them, the spirit of them -- now there is a difference there -- is acting the part so that you can open your heart to see them as the true spark of divinity that is acting a part and doing it really well.

I mean, how would you like to have chosen the life of lying in the gutter with this water rushing over you? “Oh, no way.” Know you, Beloved one, you have played that part. You are one with everything that you see because you have been there, done that. Now that is not to judge you. That is saying to you that there is no separation. That which you behold another one doing, you're beholding it and understanding it because you've been there.

So, you ask of them, “Do you want to change?” And if they say, “Oh, yes, I want to please help me,” then help as much as you are directed to help. But if there is no as you

understand it improvement, do not judge them for being weak. Judge them for being strong. Because you have not chosen in this instance, this, this lifetime, you have not chosen that life. And you look at it and you say, “Ah, I wouldn't want that life.” Well, of course not. You have chosen something else. But do not look down upon another instance -- instance with a “ce”-- of God exampling itself in front of you.


I get it that I've been there and done that.



So, I'm much better at being a helper now.


Yes, good.


It makes a difference to have gone through a lot of stuff. And I can guess, but I may have had pretty interesting messes in other lifetimes because of things that have seeped through. I just would love to see, like when my friends say they feel a little better for the health, I would like to just hear them say, “Oh, well, I’m completely healed now.” Then they're done. They're finished with that, you know,


There will come the moment that they will say that. Yes. It may not be quite yet because they may have assumed a certain quota of what they had to work with. But there will come that moment that you’re speaking of when they will say, “Okay, I finished the last one. Thank goodness, you know, I really didn't like that part.” Et cetera.

There is only love. Allow yourself to live in the stream of love and give it forth. And do not ask, “Why?” Do not ask, “Where?” Do not ask, “Has this one suffered enough?” Only love. Whatever occurs to you that will help them feel better physically and spiritually, do that as you are motivated, as you are prodded sometimes to do. But apart from that, let them go on and complete in another lifetime.

And you're going to say, “Oh, that can't happen. I don't want that to happen.” But they may be or have been the one who gave you the helping hand up. Do what you are

guided to do. And give it in love. Bottom line. Do not judge yourself. Do not judge them. Give only love.


Relax into


There you go. Right? You are only love walking forward, speaking, reaching out the arms, giving the food to the hungry. You are love. Just be. And I am pleased with you.


Thank you


Beautiful, thank you. We have two more questions. Joel, do you want to unmute yourself and ask your question


Thank you. Thank you so much Jeshua, for the amazing conversations we've been having. Your insights are always appreciated. And it's always, it's always lovely to hang out with you every day and tap into our shared energy rather. But my question is purely just, you know, very just a curiosity question. I'm very interested in King Arthur and the Holy Grail and the Excalibur and Archangel Michael, I'm just, I'm just curious, because I've heard that you were there with Archangel Michael and King Arthur, I just would like to know what the purpose was of the Holy Grail, placing it in the earth and how it's affecting us in this day.


Well, there is a certain story about it, of course, and a certain excitement, that ones want to find it. And as you understand, it is symbolic representative of your Godhood

-- wanting to find, search for, follow everywhere, every lead to finding your Godness that you are. And it is a lifelong, many lives long search quest because man, woman, child has said, “This is something I want to know.” And there will be symbolic story about it.

And so, you keep on questing, looking for the answer to all of the questions of life. “Who am I? Why am I? How is it going to be? Am I going to become enlightened? If I find the Holy Grail will I be -- well, I know I'll be enlightened. I will be healed of anything and everything.”

Well, this is true in the way that when you find the truth of your being, who and what you truly are, wow! There is a knowing of your Christhood and this is who and what you are. No more. Full stop period. Okay.

But until then, there is a wonderful quest where I must search. And I will find the symbolism that says to me, “This is it. Oh, it's it. I've got it. I've got it in my hands. This is it…but I think there's more.” That's why your slogan -- and there is more -- is so powerful in this day and time. Because there is.

But it makes for wondrous conquest. Traveling, asking for help, coming enlightened, knowing that this is my enlightenment. Not exactly. It could be symbolic of it. But your enlightenment comes when you realize, you make real in your awareness, “I am All. Right now, right here. Living moving, breathing, loving.” Especially the last part, loving.

Get yourself very, very busy in this lifetime finding ones you can love. And this means yes, one on one. But it also means everyone who comes into your circle of consciousness. I love you because I know who you are -- the essence of the Christ, who has had the power to say, “I will choose one more lifetime one more human lifetime.” Or as the four-footed one might have chosen, another four-footed lifetime. “I may not make the same choice again.” Yes.

And to remember the humor in everything. Ones, including me at certain point, can sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously. Laugh often. Love always.

One more. Okay, of course.


Yes. We have one more question.


And there is more.


Always more. Go ahead, Bronwyn.


Thank you. Jeshua, as you know and as all of you know, we do send out a daily message based on the things that you have said to us over the years. And I’d just like to speak to everyone if you don’t receive the daily message, go to the website

and sign up because they're wonderful and profound and I enjoy them. It's my great privilege to send them out.

But I made a note from the daily message from October 20th and I'm paraphrasing here, but I want to read it and I would like your comments. And then my paraphrase is, “as you live in thanksgiving and release yourself from victim mentality, you release yourself from the karma and the cause and effect of world belief. Once you take responsibility for your life and your experience, you are no longer a victim.”

And I really like that this concept is a new thought for me -- that once I shift out of victimhood and I take responsibility for my life, I released myself from the karma of it.



Interesting thing.


Right. And there is no more karma. No more hanging over your heads. No more that has to be neutralized, forgiven, whatever. You just go forward from there knowing that, “I AM the realized Christ.” Get up every morning and say to yourself, first thing as you put the feet on the floor or even before, “I am the realized Christ. I'm going to have fun in this day because I am going to love everyone that I see. And I am going to do whatever I am prompted to do to make their experience of life a little bit easier. A little bit more fun. I'm going to become the master of ceremonies who has in here remembering all of the jokes and stories that a good master of ceremonies always travels with. And I'm going to make someone else's life happier.”

Very good Beloved one, very good what you have realized. EVA

So one more.


And there is more. EVA

And there is more. One more popped up. Thank you, Bronwyn. And Bert when the spotlights you ask your question. Unmute please.

I still can't hear you. You're muted. Let me see if I can unmute you. There you go. You are okay now.


Okay. How far can the human brain connected to the spiritual mind, see into universes?


There is no end. It is totally unlimited. As far as you can believe. And even farther. Good question. You know the term infinite. That is what it is -- forever ongoing. Infinite. But I say unto you, play with your slice of life that you have right here. Recognize it as being valuable. Recognize it as being fun. Recognize it as our gift because it is a gift given to you. Play with it. Enjoy it, be in joy with it. It is you in the essence and expansiveness that you are.

And now the loved ones. I bid you adieu which means another day we will meet and we will have more questions and answers.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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