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Lady Master Nada: There is Only One Choice to Make

Lady Master Nada: There is Only One Choice to Make

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I AM MASTER NADA!

We always repeat here, almost in unison, the joy of being able to be here communicating with you. This may seem silly, for many it may seem repetitive and boring, but you have no idea of ​​the joy that is provoked in our hearts for being able to be here, passing a little of our energy in each word said, in each teaching that we transfer to you.

We can say that nothing is in balance; it is as if at every point on the planet something strange, dangerous, appeared that makes you fear what is to come. We never said the process would be simple and easy, and it won't be. It is necessary that you review everything that you have learned, review everything that emanates from your hearts. It is necessary that love begins to reign totally on the planet. This feeling is forgotten, it is modified, it is limited, it is conditioned, and many other adjectives that would characterize it at this moment.

This is the time to review each belief, to review each custom, to review each ready-made idea. You are walking into a totally different world where there will be no differences; everyone will be equal, everyone will have the right to everything. There will no longer be the imbalance that there is today. Many understand this concept, but many still do not accept it. Many question, do not understand how this is justice. It would be useless to stay here explaining the reason for everything, we just know that there is a divine order arriving in strength and intensity on this planet, which is: each child of Father/Mother God has the right to everything, without restrictions, without limitations, without having to carry out orders.

It's not creating a world of anarchy, it's creating a free world, where everyone can be what they want, where everyone will understand that their choice will reverberate in their own path, and those choices that involve other brothers will also reverberate in their own path. There's no way around it. There is no way to want this change in a calm and peaceful way. You have been accustomed to habits that are totally harmful to nature and to your own bodies.

Today for many, getting rid of these habits, or I could say addictions, is not easy, and it won't be easy. In addition to the mind not believing that this world is possible, the involvement with these habits and addictions is such that it would take a great spiritual retreat to cleanse everything from your mind and body; and it wouldn't be easy, it would be a very painful process. When we always say here, that there will be separation of the wheat from the chaff, yes there will be, because many will not want to know about changing, they will want to continue the way they are because that brings happiness... your own problems and weaknesses?

Everything will be respected. Nobody will be forced to do anything. Everyone will have the option to go one way or the other. There is no middle way. There is no way to stand on the wall, because there is no wall. There are 2 directions: one direction that will lead to ascension, which will lead to evolution, and the other direction that will keep you in the Third Dimension, only in this case not here on this planet. Each one who chooses this path will be taken from the planet to live the Third Dimension in another orb, so that they can continue learning their journey.

There are many who do not believe that this will happen, believe that the planet will live concurrently, those living in the Third Dimension and others living in the Fifth Dimension. I tell you that this idea does not exist. This planet will ascend. The third dimension will just remain as lower frequency vibrating energy, but with no one living in it. There will be no living beings, neither humans, nor animals, nor anything living in this dimension, because the planet will ascend. It will be a Fifth Dimensional planet.

So there is not the slightest possibility of staying here on this planet in the Third Dimension. Now for all humanity to understand this, realize it and believe it, it is not an easy job; it is a slow, meticulous work, which has been done for a long time, at a speed that started out very slow, but today the speed is extremely high, because the Light that now arrives on this planet is a transforming Light, it is a Light that is pushing you to the wall. There is no way to escape it.

Now it is a Light that, precisely because it is what it is, does not oblige anyone to do anything. It's like she pushes you into the wall and asks: Which way do you want to go? And you will have to have an answer. It can't be, "I don't know!" For a while we will allow you to even give this answer, "I don't know!", and you will be allowed to know everything that awaits you on either side, but the day will come when the Light will once again put you on the wall and make the question: Which way do you want to go? And there a choice will have to be made; and depending on this choice, different paths will be taken.

