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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for January 2024

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for January 2024

Message for January 2024

There is no doubt that 2023 has been a year of challenge for so many, a year of falling apart and a year of facing the depths within.

The power and velocity behind the challenges has been perhaps the most surprising fact for many, as the challenges have come one after the other after the other. It’s as though there’s barely time to take a breath when one challenge ends and another begins; the relentlessness has been quite profound.

Yet, when we pause and step back, it becomes easier to gain a little more perspective. When we feel as though we’re being consumed by the challenges of life, we can sink beneath the waves and struggle to see a way out. So, it’s important we each try to reframe how we look at our lives as this will help us to bring through more wisdom and understanding. It’s often the case that struggle and resistance can actually lead to more suffering, and whilst this isn’t a suggestion to give up, if we can ride the waves of life more consciously, we can start to look beyond the constructs of suffering towards the bigger picture. 

2024 looks set to be a year when we turn to face the bigger picture of life with more honesty and insight than ever before. Not just from a personal perspective, but also collectively and globally, perhaps even universally. As we take a big deep breath of life, it’s time to re-connect to truth as we open up our hearts and souls towards living a more connected, spiritual, compassionate, and creative life. Life isn’t about chasing rainbows; it’s about realising that we each are the rainbow as this is our natural state of being. Taking this even further, it’s our collective essence that makes the ‘rainbows’ so we all have our parts to play.

In essence, being the rainbow reflects living consciously and wholeheartedly in each and every moment. So many of us continue to live life conditionally and place multiple constraints/demands on ourselves which can keep us focused on the ever-shifting horizon rather than on where we are now. It’s important to realise that being happy is not conditional on a long ‘to do’ list; happiness isn’t about what we do, it’s about how we live. Happiness is a force than doesn’t surface once we try to eradicate all unhappiness, it’s a state of being that needs nurturing and nourishing in its own right. We each need to choose to cultivate happiness in order to let go of the conditions we so often place on ourselves in order to try to find joy or be happy.

It's time now to re-shape and re-define the nature of happiness in our lives; it’s time to let go of resistance and open up our hearts and souls towards living life with passion and energy, facing the challenges, but embracing the joy at the same time. Of course, for many, finding joy is hard when life feels so oppressive and overwhelming, but this is also a time to reach out to those in need to offer love, light, and support; so no one feels truly alone. So, perhaps 2024 is more than just about knowing what we can do for ourselves, but it’s also about knowing what we can do for others as well. After all, we are all inter-connected, vibrant sparks of essence.

The more consciously we live, the less we take for granted and the more interconnected we will become. In addition, when we live more intuitively and spiritually, we step beyond the conditions of linear time and open up to the joy of living in the present moment. We are all vibrant individuals, and it’s our uniqueness that needs nurturing as there is much to celebrate as it allows each of us to bring a kaleidoscope of gifts and talents to the masterpiece of life, helping us to see that our attributes aren’t random, but essential pieces of the universal jigsaw puzzle.

As beings of infinite consciousness and infinite possibility, we each have a part to play, and although this might feel inherently unknowable and beyond understanding, intuitively it feels right. So, the more we can let go of conditional living and conditional thinking, we can open up our eyes, hearts and souls to the macrocosm and microcosm. In fact, when we’re truly open, it’s as though we can see, sense, feel and taste everything in a single moment – every sound, heartbeat, thought. We step beyond not being able to see the wood for the trees, to being able to see the billions and billions of atoms that make up the universe.

It therefore seems important that we don’t start the new year with ‘resolutions’ that cement and tether us to conditional living, and instead open up our hearts and choose to live freely, vibrantly, and wholeheartedly in each and every moment. Everything is shifting and we each have a role to play in that. This isn’t to say that everything will suddenly be fixed and perfect because that’s not the case. it’s just a huge inner shift of awareness that brings the potential to unify in love and peace.   

We all have an awareness of the need to re-shape and re-define ourselves and our lives, but there is no instruction manual or guidebook, so we need to find our way. When the storms get rough, it can be hard to think clearly or gain context, so it’s really important to listen to our heart and soul to guide us. Even when the path ahead is dark and foreboding, it’s our intuition that has the power to guide us. We just need to listen.

