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The Reality Shift: Things Are Getting Seriously Wonky!

The Reality Shift: Things Are Getting Seriously Wonky!

Have you noticed how life is getting stranger and stranger these days?

How reality somehow isn’t as predictable as it used to be? How illogical certain things are?

Granted, weird things have always happened from time to time, things we could never truly explain or understand. But lately, so much just seems absolutely…well, wonky.

Technology Weirdness

Take technology, for example. Yeah, it’s never been totally reliable over the years.

But lately, truly strange things seem to happen a lot these days – like how there are posts and videos that simply disappear from one day to the next. And sometimes emails too, right out of your inbox.

Data you could have sworn you had on your phone yesterday has suddenly disappeared. Texts you know you sent somehow never reached their destination.

Of course, there’s a lot more fraud and censoring happening lately. And there are the strange things that people are doing with AI online now. But still, there are things that just don’t make sense, even considering all that. It can make you wonder if you’re going a little crazy.

And then, what about the whole internet going down for a number of hours all across a huge swath of the US not long ago? What was that? Sun flares? The Deep State? The  White Hat Alliance? We may never know.

People Behaving Strangely

Then there are people who seem to be doing things they never did before, at least not so often.

Like walking blindly right in back of your car as you’re slowly and obviously backing out in a parking lot.

Or, while driving, they’re making crazy turns or scary decisions. We really have to be extra alert these days when we’re on the road.

And how about the amazing numbers of intelligent, well-educated people who continue to get the thing in the arm and wear masks, despite the huge amounts of information out there at this point about all that craziness. Totally baffling. And they’re still watching mainstream news. Really?!

And the whole trans thing that’s happening. It’s downright perplexing. Long after most people were generally accepting and even embracing the idea of gay couples, along with the fact that some were choosing to physically change their gender – not a big deal – this whole sudden hullabaloo about gender happened, wreaking havoc within all our institutions.

The Reality Shift: Things Are Getting Seriously Wonky!

Time Weirdness

And then there’s the strange thing happening with time, right? How the weeks and months are just whizzing past us these days. Where the heck did 2023 go?

But then there are also those days every once in a while that seem to go on and on and on and never end. It’s enough to make you think you’ve been living on a whole new planet for the past few years.

What’s Happening to our Skies?

Then there’s no getting around the fact that very weird things are happening in our skies lately. Northern Lights moving southward, UFOs/UAPs appearing routinely for ordinary people to see, strange weather phenomena, eerie cloud formations.

All kinds of theories are out there explaining these things — whistleblowers with information about who’s causing them. But still, it’s really weird to integrate this stuff into your sense of how reality works – along, of course, with the fact that extraterrestrial life has been present on this planet forever, if this is also news to you.

You’re Going Crazy

Perhaps you’ve discovered that you and someone else you know have completely different memories about a certain event you were both part of.

Kind of a smaller version of the phenome-non called the “Mandela Effect”. Which, in itself, is really weird, right?

Maybe you’ve also experienced things disappearing from where you know you put them. And then finding them later on in a totally different place. Or not finding them at all. Some of us can decide it’s probably something simply happening because of our age; we’re getting forgetful. But not everyone has that to blame this phenomenon on.

Internal Shifts

And these are just little, somewhat disturbing things that are occurring to us.

What about the weightier things we’re also experiencing that are really weird?

Like feeling that our old sense of identity is fading away…or the feeling of slipping in and out of dimensional realities…or the sensation that we’ve just made a timeline jump? What about all the strange symptoms we’re having that just get explained away as “ascension symptoms”?

And all the losses we’re experiencing, the friends and family members we’re losing for one reason or another? What about the loss of energy, enthusiasm, and joy we once had for life? For some, life has become unrecognizable.

The Strangest is Yet to Come

And yet, if what so many are predicting for this year finally comes about, maybe the strangest shift in reality of all is still ahead of us: Disclosure of what the global elite has been doing to the world, and who in particular have been part of it all.

The astrology happening this year is certainly promising us this – and so are many other less esoteric sources.

Even those of us who have been waiting and waiting for full disclosure to finally happen may be thrown by what we learn. But for those who will have had no idea about any of it, reality is going to tilt in some terrifying ways. Especially if they finally start learning the real reason so many people have been dying lately. And why there are so many children missing across the world.

Meanwhile, we really need to be alert about  something else happening recently that is rather disquieting: the fact that not all of the disclosure coming out at this time — even on the more reliable alternative news sites — is accurate.

This is especially so, now that AI apps like Chatbot Gemini are appearing with which you can come up with an image of General George Washington as a black man. Or of  black Vikings.

It’s kind of funny — but actually kind of scary if you think about it in terms of really wanting to know the truth about something.

More than ever, we have to beware of misinformation, disinformation and malinformation (God, what a world we’re living in — the fact that there are now three different words for stuff that isn’t true. You just have to shake your head in wonderment!). It’s enough to turn your mind to mush, trying to figure it all out.

The Reality Shift: Things Are Getting Seriously Wonky!

The Wonky Factor

So why are all these strange things happening at this point? My daughter recently referred to this phenomenon that’s now occurring in reality as the “Wonky Factor”.

I’ve decided it’s as good a term as any to describe this thing that seems to be happening during these last days of our existence prior to shifting into the Fifth Dimension.

Perhaps it’s a rather silly term for some of the more serious and heart-breaking phenomena that are occurring. But it’s maybe good to keep things somewhat light for those of us who are empath-lightworker types who need to keep steady while so much happening in the world continues to break down around and within us.

It Makes Sense

At any rate, there seems to be a simple explanation as to why all these strange things are happening at this point:  The false 3D matrix is in the process of falling apart; and, simultaneously, a whole new higher-dimensional operational system is beginning to assert itself into our reality. There’s nothing really solid and steady we can fully count on anymore; everything’s shifting. So it makes sense that weird, unpredictable things would naturally be happening.

And, in this process, we ourselves are also going through huge shifts, as we morph increasingly faster into our higher-frequency selves. Parts of us are falling away, and new abilities are suddenly showing up.

As we’re finding out, passing through the Fourth Dimension is quite a complicated feat. I guess we’ll just eventually get used to all the weirdness that’s involved in it.

And when something strange and inexplicable happens, perhaps we’ll just say, “Oh, it’s probably just the wonky factor at play”. And not think much more about it.

Or maybe we’ll hear someone warn us: “Be careful when going out today – there’s seems to be very spotty reception for logic, reason and how things used to work. There’s a lot of wonky factor happening.”


About Vidya
As an author, energy healer, and licensed transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has had a passion for exploring the phenomenon called the spiritual journey for over forty-five years.  Along with experiencing her own journey, she has also closely studied it, as well as those of her friends, colleagues, clients, and students. Serving as a unique bridge between the worlds of psychology and spiritual awakening, Vidya acts as a “wayshower” to a wide spectrum of people internationally: from those who are just beginning their spiritual search to those who have experienced profound awakening.
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