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Book Of Life: Chapter Thirteen - PROPHETS OF OUR TIME

Book Of Life: Chapter Thirteen - PROPHETS OF OUR TIME

In March 1994, NBC television network broadcast a program entitled "Ancient Prophecies", covering both ancient and contemporary predictions of Earth Changes. It was seen by millions of American and Canadian viewers and prompted over 24,000 enquiries. A major feature was the prediction by Gordon-Michael Scallion of violent and significant geological changes coming to Earth in the late 1990s.

Mr. Scallion had worked in the field of communications and education until 1979, when he experienced a health crisis which left him with the 'gift of prophecy'. Some of his more notable prophecies were the 1992 Californian earthquakes on April 22 and June 28, Hurricane Andrew in Florida, and the Mississippi floods of 1993.

Viewers of the March 1994 program were shown a Future Map of the United States: 1998-2001 which Mr Scallion had visualized through his inner sight. Published by his company Matrix Institute, the map shows major geological changes in the United States occurring in two distinct phases:

A first super-mega California earthquake in the 10-15 magnitude range causes a fracture along a line from Eureka to Bakersfield and southwest to the Gulf of California-Baja. Gaps and fissures occur running the length of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys. Flooding inundates much of the coastal area of California, causing some of the existing land mass to become islands.

In a second major Californian earthquake the Central North American Plate is thrust violently upward on a tilt, causing much of California to go under the sea. Higher elevations remain as islands and become known as the Isles of California. A large part of the land mass west of a line running from Newport Oregon to Tucson Arizona breaks away and sinks within minutes. This line forms the new West Coast of the United States, and with Phoenix, Arizona, becoming a major seaport.

Along the Eastern seaboard, coastlines from Maine to Florida are also pushed inland for many miles. Atlanta Georgia becomes a new seaport. Florida is reduced in size by more than half and all the Florida Keys disappear beneath the sea.

In the center of the American continent, a wide belt of water floods the Mississippi basin, connecting up with the Great Lakes, which themselves rise and expand, cutting off the Eastern part of the United States from the West and effectively creating two separate landmasses.

Mr. Scallion envisages the Earth's magnetic pole shifting twice to the west: seven degrees at first, and then a further six degrees as a result of magna displacement through a shifting of the Earth's core. As a contributory element he sees a large heavenly body entering our solar system, the "Blue Star", causing a realignment of Earth's position within the system.

Another 'Future Map' of America was channeled through Lori Adaile Toye, between 1988 and 1991, transmitted jointly by the Ascended Masters Saint Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, and other Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. It is now published as the 'New World Atlas' by Seventh Ray Publishing of Payson Arizona.

This material shows remarkable similarities with the map produced by Mr Scallion. Much of the American West Coast is inundated, from Washington State down to southern Oregon, and the ocean also covers most of California, Nevada and Utah. This creates a new coastline extending from the Rocky Mountains, near Denver, down to Phoenix, Arizona. Similarly the Mississippi River is expanded into a wide inlet, running up to an enlarged Great Lakes area, and the East Coast is partially flooded, with the bottom tip of Florida sinking under the ocean.

Much of the same story is also told through quite a different source:

Hypnotic past-life regression is an established technique in which the patient under hypnosis is able to recall specific episodes from his or her past life or lives. The pioneering past-life and prenatal work of Dr Helen Wambach PhD is reviewed in her two published books Recalling Past Lives (Harper & Row 1978) and Life Before Life (Bantam Books 1979). Having demonstrated this technique to her satisfaction during a series of group workshops, Dr Wambach wondered how it would work when applied to the future. She therefore began giving similar workshops offering participants a chance to look ahead at their possible future lives through hypnotic progression, projection not into the past, but into the future.

Dr Wambach was at that time being assisted in her research and experiments by Dr Chet Snow PhD, who also then himself became the subject of a series of future life projections in 1983. Dr Snow was at that time an historian/archivist working as a civilian employee of the United States Air Force, though he has subsequently obtained hypno-therapy certification and now practises in regression therapy. The fascinating record of these future projections under hypnosis is related in Dr Snow's book "Mass Dreams of the Future".

Under hypnosis, Dr Snow described, aloud, visions of his future life at the end of the 20th Century. Here he sees himself living on a remote ranch north of Phoenix Arizona, in a small community which had been set up both as a school for the development of psychic communication skills (mental telepathy) and as a survival base for the foreseen coming 'World Changes'.