Many of us have spent a long time trying to find equilibrium and balance in our minds, souls, and consciousness. Yet, many have now realised that the need to fix or heal can leave us stuck in a state of lack as there’s a risk that we place conditions on being happy, constantly chasing ‘wholeness’ and completion. However, life isn’t about feeling ‘less than’, it’s about embracing every moment, every challenge, and every imperfection. None of us are perfect, and the less we focus on the quest for completion, the more we realise we are already complete.

This is a time for continued awakening and insight as we each lift up our heads to a deeper interconnection, knowing we are each an integral part of the bigger picture. This is a time to live as consciously and as vibrantly as possibly as we begin the process of stepping beyond the self-limiting beliefs and conditions, we all place on our lives.

There is no doubt that there will be times of joy, times of insight, times of challenge and many more in-between, and there will be times when we feel dizzy with the speed of change, but if we pause and take a deep breath, we can re-align once again. When we pause, we see the bigger picture – the falling rain, the changing seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, even the dance of the planets around the sun. We each have an infinity of consciousness and awareness within and it’s time now to set ourselves free.

For now, and as always, with heartfelt intention, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,   



Expressing your truth and listening to your intuition both look set to take centre stage throughout January. You have spent so long trying to be the person you felt you ought to be, but you are beginning to see new ways to express your true essence. In fact, the more you listen to yourself, the warmer and brighter the light within you grows. This light is your soul and represents your energy, enthusiasm, and effervescence. When life gets busy it's easy to look outside of yourself for reference and context, but your true source of wisdom is you. It seems you are nearing something of a turning point in your life, and although you have spent a great deal of time lurching from one challenge to the next, there is a sense of expansion on your path ahead as you find new ways to flourish and thrive. Despite the challenges, not only are you still standing, but your inner light is shining brightly like a lighthouse, illuminating your path ahead and highlighting your many gifts.

January is a time for you to acknowledge your strength, resilience, and compassion as you start seeking out new ways to live more wholeheartedly. This is not always an easy process, particularly as you give so much to those around you, but this isn't a process about doing less for others, it is about doing more for yourself. You could argue that by default, when you do more for yourself, you will end up doing less for others, but it's not as clear cut as this, as the more in tune with yourself you become, the more energy and light radiates from you, allowing you to do more, be more and live more. Try not to over-think the process, feel it, become it and let your intuition guide you towards a new way of living and being…


The theme of being yourself has taken a central role over the last few months, if not years. Whilst you have a sense of who you are, on a deeper level, things are less clear as your tendency to give so much of yourself to others can leave you wondering where you end and where others begin. As a result, you then become a kaleidoscope of thoughts, feelings, and insights from everyone around you and this can leave you a bit confused when it comes to truly knowing what's yours and what isn't. This has been a conundrum that has thwarted you on many occasions as the weight and burden that you carry for others is immense. Whilst you do this with grace, there are times when the weight is simply too much and there is a need for you to shed at least some of this weight now in order to stand up straight, stretch and take a big deep breath.

It's time to explore the concept of happiness in your life, as although giving to others is a wonderful thing, when you over give you are left depleted and out of kilter. Intuitively, you have known this for years, but it hasn't stopped you as you have felt almost obligated to be the rock that everybody else depends upon. Well, until now! Being known as ‘the one who gives’ is rewarding, but it's time now to give far more to yourself. You are not an insignificant piece of the puzzle, your needs, wants, and dreams matter and it's time now to change the storyline of your life. In part, stepping back from over giving allows you to breathe, but it also allows those around you to find their own strengths. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to work out your true priorities and to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out...


As you continue to find peace in the hotchpotch, kaleidoscope of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to listen to your heart and soul much more. There are times when you can become lost in your thoughts, over-thinking, and seeking out answers to questions that don’t have answers, but the more you have let go of the need to have a constantly busy mind, the more you are opening up to the concept of joy and happiness in your life. Of course, it can be hard to connect to joy or happiness when you are being tossed about in the storms of life, but intuitively you have the wisdom and strength to step beyond the storms in order to find a place to rest. This isn’t to say you can avoid the storms, it’s just an awareness that you can step back a little rather than being at the core of the chaos. Sometimes, it’s better to be an observer as it brings fresh perspective and insight. It’s time to believe in yourself more, to trust your intuition and to realise that your life is in your hands.

