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The Limit Does Literally Not Exist!

The Limit Does Literally Not Exist!

You are the only ONE who can set your own limits. Can choose whether something is possible or not. Or rather your imagination and beliefs are the only limit you set yourself.

Especially NOW, as all the inverted, false, and limiting programming/ thought forms and beliefs, are being fully dissolved and overwritten with the new Cosmic Christ Consciousness, of which we are the Broadcasting towers for the Collective.

And after all, who is THE ONE DREAMing and imagining anyway?

Our Embodiment is what changes everything, as we hold the Codes of Creation within our morphogenetic field, which activates as we align with our True authentic Self and the new Consciousness available, which is based within The Law of One, in ONEness. As only when we get lost in the Maya of the Mind, our separate, false ego Self, can we not see clearly and reality for what it really is. It's what has kept us fragmented within and then the internal conflicts get projected out into our Realities, as the stories we have been telling ourselves.

Now that we have learned the lessons that we came here for and know better, feeling whole, content, and complete, atOne with ALL, we rise, shine, play and are ready to co-create together again, in harmony and balance. Where all are equal yet unique. Each playing their own instrument and Soul song, within the Music of The Spheres, which is what fully heals the Planetary Morphogenetic field and LightBody Merkaba as well! As we together make up the Planetary body and ONE Consciousness, the One Heart-Mind and Soul/ Logos, that is part of the greater Cosmic whole.

It is this Divine inner and then outer Union, that manifests our Cosmic Re-Union! As we remember that our Galactic and Interdimensional brothers and sisters are truly parts of us, and never separate. All part of our multi-dimensional integration as we re-member who we really are, a unique fractal of Source, along with our True Origins and history again. All held within our cellular memories and DNA and which unlocks from within us through the deep purging of our shadow bodies, our wounds, traumas, and painful memories. With our sacred wisdom held within them, igniting as we heal our Hearts and open them up wide again, as it is safe to play, to love and be loved again. Now that all the monsters are disappearing as we heal, and we have learned discernment and boundaries. Ultimately it is us having healed our Hearts that what makes us invincible and opens us up now to the vast Abundance that we are at our core. All we could ever need, all the abundance we have been seeking outside of us, is truly all held within us, and then gets projected out into the hologram. Especially now with all the interference patterns fully dissolving.

Manifestations will be massively accelerating and amplifying with tomorrow's 11.11. Gateway, which I am being shown a ONE big DIVINE UNITY, ABUNDANCE and MANIFESTATION PORTAL, where we will be able to co-create limitless possibilities together as ONE! The emphasis here is on the ONEness, of us co-creating together, not just for ourselves, but New Earth Realities to be enjoyed by ALL, as we are the Cosmic Blueprint Holders. There's only so much any One of us can do on our own. Together we amplify our power, gifts and abilities and even help awaken them and our true memories within each other. This time now is all about finding and reuniting with our true Soul tribes and families again. As we return to the start, back to the Beginning, to start all over again!

We hold the New Ascension Earth Templates and Blueprints within our own DNA and fields. We literally came here to manifest New Earth into the physical reality. To make the invisible visible, and the I’m-possible possible.

All we need to know is truly held within us, and has been written into our DNA, cellular memory and Blueprints, which is why our DNA has been so heavily attacked and digressed. It holds our ancient future memories, instruction sets, true history records and New Earth Blueprints! As it fully ignites, so do our ancient future realities, all from the inside out, as we return to the future, and our One True authentic Self. All is inner-connected and Divine Love is what ignites and activates our DNA and memories, hence


To manifest and create effectively, we first have to come to a place of contentment with what already is. Things will usually not get better for us before we do. That's why the inner healing work is the cornerstone and basis for everything else. All else comes from here. We have to be able to see through the illusions of this false Matrix to fully dissolve it. Only when we have come to a place of peace and wholeness within, when we truly love ourselves as we are now, having come to DIVINE UNION WITH SELF & ALL OF LIFE EVERYWHERE, are we able to co-/create what is truly aligned for us and with ALL. Which is where we're at now! Where we can start to co-create and imagine into existence, that which serves ALL not just a few!

The Limit Does Literally Not Exist!

Taking full responsibility and accountability for all of our creations is the prerequisite and key to us fully re-claiming our magical powers, gifts and abilities. You can call it a build-in safely mechanism.

MASSIVE FINAL QUANTUM RESET, CLEARINGS & PURIFICATION OF THE WHOLE OF CREATION is underway, a multi-dimensional energy cleanse of all of our multi-dimensional Self's, layers, levels, dimensions, realities, Universes and realms, as


We are ALL being RE-BIRTHED AS ONE from the inside out and outside in, within the Cosmic Mother's womb, assisting us with this Divine Healing Dispensation from Source. As all that had held us stuck and in looping cycles is being fully removed and dissolved, along with all the remaining energetic distortions within our fields and bodies, as well as Planetary and Cosmic wide. Purifying and resetting our Blueprints at a deep cellular, atomic, subatomic and molecular level. Quantum style! This is happening outside of time and space and is unfolding at super extra fast quantum God Source speed.

Today is also a 111222 (333) day! Most powerful energies continue to help us let go of all that is no longer in alignment with our True Self, as we continue to merge and unify with our already ascended Diamond Avatar Self, atOne with Source. Fully re-claiming our wisdom, power and true memories, as the instruction sets, quantum, keys and codes for our Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma LightBody Merkaba, and New Earth Realities, are being unlocked from within our DNA and morphogenetic field. The Crystallisation process is vastly accelerating and all of this can make us feel a little tired and achy.

Allow the sacred rest when called, as we're being reset, rejuvenated, healed and restored to perfect health, vitality and balance. The more you can relax your body and nervous system the easier and quicker your healing and multi-dimensional integration will unfold. Know all is more than just well as we're already ascending and re-birthing in this now and bring all to its full completion, as we SURRENDER ALL TO SOURCE. Trusting the Divine Plan unfolding as we walk by faith, not sight! From one Miracle now moment to the next. Always carried and supported by Source as long as we trust, have faith, believe and keep listening to our own inner guidance and hearts calling above all else. Having returned back HOME to the HEART. That's all the safety anyone truly needs and the only one that's really REAL, all else is part of the temporary illusion of this false Matrix, now fully collapsing and dissolving. Let it burn. Divine Neutrality and seeing through the illusions of the false Realities is super key to help them dissolve more quickly and easily. Whatever we resist, judge, fight or are afraid of, we keep feeding and helping to manifest. Instead try and laugh at it as you see it for the illusion and movie that it is!

We collapse the quantum standing wave function of the artificial Matrix realities within the Zero Point Field of Divine Love and Neutrality. Seeing reality for what it really is, as things start to get really REAL now and all remaining illusions dissolve, the last veil has lifted and crystal clarity returns! As we re-member what is real and what is not!

Now our time out of time is here, to come together and co-create in harmony and balance together as ONE!

Making the I’m-possible possible, and the invisible visible, because that's how powerful we truly are, as we fully re-member our One True Self fully again.

Eternal Love,



Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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