He recounts that their small community was then busy laying-in stocks of food and other supplies, which were now becoming both expensive and scarce through changing weather patterns. In the world news, the weather was becoming increasingly unpredictable, with freak storms, record heat and cold periods, drought and exceptional rainfall around the globe. The world stock markets and financial systems were also collapsing.

In a time period of about a year later, Dr Snow was made aware that a major earthquake had just hit the Pacific Rim area. The coastline areas of southern California had sunk, submerging the once densely built-up coastal areas under the sea. Mount Fuji had erupted, causing much of Japan to sink and triggering a chain of earthquakes and eruptions all around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', including the West Coast of America right up into Alaska.

By the end of two weeks, television and radio were now telling every one that "the worst is over". As Dr Snow, still under hypnosis, recounted: "The water is receding slowly and we'll just have to adjust to the new situation. The Federal Government is already setting up temporary relocation centers farther inland and everyone is talking of rebuilding. A lot of cropland has been permanently lost however, not to mention so much of the Southern California coastline."

Moving forward a couple of months, he reports that there followed in Southern California a far more devastating earthquake than the previous one: "It accelerated the sinking of major areas along the West Coast so that the coastline moved up to within a couple of hundred miles of Phoenix Arizona, and only the mountain areas remained above water all the way up to Oregon. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico surged inward over Texas; our part of Arizona was more or less cut off to both the east and west by water."

Moving ahead in time, again under hypnosis, Dr Snow continues:
"At first everything appeared totally black around me. Then I realized that the sky was completely dark now. The weather had also worsened as tons of dust and volcanic ash were thrown into the atmosphere by this second series of eruptions. Although the worst occurred during the first few weeks of havoc, the Sun simply did not return. Most green vegetation in a wide belt of the temperate zone withered and died." ['Mass Dreams of the Future', by Chet B. Snow and Helen Wambach - Deep Forest Press, Crest Park, CA – 1993]

One should of course bear in mind when considering such predictions, that all timings and sequences of future events viewed from the present can never be entirely accurate, as projection forward in time is made up of only the potential future. A sequence of real-life "cause-and-effect" events must always have first taken place, constantly being subjected to the evolutionary modification of individual "free choice/free will". Therefore, although a fairly accurate projected view forward is possible from higher planes, Humanity's inherent gift of 'free choice' allows for unexpected modifications in any future sequence of events. The future direction these take is also subject to the total evolutionary progress of Humanity's 'collective consciousness' during that period.

Approaching the various predictions of future Earth changes from yet another direction, there has also been, since World War II, an enormous flood of "channeled" communications from the "Higher Spiritual Realms" on the subject of the coming Earth Changes:

The Master Hilarion, a member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy:

"The cities will become piles of rubble. The beautiful woodland scenes will be flattened by the might of terrible storms. Great earthquakes will rip the mantle of the planet apart in a patchwork of destruction never before seen on the planet in the entire history of the race.

Continents sunk thousands of years ago will rear up out of the ocean to show man that his civilization is not the first, and that this is not the first time that his efforts have been crushed by catastrophe.

The atmospheric storms, which will roar across the surface, will tear down forests of trees at a single swipe, and raise water out of the natural reservoirs of lake and ocean to spread destruction and inundation far inland from the shore. Nothing will remain of the once-vaunted civilization that men have built for themselves.

During the last portion of the Tribulation, the light of the Sun and the Moon will be shrouded out completely for long periods, and the very air that is breathed will turn to a foul miasma in the lungs." [HILARION, channeled by Maurice B. Cooke in 'The Nature of Reality'. First published 1979. Marcus Books, Queensville, Ontario, Canada ]

The Master Jesus-Sananda:

"And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the great land of the North Continent go down, and a great sea shall form within her center part from Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.

And the waters of the Mediterranean shall wash over the land to the North, unto the polar zone, and it shall return unto its place, and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean shall become one sea. And there shall be great changes within the borders of Asia.

Africa shall be changed - her shoreline shall be broken to the West, and great rivers shall flow within the desert.

