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July 2024 Astrology Predictions You Can't Miss

July 2024 Astrology Predictions You Can't Miss

Message for July 2024

Silence is so often under-rated. Many of us actively seek out ‘noise’ to fill up every nook and cranny of life.

Noise isn’t just sound, but busy-ness. It’s as though every space in life needs to be filled and occupied, meaning silence is a non-entity for so many. Yet, without the silence, how can we have anything else? There’s silence between each breath, there’s silence between each word, each note of music. It might be brief, but silence matters. Silence shapes us, and our willingness to embrace silence has the power to open up the gateways to the soul.

We each have a purpose. The Sun shines, the moon reflects. A writer writes, a musician makes music. A painter paints, a sculptor sculpts. In the same way, a dreamer dreams. Yet, for so many of us, life ‘gets in the way,’ or we allow it to. It takes courage to embrace our purpose and to live life fully, but to deny this means ignoring the calling from within our hearts and souls.

For many creative and spiritual souls, being unique can present challenges and layers of misunderstanding and judgement, as this is a path of vibrancy and embracing truth; it’s the path less travelled. Of course, if it’s our purpose, then that is the reason for our existence, so no one can deny this truth, but it can often be hard to sparkle and shine brightly when others judge, resist and tell us not to be ourselves. As a result, so many of us hold back from living our dreams and living our best lives, hiding away wearing a coat of ‘normalcy’ even though we all know there’s no such thing. It is unquestionably easier to dress like the flock and go with the flow, but there’s a risk such a path can lead to feelings of lack and unrest as the heart and soul feel unfulfilled and unheard.

It takes courage to live true, and it takes self-belief to listen to the whispers of the soul, and step towards purpose, but it’s time. We each have a purpose and the more of us that can connect to this, the brighter the world will become. There is so much fracture and disconnect all around, but also within as we struggle and resist to listen to those soul whispers, yet life is for living, and surely, it’s for embracing the moment and living our best lives?

Although some will try, no one can tell us not to be who we truly are as, just like the sun shining, we too have purpose. Sometimes we have to be inventive to express our truth, as denying our essence leads to a withering of the soul and a fading of the light within.

The key to connecting to purpose comes from a willingness to step into the silence. When we become one with the silence, we feel peace. It’s a bit like those awkward moments in conversations when no one speaks, yet when we’re with someone who truly resonates, those silent moments become just as important as the words. Feeling comfortable in silence allows us to breathe deeply and to connect to those in-between moments (in-between breaths, sounds etc.). It is within the silence where truth resides, and the more we can connect to this, the clearer our sense of purpose becomes.

Of course, not everyone is a writer or a musician, but purpose isn’t so much about what we do, it’s about how we live. It’s a state of being, not doing. When we connect to our purpose, passion arises, and when we live with passion, everything changes as the need for ‘noise’ passes and we find the courage to live free. We are all spiritual beings, and although embracing our purpose takes strength, the more willing we are to embrace truth, the closer we get to finding peace.

It’s hard in this busy and noisy world, with 24/7 news, mobile phones and a constant ‘chitter chatter’ on every level, but when we pause and step into the silence, the light shines brightly from the inside, out. The more we breathe and pause, the more we hear. Silence isn’t the absence of sound, it’s more of a willingness to go into the spaces between. A walk in nature takes on a new dimension when we walk with silence – we can feel our hearts and souls opening up and shining brightly.

It’s important to note that silence isn’t a void, empty space, or the absence of sound; it’s a quest for each of us to wholeheartedly open up to the universality of connection, to look beyond the things that separate and divide, and to sense the true nature of interconnectivity. Every single action, choice, thought and belief has consequences and so nothing happens in isolation. For some, silence needs a different name, perhaps tranquillity, but the word isn’t important, it’s the willingness to step beyond the chatter in order to feel whole and complete once again.

Life will always ebb and flow, but when we take some time to breathe, and enter a quiet moment, we give ourselves an opportunity to feel more connected and alive. Silence isn’t disconnection, it’s being fully connected, fully aware, and fully present. As we each connect more wholeheartedly to our purpose, silence becomes even more important as it allows us to channel our intuition, creativity, and wisdom more fluidly than ever before.

