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Celebrate Life!


Welcome to the celebration!!  This channel was on the eve of the Winter/ Summer Solstice which was very powerful at this time of year.  In addition with the holidays that we’re celebrating, they tapped into that energy of celebrating; celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and whatever else people may celebrate.  This lead to the Goddess Celebrating all that has transpired over the last many years.

As we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess invited us to move into one of the Amphitheaters.  These have been used many, many times, it’s a limitless space filled with people.

We could see the Goddess of Creation in the center of the stage, levitating above everyone else.  Then around her we had Archangel Michael, St. Germain with many other angels. In front of the Goddess, was Sananda and to her other side were the universal light beings.

Archangel Michael spoke of her ‘legions of army’ which are the emissaries of light.  He gave everyone a sword of light and then spoke of the change taking place. 

After him it was Sananda who spoke up.  I believe in the channel he’s referred to as Yeshua, but the energy speaking is Sananda.  His message is love.  Love of self, love of family, love of friends; he went on and only. 

This channel will remind you to celebrate all that is within your life.  It’s about recognizing that you have potentials and all they may look different than anticipated.

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention that I enfold you in my arms; that I enfold you in my love. No matter where you are within your life, no matter what it’s happening to you; I am available to you. I send unconditional love that you may find what you are seeking; that you may find the energy, the light, the opportunities that are around you.

Here upon the earth it’s a time of celebration. It is the time of the Solstice, the winter or the summer depending on where you live. It is the time for the other holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and many others that are taking place on many different levels.

Celebration is something that is a true joy to see. It can have somewhat of a balancing effect on people. There are those who take this as an opportunity to be together with friends, family, loved ones, just being in the moment, being in the spirit of it , enjoying themselves.

There are others who feel this time of year with such a huge focus upon that it brings up lack within them; their lack of family, their lack of celebration, their lack of friends.

No matter where you are along the spectrum I thank you for coming to this celebration that we have in this now moment.

What is there to celebrate? The ascension of the earth, the ascension of the consciousness for those living upon the earth, the influx of the new energies of the high light vibrations that are coming into the earth with greater frequency; the more balanced energy that is that crystalline foundation.

Celebrate love, celebrate compassion, celebrate becoming authentic in the way in which you look at the world and the way in which you treat yourself. Celebrate what it is to know you, a more than just the person living this life right now. You are aligned with your God source energy. It is available to you at all times. You are connected to the soul family associated with you.

Take this moment, perhaps close your eyes and breathe inside your heart once more and let yourself really feel who you are, really feel the energies that flow within and around this space.

With this winter solstice, well we say winter because Shelly resides in the north, it is the two year point, make that the three year point; gosh, to us time is nonlinear, so as I look at things the perception needs to be tweaked as I come in. 2012 was considered the ascension into the fourth dimension. It was considered the end of the Mayan calendar; it was considered a time of completion and a time of new beginnings.

Here you are three years later, much of that integration has taken place, it began way longer before that date, that was just a random date that was picked because of the alignment with the stars, well it wasn’t so random, but it was a date that was associated with the solstice and the alignment of the stars but the year could have flexed one way or another.

As the consciousness moved into the fourth dimension it is as if that opened up the doorway to even higher vibrations to be able to come and be present. So it’s almost like the fourth dimension became a bridge into the fifth dimension and that is where the collective consciousness is at this time.

A dimension is quite broad, there are those that vibrate closer to the third and fourth, there are those that vibrate closer to the sixth and seventh. These are but numbers, they can be very subtle changes in vibration or they can be quite dramatic depending on one’s perception.

I speak of this at this time to acknowledge that the earth is ready for the next phase. You’ve been doing a great deal of clearing out and transitioning over the past six months so therefore now it is time for the next level to take place.

It makes me smile because as I say this I hear some of you celebrating, happy to see what that next level is and I hear others of you saying “Oh my goodness, I’m just getting used to this”. 

I put forth the intention that you may experience this next phase, this next level with ease and tranquility.

One of the changes that you may have noticed it’s that we are bringing more and more into your physical reality. This is another way of integrating what is taking place upon the earth.

