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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for September 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for September 2023

Message for September 2023

Watching the waves crashing onto the rocks, listening to their roar and thunder, the wind rushes through the soul as tiny drops of sea water kiss the skin.

Despite the darkened skies, the sun shines its way through, lighting up the white-crested seahorses; the sand glistens in-between the passing clouds. Although the storm feels foreboding, the atmosphere is also buzzing, vibrant and full of life; it’s cleansing, but stirring up deep emotions at the same time.

It's as though there is a clashing of energies and possibilities, with each one rushing into the other, leaving a sense of invigoration, but an air of confusion as well. Dichotomies and contradictions are weaving their way in and out of consciousness, leaving many of us feeling without anchor, and wondering what’s real and what’s not.

In many ways, watching the sea in a storm is a good analogy for where many of us find ourselves now as there is so much chaos all around (and within). Yet, at the same time, we are each beginning to find new ways to centre and re-balance once again. Storms come and go, but the current storm feels almost endless as there barely seems time to take a breath, but just like the night turns into day, the stillness will surface once the storm has passed. It’s that magical few moments after the thunder and when the rain has stopped; that moment when we enter a brief pause, and we sense a rainbow is near-by. It’s moments like this that have the power to shape and define the path ahead.

Yet, life isn’t just about waiting for rainbows, it’s also about embracing the power within. Just like the sea has the power to toss pebbles and pieces of driftwood into the air like twigs, and just like the waves shape and define the land, carving out new features as it goes, it’s time to embrace the power within with grace and serenity in order to live life more consciously once again.

It’s not just the storms of course, it’s a willingness to be more present in life and to be a conscious part of the bigger picture. In many ways, humans often step back from the natural cycles living in concrete jungles with artificial lights and technology to shape the seasons of our lives. Yet, when we pause and re-connect to nature, we can begin to connect to a more wholehearted way of living and being. If we take the time to listen to the birds, to watch a tree changing from season to season, or to notice the vibrant world around us, it can help us to feel more connected and interconnected.

So many of us go through life on autopilot, keeping on keeping on, and being shaped by the waves and storms. It’s therefore easy to see why so many feel lost and disconnected as we lose sight of the magic and majesty of life. Of course, tuning in more to the world won’t pay the bills or put food on the table, and many feel they simply don’t have the time for anything more than keeping on keeping on, but unless we find ways to nourish our souls, how can we find purpose or joy?

Animals, trees, and the natural world move with the seasons, accepting the cycles, constantly adapting, and finding ways to flourish and thrive. Our disconnection with the world around us has left so many of us feeling a deep and gnawing emptiness within. It’s therefore no wonder that so many feel confused, alone and bewildered by life; over time we’ve slowly removed ourselves from the natural flow. Maybe this is also why the earth struggles so much as we’ve lost sight of the pain humans inflict; it’s as though so few now feel the heartbeat of the Earth, we no longer know how to live in harmony with the planet.

We only have to look around to see the chaos we, as a species, have caused, from fires to floods, melting ice caps to extremes of temperatures.  Yet, still we try to outwit and outsmart, feeling we know best even when we have lost connection with the soul of the Earth, just as so many have lost connection with their own essence. So, instead of revering and respecting the planet, we lower our heads and keep on keeping on.

All choices have consequences, and it’s time to own our choices now. It’s time to reconnect our hearts and minds in order to feel whole once again We can then connect more consciously with each other and the planet. We can’t continue to live disconnected lives and still flourish; we need to find ways to live more vibrantly and to realise that we all have a part to play in life.

In a world where we can be anything, it’s important that we’re not defined by the things we don’t like or don’t want. So many of us spend our lives trying to get to where we think we need to be rather than stepping more consciously into the here and now. Maybe life should instead be about wholehearted living, kindness, compassion, and respect?

Although so many of us feel juxtaposed to the natural flow of life, living in a 24/7, ‘get what we want when we want it’ world, it’s no wonder we’ve lost connection with the seasons and with life. It’s therefore important for us to start pushing back to re-connect to the earth, to life, to ourselves, and to each other.

