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Maya - One of the Greatest Civilizations

mayan_diskMaya possessed one of the greatest civilizations of the Western Hemisphere

One of the civilizations more marvelous that it has never existed is, undoubtedly, that of the Mayan. Also it is one of the most unknown and enigmatic. Mayans expanded through out Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Salvador, and part of Colombia. In fact, some very particular Colombian etnias preserve still alive the knowledge and Mayan rituals, emphasizing his deep knowledge on medicine that they defy, in results, to the current one. Such is the quantity of archaeological Mayan remains, cities, ceremonial and scientific centers, etc. that exist, which many at present are even without cataloguing or discovering. In the Colombian forests there exist immense cities that the Arawacos know and venerate but that are not absolutely known for the official anthropology.

The Mayan form a new paragraph in the history of the civilizations since they did not happen for the regressive process or decline one , for example, Aztec and Egyptian. The puzzler of the disappearance of the Mayan is something that is far from resolving itself, in the world of the official anthropology, satisfactorily.

Meanwhile the so-called " civilized grounds " of Europe were possessing the Roman system of numeration, with all his operative difficulties, the system of Mayan numeration (vigesimal) was allowing them, with only two basic symbols (. and-) to realize the rapidly most complicated calculations with millionaire quantities. Let's remember that the modern computer science works with a binary system based on two signs (1 and 0).

Very few Mayan codices could escape from the fanatical destruction that the bishop of Yucatan arranged in 1562 Diego de Landa when in his famous act of faith ordered to hang and to torment thousands of natives, as well as be burning hot and destroy 5.000 sculptures, 13 altars, 197 sacred receptacles and 27 rolls of numerous codexes and manuscripts.


Mayan Disappearance

This is the most enigmatic and polemic topic. Almost all the explanations lack solid bases and analyzes collapse to the minor. Theories as that of the earthquakes, depletion of the soils for crops badly planned, epidemics, internal wars, etc., none resists an analysis thoroughly. According to other versions the Mayan were deep connoisseurs of the metaphysics and concepts as modern as the híper-space. And so, they say some, simply they went on to a parallel universe (phenomenon similar to the one that believes happens spontaneously in certain places as the "Bermuda Triangle").

There can seem absurd this hypothesis (although, it is less than others and, this one pushed initial back to an Indian idea until we load point in the mind innumerable prejudices and preconcepts).


mayan_statueThe legend says to us that the Aztecs came from AZTLAN or ATLAN that means: " place surrounded with water ". The word ATLANTIS somehow came to Preamérica, Egypt and Greece. The root ATL does not exist it nor existed (that we know) and according to the modern philology, in any other language any more than in the Nahua (language of the Aztecs) ever. His meaning is: IT WATERS DOWN.

There exists in the Codex Borgia the figure of ATLANTEOTL that loads on his shoulders the Cosmos, exactly equal to the Greek Atlas, to which we are used to giving priority as symbol. In figure, name and symbol, Atlas is exactly a copy of Atlanteotl (removing the ending OTL we have ATLANTE). The Greek mythology not only took the name of some place but also the figure and the meaning. It turns out to be curious, also, that the daughter of the Greek Atlas calls MAYAN. One of the first significant finds that comes to throw something of light on the topic owes to Enrique Schielemann, the famous discoverer of Troy. Schielemann found a glass of bronze in the camera called " The treasure of Príamo ".

It is a glass of noble form but with clear differences of design with the glasses of the same epoch proceeding from the diverse places of the Mediterranean. In her the following text is read, in Phoenician characters: OF KING CRONOS DE THE ATLANTIS. In a region called Tiahuanaca in Central America similar glasses were found. In them there were certain coins in which it was possible to read with entire clarity a phrase that he was saying: EXPRESSED IN THE TEMPLE OF THE TRANSPARENT WALLS.

Finally, the legendary affirmations about the giant forefathers of the humanity are firmly documented by the dozens of human remains of enormous proportions found in different places of the world. For quoting some: the giant skeleton of more than 3 m. found in the walls of Madrid, the human femur corresponding to an individual of 5 m. of height in California, the human skull with capacity 3 times superior to current ours, etc., etc., etc., and about which the official science simply is quiet.

Mayan  Divider

All the information aims at the idea of that the epoch of submergence of Ia Atlantis was an age of terrible geologic changes, coincidental with a sudden revolution of the terrestrial axis (movement of the poles to the equator). Curiously quite it points out that the above mentioned revolution had to of occurring in an unusually short time period. This way, Charles Darwin, in his explorations for the Arctic zones of the planet was astonished on having discovered an enormous quantity of remains of tropical animals and, also, with the whole appearance of them the death to have supervened in quite violent circumstances. The Teacher Samael Aun Weor presents in his magnificent work " The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac " two curious histories that narrate the catastrophe Atlante.