My brothers, do not doubt what is happening, nor what will happen on this planet. We are not with this intense work for nothing. Our hearts overflow with Love, and this Love emanates at each unit of time, ours or yours, it doesn't matter, for this planet, for each inhabitant, because we don't want suffering, we want to show clearly the world that awaits them; clearly show all the advantages of going to this world, of following this path. But even so, we are aware that many will not want to, they will find a monotonous world, a dull world, a world without interesting experiences.

Within an empty concept of what it is to live in the Fifth Dimension, everyone can see it this way, but you have no idea what it is to live within only Love, seeking to bring Light to those who need it. It is a work that never ends and we do it with great pleasure, with great joy in our hearts. Being an evolved being, a being of very high dimensions, has its advantages, because we never suffer, we never contradict ourselves, we never fight, because everything we think is always for the good of the whole, for the good of the universe. And when we think about the good of the universe, this reverberates quickly for each one of us, and that feeling of love and accomplishment, fills our chest even more with Light. Is this a dull life? Not at all.

We don't just act on this planet, we act on many orbs in the universe. We could say that at this moment', there is greater attention to this planet Earth, because it is in the phase of evolution, in the phase of ascension. So everyone is here collaborating with Gaia, giving her all the support, energy, strength, Light for her to ascend. Consequently, all this energy, all this Light is passed on to its inhabitants, and Gaia is so happy when she feels a child choose the path of the Light, choose the path together with her, because she starts to protect him, starts to embrace him. it, giving her the support, the strength, the understanding, the courage to go along with her to the Fifth Dimension.

The others, Gaia cries, Gaia is sad, because she will lose many children. Yes, Gaia will lose many children who will choose to remain in the Third Dimension, but they will not stay here. Then she cries; each of these Gaia children cries, but Gaia also understands that this choice, this path, is part of the evolution of each soul. Nothing is required. Nothing is planned for everyone. The choice is of the soul, the choice is of the Higher Self of each soul who knows where that soul is. Are you ready to evolve or are you ready to still remain in the Third Dimension?

So my brothers, what choice are you making today? Which path are you choosing today? Perfection isn't covered so much, that's not what we want, not right now. Everything will move towards more and more for you to balance yourself more and more and more. Only you need to make a choice, and what is that choice? Go with us, go with Gaia, holding hands with all those who have already made that choice or stay in this world of so many pleasures that you think are interesting, good for you, and that you don't want to give them up.

What choice do you make? I can say that today each one is on the wall. Luz has already touched the wall, what choice do you make? Many do not realize that they are being tested, they are being watched, and the time will come when that choice will have to be made. Nobody will be left behind. Until the last moment we will be asking: What is your choice? To take as many souls as possible, so that we can still change the minds of many souls, but not forcibly, not treating them as dolls, but showing them the path they can follow if they choose to ascend with Gaia.

But this is our work, not yours. As we have said here, each one look at himself. It is not up to any of you to catechize anyone. No one can be forced. It is not worth trying to explain to anyone, because this has to come from within. This decision has to come from the soul, from the Higher Self, according to the path that each child is taking. So let each of you take care of your own path, forget the path of the other. Just take care of your children, because they depend on you, but be sure, that almost all of them on the planet already know that they are going to the Fifth Dimension and it will not depend on their parents walking there with them. .

Everyone has that feeling, they just can't say. But take care of your children, but I repeat, all, practically all, are already in the Fifth Dimension, regardless of whether their parents will or not. It doesn't seem to be an interesting subject, but every child that is being born on this planet has a mission, it is a point of Light on the surface, and they know and will remember at the right time, the mission they came here to fulfill. They are children in physical body, not in soul, not in mind. Their souls are extremely evolved souls, who at the right time will remember the mission they came to fulfill and will not depend, under any circumstances, on the parents who chose to be born here; they know this and will fulfill their missions with great love, because they only have Unconditional Love, nothing more.

So take care of your children, but don't worry about them because they know what to do. So let everyone look at their own path and make a single choice, there is no middle ground. The choice is to ascend or to remain. There are no other choices.

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