It’s time to breathe more deeply into life and to step fully into each and every moment. Intent is a powerful force, and not one to be underestimated. It’s our willingness and desire to create change that builds and grows, reaching out to others, being carried across space and time before being breathed in again somewhere else.

It’s easy to feel overcome with emotion when we look at the world around us, but we need to channel this into love, compassion, and wholehearted living. We each have our parts to play, however small. The time is now…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love,



September looks set to be a month where you head towards the culmination of a somewhat profound and intense journey. You have faced more than your fair share of challenges and there have been times where you’ve felt as though you’re trying to navigate your way through a box of dynamite whilst carrying a lit match, watching every single step, and working so hard not to lose your focus. Of course, in many ways, you have loved the adrenaline rush of it all, but the stress has been intense, and this has taken its toll on your heart and soul as your usual fiery effervescence has felt quite flat. Yet, despite the flatness and the almost constant stream of challenges, there is a sense that you have more clarity than ever about what you want and why. It’s as though each challenge has reaffirmed your true priorities and helped you to realise just how much you carry for those around you.

So, although your life has been all-steam ahead and you’ve barely had time to take a breath, let alone take stock of your surroundings, there is a sense of shift as you start to see light shining in on various aspect of your life, lifting the load and illuminating your path ahead. Although the challenges are still around, you seem almost more at peace with them, taking them in your stride and learning from them. You created the turning point ahead of you with your hard work and dedication; you have shifted from where you were to where you are now. It's time to start embracing your power more and believing in yourself as you think about the path towards your dreams. It’s also time to stop trying to be superhuman and to start loving yourself more as you take care of your true needs and love yourself for all that you are, rather than all that you do…


Over the weeks and months ahead, the theme of letting go looks set to take centre stage as you start to think more wholeheartedly about your true priorities in life. You have some long-held dreams and goals, some have been with you for many years, and some are more recent, but it’s important to acknowledge that you are constantly changing, evolving, and growing, and you are not the same person you were last week, let alone last year. So, it would seem wise to take some time to fully review your priorities as there is a sense of a need to let some go now in order to focus on the few that really do matter. Of course, you could argue that they all matter, but you need to acknowledge that some remain simply because they’ve always been on your ‘to do’ list and you haven’t the heart to let them go. However, the more goals you focus on, the more scattered your energy becomes, so the adage ‘less is more’ seems apt for you now.

The winds of change are continuing to gather momentum in your heart and soul, and you have reached the stage where you no longer want to keep on keeping on. Instead, your heart and soul long to live life to the full as you follow your dreams and let your essence flow freely. Stop trying to get your life ‘right’ and instead focus on living your life well, as happiness doesn’t come from trying to be the person you feel you ought to be, it comes from being who you truly are. Yes, you are determined and motivated, but it’s time to stop pulling yourself in so many different directions at the same time and to instead let your intuition lead the way as you find the courage to believe in yourself and to let your vibrant and exuberant essence shine brightly…


As the currents of your life continue with their inevitable ebb and flow, there is a sense that you are beginning to turn towards living a more compassionate and balanced life. You have spent a great deal of time trying to get life ‘right’, although it’s not clear where the definition of ‘right’ came from, but you’ve tried, nonetheless. It’s as though you’ve had a sense of what ‘right’ should be even though intuitively this definition has never really fitted with who you are. So, instead of just being yourself, you’ve tried hard to be someone you’re not and someone you don’t even intuitively feel you should be! There are a vast array of reasons for this, but mostly down to a lack of self-belief, and a sense of wanting to be a part of the ‘flock’ of normal. As a result, you have spent a lot of time juggling a vast array of ‘ought’s’. ‘must’s’ and ‘should’s’, as well as trying to juggle the needs, wants and whims of others.

