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April 2024 Astrology Predictions Revealed! Don't Miss Out!

April 2024 Astrology Predictions Revealed! Don't Miss Out!

Message for April 2024


April looks set to shine a light on the need for each of us to listen to our hearts and souls.

It’s so easy to go through life without taking the time to pause and listen to the world within, and although this is understandable given how busy we can be, it can leave us feeling disconnected and discombobulated with life. For a long time now, we have been standing at a threshold, change has been rising up on every level of our being and there has been a great deal of confusion connected to the paths we’ve walked, the paths we are walking and the path ahead.

For many of us, there is a sense of overwhelm as there is so much noise and chaos around, it can be hard to connect to our hearts and souls. As a result, we can feel lost, alone, and unsure of our choices. This can leave us feeling frustrated and cautious about crossing this threshold towards pastures new. Of course, we are always standing at a new threshold, life is constantly changing and shifting. Change is inevitable, and when we resist the process, we can feel even more lost and confused. However, embracing change is often easier said than done because it means a willingness to let go and a willingness to accept the process. For some of us, acceptance becomes an obstacle, preventing us from finding peace with the constant shift of life. Yet, acceptance isn’t about giving up or giving in, acceptance is a willingness to be more aware in life and to acknowledge where we are. When we can consciously step into acceptance, resistance fades away and we can begin to find peace within ourselves. Acceptance doesn’t mean not caring or giving up on dreams or ambitions, acceptance is simply a state of being, a state of openness and connection.

So, as we stand on this threshold of change, we can choose to spend our time gazing at the uncertain path ahead, or we can seize the moment and make the most of now. So many of us spend life being cautious and holding ourselves back from taking a chance, but so many of us then get to a point of regret, wishing we had been bolder or wiser as the opportunities we have now may not be possible around the corner. Seizing the moment isn’t about throwing caution to the wind, it’s about listening to the whispers of our souls and being willing to honour ourselves more.

Of course, many of us have parked our hopes and dreams over the years as life has got in the way and prevented us from embracing them as wholeheartedly as we may have liked. Many of these dreams have gathered dust in the recesses within, but they are not lost, they are simply out of sight. Now seems like a good time to re-connect to those dreams and to explore them once again. Many of us have changed and evolved beyond recognition so some of these dreams may no longer feel relevant, but it’s just as important to let them go as this creates space for something new.

As our priorities continue to shift, there is a sense that we are beginning to seek out new ways to find more balance in life. This takes courage and self-belief as we need to step beyond our comfort zone and into unfamiliar terrain as balance often comes through a need to establish boundaries, and to draw new lines in the sand with those who often inadvertently misuse our generosity and love. In essence, we each need to stand in our truth and have the courage to say ‘No!’ when needed. For some of us, having the courage to say ‘Yes!” is also important, as asking for help can sometimes be incredibly difficult.

Part of this process involves a willingness to stop feeling as though we must try harder to do more, be more and achieve more. We need to let go of that inner critic and replace it with an inner coach that supports us and encourages us to live the lives we were born to live. Instead of focusing on the things we haven’t done, or what we haven’t yet achieved, if we shift towards even the little things to be thankful for, we begin to create a new dynamic of gratitude and abundance. Of course, our perspective won’t necessarily change our reality, but it will help us to see life with more clarity than ever before.

It’s important to stop placing ourselves under so much pressure, to let go of those ‘to do’ lists, as well as the conditions we place on ourselves on the path to happiness. For instance, so many of us feel that we can be happy once we’ve found either the perfect job, met the perfect partner, or lost weight. Yet, are these truly the solution? Instead of conditions, it’s important to seek out happiness in this moment, otherwise we are forever looking towards the horizon. Happiness isn’t something that will land in our laps when we have fixed A or B, it’s a force to nurture and cultivate in its own right.

So many of us spend our lives trying to resist or exclude those parts of us that we don’t like, don’t understand, or even fear. This can leave us feeling bogged down and overwhelmed with the pressure that we place on ourselves to do better. It’s time to let this go and to instead focus on finding peace within ourselves. When we try to resist or deny a part of ourselves, they don’t fade away, that noise gets louder, and the echoes follow us wherever we walk. In essence, denying any part of us leaves a feeling of incompletion and this needs to change now. It’s time to celebrate our imperfections and find joy in being whole.