Let the smile rise up from within and hold it gently, with tenderness. Know that this inner smile is truth, purpose and joy. Breathe deeply and open up to life…

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to explore new ways to enrich and enhance your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to shift your focus away from trying so hard to get life ‘right’ and instead seeking out balance, harmony and joy. Intuitively you have always known that happiness is a state of being, not a state of doing, but although you are aware of this, it’s been hard for you to create the changes needed to shift the balance as your ‘to do’ list of things to do, people to please and stuff to achieve has always been long. You now realise that life is more about how you feel, not what you do, and there is an air of urgency within your heart and soul to make some important changes in order to live in more enriching and wholehearted ways. This isn’t to say that what you do isn’t important, nor is it a suggestion that you shouldn’t have goals and aspirations, it’s more of a need to highlight your inner world more.

You have spent a great deal of time exploring the depths of your heart and soul, learning so much about yourself in the process, yet there is still a tendency within you to try to be everything to everyone, and this can leave you feeling depleted and out of balance. Intuitively you sense the need to ring the bells of change as you long for more freedom to explore your creativity and spirituality, and you want the space to breathe, flow and be free. Freedom is more connected to how you feel within, and there is a sense that it’s time to expand the boundaries of your life. As a result, July looks set to be a month filled with passion, courage and creativity as you turn towards a new direction, this is a wonderful opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life on every level of your being…


July looks set to be a month of deepening self-awareness, expanding creativity, and enriching self-compassion as you step from where you were to where you are with the confidence to express your true essence, standing in your truth and allowing your intuition to light the way. As a result, you are beginning to see your life with more clarity than ever before. For such a long time, you have deferred your own needs for the sake of those around you, and this has often left you feeling out of balance with your true essence. It’s as though you have become so good at being the person everyone wants you to be that you
have stopped acknowledging the person you truly are. The yearning in your soul has been calling out for change, and although you’re not one to willingly upset the apple cart of your life, you know you cannot carry on as your needs matter! It’s therefore important not to dismiss your own needs any longer and to turn towards your heart and soul with tenderness, love and compassion.

Shining the light within isn’t self-indulgent, it’s a necessary step on your path of evolution as it shows a willingness for you to turn towards some big dreams that have been lurking in the corners for a long time. Instead of brushing them over, this seems like the perfect time to open up your eyes, heart and soul as you embrace a new way of living and being. This process can feel challenging, as embracing a new way of living and being means creating ripples of change on every level of your life. Whilst you sense the positivity of these ripples, others around you might not be quite so keen, so there is a chance that you will need to navigate some frosty waters as you establish a new equilibrium. Have the courage to believe in yourself and let your intuition lead the way…


You have always been a deeply complex soul, your multiple layers of essence are all unique, extraordinary, creative and effervescent; usually all at the same time! As much as this has the power to bring you wisdom and joy, it can also bring you confusion and uncertainty; it’s hard to articulate, but it’s as though there are times when you step so deeply into your inner world that you lose yourself, but unless you step deeply within, you cannot find yourself either. Complex and confusing, yet it’s not really complicated, it’s just the way you are, so it’s important to embrace your ability to see into the far reaches of your soul as this is a wonderful gift to have. Yes, it can feel overwhelming and challenging at times, but it’s usually during such times when more wisdom and understanding surfaces, and unless you let go and dive deeply within, you can feel stuck and rudderless.

As a result of your wondrous complexity, there is a sense that you have spent a great deal of your life trying to unravel the mystery of being you, and trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are. However, understanding your complexity seems to defeat the object as embracing your complexity and going with the flow of it seems more appropriate. In other words, instead of trying to apply logic to make sense of your life, go with the flow and just be yourself. Stop trying to get your life ‘right;’ live it and let your wonderful and vibrant complexity shape the path ahead. Let go of the ought’s, needs and must’s, and let your true nature shine brightly. You have always been so good at giving yourself a hard time, but all this does is highlight the things you haven’t done or haven’t achieved. Stop! Celebrate all that you are: your inner light radiates brightly, and it’s time now to let this light illuminate joy…