It’s time to take a breath and reconnect to your inner world in order to regain some balance and perspective as you start to seek out ways to focus more wholeheartedly on re-shaping and re-defining your dreams and goals. It’s also time to re-align your heart and soul to find a new way of living and being that lets your essence flow freely, as well as shining the light of compassion into every nook and cranny of your being. Turning to face your inner depths takes courage, strength, and wisdom, and it also involves facing the many masks and façades put in place over the years. Of course, everyone has masks and façades as that’s a way of coping with life, but it’s time for you to yield to a deeper connection within and step beyond those façades in order to connect more consciously to your true self…


It seems you have spent a great deal of time trying to discover your true essence; you have always had a sense that there is more to you than you’ve ever acknowledged, but it has been hard to see the bigger picture as you have been so busy with things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. Whilst this could be said for most people, it seems important for you as you’ve tried to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be and haven’t really thought about who it is that actually thinks you ought to be anything other than yourself? In essence, you have a perception of how you should be and that has shaped and defined your life, however, most people around you have no real expectation or desire for you to be anyone other than yourself. It therefore seems that most of your ‘ought’s’ actually come from your own beliefs and expectations, not from those around you, so perhaps it’s time to seek out other ways to shape your path ahead as these ‘ought’s’ don’t enrich your life on any level?

Instead, it’s time to let go of trying so hard and to focus on re-connecting to your intuition to be your guide. Although you have always been aware of your intuition, you have often disengaged with it as you’ve been too busy keeping on keeping on, trying to live up to those ‘ought’s’. So, take your time to breathe deeply within; you might be surprised at the guidance rising up from within you as it holds you at the centre, and as you’ve become so used to being the person you feel you need to be, you’ve forgotten your true essence, and many of your gifts have faded from view. There is a powerful sense of release and renewal in September, bringing you an opportunity to let go of the past and re-shape the present...


You have spent a great deal of time exploring the many nooks and crannies within your heart and soul, you have tried to piece together the great big jigsaw puzzle of life, seeking out wisdom, understanding and the courage to explore unchartered terrain. There have been times when you’ve struggled to switch off the noise and chatter of life, making it difficult to focus on trying to understand why things are the way they are, but the voice within you is always keen to guide and inspire you; you just need to pause, breathe, and listen. That sounds easy, but the reality can be much harder when life is so busy, and you are pulling yourself in multiple directions trying to juggle the life you’re living with the life you intuitively sense you should be living. As a result, there are times when it’s easier just to switch off and focus on getting from day to day. Yet, deep down, you sense this could never truly bring you the happiness and contentment you seek in life; therefore, having dreams and seeking out wisdom are not inconvenient quests, they are a fundamental part of your essence.

Sometimes the noise of life becomes a distraction only because you are feeling lost and uncertain, as when you are feeling driven and motivated, nothing stands in your way! So, take some time to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to your true priorities and let your phenomenal intuition and vibrant creativity show you new ways to live consciously and wholeheartedly. It’s also time to start letting go of some of the noise and clutter as you are ready to travel more lightly and channel your energies towards living your best life. Try not to get caught up in the chatter of life, seek out the quiet spaces within as that’s where your true gifts reside…  


Prioritising yourself and your own needs continues to take centre stage throughout September as you find new ways to look deeper beneath the surface of your life. You have spent a long time ticking along, keeping the wheels on the cogs on the bus of your life nicely oiled and in perfect condition, but there’s a sense that your focus has been on ensuring you keep moving forward rather than on checking the route or noticing the journey. Of course, ticking along lets you go with the flow, but so often it’s not your flow but the flow of those around you. Although you don’t mind this, there is a sense of disconnection from your heart and soul, which means that prioritising yourself and your own needs rarely happens. It’s all well and good keeping the big bus rolling along in perfect condition, but surely life is about more than getting from a to b? Surely, it’s about seeking out new terrain to explore and going ‘off road’ to discover new opportunities and adventures? It’s also about expanding your boundaries and seeking out answers to the many unanswered questions you have in life.