There is no denying that we are going through a tumultuous time of change, but instead of retreating, this is a time where understanding, acceptance, grace and love are needed. It’s time to reach out, to find unity, and to find connection. This is a time to let our light shine, to be empathic and compassionate, to hold out a hand to support someone lost or alone. We may sense the encroaching darkness, but the darkness isn’t something to fear, it’s as inevitable as the light. Resisting the darkness doesn’t make it go away, it just turns it into something bigger and seemingly harder to face.

Whilst many are still feeling confused and bewildered, others are finding their feet and their courage. Some may run ahead, but others will stay and consciously become a part of the cycle of evolution; to breathe in when others breathe out and vice versa. In other words, to become an integral part of the flow of life, to be open about pain and struggles, and to know that it’s okay to not be okay. Open-ness, transparency, and a willingness to live life as fully as possible.

So, for those of us who can, it’s time to breathe deeply into the world. For those of us struggling, know you are not alone…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to seek out new ways to bring more balance into your life, there is a sense that you are finally beginning to focus more wholeheartedly on your true priorities. You have spent so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone around, and it can be hard to think about your own needs more, but you have realised that honouring yourself is the central thread on your path ahead as it will help to facilitate a new way of living and being that enables you to re-connect to your true essence and turn towards your dreams. As you look at the bigger picture of your life, you have ascertained the givers, the takers and the one’s in between. You have established what nourishes you and what depletes you, and this has enabled you to review your tendency to over-give of yourself. However, the next step is somewhat harder as it entails creating some clearer boundaries and allowing yourself some much-needed space to breathe, reflect and be.

You are a wise and innovative soul, but you so often defer your wisdom for the sake of others, particularly if your insights somehow don’t fit. However, it’s important for you to realise that your insights matter as you have so much to offer. Your gifts are vibrant, and you seem ready now to find new avenues to explore in life; you have always been something of a free spirit, but the yearning deep within your heart and soul is growing now as you start to think about what you truly want moving forwards. This isn’t selfish or self-centred, it’s simply an acknowledgement of your true essence, and the willingness to honour yourself on all levels of your being. Some around you might struggle with this shift, but believe in yourself and let your intuition guide you forwards…


As the winds of change continue to gather momentum on all levels of your life, you find yourself poised and ready, standing in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading. There is a growing sense of anticipation rising up from deep within your heart and soul as you have been yearning for pastures new for quite some time. As a result, you have been exploring the depths of your soul, trying to find ways to allow more of your true essence the space and freedom to flow freely and unhindered. Although you are standing in between where you’ve been and where you’re heading, this will always be the case, as this space is known as the present. Of course, you know this, and it’s hard not to look ahead when you are so ready for change, but it’s important to honour the present moment as it is where you are now.

When your focus shifts towards the present, you are more able to gain perspective and make sense of the bigger picture. At the same time, being in the present moment concentrates your phenomenal energy into the here and now making it easier to channel your creativity and vision towards making the most of every single moment. This doesn’t mean that every single moment is going to be joy-filled, as that’s not how life works, but living consciously and wholeheartedly will enable you to connect to your gifts and to have the self-belief to live your life as fully and as consciously as possible. April looks set to be an illuminating month of self-discovery as you finally start to find ways to create more room in your life to breathe freely. With your feet planted more firmly in the present moment, you have the footing to build some new foundations and to create a new way of living and being that reflects your true essence…


As you continue to seek out ways to live your life more wholeheartedly, there is a sense that some much-needed breathing space has appeared within your heart and soul. Whilst you have welcomed this breathing space, it’s not quite as welcome as you hoped as instead of bringing you an opportunity for peace and stillness, it has actually brought you more thinking time. Of course, you are a thinker, and you love to explore the depths of life, trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are. However, you are also a deeply spiritual and emotional being, and there are times when overthinking can thwart the flow of your creative and spiritual essence. It is therefore important to know when it’s time to think, when it’s time to do, and when it’s time to be. Whilst it is perfectly possible to choose not to use this breathing space for thinking, it can be hard when the pace of life quietens down and the distractions fall away, as thinking is usually your default position.