You have spent a great deal of your life trying your best to work hard and keep on keeping on. You are the one that others can depend upon, and you so often defer your own needs in the process. Your willingness to give so much of yourself has been rewarding, but it has also seen you feeling depleted and sometimes even ignored by those around you. It’s as though the more you give of yourself, the less ‘visible’ you become; even though you are a central cog, you can make yourself so integral that you’re overlooked. There’s a part of you that’s happy to keep your head down, but there’s also the side of you that wants to jump up and down, seeking acknowledgement and wanting to be heard. It’s a hard juggling act to do both at the same time, and so often keeping your head down is the easier path, but this has left you feeling restless and frustrated, knowing that there could, and should, be more to life.

As a result, July looks set to be a month to ask yourself some important questions and be willing to acknowledge the truth of the answers. What do you truly want in life? What enriches you? What depletes you? What makes you happy? What frustrates you? What inspires you? These questions are important because the answers have the power to shape and define your path ahead; they can bring you insight, and they can lift you beyond ‘keeping on keeping on’ in order to see beyond the boundaries of your everyday life. You may feel that there is no opportunity to live the answers, so there’s no point in exploring them, but what is life for if not to dream, explore and thrive? It’s time to warm your soul from the inside, out, and to have the courage and self-belief to not only contemplate the answers to these questions, but to live them as well…


July looks set to be a month of illumination for you as your sparks of creativity fire up on all cylinders. You have been on the edge of significant change for quite some time now, and you certainly seem ready for something new. Yet, deep within the recesses of your mind, is a layer of doubt that maybe change isn’t what you truly want, or indeed, if you ‘have what it takes’ to ride the waves of change with confidence and self-belief. This doubt has left you feeling restless and fidgety, unable to put your finger on exactly why you feel this way, but sensing the need to explore further. You have never been afraid to take a chance in life and you are often the one exploring pastures new on every level of your being. Adventure excites you, but it can also leave you doubting your gifts and your ability to face new terrain with courage.

You are a wise and intuitive soul, but your effervescence has gone a little flat, and the kaleidoscope of colours that usually light up your soul seem more faded than usual. This all seems to be the result of self-doubt and a lack of self-belief. It’s time to realise that you truly are the amazing, incredible and intuitive soul that you know yourself to be. This isn’t big-headed, it’s simply fact. Whilst there is a sense of the weight of responsibility weighing quite heavily on your shoulders, it seems that your tendency to take on so much for others is the cause. Sometimes you take on more than you need to, and although you know this, you do it anyway! It’s time to ask yourself why you do the things that you do, and to explore what you truly want in life. Let those sparks of creativity illuminate your soul and trust the process, knowing you have exactly what it takes to step towards pastures new…


You have often felt that your life is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and although sometimes the pieces slot together with ease, there are a great many other times when, no matter how hard you try, the pieces just won’t fit. This irritates the perfectionist within you as you like things to flow with ease. As a result, you have spent long periods of time wrestling with aspects of your life, feeling they are awkward pieces of the puzzle that somehow need to be re-shaped to fit, or perhaps you feel that they are pieces from another puzzle. Yet, do all of the pieces truly have to fit together? After all, if you put together some of the edge and some in the middle – would this make it less of a puzzle? Admittedly it might not be complete, but when is the puzzle of life ever complete, as we are constantly evolving and growing? It seems there’s a need for you to start looking at your ‘puzzle’ with fresh perspective; sometimes the more you look, the less you see. Why does everything have to fit together perfectly, even when you intuitively already know the joy that can be found in ‘imperfection’?