Yes, life is chaotic, random, and confusing, but it’s always been that way. Intuitively you seem to connect to the storms of life a little too intensely, so it’s important to find ways to better manage this to give yourself some time to breathe and reflect. You are a creative, vibrant, and innovative soul, so why not use these gifts to enrich and enhance your life? Intuitively you know this to be true, but you often defer your own needs in order to maintain the status quo. Well, the status quo needs a gentle shake as your soul is calling you to lift up your head and your heart to re-connect and re-engage with life! There will always be storms, but evolve from them and let your light shine as brightly as possible…


Over the years you have mastered the art of treading water, keeping on keeping on through some intense and difficult times. In many ways, your focus has shifted towards keeping on keeping on and away from everything else in your life as it has been your way to cope and manage. This is understandable, after all, you want stability and structure, reassurance, and foundations, and yet, despite this, there is a sense that you feel a deep twang of lack as your heart and soul long for more. There is often a fine balance in life between managing the ‘day to day’ and expanding your horizons, but it seems you are ready now to step beyond the routine and away from the ‘same old, same old’ and towards a new way of living that feels more expansive and uplifting. Of course, there are always bills to pay and jobs to do, but it’s important to acknowledge the bigger picture of life and to re-connect to your creativity once again. The restlessness within you seems to be growing in power and momentum, so try to take some time to turn towards your heart and soul in order to explore this further.

When life is busy it’s easy to try to ignore that inner niggle, but it’s a part of you so why would you want to ignore your true self? January looks set to bring you an opportunity to gain some clarity when it comes to understanding why you do what you do. In addition, the more you can acknowledge and embrace your wisdom, creativity, and intuition as vital parts of your being, the more you will see new ways to bring happiness, joy, and fulfilment into your life. As the energy within your heart and soul begins to lift, try to go with the flow of this and seek out new ways to flourish and thrive…


January looks set to be a month of ‘less is more’, as you start the ball rolling with an epic period of de-cluttering on every level of your life. You have started to feel weighed down by everything and realise just how much you can release now. Shedding the old always opens up the doorway to welcome the new, but this isn’t pre-determined. In fact, the more space you can create the better as this will allow you to rest in the consciousness of possibility rather than becoming weighed down with yet more stuff. So, let go and let flow, have the courage and wisdom to breathe into the space and to let the space breathe into you. You are on the verge of a powerful period of change, so the more you can rest, reflect and ‘be’, the more you will be able to gain clarity on your path ahead. Sometimes ‘not doing’ is actually more productive than doing. Of course, you are more than ready for change as you’ve been hovering between the life you once lived, the life you’re living and the life you sense you are destined to live, and this has left you feeling discombobulated and disconnected from your passion and purpose.

It’s time to be clear about what you truly want in life and to have the courage to carve out a new pathway in order to facilitate change. What do you truly want? Have you ever really acknowledged this? It’s a state of being rather than a state of doing, it’s a sense of purpose and a sense of connection, happiness, and passion. This isn’t about the finer details, it’s about connecting to the essence of how you want to feel. To facilitate this process, the lighter you can travel, the more clarity will surface and the more profound the shift towards a brand-new way of living and being… 


As you continue to face the depths of your soul, there is a sense that you are beginning to tap into your power and truth. For a long time now, you have given so much of yourself to others, and you have lost sight of yourself in the process. Over recent months, you have embarked on a journey of self-discovery that has seen you turn within to explore the nooks and crannies of your soul. At the same time, you have opened up more to self-compassion and let this filter into all aspects of your life. Although you always expect so much of yourself, you have finally stopped pushing so hard for perfection. It’s not that you’ve given up in anyway, it’s more a willingness to accept the possibility of thriving in each and every moment, instead of always looking at the horizon for a better time to act. Of course, it’s so easy to focus on the things in life where you feel you ought to do more or should be more, but why shape your life around ought’s, should’s and must’s? Why limit yourself to being the person you feel you ought to be when intuitively you know you are so much more?