Try to make a conscious choice to connect more deeply to your heart and soul in order to allow your spiritual and emotional essence to flow freely. Balance is perhaps the key here as you have the capacity and innovation to think outside of the box to find new ways to live your life that embrace the thinker, the spiritual, and the emotional you. After all, they are all a part of you! So, as you turn towards this breathing space, keep an open mind and an open heart as you rest gently in the quiet, allowing insights to surface and emotions to flow freely. Let go of the desire to push for answers as this is not a time for charging ahead or overthinking, it’s a time for allowing, for being, and for finding a new flow in your life…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self, you have started to make some important realisations connected to how much of yourself you sacrifice for the needs, wants and whims of others. There is a part of your nature that sees you trying so hard to help others, you push yourself and deny yourself in order to keep on keeping on, but there is a distinct lack of magic and sparkle within your heart and soul. It’s as though you have grown so used to being the rock for everyone else, that you feel the wheels will fall off if you step back and let others take the slack. However, it’s important to realise that not only do your needs matter, but there’s a need to trust in the process and know that the wheels will keep on turning whether you are pushing them single-handedly or not.

Of course, the wheels might not be turning at the same pace, or with the same style, but there is a need for you to let go a little and turn your focus within. You invest so much of yourself into helping others that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture of your own life, and this has meant many of your dreams have faded from view. Yet, your heart and soul long for more enrichment and fulfilment, they long to step beyond the boundaries of your life in order to discover unchartered terrain. It seems time to ask yourself why you find it hard to acknowledge this yearning, and why it’s easier to keep pushing yourself for the sake of others but denying the yearning from within. Life carries no guarantees, and it’s certainly easier sometimes to stick with what you know, but you seem ready now to reclaim your hopes and dreams in order to live the life you were born to live…


As you continue to expand the boundaries of your life, April, looks set to be a month of self-discovery, and self-realisation, as you begin to see yourself, and your life, from a brand-new perspective. You’ve always been one to give yourself a hard time for not doing enough, being enough, seeing enough or achieving enough. As a result, you set the bar high, expecting perfection and placing your measuring stick for happiness high up on a pedestal. Of course, wanting to push your boundaries and achieve success is important, but when you constantly feel that you are not doing enough or being enough, this can trickle into your consciousness leaving you feeling that you are not enough. Although intuitively you know this is not the truth, the more you focus on the gap between where you are, and where you feel you need to be, the more you will see the concept of ‘less than’ filtering into all areas of your life. It therefore seems time to reframe how you see yourself and your life.

Perhaps instead of measuring your happiness by what you do or achieve, focus on how you feel? In addition, instead of keeping your focus firmly on the horizon of where you feel you need to be, turn your attention to where you are now and realise that you already have everything you need to live a rich and full life. In some ways, pushing yourself has become a habit and it seems time now to ring the changes as you have some important decisions to make over the weeks and months ahead in connection to your true priorities. It’s time to start breaking free from the beliefs that have shaped your life for so long in order to begin a new chapter spending your time living in ways that enrich and inspire. This is your life, so live it your way…


April looks to be a month where you connect more consciously and wholeheartedly to your inner light. There is a sense that you are beginning to pay more attention to your inner world, listening to your intuition and believing in yourself more. Although you have always been aware of the ebb and flow of the currents of life, you have often become lost amongst the chaos, and this has left you feeling as though you are in a little boat being tossed around in a stormy sea without an oar, compass, engine, or map. It’s as though both the helm and the anchor represent your intuition, and without these you feel as though you drift amongst the currents of other people’s lives, going with their flow and losing sight of your own essence, purpose, and dreams. Of course, in many ways this is true, as you give so much to so many, and often get swept up in the stories of those close. However, it seems important to remember that your intuition is a powerful force that has the power to shape and transform your life – if you let it!