In other words, rather than seeing a gap between where you are now and where you feel you need to be, why not step more consciously into the present moment in order to see all you have now? It’s easy to get lost in the cycle of feeling like you need to do more, achieve more, complete more, and be more, but it’s time to realise that instead of pushing ahead to make your puzzle perfect, all of those jaggedly edges and gaps actually make for an interesting life! Your experiences don’t fit together with perfection, so instead of trying so hard to get everything to fit, celebrate your uniqueness and find the joy in being you…


July looks set to be a month for opening up your heart and soul, and for breathing more deeply into life. Over recent months (even years), your energy and presence have recoiled due to the challenges you have faced. Although you have weathered these challenges with strength, wisdom and courage, the storms of life have taken their toll. As a result, your breath seems a little shorter as you’ve felt unable to let go and breathe wholeheartedly once again. It’s almost as though you have kept your inhalations short in order to take up less space to better manage the stress, pain and turmoil. This is perfectly understandable, but the longer-term cost of this management strategy is a fading of your essence, and, over time, this has led to an increased sense of disconnection from your heart and soul.

Of course, it’s unlikely that this was a conscious process, and you’re quite unlikely to have even noticed that you’ve been doing it, but as the space you take up in the world has grown smaller and smaller, it’s important to reflect on this now in order to begin making some gentle changes in order to breathe more fully once again. This isn’t just about your breath though, it’s about your essence, your gifts, and your dreams. The light within you is longing to shine brightly again and this comes from a willingness to find balance, embracing your gifts, and breathing deeply once again. Challenges come and go, but your gifts need the room to breathe and flow freely. The more gracefully you can flow with life, the more you will find a new path to joy. You are truly innovative and inspired, and the more you can acknowledge this, the more you can turn gently towards your gifts to tenderly reflect on those challenges and honour your journey as it’s brought you to this moment. Breathe deeply and shine once again…


As you continue to explore the boundaries of your life, it seems you are finally beginning to re-assess your desire to try to take care of everybody else. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to be the rock for others and giving so much of yourself in the process. Yet, rocks aren’t really your true nature, as your fluid, mysterious depths are generally less solid. It’s not that you shouldn’t be a rock, it’s just that you feel you need to be a stable force for those around you, even though you know it’s not quite how you roll. There are many ways to help and support others, and it seems that trying to become a rock has cemented your fluidity, leaving you feeling discombobulated, and a tad overwhelmed. Yet, when you let your soul expand and your essence blossom, the fluidity returns, and you can see the myriad of different ways you can still support others, but without sacrificing your essence in the process.

Of course, it’s hard to ring the bells of change when you are the instigator and seem reluctant to upset the apple cart, but your heart and soul are calling out to you to listen to your intuition. Being a rock isn’t a bad thing, and there are many wonderful rocks around, it’s just not quite you. It’s time to turn the focus within for a while in order to find new ways to flourish and thrive. This is therefore a good time to think about where you’re going and why; explore those inner niggles of doubt and look deeply within in order to acknowledge the longings of your heart and soul. July looks set to offer opportunity and insight as you explore new corners of life and give your true essence the room to breathe. It’s time to transform the rock and find a new way of being you…


You have always had the spark and energy of an artist; it’s as though you are able to paint the kaleidoscope of different energies that weave in and out on all levels of your life. In fact, perhaps artist isn’t the best description, maybe a conductor of the waves is more apt. You see the world in a unique way, and your ability to bring colour, energy and spark gives you a truly unique perspective that is far reaching. Whilst this brings you the capacity to see way and beyond the ‘norm,’ it can sometimes feel more like a curse than a blessing, as you usually see so much in any single moment and it can overload your senses, leaving you feeling confused and bewildered. So, there have been chapters of your life where it’s felt easier to ‘turn down the volume’ and block out this powerful connection, enabling you to keep on keeping on. Yet, deep down, you feel lost without it as it brings you so much colour, vibrancy and a sense of purpose (although that purpose can often feel quite nebulous as it weaves in and out of your consciousness).