I invite you to take a moment where you breathe deeply within yourself once more and send that energy down into the earth. You may feel as if it stretches out in directions anchoring you onto the earth, you then bring it back up through you and as if that beam of light moves out through the top of your head allow it go up merging with your higher self.

As you feel the energies of your higher self you may look around. This is where you come on a consistent basis to work through problems, look at your options, consider potentials. From there you will allow your consciousness to go even further. It just streams out following that cord of light until it aligns with your divinity.

For some it may be as if you go straight to your divinity, for others it may be a sense of disconnect as if you don’t really know what you are aligning with. Become aware that that beam of light, that cord of energy is your direct link as a human into your soul. So you start at one end it terminates at the other end. Just allow your consciousness to move up into that space.

Feel yourself as you let go of the confines of your physical body. Feel yourself as you allow your energies to expand. Another benefit when it’s the Equinox or the Solstice is that it allows you a greater alignment with your divinity or a greater ease in getting there.

I the Goddess flow my energy into and around all who are here. I reach out from my heart to yours. I embrace you in this now moment.

As our energies merge together with one another it will shift you into the All That Is. Allow yourself to feel what this expansion is for you.

As you look around the All That Is there are many who are here looking forward to this celebration. You may find yourself naturally gravitating towards the group of energies, the beings of light that you normally work with. You may find yourself moving into a completely new group of energies.

I’m considering various options for what we will do this evening.

I invite all to come within the amphitheater. You may have a sense of stair steps, you may have a sense of people feeling up this space, many have been here before you and many will come after you, but no matter what time you arrive you will receive the message, the vibration, the energy that is available to you.

You see in front of you a number of angels and light beings that have in particular been very much a part of these Goddess Light teleconferences. I am the Goddess of Creation. I am feminine and masculine energies blended in balance as God source energy.

You may notice me as I preside somewhat in the center of these other Angels and beings. You have of course Archangel Michael and a group of other Archangels gather around. You see Saint Germain, Melchizedek, the Ancient Ones.

You will also notice coming into this gathering a group of beings that may feel familiar to you yet different. These are a group of the universal light beings that have been working with you but mostly in the background. They are now coming forward with this group to make themselves available to you as we move into the next level.

Of course everyone would like to speak.

I may just pull from them and continue to speak to you.


I heard a number of people asking specifically for Yeshua to come forward and he will.

First we have Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael Speaks:

I send you greetings of love and light. I walk amongst you and I know each one of you personally. You most likely know me in one form or another.

I have many soldiers that are a part of my army and when I speak of army it is different than what you consider it upon the earth and I wished to use those words so as to give new meaning to your thoughts and perceptions. My army of angels are emissaries of light. They walk with you side by side in your everyday life illuminating opportunities and potentials.

My warriors work with you in such a way that you may strengthen your own abilities. My sword of light is something that each one of you may have and if you already have one you may take it out or just know that it is in your energy field. If you have not received one in the past, I give to you now one of my Swords of Light. They can be short, long, whatever you need. These swords are to illuminate all that is happening within your lifeIt’s a way of cutting cords, letting go the past, becoming aware of what the truth is that it’s been spoken to you.

Because of my many emissaries walking upon the earth, my own energies have been able to step down to the vibration of the earth that I too am able to walk amongst you. Well, so too the vibration of the earth has risen so it is as if that medium is becoming more available.

The last millennium was under my care, this next millennium is under St. Germain and his many energies of light.  

There is peace and balance coming into the earth. It is a part of the next phase for those living upon the earth.

Don’t listen to the news because indeed that is happening, that is going on, we do not belittle that, but the change that is coming, the change that we even more amplify on this day of the Solstice is that peace and new beginnings of a balanced crystalline energy is what the future is about.

The earth consists of many different species of life. Throughout the time in which humanity has been upon the earth they have come from other galaxies, they have come from your own galaxy, some, the stars and the planets from which you are aware and some from others. Consider what you have known to be your reality in the past.

