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Celebrating Humanity! - Goddess of Creation

Celebrating Humanity! - Goddess of Creation

At the very beginning of this blog, the Goddess spoke about Ascension. 

When I think over the years of the many, many times that we have talked about it, meditated about it, and experienced it; I know that there are many perspectives.  There can also be a difference from your perception as you are here, getting ready for the channel versus being in the All That Is. 

When we arrived at the All That Is, there was a celebration going on.  It was like a fair, with music, people, exhibits, etc.  For me, my perception was more of a fair from the past not one with rides and such. The first thing we experienced was a person talking.  The Goddess asked us to look around at who was at the fair with us.  At first, I had a sense of a large group, but then I realized it was actually only about four or five people, all of whom were my soul family.  For me, the person speaking was Yeshua, talking about ascension and our various lives.  Your perception may be Yeshua or someone else.  But the intention was to understand how our lives interacted with one another and how that led to our soul’s growth. 

There was then a sense of walking through the fair.  There was food, other people talking, and sometimes we were talking to others, kind of a lecture.  There was also an emphasis on just enjoying the day!!  As we walked there was music, food, laughter, dancing, and all the enjoyment of a fair.  It is a reminder to take time to have fun and be around those who are closest to us.  

At the end of our ‘day,’ I realized that we all received information to help guide us on our path.  I also felt as if it was time for many to make changes in their lives and this gave them ideas of potential.  The true message though is that it’s done!! Are acre complete!  We are ascended. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out at this now moment to create an alignment while you are here in your everyday reality.

I know that each one of you is on your own particular Journey of Ascension.  For some of you, this may be a journey that spans many, many years. For others, it is brand new.

Take this moment as you are breathing in and out and in your everyday reality and consider what Ascension means to you.  With the Christ energy or what is recognized as the anniversary of the Christ energy and his Ascension or Resurrection or howsoever you want to look at that it was an opportunity for millions and millions of people around the world to focus upon that potential of your everlasting soul or the fact that your soul lives on no matter what.

As you are living your life and the vibration or frequency that you emit as you live your days continues to rise, you are getting closer to alignment with your divinity.  In doing so you have the opportunity to create change in your life.  That may not have been possible previously, for the moment consider what that may be for you. Consider your Ascension. 

Another way of looking at this, what just went through my consciousness, is just that your awareness. Are there things of which you are aware in this now moment that when you look back over the years you were unaware? Are there things happening in your life that you were seeking to manifest perhaps for a number of years and now it’s here?

The interesting thing about Ascension is that it is ever-changing.  That goes right along with the fact that you are ever-changing; in your consciousness, in your thoughts, in your beliefs, in all that you are, you are always in a pattern of change.  It makes me smile because some of you wish to ignore that you do not want the change you want to stay still and stay where you are.  That may be holding you back or that may be giving you a unique way of seeing how you can manifest the new and maintain what you have.

Take a deep breath down within your heart.  Create a ball of energy or light, you just envision it with your mind, and that energy of the chakra that is already moving creates that ball of energy.  You send it down through your solar plexus, your sacral, and your root centers it goes down into the Earth.  As it spreads out in every direction, take note of what Gaia feels like to you.  Feel how her energies are anchoring you.  Feel how in some ways her energies are strengthening you.

Once you feel that alignment, allow her energies to flow back up through that column of light to anchor within your heart.  I invite you to then send that up through your throat, your third eye, and your head center.  Allow your energy and focus to align with your higher self.  As you look around, what does it look like to you? As you are here within your higher self, I sense that some of you need to consciously open up your energy so that you may more fully perceive what is here with you. 

Take this moment to just observe.  There may be certain items or experiences or things that are coming up for your awareness.  If your perception is that everything is very cluttered. Phew~~  Send a breath of energy and light through this space so that you may clear out anything that no longer serves you.

You then allow your focus to move even further up until you align with the Soul Plane.  Within this space, push out the boundaries of your consciousness even further so that you may align even more deeply with your soul essence.  Look through the eyes of your soul at all that is here.  Do you have a perception of Life Experiences?  Do you have a perception of things that would be in the past or the future as you tap into whatever it may be? Within your soul there is no linear time, there’s only that spiral in which all time-space reality may be accessed at the same time.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As our energies merge together we transition into the All That Is.  Look around at the All That Is.  I’m not quite sure how to describe this you may discern in a different way, but this is a celebration that is going on.  It is a celebration for Humanity! You are still in those final phases of Ascension as far as the human race upon Earth, but the hardest experiences for the majority of people have been accomplished. There will still be challenges. There will still be people that currently are clueless who will awaken.  But for now, as you look around, there is a sense of a celebration.

There’s music that is playing, there’s entertainment, and it is as if you are arriving at what one might call a fair. However, this is different than what you remember.

First of all, look at the group of people that you are with.  Some of you may be there with your loved ones.  Some of you may be there with some of the Angels that have supported you all this time.  But if you will look closely, these are the people that are your deepest Soul connection. You may not recognize them in the now moment because they may come from other lifetimes. Open your heart and see who they are in a heart-to-heart connection. 

As you move through this fair, you stop at whatever gathers your attention.  There are many places where you see; you might consider them Prophets, you might consider them Ascended Masters, Archangels; those that have been your guides in one form or another have people gathering around them.  As you stop there with your group of soul family, you will find that you’re exactly where you need to be.  As you listen to the words that are being spoken to you, some may be in a different language.  Some may be words you can completely understand. However, it is the energy and the frequency, and the flow that is truly communicating with you. 