Keeping the bus going is important, but it’s time to find ways to light up your heart and soul with excitement and exuberance as you realise that keeping the bus in pristine condition is not what makes your heart sing; it’s exploring your passions and finding a deep connection to life. It’s therefore time to think about where you are now and to wholeheartedly acknowledge the need to prioritise yourself and your own needs more. So, it’s time to ask yourself why you do what you do and how you can start to make some changes to create more balance in your life. You are on the cusp of creating significant change and what happens next is well and truly in your hands…


September looks set to be a month for you to take a deep and long life-affirming breath after a period of significant upheaval and unrest. Life has been something of an obstacle course recently and you have faced many challenges and many big decisions. In many ways, the person you are today is completely unrecognisable to the person you were six months ago as you have evolved so quickly; a consequence of the rapid pace of change for you has been an inability to put down anchor or to stand firm on solid ground in order to take stock of where you are and where you’re heading. Whilst you are used to negotiating the fast pace of life, there is a sense that you have grown weary of this and instead long for a quieter chapter in order to rest, reflect and take stock.

Of course, the main issue with slowing down is you will be unable to busy yourself so much and you will be made to turn within and connect with your inner self. This is a world you rarely enter because you have spent so much of your life erring on the side of caution rather than grabbing your gifts with both hands, and it’s been easy for you to turn your back on your gifts and talents rather than embracing them and transforming your life. It’s easy to see why you’ve been cautious as you’ve faced so many challenges, so your energy is channelled towards negotiating those challenges rather than embracing your magnificent essence and stepping into uncharted terrain. Intuitively you have long sensed the imbalance, but it’s only more recently where you’ve felt the need to acknowledge it and start to make changes. Therefore, this opportunity to breathe and reflect will allow you to re-shape the story of your life and find new ways for your magnificence and your gifts to shine brightly…


Living more consciously and embracing your dreams have both been central themes for you over recent weeks and months. As a result, you have started to prioritise your own needs more and realised just how much you give of yourself to others. At the same time, you have turned towards your gifts and slowly started to acknowledge your creative potential, as well as your phenomenal intuition. It’s time now to let go of doubts and uncertainty when it comes to being you; you have been caught up in a cycle of having so much to do, see and be that you have found it hard to go within in order to re-centre and re-balance.  Yet, your soul is calling out to you, yearning for an opportunity to be heard; life isn’t about trying to fit your uniqueness into ‘normal’, it’s about finding ways to dance freely, and embracing your gifts wholeheartedly. There can be no denying your complexity, as your intuition sees beyond the kaleidoscope of life, but despite this awareness, you still carry layers of doubt in connection to yourself, your path, and your gifts.

You are a vibrant and passionate soul, and you are ready to seek out more in life. As you continue to find ways to prioritise yourself more, there is a need for you to shine the light of self-compassion within and stop judging yourself so harshly. You are a hard taskmaster, and your inner critic can be fierce at times; this needs to stop as it’s compassion, tenderness and understanding that will be your friends now. It’s time to believe in yourself more and to find ways to celebrate your uniqueness, creativity, and flair. As you journey within, your inner landscape may feel stormy and chaotic, but believe in yourself and know you have the gifts to navigate this terrain with skill, grace, and wisdom. Stop the inner struggle, let go and dance…


September looks set to be a month for you to re-centre and re-align your heart and soul with your hopes and dreams. There is a sense that you are beginning to include yourself in the equation of your life as you gain a stronger awareness of yourself and your path ahead. As a result, you seem more conscious of your choices, decisions, and thoughts, although there is still something of a struggle when it comes to prioritising your own needs or acknowledging your true essence. In many ways your intuition feels juxtaposed with the flow of your life as you so often push it away in order to keep on keeping on; it's as though it’s easier to go with the flow as your inner world is quite wild and free which feels unpredictable and unknowable. Whilst this is indeed true, it’s the unpredictability and unknowable nature of your intuition that brings you the insight and perspective that reaches far and beyond the comprehension and understanding of those around you.

