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Kuthumi: Consciousness and Error

Kuthumi: Consciousness and Error

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I'm KUTHUMI!

Being here communicating with each of you is always a source of great joy. There was a time when we tried this contact with some of you, and it happened, but it was restricted to just a few and we couldn't raise consciousness on your planet. 

Today our voice spreads, reaches many. Even if many listen to the unbelieving, doubtful, even joking, we do not care because our energy is in every word and this energy spreads through the heart to each person who listens to our messages.

We are all working very, very busy to bring the feeling of your own world. It is very similar when you prepare a party; The closer the day gets, the greater your anxiety, the greater the rush to make sure everything is okay. No, we are not anxious, but we are very excited about everything that is going to happen. Each tested point, each point with a positive result is celebrated by us. We have tried and tested each timeline thousands of times to make sure nothing gets out of our control. And so we did.

The galactic brothers are preparing their triumphal entries in your atmosphere, in your dimension, because they are already in the atmosphere. What can we expect from now? Many wonder why it takes so long, why it is not done soon. why doesn't it happen soon? Giving the impression that we are, (using words from your world), stuck, buying time, making you believe in something that will hardly happen. I would like to remind you of the path your planet has been taking. If everyone observes, a lot has changed, a lot is changing. What you interpret as climatic consequences or for many, just a small imbalance of the planet, are really the first steps towards the Fifth Dimension of Gaia.

Gaia has a lot of work ahead of her. I would say that this work will not be to hurt anyone, it will not be to terrorize anyone, this work is entirely to raise awareness of the entire population of this planet, about everything they have done, about everything they are doing on the surface of the planet. Nothing will go unpunished, nothing. Each inhabitant of this planet has his share of aggression to the planet itself. So many are thinking: "So we will all be punished?" It's not about punishment, it's about getting something you planted, that's all. The intensity of the return will depend on the intensity of the realized consciousness.

So let's talk a little bit about Error and Awareness. Many claim that they were involved in this entire process, created by the dark ones. Okay, it was the world that was presented to you and precisely because you did not have the conscience, you let yourself go. Not all, some remained intact, did not change their opinions, did not change their ways of thinking, why? Because they were extremely evolved souls and they needed to be kept that way to have a focus of creation, of Light, of consciousness.

Today the awareness that spreads on the planet is immense, coming from these few who one day began this path in favor of the planet. So there is the question, will you be guilty of something you had no conscience for something you did not know? I would say not. It is the same as being born, growing up being taught that an animal is nothing, an animal is something that can be hurt, sacrificed because it is nothing. And you act like this a lifetime believing it, and hearing everyone around you say the same thing. Are you guilty of having this conscience? No, it is not.

Now, changing the scene a bit. You grew up with this awareness, but some around you tell you: "Look, this is wrong, he is a divine creation, he cannot be treated this way." And you don't even stop to think? Do you still believe in everything you have been taught and do not open your mind to absorb new ideas? So will your burden of, I'm going to call it guilt, be the same as the one who's never heard of anything else? Of course not, because you have had contact with a higher consciousness, you have had contact with something that tells you that what you did was wrong. But you didn't even stop to think, you kept believing what you always knew.

So, yes, a path of attitudes contrary to those created by God the Father/Mother begins. Because you had access to the conscience, but they remained within it, within your conscience, ignoring everything they told you. My brothers, of course it is not easy, changing millions of years of culture is not easy. Yes, because there are millions, even though the dark ones have not been here that long, but many things that you have brought from ancient and very old peoples. And today you can no longer fit into anything, nor fully fit into a new consciousness and not fully fit into the old consciousness, which today you understand is wrong.

And what is the burden of guilt that each one carries? What is the error load that each carries? What is the load that is sown today and will be harvested tomorrow? Is it the same for everyone? No, it is not. Each one will reap according to what he has done. Consciousness needs to be total, it cannot be half and half, it cannot be half consciousness. Consciousness has to be integral. And for this awareness to happen, let's just say you're going to have to go through a lot to value what you didn't think of a while ago. Only then will the learning stay in your minds, so you don't repeat the same mistakes as you evolve.

Do not forget, your consciences will not be erased, all your history at this moment and in all the previous ones, will be remembered. So you need to know the results of everything you've done, you can't just walk by and have that past erased, forgotten, because you will tend to repeat the same mistakes. So what is it like to be aware of something? It is opening your heart to receive a message, to try to follow that message. Now, if you ignore the message and continue to follow your understanding, then you are going against evolution, you are going against global consciousness.

So it is this consciousness that is being implanted on your planet now. Each message delivered, each message issued, gives the listener an ever-increasing burden of conscience. It is as if we put small drops of medicine and you can choose to heal yourself with this medicine or simply ignore that you are taking it. We do not demand anything radical, it is necessary that this awareness, this healing occurs gradually, so that there is an evolution of consciousness.

Nothing can be radical, because radicalism does not bring understanding, it brings submission, it brings idolatry, it brings submission, and that is not what we want. We want each message to bring a little more of this medicine to what we call global awareness. And with each drop of this medicine, you stop, you analyze, you think about where you can fit into this awareness, what you can do to be in this awareness. There may come a time when you say, "No, I'm not ready for that awareness yet." And it's okay, because at least you, you watched it, you heard it, you understand it, but you still don't feel ready to follow it. Great, but you're doing where.

Now, if you decide, "No, I'm not going to follow this, I'm going to follow my thinking." That's fine too, but remember, you'll be going against your own evolution. So we do not demand anything, we do not demand that you be perfect from today, be fifth dimensional beings because we know that this will not happen. What we want is that for each drop of this global consciousness that we apply to you every day, you heal a little piece, a small one that is of your mind, of your conscience. And you, little by little, let yourself be carried away by this wave, this great wave of awakening.

Because when you accept the messages, when you understand this global consciousness, it effectively begins to change your environment to help you, to improve, to lessen the difficulties that you would encounter. So that's all we hope for, that you gradually surrender to this global consciousness. Let her act. You just need to do nothing, just accept, just open your heart and say, "I get it. I'm going to change." And try, little by little, to change within the concepts of this new global consciousness. This is what is needed.

And acting in this way, more and more, you will reduce that burden that each one still carries in relation to Gaia. Yes, because as you understand your role in relation to the planet today, that burden is being lifted as well. It does not mean that you will not go through anything, you will, but it will be proportional to all the consciousness obtained from this global consciousness. That perfect action that you know you should do and what you know you should no longer do.

Nothing goes unnoticed. This great wave of global consciousness that is acting on your planet is going to change many people, it is changing many people. And that is what each one will receive from what they have planted, unconsciously or consciously, throughout their existence on the planet. So we can say, summarizing everything I said: If you let yourself be carried away by this new global consciousness, you are on the right path, even if they are very small steps, you are being seen as an evolving being; that at least it is trying, at least it is making where to follow this new consciousness.

Now, if you ignore it, if you let it go, if you just say, "I'm not going to change," then rest assured that you're going the other way. And ahead, sure, that will make a big difference in your evolution.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

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