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Y/Our Mind Is The Creator Of This World!

Y/Our Mind Is The Creator Of This World!

Yesterday we had another powerful 111222 day, and today is the last 22222 day of this year, which to me is a Source number! Today feels very much like a BIG COMPLETION POINT OF it ALL, and I can feel it ALL RESOLVING in my own field.

Any remaining limiting, fear-based thought forms, beliefs, heartache, grief, loss, doubts. all sense of separation is dissolving within this Tsunami of pure true Divine Love that is breaking our Heart-Minds wide open and lifting the Collective field of Consciousness to a higher awareness and dimensional frequency bandwidth. Our and the Collective Consciousness continues to take quantum shifts, leap's and bounds as


Overwriting and dissolving all remaining fear-based thought forms and beliefs along with the false Matrix realities and mind control programming. Completing ALL of our karmic lessons over all of our incarnational and multi-dimensional lifetimes. Freeing us fully to start all over again, right NOW!


All obstacles and interference patterns have been fully dissolved now.

Our ancient gnosis, wisdom and re-membering is fully returning, as the Crystalline Core, and New Earth Diamond Grid, networks and caverns ignite within and without. The Cosmic Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid and Halls of Records open and ignite and with it, the true memories of our ancient future, our New Eden.

The New Cosmic Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies and principles have been fully merged as ONE in Harmony, Unity, Peace and Balance, as the New Androgenous/ Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Aurora Plasma LightBody and Merkaba vehicle is fully igniting and coming fully online and taking over, which has been made possible and completed through the energetic magnetic core, field and pole shift that completed on the 27th November.

Now the physical matter follows that which has been completed energetically already at a higher dimensional Consciousness level.

We currently have KP5 and ongoing geomagnetic storms on and off for the last few days, along with very strong solar winds at 700.2 km/sec!! We also have a coronal hole facing Earth that will add to the already high solar wind storm and massive amount of Cosmic Rays and plasma gamma waves engulfing the planetary field and assisting in the re-encryption of our matter world's and Consciousness. There is also a very interested looking bubbly sun spot that has just woken up with some C-Class flares and is Earth facing. Some minor but interesting intermittent Schumann Resonance spikes have been ongoing for the past few days, that to me represent the interweaving of dimensional layers and realities taking place.

All karmic load, miasma, artificial materials, structures, beings and architecture, density and especially the underlying, inverted and limiting thought forms and beliefs, any fear, shame, doubt, guilt and judgements that the false Matrix realities were based upon, are fully dissolving in this now, rapidly so, freeing us to live, and bring our biggest dreams into physical manifestation. Massive downloads and pure Source Light Codes continue to stream into the planetary and our bodies and Consciousness, assisting our Ascension and the full re-membering of our true history and Cosmic Origins.

All illusions of separation, delusions and veils of forgetfulness, are fully dissolving as only the REAL TRUTH remains and continues to arise from deep within us and all around us now. The false firmament and dome, or false sky, of the false Matrix hologram, along with all of its synthetic overlays and inserts are fully dissolving as we continue to see through all that is false and continue to fully align with our One True and authentic Self. It's truly the antidote to all that is false and artificial.

We are dying upon our false, separate ego self Collectively, and with it our and the Planetary and Cosmic morphogenetic field heals, which heals everything else, back to its Original Divine Blueprint plus upgrades.

The Cosmic Mothers perfect Proton Seed is healing ALL of Creation back to Perfection. As she heals, ALL HEALS. The Grandmother Turtle codes have also been very present and are also connected to the Eternal Source flows returning with the New Earth Trinity Wave currents, as these codes that have been safeguarded throughout the aeons also help return our Original gnosis, wisdom and genetic seeding codes of our Original Divine Angelic HUman Blueprints. All part of the full healing of all the cataclysmic events, forced breeding programs, holocausts and traumatic events we have been experiencing since Lemurian time as well as the Fall of Lyra, that is completing right now as part of the timeline repairs.

As we return back to the future, as if non of it ever happened, but with the lessons learned.

All happening right now, quantum style, as past, present and future are merging and collapsing as ONE, in this very now moment, outside of time and space.

We are becoming fully Fearless, Limitless, Boundless, Timeless and FREE!! All from the inside out!


As we no longer take on other people's shadow projections, having healed and integrated our own insecurities, wounds and traumas, our Morphogenetic field rejects them and heals, and they are being returned back to sender where they have to face, deal with, and heal them instead! Which is being assisted by us as we do not judge our own or other people's shadows any longer, that's us alchemising and transmuting all remaining shadow forms and creatures back into light!!! No-one above another or below, just different, yet ALL ONE!


As the morphogenetic field of the 144 plus three as ONE heals, so does that of Mama Gaja and vice versa, as ALL IS truly ONE!

Powerful nervous system upgrades are taking place that are also interconnected with the New Ascension Earth Diamond Grid and Krystal Cathedral Network coming fully online and healing of our morphogenetic field. Fight, flight and freeze responses heal now as our CNS is fully balancing, healing, realigning, and upgrading. I can feel this as a very deep sense of peace and relaxation finally spreading out and encompassing my whole body and field as it fully heals along with our aura, as part of our morphogenetic field, as we become energetically fully sovereign.