There seem to be multiple reasons as to why you resist your intuition, so exploring this further would be extremely beneficial. It seems clear that you need to find a way to make friends with your inner light and acknowledge just how precious a gift your intuition actually is. You are a wisdom being and you’re able to see both the bigger picture, and the finer details, at the same time. Your gifts are vast, but they need to be embraced and used, rather than gathering dust in a corner tucked away at the core of your being. It’s time now to look deeply within as you gaze beyond the boundaries of your life in order to realise that you already have everything you need to shine…


The winds of change have been gathering momentum on all levels of your life for quite some time. You have been aware of the inklings of change and the tingles of shift within every single one of the millions of cells of your being, but there is also a sense of nebulousness, a sense of not really knowing what’s coming and there is a frustration growing within you that you feel rudderless and without direction as you have been unable to grab hold of this growing momentum and channel it in any direction. This frustration has created a layer of restlessness which has made you question exactly what you want from your life. In addition, it has stirred up a desire to seek out answers for all of the unanswered questions in your life, even though intuitively you know that many of these questions are unanswerable. This searching has created another layer of frustration within you which has surfaced as a direct result of you being frustrated with yourself!

In essence, this uncertainty has seen you doubting yourself and your gifts, wondering how to get your life from where you are to where you want to be. Although you have always asked questions, they seem more intense now as you want to push your boundaries into pastures new, and no longer want to be held up by the frustration of not knowing. It’s time to let go a little, to step out of the cycle of frustration and to breathe more deeply on all levels of your life. Instead of pushing for answers and clarity, let go and let your intuition guide you. Let go and trust the process; you are on the edge of a new chapter of life, so honour yourself and know that patience and trust will both see you transforming your life to the one you intuitively know you were born to live…


As you continue to find a richer connection within your heart and soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to find peace within the stillness. As a result, you are feeling more centred and more balanced, more aware, and more connected. Of course, the stillness isn’t simply great periods of quiet, it’s mostly those little gaps in between the busy-ness in your head, heart, and life. It’s those moments of pause between thoughts, breaths, or experiences. Although many of these moments are so brief you barely notice them, it seems that the more you look for them, the more you will find. Even fleeting moments of stillness bring an opportunity to breathe more deeply and to find balance within. In fact, the more able you are to take the time to pause, breathe, and reflect, the louder the music of your soul will become. It’s important to realise that embracing stillness is not necessarily about spending long periods of time in meditation, it’s more about finding ways to incorporate these brief moments of stillness into your everyday world as they have the power to bring you insight and wisdom when it comes to living your best life.

April looks set to herald a significant shift that moves you closer towards balance and acceptance. Acceptance isn’t about giving up or giving in, it’s also not about letting go of hopes or dreams. Acceptance is a willingness to step wholeheartedly into the present moment in order to live your life as fully, and as consciously, as possible. In fact, the more able you are to be at one with the present moment, the more deeply you will connect to your intuition and creativity as these are the gifts that shine brightly and will help you to shift your life from where you are to where you intuitively know you need to be…


You have always had a good awareness of the path you’ve walked in life; you have always been willing to explore the choices and decisions you’ve made, learning as you go and accepting new lessons as they appear. Although you try to keep your focus in the present moment as much as possible, it’s really hard not to look at the path behind you, as well as the one ahead of you. Of course, this is a natural part of being human, but there is a sense this frustrates you as intuitively you know the need to live in the present moment, so you feel you’re somehow letting yourself down when you gaze backwards or forwards along the pathway of your life. Stop giving yourself a hard time for being human! Instead of channelling your formidable energy towards trying not to do something you intuitively want to do, maybe it’s time to explore the path with more curiosity in order to see if there’s something you’ve missed? Maybe your intuition is nudging you to be more reflective as there are lessons to learn or wisdom to be gained from understanding your path and your choices more? Maybe there’s a need to understand the path you’ve walked more fully as there are still hidden gems of insight and wisdom that have yet to be discovered?