As you listen to these words you may find yourself transcending.  It is as if you are no longer in the fair but you are now in these particular locations that you as your soul family have lived.  If this seems abstract and as if you are not connecting then simply allow your energies to open up and just let your Consciousness relax.  As your guide is speaking with you about these experiences, whatsoever they may be, you have an opportunity to discern perhaps the influence that you had on the others or the influence that they had upon you.

You will receive whatever it is that you need in this moment. Or whatever it is that you need as you are moving forward from this point on.

At some point, you find yourself back in that fair.  You wander around, you’re listening to the music, perhaps eating some food.  You are processing whatever information you just received.  You find yourself drawn in another direction. Once again, there is a group of people. These may still be your soul family or they may be others. They may be different people that have had an influence one way or the other upon your life.

You sit quietly, you listen as other people are talking.  There may come a time when you yourself begin to speak.  As you speak, you notice that those around you are paying attention to what you say.  You may not have realized that others would enjoy hearing what you have to share. In your everyday life, it may seem as if you have nothing to share. But the truth is every one of you have knowledge, information, energy, and compassion that you can share whatever the situation may be. 

The discussion goes on as long as it needs to.  When you are ready, you find yourself once again walking through the fair perhaps with your same group, perhaps with new people.  Take note of how your perception of this celebration may be changing.  Celebrations occur in so many different ways! Perhaps you are performing, perhaps you are painting, or creating something.  Allow your creativity to come up within you and then express it howsoever you choose.

Are you utilizing skills that you did not know you have? Are you looking around at the people in and around you and perhaps looking through new and different eyes?  The rise in your vibration and frequency creates new situations for you.  Here as we are celebrating humanity and all the glorious and interesting things that you have experienced, is the perfect time to open up and ask what new potentials are available for me.

As you wander through this celebration, look around and you may meet other people or perhaps receive information that will help to open up your consciousness so that you may know what is in your best interest at this now moment.

Very interesting. As I looked at you, as I made that statement, for some reason I saw a lot of you sink as if your vibration just dropped.  If you felt that, then ask yourself what do I need to release.  What may be anchoring me in the old energy?  It is helpful to be conscious of it, but even if you are not, whew~~ Let It Go. I saw many of you bounce back up.

I wonder if as I speak about new potentials or new opportunities this is perhaps something that you have always wanted or it has been important for you to manifest and now it’s here and it brings up fear or anxiety.  Whew ~~ Clear it out.

Continue to meander through this fair or this celebration.  Once again pay attention to those that are around you perhaps friends and family, perhaps new people that you are just encountering. Be open, be open to whatever the experience is for you.

When you consider what brings you Joy or lifts your heart or makes you feel good in any given moment; what is that for you? Look around at the many ways that you are able to manifest whatever that may be.

As you look out, let me shift that a minute.  You allow your consciousness to come to a place where it is the conclusion of your day at the celebration. You have that feeling of being tired but also being fulfilled.  You have that feeling of contentment or perhaps completion because it was a day well spent. 

As you look around, take a moment to just be present within yourself and then allow for everything to wash through your consciousness.  You may have received a lot of information, you may have seen yourself differently in what you have to share with others, or you may have just been in a place of enjoying life and enjoying yourself. How often do you do that in your everyday life?  And you sit here quietly allowing it to just move through you. 

Receive whatever messages may be present for you shifting them from what is unconscious into what is conscious.  As you look around, the All That Is has transitioned once again into a place of pure energy.  You may notice sparkles of light; you may notice interwoven threads of color and energy. Allow your senses to shift up into an even greater sensitivity or perhaps activating that which has been dormant in you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  You may notice that this group continues to transition, especially after tonight’s celebration.  What you may notice are more of your soul family is gathered around you, but everyone is sending that energy of Celebration of excitement of potentials. It’s just moving throughout everyone that is gathered.  You see coming up within that the Hologram of the Earth.  Send into the hologram the celebration of humanity.  You send your experience and there is also this overriding sense of celebrating being on Earth for this Ascension.

The Hologram takes on this energy it’s as if it has sparkles and light. There’s that aspect that goes out into the universe and then the remainder goes down returning into the physical Earth. It moves throughout the energy that surrounds the Earth and it goes down into the center. It goes down into the center, it goes down and anchors within the crystals within the space within Gaia as she connects and anchors this with you.

Everything then reverses, coming back out through the many layers of the Earth.  Your own comes up through that column of light that you had linked with Gaia but it is also coming up through the water the grass the trees it is coming up and being made available to anyone that is ready and in the vibration and frequency of Ascension.

You allow the remainder of your own Consciousness to come back down you move through the Soul Plane you allow it to flow back within you in the space in which you are. As you anchor this energy, take a moment and expand your physical awareness so that you may take in everything that occurred during this journey. You are also integrating the essence of Gaia.

The experience that we spoke about this evening was celebrating Humanity.  When you consider that in your life, be open to what that may bring to you. If you wake up in the morning and put forth an intention ‘I am going to celebrate life today, I’m going to celebrate Humanity today, I’m going to celebrate ……’ you can fill in the blank, whatever it is today.

When you live your life from a perspective of Celebration, you are living your life with a potential to be open, to be in a flow, to be in the movement for all that is taking place. You have arrived! And I am so very pleased for you beloved.

Know that I am ever with you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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