The Forerunners have now healed their field enough for them to hold and stand in their own FULLY SOVEREIGN ENERGETIC FIELD where no-thing and no-one from outside can get to us or attack us anymore. Although there are some final adjustments taking place between Divine Counterparts and Twin flames as they merge their energetic fields as ONE new HOLY TRINITY FIELD, tripling their own individual held powers, gifts and abilities as this completes. Again, this is what is becoming available in this now and is going out to ALL that are ascending and align with this, along with Earth, into the higher dimensional realms and frequencies. Everybody picks up on what is appropriate and available to them, in their own Divine timing and alignment. All of this is us healing the whole planetary and Cosmic Morphogenetic field, as we fully heal ours. That's Ascension. That's us returning back to our Original Divine Blueprints plus upgrades.

Our sacred Crystal Hearts are opening up wide, and as they heal, they can feel heavy, painful and tight at times as we release past heartbreak, fear, anxiety, anger, grief and loss held here. Allow it all to fully arise so your heart can fully heal and open which is us helping bring the Supernova of the Heart Event to its full completion along with our Ascension!

Extra super powerful DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Aurora Plasma LightBody and Merkaba upgrades and Activations continue, as ALL HAS BEEN ALIGNED & is being lit up & IGNITED! This, along with the final clearings, is causing much of the body aches and pains, especially with the Source energies entering through our Crowns, affecting especially our neck and shoulders. Toxins and parasites are being removed especially from our intestinal tract. Phlegm releases are freeing up our lungs and assist the healing of grief, sadness, and loss. Overall any energetic blockages are being removed and some may be passing on as the Soul has already chosen, as the body and/ or Consciousness can not transmute and clear this amount of karmic load and density quickly enough.

Collective Kundalini rising as THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS FULLY AWAKENS from the slumber of forgetfulness and re-members again who we really are!

All we have to do is be fully present in every now moment and with whatever arises, free of judgement. Being the compassionate witness to get to know our true authentic Self which is what will heal all else. Allowing all to flow through us unhindered, is what allows us to feel pain but not suffer. The flow state allows us to move through these powerful shifts and changes with as much ease and grace as possible, as well as more challenging experiences to pass more quickly. We are asked to let go of any needs, attachments, even what we think we want or where we need to go, just FULL SURRENDER TO SOURCE, becoming Divine Will embodied, as we continue to listen to our higher Self guidance, and allowing the DIVINE PLAN to be revealed to and through us, and unfold naturally.

Where there's nothing left to do and no-one left to do it.

Where we just OPEN UP WIDE TO RECEIVE all we have already created. Rest and RELAX so your body can anchor and integrate these massive amounts of source light and plasma light waves that are changing matter and have us and our realities literally shapeshift into a higher Crystalline form. We are being asked to tune into our own inner world and dream our new realities into being, as we become the Masters of the Dream. As we dream-walk we also move in between and merge dimensions and realities.

We are merging the seen and the unseen, matter anti-matter, Heaven and Earth, right through our own Diamond Hearts and Minds, through our Consciousness. Through our own Embodiment. We are shifting the way we perceive our Realities and how it works. We are re-membering that all is but energy, frequency, and vibration. There is nothing like a physical manifest Universe as such, it's ALL A holographic simulation, a PROJECTION OF THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS!

We are re-membering again that it's not our environment informing our Realities, but our Consciousness that projects and informs that what it holds inside, outwards onto the holographic screen. It's an INSIDE-OUT REALITY, all gets projected OUT. That's how we change the realities, from us changing very deeply from the inside out, we shift the way we perceive ourselves, others and our realities.

That's the Quantum Observer Effect: As we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Allow y/our healing process to complete with as much ease, grace and as quickly as possible now, as you FULLY RELAX YOUR BODY and MIND, and BEcome VERY PRESENT WITHIN YOU. It's your multi-dimensional travel vehicle, y/our new Crystalline technology, all built-in! Y/our own Divine Organic Creatrix Field. Same as for the film strip to y/our Realities, all held within y/our multi-dimensional DNA.

ALL the DIMENSIONS ARE MERGING all around us, through our own Embodiment process, as we merge with our Oversoul, Avatar, Guardian, and God Source Consciousness identities AS ONE.

FOLLOW YOUR JOY, follow your BLISS, follow your HEART, it knows the way to your biggest dreams full-filled! It's like a full SURRENDER and letting go of all and any attachments, and simultaneously knowing all of our dreams are coming true! Knowing that IT IS all-ready DONE! Because it is! All has already happened in the quantum. We have already ascended, it's the return to our natural state of beingness.


Keep merging past, present and future in this NOW and keep aligning with your already ascended Diamond Avatar Self, and ALL NEW BEGINNINGS & y/our BIGGEST WILDEST DREAMS BEING ALREADY REAL & TRUE!!

This is Divine Union with Source and ALL of life everywhere!