In some regards there is a tighter net throughout the universe of your galaxy that filters those that would like to become a part of the earth. No longer is it wide open and available for anybody to come into. It is now filtered by Ashtar, the White Brotherhood, myself and many other legions.

Just as upon the earth at this time there is a perception of so many races fighting with one another or learning to get along with one another, this is why so many came to the earth from many different places. And what is that one common link; living from the heart, living with love, living with acceptance and compassion.

I will always be available to you. Know that you need only need to think of me and one of my emissaries will be there with you or one of the many other Guardian Angels.

You are never alone. Feel my love as I send it to you right now.

I thank you for this time.


Yeshua Speaks:

Greetings my beloved family of the Earth.

It Is I, Yeshua. I come forth at this time to celebrate the birth of my life as Jesus.

[I felt as if this energy was Sananda & he spoke as Sananda which is the over soul. We were aligning with an aspect of Yeshua that is closer to the Sananda energies.]

I as Yeshua and the over soul to Jesus and the reason that I am come forth at this vibration is because I am also the over soul for Buddha, Krishna, Abraham, Mohammed and many more but all the major religions of the earth come from I, Yeshua [Sananda] as the over soul.

The time in which Jesus walked upon the earth was attempted many, many times before the one that you are familiar with.

Buddha got a foot hold in and created change. Abraham brought his people creating a shift in consciousness. Mohammed for all the many of his people spoke only of love. And what is our message this year? There is only love.

Traditions are very important for many reasons. It gives you a rhythm and a pattern that you can understand be it month by month, year by year, decade by decade. So too traditions can become stock and mired in the past. There are times when new traditions need to be employed.

The integration of the crystalline vibration into the earth it’s being manifested at this time. This new crystalline vibration is what gives you the opportunity to infuse the old traditions with new energy; that is what we do this evening.

This is a time of celebration. It is a time that was chosen because the Solstice was already being celebrated through the many pagan religions and the intrinsic rhythms of the earth.

I walked upon the earth in that life of Jesus. The Earth itself was very dense, the people and humanity were very constricted and mired within the third dimension.

I had a great deal of assistance as I lived that life from these beings of light that are all around you. They were there for me in that life just as they are there for you.

People speak of the second coming of Christ. Christ has arrived, many, many times. Most often those who were looking did not see him when he was there. Through the ascension process the second coming of Christ is manifested within every single individual as you open up to your Christ within. We speak not of one particular religion; we speak of that God source energy that is you as your soul that is you at the very fundamental level of your being.

As you allow that to wash over you, as you allow that alignment to strengthen within you, you are manifesting the Christ energy, the Buddhist, the Mohammed, the Abraham, you are manifesting God within you. No longer do you give the power and the authority to someone or something outside of you. It is here within you.

As you live your life upon the earth, absolutely communicate with people around you. Absolutely gather in prayer and celebration, because this all strengthen that energy; but just remember that you are also God. That you as your divine essence, as that spark of your divinity reflected outward in this physical reality; you are the Christ Light.

I see you, I am a part of you, I am always available for you if you so choose.


The Goddess of Creation Returns:

It is I the Goddess once more speaking with you. Look around at all who are here. Take a moment and ask yourself, who are you? Do you feel that you are a reflection of God? Do you feel that the energies of Yeshua and all who came before you are expressing through you? For some you will still enjoy and appreciate the traditions and the experiences of the various religions, others will recognize that the more that you communicate and experience and express your own God source energy that there will be new groups that develop, there will be new ways for people to come together and join this now moment.

Celebrate life. Celebrate all that is happening. Celebrate the new opportunities coming your way. There are a group of the universal light beings that represent some of the planets that are here as a part of this Solstice celebration. With this new wave of energy that is coming into the earth they are bringing technology, they are bringing opportunities for you to express yourself as compassion, express yourself as the authentic person that you are.

They vibrate at a level that has not been able to move in and out of the energies of the earth until this time so they are a part of that next wave; they are a part of what is coming your way. Consider that in your own life.

Here in this time of celebration take a moment to just reflect on anything that you would like to have completed or anything that has been completed. For anything that you wish to release, anything that is complete, send it down into this burning bowl so that you can let it go.