You can therefore feel stuck in something of a dichotomy when it comes to knowing the best way to live, either without the kaleidoscope or with it. Of course, intuitively you already know the answer as denying your connection to the kaleidoscope is denying a part of yourself, but acknowledging your true nature and living with it isn’t quite the same thing. Yet, could it be that until you wholeheartedly embrace the artist, the conductor, and the swirling pool of potential within you, that you cannot live with it? In other words, sometimes you need to dive deeply within in order to find the answer and become one with it. This is about a state of being rather than a state of doing, so let your phenomenal intuition be your guide…


You have always been one to prefer to have a clear sense as to where you are heading and why. At the same time, your preference would be to know what’s lying ahead before you get there in order to make the most informed decisions possible. Yet, life is a bit like these modern TV blockbuster shows, where they make multiple different finales in order to keep everybody guessing until the last moment. Of course, this tendency ultimately makes the television experience more rewarding, but when this philosophy is applied to life, it can feel frustrating to never really know what lies ahead. Of course, intuitively you know that no one can know what’s ahead, as life, by it’s very nature, is inherently unknowable. The path you take through space in time is dependent on a myriad of different factors and a complex tangle of choices, actions, and consequences. Many of these are not your own, but decisions made by others can have a profound impact on your path in life. Yet, despite knowing all of this, there is still a sense of frustration within you that you want a clearer picture of the path ahead in order to make the very best decisions. Who wouldn’t want that?

Yet, what if you did know every possible outcome and every single scenario? Would that truly feel satisfying? After all, the path of evolution and growth usually comes via uncertainty and challenge. In short, on one level you want certainty and clarity, but on the other level, intuitively you know that even if these were possible, they wouldn’t bring you the fulfilment that you hope. It therefore seems important to begin the process of unravelling these knots within your heart and soul in order to find peace in the here and now. You are wise, courageous and intuitive, and it’s time now to harness these gifts, to embrace the uncertainty, but to choose to live life as wholeheartedly as possible…


July looks set to be a month for you to contemplate the light within as you seek out new ways to ignite the touchpaper of creativity in your heart and soul. New opportunities are appearing in all directions, and, like moths to a flame, they are being drawn to your inner light. Sometimes these ‘moths of opportunity’ can feel irritating, and you want to push them away as they are a distraction, yet the graceful and beautiful dance they perform just for you is something to notice more as they help to show you the way. It can be hard being you at times as you see and sense so much, and although this can feel overwhelming, it can also feel enlightening and inspiring. It seems important to remember that your inner light shines brightly and you are something of a lighthouse for others. Just as the flames don’t go looking for moths, the lighthouse doesn’t go looking for boats, both stay still and shine. So, shining brightly is a state of being, there is nothing you need to do, just allow yourself to connect wholeheartedly to the light within and let it guide you.

This is a time for self-compassion as you let go of the critical inner voice that often pushes you to do more, be more and achieve more. Although the image of the lighthouse seems stationary, the light is far reaching and always moving, so remember to build your foundations at the same time as shining brightly. This light doesn’t only illuminate the path ahead, it also illuminates your inner world and allows you to look into the depths of your soul in order to grow, evolve, and learn. Your awareness is so multi-levelled that you can sense the merging of currents of mighty rivers, the dance of light across the morning sky, and the twinkle of every star in the night sky. Embrace this, become it…


Although you are a watery, fluid soul, with a vibrant and rich emotional world, there is a sense that you are often more of a thinker than a feeler. Although you are deeply empathic and your multi-levelled awareness allows you to sense more than most, you seem to have mastered the art of pushing your fluid nature to one side and engaging your powerful brain. As a result, instead of going with the flow, you like to try to make sense as to why things are the way they are, wanting clarity before you make decisions, and also thinking (over-thinking), just about everything. At the same time, it’s easy to get lost in rumination when you’re in your head as your empathic nature removes filters, so you can sense just about every thought, sound and moment at the same time; but when you apply logic, there is a need to try to create order where there isn’t any. Obviously with such a potent connection, it’s understandable to want to ‘switch off’ your fluid, emotional side, but you are an emotional being and this side of you needs the freedom to dance through life.

It seems clear that trying to box up your emotional, spiritual and creative essence isn’t ideal as they are all a fundamental part of your make-up. So, instead of pushing so hard to make sense of life, maybe it’s time to let your intuition guide you and head towards a new path? You so often lack the self-belief to wholeheartedly embrace your destiny, even though you know that life is for living and for making the most of every single moment. You live amongst the ebb and flow of the currents, rolling with the tides, and feeling the breath of the universe; it’s time to become one with this now and let your empathic, emotional, and creative essence take centre stage…

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