Obviously, only you can answer this question, but it's an important one to explore now as you seem ready to re-shape and re-define the very essence of your existence. Your intuition is phenomenal, and your wisdom is far-reaching, so use these as you journey within to gain a clearer sense of your purpose as you re-connect to your gifts and dreams. The more deeply you connect with your truth, the more you will realise that living the life you were born to live is your destiny, and it’s time to embrace this with an open heart and an open mind. You are a vibrant and magnificent soul, believe this now and let your essence flow freely…


You have certainly been through quite a rollercoaster over recent months, and there are times when you're really not sure if you are coming, going, or lost somewhere in between. In many ways life has felt quite bewildering, but on a deeper level, intuitively you sense that you are heading in the right direction. It's hard to find the words to fully articulate this, but you have learned so much about yourself and evolved almost beyond recognition, so you are just not the same person today that you were six months ago. As a result, your dreams, goals, and sense of self have shifted, and the things that once seemed so important have now fallen away to reveal your true priorities. In many ways, you have been given a rare opportunity to look in through the window of your soul, to understand yourself and your motivations. Of course, you are something of a perfectionist so it can be hard for you to not place pressure on your own shoulders in order to do more, be more, and achieve more.

Yet intuitively you know that this is not the way you want to live; this can be hard to untangle, but it all begins with how you see yourself and your life. Your beliefs and storylines shape the flavour of your life and it's time to review these now in order to write a brand-new script that facilitates a more expansive path ahead. It's time to let go of the pressure and to instead focus on living your best life, making the most of every single moment. Gazing into the window of your soul, you have learned something quite amazing about yourself; you have realised that it's not perfection that brings you happiness, it's a willingness to live your life as fully as possible, acknowledging the bumps and imperfections that appear along the way as they bring you context, wisdom, and joy...


January looks set to be a month for some self-reflection as you contemplate your many layers and gifts. You are a complex soul, and your depths are infinite, and although this can be a powerful gift, it can also leave you feeling a bit lost and without foundation, as though you are drifting though space and time without a map or GPS to guide you. Of course, intuitively you know that embracing your depths and being at one with your vastness is a key step in embracing your full potential, but it can be hard to float in space and time when you need to pay the bills or wash the dishes. You are a soul of many layers and instead of looking at things in such a ‘black and white’ way, it’s time to let go of some of those preconceived thoughts and ideas that cement the idea that it's a case of one or the other, as you can absolutely embrace your depths and still live a balanced, happy, and contented life.

Simplifying your life is an important step on your journey as the more you can peel back the layers of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve, the more you can focus on what you truly want from your life. What you truly want isn’t a list of things to do, achieve or become, it’s more a focus on how you want to feel. Open up your heart and soul to look towards your true essence and listen to the sounds of the orchestra of your soul. This music will show you the path towards connecting more wholeheartedly to your feelings and opening up to the space beyond your mind where time stands still and expands in the same moment; it's a space of magic and wonder, but remember it’s a part of you. This is the space where anything is possible…     


Being yourself looks set to be your goal for January and beyond. Sounds simple, but the reality is perhaps more complex and unclear! You have spent a great deal of time meandering along pathways in a quest to find ‘the answer’ when it comes to how best to live your life. You have explored so many nooks and crannies, and you have learned a great deal in the progress, but you have also realised that much of this meandering hasn’t brought you closer to being you. It’s important to acknowledge that ‘being you’ isn’t something you can find, seek, or achieve, being you is about allowing your true essence to flow freely, embracing your gifts, and having the courage to shine brightly. Your experiences though have great value as they bring you context and wisdom, clarity, and vision, so it’s time to bring together the many different facets of your being into a more cohesive whole in order to feel a deeper sense of peace with yourself.

