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Message From Sananda: Life Returns To This Earth

Message From Sananda: Life Returns To This Earth

Consciousness determines your environment and not the environment determines consciousness.

From the book: RESURRECTION

Light and shadow

JJK: A dear friend drew my attention to an article in an Austrian daily newspaper today. In the online edition, people talked about me and my work. At first, it hit me. It's not the first time I've experienced this, but somehow it was close to me today. After meditation with the crystal cube of Ascension, I was restored. Now I'm ready for this conversation.

SANANDA: I embrace you and all the people who are listening to this conversation with my love.

In fact, where the light spreads, there are reactions and resistance from those who avoid the light. Where there is light, there is always shadow, until we have arrived in the age in which light no longer casts a shadow.

JJK: At first, I asked myself, "How should I – or should I react at all?" Now my decision has been made and of course I will not pay any further attention to it. Taking note of it is valuable so that I know what energies are being released. In this respect, I am very grateful to my friend for this hint. To deal with it further would be a waste of time and energy for me.

SANANDA: Always proceed as you have chosen now. Direct responses to such phenomena – or to stay longer with them – are only necessary when it is unavoidable. Take note of it, dissolve your anger in the light and continue with your work on the field of this world! That is the way.

How big is the protection?

JJK: Whenever something like this happens to me or my environment, I ask myself, how great is our protection really?

SANANDA: You are uniquely protected and you are directly in the care of God. What you have come to fulfill, that will happen.

You made the decisions for your path years ago – and for years you were guided by fate and energetically prepared for what you are doing now. That's why this protection is so powerful.

JJK: Who does that mean?

SANANDA: Everyone who has made this clear decision for themselves.

JJK: Three days ago, I was back in a theatre after a long, long time. The Vienna Orpheum is an institution that primarily offers a stage for cabaret artists. This time I watched Gernot Kulis, the "Ö3 callboy". Kulis is also very well known for his political parodies, his Nehammer imitations (Karl Nehammer is the current Federal Chancellor of Austria) are cult suspects – I think they are brilliant.

But what I am concerned with here is my perception of the space and the people in this hall. I felt like a time traveler.

Apart from my family, the people and the happenings around me seemed far away to me. I also took in the conversations of the visitors around me as if through a partition wall – as if everything happened in the next room, as if all this was not real and I was not here at all! I had this feeling as soon as I entered the theatre.

I felt like an invisible observer looking into another world and landed or stranded in another time. "Does anyone notice that I don't belong here at all," I suddenly asked myself?

I know this phenomenon in myself, but this time it was so massive that it took me a long time in the evening to get my feet back on the ground. Had I been on a different timeline, on another earth?

Shifting timelines

SANANDA: What you experienced was a shift in timelines due to vibrational differences. You have experienced what it feels like to be present on Earth, which is given up by many light people.

A film scene from a level in which you no longer participate internally. Moving out of the matrix means changing and raising consciousness. Every human being lives where he belongs due to his own vibration.

Many people cannot handle the vibration that now prevails on this earth – and they remain stuck firmly and defiantly in their old patterns. They trust this security so they don't go crazy. In doing so, they also keep their old lives. You have felt and seen this. That earth was far away because it is far away.

Consciousness is the key to perception. Consciousness determines your environment and not the environment determines consciousness!

Everyone intuitively knows where they belong and feels at home where they are. If it were otherwise, he wouldn't be where he decided to be.

JJK: What impressed me above all was how extremely alien I felt to myself in this world, as if I were on another planet ...

SANANDA: These effects will now occur more frequently in people who can keep a certain vibrational frequency stable. In this way, you will be prepared and swung in for the separation of the worlds.

How can we remain stable inside?

JJK: What can we do to keep ourselves stable inside when we are in the middle of everyday stress, possibly have little time and then are littered with fears ...

SANANDA: You have to take the time for yourself! That's what matters. If there are days when you are unable to do anything and only fall into bed tired, then ask the luminous powers beyond the veil to strengthen you during sleep. Angels, archangels, masters, and the source of all being are ready to bear your burdens if you neither know nor can you go on. A short prayer, a short request – a brief intention formulated in spirit – is enough and we are standing in the middle of your room.

While you sleep, many miracles occur. Get involved and activate it!

Your heart knows us and we know your heart. The connection between us is indestructible once you are truly ready to walk your spiritual path with us.

Russia, Corona, War!?

JJK: What's coming in the near future – Russia and Ukraine? Corona? War, World War, Nuclear War?

SANANDA: Russia heralds the end of the old and new world order. The forces of the light pretend a power that they no longer possess! Their leaders from the shadow realms were withdrawn from the earth and banished.

People who served these entities have thus been on their own for some time – so uncontrolled and panicked are their actions. Look at it, it is the beginning of the end – not a world war, not a nuclear war. What happens is that life returns to this earth and to those people who respect it and bless it with love.

Everything inanimate has no future on the future earth.

I love you infinitely

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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