Allow it to come up from within you; have that intention. Perhaps you are aware of it. Perhaps you are unconscious. But just let that come up from wherever it may be. ~ Whew ~ Throw it away, let it go, let it transition, let it transform, let it be gone.

If you stop and breath gently feel the waves of energy coming towards you, the waves of energy from Archangel Michael, from Yeshua, from Sananda, from all who are here. Allow yourself to feel the integration and your new opportunities. It may not be clear to you in this now moment. You can be open to receive.

As the universe is creating new alignments and adjustments to your solar system recognize that as these changes take place upon the earth you’ll integrate them feeling it in your emotional body. Perhaps your emotions may seem labile, perhaps you may be caught in depression, if it’s something that is no longer serving you allow yourself to connect with it. ~ Whew ~ Let it go.

Allow your thoughts to be open and integrate new opportunities or new potentials. As you do so, feel that energy from wherever it may be for you. Become aware and let that wash over you. Perhaps some of those desires that you’ve had that have not yet manifested are shifting and adjusting in such a way that you are in greater alignment to receive. Perhaps it’s coming in a different manner than you had anticipated.

Allow yourself to feel the joy and the celebration that is taking place. We started in the amphitheater but we transitioned into a place where everyone can talk, you can mix, you can mingle. Let yourself dance, let yourself sing, let yourself fly; this is a place of creation and this is a time to celebrate new traditions, to celebrate you as the beautiful light you are.

The celebration will go on indefinitely. You may return or stay here if you so choose but for those, the rest of you I invite you to come back together as a group or as a whole.

As you do so, become aware of how many are present within this space. Become aware as that hologram of the earth comes up within not only those that are present consciously but within all of humanity that are available and present in the All That Is. This hologram comes up reflecting the energies of the earth

Have a sense of infusing new traditions, new beliefs, new opportunities into this hologram. Those of the light beings who are here have already infused and integrated within the hologram. That which supports a heart centered life that which supports the foundation of love in all that you do. Allow that to flow through the hologram, reflecting outward then.

As you are ready to do so you allow that hologram to be released. It flows down into the earth as it’s moving through the crystalline grid. As it aligns with that it moves out into the universe and it amplifies those energies of the crystalline as it goes within the center.

As this hologram integrates within the center of the earth it anchors with the crystals, it anchors with the magma, it anchors with all that is here and then it comes up through the layers of the earth. As it does so it’s creating a change or it’s clearing out old energies. It then comes up through each one of you so that you feel it coming up through your root center and flowing up through all the energy bodies within you. It’s also bringing that greater vibration, that greater awareness up through the grass, the trees, the water. Clearing out the old debris, clearing out the old energy ~ Whew ~ allowing the new heart centered love and potential to become the most prevalent energy available.

As people begin to look for something new or look for an opportunity or think differently about something, every time you infuse this energy into the collective consciousness it creates a vibration that others can then tap into and then it allows them to expand even further.

Allow your energy to shift. Let yourself find where your consciousness in the All That Is; yes we still see the celebration going strong! Again if you so choose you may stay out within that space if not for the rest we bring your consciousness back. It moves immediately into the space of your divinity, your I AM Presence. This is YOU; this is also that that is the reflection of your God source energy. So as Sananda spoke of that this is what he meant. This is the energy that streams down into you on a continuous basis.

Allow your consciousness to move back bringing your energies down. You find yourself in the space of your higher self. You might diffuse a little bit of that energy and then again bring yourself back down within your physical reality.

As your consciousness returns look around at some of the changes that may have taken place through your perception. Allow yourself to feel this energy. Feel all that is here.

So beloved family I feel such love inside of me for all who are upon the earth. I send forth that love. I connect to each one of you, heart-to-heart; therefore, I invite you to celebrate. Celebrate yourself, celebrate me, celebrate the people around you, celebrate this time of transformation that has taken place and then that next level that will take place.

Beloved know that you are never alone. Know that I am always with you and within you.



20 December 2015

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website: www.goddesslight.net

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