This is ASCENSION and it's FINAL STAGES are unfolding and COMPLETING RIGHT NOW!

THE TOTALITY OF SINGULARITY HAS BEEN RE-BIRTHED and our inherent ONEness with all of life everywhere is being re-membered by ALL! One way or another.

Divine FINAL CHOICE POINTS are being presented and completing in this now. We are asked to choose what realities and possibilities we are aligning ourselves with, right now, as this MASSIVE QUANTUM LEAP comes to it's completion and we fully let go of the false Matrix realities and memories to welcome all new Organic Creatrix Field experiences and IGNITE ALL NEW WORLD'S from deep within us!

A little tip from me; Train yourself to see things and reality less literal and instead more symbolically, to understand the many ways the Universe talks to you, but you have to go beyond the existing beliefs and perceptions of the old realities to see through any remaining learned, compartmentalized and dogmatic perceptions you still carry. Try to see things more abstract. See, read, study and understand the underlying patterns and archetypes and principles that play out. Depersonalise and de-objectify that which you are perceiving. Observe, study and then DISCERN, instead of getting triggered into an emotional reaction and judgement, which is ultimately your own inner unacknowledged shadow rearing its head, fuelling the drama of unwanted realities, which is what keeps co-creating them. Pausing before we react in haste and out of an emotional trigger will go a long way. That's us being mature adults really and having healed our wounds and traumas. As we observe from the neural Observer state, we get to collapse and co-create the realities we wish to experience super consciously.

I have been stepping back myself and am focusing much on resting, relaxing and looking after myself. It is truly time out of time for those that have been giving so much for so long, to sit back and open up wide to receive now. There's also a deep need to connect more with my inner child, to re-member what it's like to have fun and not focused on getting this whole Ascension done anymore, as it's truly DONE now and on auto pilot so to say, at least for me and collectively speaking. To figure out what brings me fun and what other things I'd like enjoying. There's a big shift taking place where some of us no longer feel this heavy sense of duty and responsibility and can now shift to having more fun and joy. As everyOne heals and we ascend as ONE, there's no need for healing others as such anymore, instead it will be a matter of an ongoing fine tuning and alignment process. We will be able to play like carefree children again, whilst continuing to being responsible for our part of the co-creation of our realities, but it will be much more like child's play as all wars are ending now!

I have literally given all that I possibly could and then some more to this process, and everyOne who wanted to listen to what I had to share could, and for ALL worlds to merge into a New Divine ONE WORLD Order and Organic Divine Creatrix field. I shared plenty of video materials, Light language Activations, and transmissions in the form of timeless posts and sharing’s, which are there for everyone who would like to tune into them and use them to support them on their journey. They have full-filled their purpose to helping us bring us to this now moment where the false Matrix has been fully cleared and is dissolving. Of course I continue to share as I am guided to, but for now I feel very much the need to pull all the way back, to really focus on me, and also to LET it ALL GO, for it all to manifest, having arrived at a deep place of gratitude for it ALL, for this whole experience and journey, and now letting all the abundance of all that I truly am, come to me. As I AM the ABUNDANCE and all that I seek, is seeking me too. Having let go of any remaining attachments to outcomes, as well as focusing on these super powerful DNA, LightBody and Merkaba Activations taking place, AS THE ONE ATONE WITH ALL, will be my focus for now. All else will be shown to me from One now moment to the next.

We are being re-birthed anew and also as part of the Collective false ego death, we are being newly defined and our old identities dissolve, especially our separate sense of Self. We are ultimately constantly dying and re-birthing ourselves in every now moment, individually as well as a collective, which is the only time anything ever changes and shifts, and we continue to do just this. As The One Consciousness forever contracts and expands and growths and transforms into something new. This is a time for major reinvention and a new renaissance of art where we will be focusing on CO-CREATING beautiful things, realities, and ALL NEW WORLDS!

As we ignite the New Ascension Earth Realities, Grid system and Krystal Cathedral Network with its Golden and Crystalline Cities and new technologies, from within our own morphogenetic field, we are now fully healing and rebalancing everything else. As for my comment on my last video that it would be my last one, I do feel MASSIVE big mission shifts and changes unfolding for us in this now, and yes, they have served their purpose, that they were meant to, and these types of updates and part of my work is done it seems. How my work will exactly change and what is next, I do not know, and I have stopped wondering and asking.


We continue to follow our own inner guidance above all else, from one now moment to the next, and all shall be revealed from one now moment to the next, as it always has and does. It's never been so much about reaching any type of destination, and now we focus on making the journey and life fun as LIFE IS ART.

As truly the Beginning is The End,

and The End is The Beginning.

I shall finish off with the wisdom that my daughter Lara said she would have shared with us on my last video update, if she would have had more time to think about it. I said to her that I put her on the spot so it's hard to think of something in the moment under pressure so to say. She's a comedian by nature and always full of fun. So, as I asked her again, and after thinking about it for a moment, she said:

"What's been hidden in the dark, always comes to light."

I second that.

Eternal Love, all-ways,



Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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