Ye have been told time and time again that the Earth shall shift upon her axis, and so shall she. There shall be a change of climate. That which is now the barren North shall become semi-tropical. Trees shall bear semi-tropical fruit and the fauna shall be that of a new species. And that which is the impassable barrier of the South Pole shall be penetrated and Man shall discover a new continent within." [JESUS-SANANDA, channeled by Sister Thedra in 'The Prophecies From Other Planets Concerning Our Earth' - The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Sedona, Arizona]

Brother Philip, of the Abbey of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays in the Peruvian Andes near Lake Titicaca, gives transcripts channeled by voice from the Hierarchy of the 'Great White Brotherhood' in his book "Secret of the Andes"; here he quotes Sanat Kumara, a highly evolved Master from Venus who assumed the role of 'Planetary Logos of Earth' over 18 million years ago:

"And now we enter this great period of Initiation. The skies of Earth will become fantastic. I say verily that pen has not recorded nor voice uttered that which shall become a great sign and display in the skies of the Earth, for the elements themselves will have control for a short period of time. There will be great rainstorms and floods. You have heard how it rained forty days and nights. That is nothing compared to what it will rain. Perhaps it would be forty months. The entire face of the Earth shall change. It will become unrecognizable.

Very soon the winds shall howl, sooner than we can realize. It is already upon us, for I have witnessed it on the plane which is just above that of physical expression upon the Earth, and that means that if it descends one more plane it shall find reality." [The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in 'Secret of the Andes' - Leaves of Grass Press, Novato, California.]

Another source of information channeled down to us originates from the star systems of the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are themselves a planetary race which has had a long and close association with Planet Earth. In their distant past they were forced to escape the conflicts which were taking place on their original home planet in the Lyran star system and, after a long search, were able to find a haven of peace on the then undeveloped planet of Earth. However, they were subsequently forced to leave Planet Earth when their former oppressive masters, the Lyrians, arrived on Earth and occupied the planet. They once again searched for, and found, a new residence in the Pleiadian star system. From there they have developed a prosperous and peaceful society, but still kept a close watch over Earth's development down through the ages, rendering us help and assistance as part of their old connection with a previous home planet.

In the book "The Pleiadian Workbook", channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, the 'Pleiadian Emissaries of Light', speaking through their spokesperson, Ra, give an important insight into the wider context of the coming Earth Changes:

"You and your planet are undergoing a unique and wondrous transition in your spiritual evolution at this time. You are preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before. In order to help you understand this more fully, I must first tell you about the orbit of the entire Galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. Just like your 'Solar Ring' (our term for a 'solar system') orbits around the Galactic Center, the Galaxy itself moves through space in the form of continual, connecting circles, like a great Cosmic Spiral.

"At the completion point of a multi billion-year single circular orbit around the Great Central Sun, our Galaxy connects diagonally to the next 'ring' on the great Cosmic Spiral. When this diagonal move from one ring of the great Cosmic Spiral to the next takes place, all of the planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants simultaneously take an 'initiatic' step into a new evolutionary cycle. This is occurring now. You are not only at the end of a 26,000-year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle; the entire Pleiadian system, which includes this solar ring, is at the end of a 230,000,000-year orbit around the Galactic Center, and the entire galaxy is at the completion of its infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun....

"Prior to the end of 2012, Earth will undergo a spiritual and physical house-cleaning, corresponding to what have commonly been called 'Earth changes'. These changes, which have already begun, intensify both externally and internally as your Solar Ring moves deeper into the Photon Band, a high-frequency cosmic emanation from the Galactic Center. You have been in and out of the edges of this Photon Band for a few years now, and, by the year 2000, will be completely immersed in this band for the next 2000 years.

"Floods, earthquakes, changes in land masses, volcanic eruptions, and finally a complete pole shift, will all take place within the remaining years prior to the year 2013, at which time the Galactic Solar Initiation of Earth, as a mystery school and home for the Cities of Light, will finally take place. You who now live on Earth must choose whether or not you are ready to become spiritually responsible Human beings in order to remain on Earth beyond that time. Those who do not wish to remain on Earth will be taken to another planet in a different part of the Galaxy where karmic lessons and third-dimensional evolution will continue." [Ra, spokesperson for the collective Pleiadians Emissaries of Light, channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, in "The Pleiadian Workbook", published 1996 by Bear & Company, P.O.Box 2860, Santa Fe, NM 87504, USA.]

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