It seems time to look beyond the obvious and to let your intuition guide you now as you have reached an important threshold of choice in your life. Reflecting on your path therefore seems more likely connected to gathering together the many different facets of your being in order to focus on your true priorities. The path you’ve walked, the one you’re walking and the path ahead, are not separate, they are all a part of you so embrace them all. It’s time now to stride forth with courage, confidence, and joy…


As you continue to navigate the ebb and flow of life, there is a sense that your soul is calling you towards change. Your perspective on life is shifting and you are beginning to see the world with fresh eyes. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s almost as though the volume has been turned up, and you are more aware of every sight, sound, thought and experience; often all at the same time, making it feel quite overwhelming. However, intuitively you sense the need for this heightened awareness as you are beginning to look beyond the boundaries of your everyday life in order to consider your dreams and goals on the path ahead. As a result, April looks to be a month of possibility and renewal as you think about making some important decisions connected to what you truly want. Although it might feel overwhelming, your ability to sense so much in a single moment will help you to gain more clarity when it comes to what depletes you and what nourishes you, and this insight will help you to be a bit more selective when it comes to self-care and self-compassion.

You have been on something of a rollercoaster ride over recent months, and this has inspired you to explore many of your beliefs and ideals as you have been pushed beyond your comfort zone and into unchartered terrain. It seems time now to let your intuition guide you as you turn towards living a more creative and wholehearted life, so let go of self-doubt and don’t try to carry everything on your own. The tide is turning, and you are moving towards a chapter of increased co-operation and unity with others, a chapter where you have more space to be creative and re-focus. As the ‘clutter’ falls away, you are free to breathe more deeply once again. So, be brave, be bold and let your intuition guide you…


As you continue to make sense of the kaleidoscope of change on all levels of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to find peace with the waves crashing in on the shoreline of your soul. Although crashing waves sounds stormy and bleak, there is great power and energy in each wave and this is the force of your inspiration and creativity. Finding peace in the storms of life may sound like something of a paradox, but intuitively you can sense the wisdom here, as you are so aware of the maelstrom within you that brings you so much. You are one of life’s thinkers and you often over-think and over-ponder, picking ideas and experiences apart in order to try to make sense of them. Sometimes you can tie yourself up in knots in this process as intuitively you know there are no clear reasons as to why things are the way they are, but it doesn’t stop your determined nature from pushing ahead anyway! It therefore seems time for you to stop pushing quite so hard and to instead find a new balance with the shifting currents within your heart and soul.

Although these currents may feel unsettling, they are a part of you and resisting a part of you means a sense of incompletion can surface. Whilst it can be hard to embrace aspects of yourself that feel so free, fluid, and unpredictable, it seems important to stop focusing on the things you haven’t yet done or on the things you haven’t yet achieved and to instead acknowledge all that you are. Your gifts are vibrant and buoyant, and you are overflowing with possibility and potential. So, feel the energy of the waves lighting up your soul as this is a powerful time for you to stand strong, to breathe deeply, and to trust your effervescent inner energy to fizz up and filter your consciousness towards pastures new…


You have always had the gift of awareness; seeing so much more than most others could even comprehend, let alone understand. You are able to watch the different threads as they weave together, creating intricate patterns and shapes that represent different aspects of yourself, your life, and the world around you. There are days when you feel as though you are at one with these threads, weaving them with your own hands, finding insight and wisdom as you go. Yet, there are other days when you feel completely lost with a sense of disconnection from the threads as the burden and busy-ness of life has become too much to process or understand. Over the years, you have grown used to the oscillation between wisdom and confusion, connection, and disconnection, but you have never truly made peace with it as it can become frustrating to live with such unpredictability. Of course, this could be said for anyone, but you feel it more intensely because you are such a sensitive and intuitive soul.

There are times when it would be better to step back from the intensity of this ebb and flow a little in order to look at the bigger picture – the tapestry. This magical, energetic representation of the story of your life isn’t something you often ponder, mostly because you have never been quite sure what you’re trying to create. It’s as though you believe you drift with the currents of life rather than knowing that, like the weaving of the threads, you create the currents. In essence, it seems time for you to shift away from feeling powerless towards standing more wholeheartedly in your own power, embracing your gifts, and honouring yourself more. April is a month to focus on your well-being, to re-connect to your bigger picture and to establish a deeper sense of balance in all areas of your life…

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