Try not to get lost in the past or the future, instead try to tenderly embrace each moment and know that you hold the universe within you, just as the universe holds you gently. Everything you do from this moment carries a new vibration and new meaning as you open up to living your life, finding love for your quirks and idiosyncrasies. This is a time of great shift for you as the more you allow yourself to be yourself, the more you can transport yourself from where you are to where you want to be. It’s therefore important to have a good sense as to what you want in life as you need to hold it in your mind’s eye to bring it into being. Life is for living, not just for thinking about, so instead of chasing rainbows, know that you are the rainbow, and you are vibrant, magnificent, and amazing exactly as you are…


Cultivating space to breathe, as well as focusing on your true priorities both remain important throughout January as you start to ponder and contemplate the meanderings of your life. You have been through an intense period of challenge and change, and even though you have weathered the storms well, there were times when you’ve felt anything but strong as the winds of life howled at your door and you wondered how to re-connect to your hopes and dreams. Yet, here you find yourself, a little weary and battle-worn, but standing strong, and seeking out ways to find more balance in your life. Intuitively you know that you are now entering another period of change, and this has never been easy for you, as you like things to stay constant - even though you know that’s not possible! Changing the storylines of your life and finding some breathing space both mean embracing change, and you know it’s time as your soul feels fidgety and restless.

Take some time to travel within to re-connect to your heart and soul as these will guide you forwards. Just remember that you are a vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and incredible being, and the more you open up to this, the more you will realise that you are not a powerless pawn in the game of life, you are at the helm, navigating the ship and exploring pastures new. Whilst you might laugh at the idea, listen to your intuition as you have more strength, courage. and wisdom than you realise. Although this doesn’t fix anything, it can help you to ride the waves with more grace and serenity, as well as allowing you to find peace with the ever-changing landscape of life. It’s time now to be a central figure in that landscape once again as you set a new intention for your path ahead and open up to living your very best life…


There is a sense that you have undergone a period of quite profound shift and change without really noticing. Well, you’ve sensed something going on, but it’s been nebulous and ill-defined, so you’ve been unable to label the process. Yet, here you find yourself feeling changed and altered, but without knowing why, and this feels a little uncomfortable for you as you like to understand why things are the way they are. As a being of energy and light, you are an integral part of the universe, so your choices and actions have power, shape, and form. Although this could be said for anyone, your expansive outlook and phenomenal intuition means that you also have the gift to write a new storyline that enriches your consciousness and allows you to live the life you were born to live. When you feel connected, the ought’s and must’s change vibration which means they lose their power and bring you an opportunity to make some much-needed changes.

Yet, this isn’t just about changing the storyline, it’s also about choosing to live more consciously, and having the confidence and self-belief to embrace your dreams as you breathe more energy into your heart and soul. You are evolving at an incredible pace, and it can therefore be hard to be clear about your priorities as they shift and change with each passing day. However, deep in the core of your being, there are some more constant priorities that have been with you for years, and it seems that now is the time to re-visit these and bring them to life as you step more consciously into the present moment in order to embrace your vibrant and incredible self. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, yesterday is behind you, and by keeping your focus on the present moment, you can give yourself the room you need to spread your wings and fly free…


You have always had a layer of determination deep within you that has seen you through some challenging times. You have experienced highs, lows and lots in-between. Your tenacity is admirable, but there are moments when you wonder if you’re banging your head against a brick wall, figuratively speaking. Yet, there is also the side of you that feels more passive and fluid in life, as though you are being carried along by the currents of other people’s lives. So often these two forces pull in different directions, and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed and somewhere in between. Yet, the only reason these forces pull in different directions is because you can find it hard to ‘own’ your strength and tenacity, feeling more comfortable with the idea that you drift and float along in life. It therefore seems clear that you need to turn to face yourself and start to acknowledge your true power as denying it doesn’t only impact you, but it also affects everyone around you.

Acknowledging your strength and power isn’t big-headed or ego-based, it’s simply being open to all that you are. Your strength and power can’t be out-run, they are a part of you, so why not embrace them and find your feet? It’s time to re-align and re-centre your consciousness as you bring together your many different facets and take a big, deep breath of life and think about living the life of your dreams. Stop giving yourself a hard time for being strong, wise, and powerful as all this does is diminish you: believe in yourself and know that you have the power to transform your life from the inside, out. If you can let go of the inner struggle between your different facets, you will start to feel more whole and complete than you’ve ever felt before, so take a breath, re-focus and believe…

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