Yet, it can be hard to see the world with such depth as your boundaries fade away and you no longer know where you end and where others begin, so it’s easy to see why skimming along the surface and going with the flow appeal. However, whilst this inevitably makes life easier, there is also an emptiness deep within you that comes from this disconnection, as your inner landscape feels hemmed in and disregarded. You are a spiritual and creative soul, and this side of your nature needs to be embraced more if you want to feel more centred and balanced. Yes, your inner landscape can be wild and stormy, but this is the source of your inspiration, passion, and energy; it’s a force to be embraced rather than something to deny. Set yourself free, love your free spirit and celebrate your wisdom…


Deep within the core of your being are the rumblings and stirrings of change. Although change is a constant and inevitable part of life, this particular chapter of change feels a little different as it seems more connected to changes you are consciously choosing to make rather than changes that you happen to be a part of. You have never been particularly keen on change; you accept its role in life, but you often feel frustrated when it comes knocking, frequently resisting the process, even when you know it’s counter-intuitive to do so. Trusting your own instincts and leaning into change have both been areas you have struggled with over the years as you so often doubt your intuition and lack the self-belief to let your heart and soul guide you. As a result, you can find it hard to follow your own path and try to bend and flex to accommodate the needs, wishes and whims of others; you then berate yourself for not standing in your power or listening to your intuition. It’s time to stop tying yourself up in knots and to start showing yourself some compassion and understanding as you find new ways to speak your truth and own your gifts more.

Tap into your inner well of courage and know that you have both the knowledge and gifts to set yourself free. September looks set to be a month that has the potential to be both liberating and invigorating as you find new ways to listen to your inner guidance more. Thriving in life isn’t about carrying around possibilities and ideas, it’s about living those possibilities and ideas to the best of your ability. Stop feeling like you’re not enough or that you need to do more, be more or achieve more as you are so much more than you could ever truly know. Have the courage to believe in yourself and be free…


You have spent a great deal of time contemplating the path you’ve walked and the path you’d like to walk. You have reflected on the choices you’ve made and haven’t made, and you’ve gained a great deal of wisdom in the process. In many ways, time has been your reference point as it’s given your life context and it’s helped to shape your future aspirations. As you know, your awareness reaches far and beyond the known edges of consciousness, and this brings you insight and perspective that is not only unique, but fresh and vibrant as well. Such a perspective brings great wisdom, and it’s certainly a wonderful gift, but there is a chance that you can lose yourself in reflection, keeping your awareness focused on the gap between where you’ve been and where you’d like to be rather than on the present moment. There is a need for you to turn more wholeheartedly towards the present moment now in order to consciously connect to the core of your being; the more you can anchor yourself in the present moment, the more wisdom you will gain when it comes to making some important decisions about your path ahead.

Many of your dreams are changing shape as you have transformed and evolved a great deal over the last couple of years. As a result, the things that once mattered now seem less important. So, be open to new dreams rising up and welcome them with an open heart and an open mind. Try not to overthink the process, and instead allow your phenomenal intuition to take the helm and guide you through the upcoming period of change. The more consciously you can stand in the present moment, the more able you are to make informed choices and decisions related to your true priorities. This chapter of change isn’t a time to dread, it’s an exciting opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


You have always been a fluid and creative soul, often feeling as though you are being carried by the currents of life and taken to wherever the flow may lead. Of course, intuitively you know that you are not driftwood, you are a creator of the currents, but for some reason you prefer to connect more passively to this gift! It’s hard to explain the reasons for this, but you often see yourself as a passive force with your life being shaped by the currents as it’s somehow easier to be a part of the flow than to be the one creating the flow. It’s not that you are afraid to make decisions or captain the ship, it’s also not the case that you lack the self-belief, it’s more a desire to blend into the flow rather than standing at the helm conducting the currents like your own personal orchestra. Even though you are wise enough to know that whilst you create the currents, you cannot control what happens next, there is still a tendency for you to distance yourself from your creativity and gifts.

Such a perspective can sometimes make for an easier life, but you are kidding yourself if you think you are driftwood! You are a vibrant, passionate, and wise soul, you are also strong and courageous, but these two traits seem a little harder for you to embrace. It’s time to own your true essence and to finally stand in your own power. Of course, being so empathic and intuitive can make it hard to let go and let your gifts flow, but unless you consciously connect to all that you are how can you ever really know yourself? Being a creator of the currents isn’t egotistical, it’s simply an awareness that you are an integral and vibrant part of the bigger picture. It’s time now to honour your gifts and to love yourself for all that you are…

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