The first one is a Mayan manuscript of the collection " Him Plongeon " call " The manuscripts of Troano " and that can turns in the British Museum. Textually he says: " In the year 6 of Khan, 11 Muluc, in the month Zrc, there happened terrible earthquakes that 13 Chuen continued without interruption up to. The country of the hillocks of mud, the ground of Mu, was sacrificed. After two stir it disappeared during the night, being constantly shaken by the underground fires that they did that the ground was sinking and reappearing several times and in different places. To the end the surface yielded and ten countries separated and disappeared. 64 million inhabitants sank 8.000 years before writing each other this book ". Other is in the files of the temple of Lhassa, in the Tibet. It is an inscription it warms written 2.000 year A.C. Undoubtedly one of the origins of the Egyptian civilization we must look for it also in the Atlantis.

Certain traditions that get lost in the night of the centuries tell that in times of the Atlantis many peoples were coming in long peregrinations to two points of the planet that, surely, were the centre of gravity of the hermetic knowledge. One they were the regions of Central America, emphasizing the sacred enclosure of Teotihuacan (Mexico); another Egypt. With such affirmations we emphasize that the origin of some constructions that today exist in these places goes back to next to 30.000 years behind, which can be demonstrated physically.

Also by means of the cultural anthropology it is possible to have something of light in this matter. This way we see that the historians of Egypt were affirming that of " ATLAN " there went to these grounds wise architects who taught to this people to work rocks and construct pyramid. Osiris, like historical personage, was receiving the name of " BIG ATLANTE ". In the Osirión, which was an underground temple surrounded with channels there was expressing itself the idea from which Osiris came from " ATLAN " as the first settler sent by the wise persons of another continent to preserve everywhere of the world the treasure of the Science and the Knowledge.


Mayan Language

Some philologists emphasize that, probably, a primitive language existed mother of all the current languages. If such a affirmation was real the more brought near this original language would be, undoubtedly, the Mayan. The Mayan, departing from his ground of birth in the East, as missionaries of religion and knowledge, were first to Burma and there they instructed the Nagas. Of Burma they went to the Deccan, in the indies, wherefrom they took his religion and knowledge to Babylonia and Egypt. The Mayan were big navigators whose ships were travelling from the oceans of the west to those from this one and from the seas of the south to those of the north in distant ages.


mayan_calendarThe Mayan language, so little studied until only a few years ago, seems to impregnate almost all the languages of the world. In infinity of them we find words that seem to belong more properly to the Mayan. As curiosity fits to emphasize that, nowadays, a Mexican Indian (of Yucatan) and a Japanese they can understand each other without excessive difficulty and without being provided with an interpreter. Also be same, Mayan - speaker, it can understand each other easily with a tibetano who speaks the dialect Naga.

Moreover, the old languages Acadio, Caldeo and, to a great extent, the Egyptian, they were, largely, Mayan (the Caldeo was an almost 80% Mayan) Greek is an exceptional case, although in this sense there are no many serious studies. We can affirm, nevertheless, that a big quantity of Greek words can be translated, in a very clear way, decomposing them in Mayan words. Example; PHILOSOPHIA, of Philos = love and Sophia = Knowledge. Diseccionando the word we find the following Mayan words; Pil = to be delivered to the contemplation, 0 = term that affirms or denies with more force, Sou = to untangle, her = difficult thing. This way, " to be delivered to the contemplation, vehementemente, to untangle a thing or difficult matter " explains with notable precision the meaning. Up to the Greek alphabet it seems to shut up a historical secret message referred to such a "uncomfortable" continent Atlante. Translated of Mayan the following thing is read: " The water opened way for the mother ground in the deep thing, far from the shore.

The maelstrom struck the area with water. The water spread on what it lives. The sediment broke, submerged up to where the mother has his nose. It rose up to appearing on the maelstrom. The wind circulated and placed little by little until the mother came ground and the wind where the abyss, the deposit of the cold place; he placed the mud on the gap of his mouth and the steam went out.

There the maelstrom deposited the sediment. " THE SACRED AUM Inclusive the most sacred word of the Buddhism, the syllable AUM, seems not to be able to be translated more than in Mayan. In this language (and only in this one) every letter has a coherent meaning with the others; To = masculine (Father), Or = feminine (Mother), M = the generated (son). Is here one of the most universal religious mysteries; the Trinidad represented in all the peoples of the Earth with the symbol of the equilateral triangle (present, as not, in many pre American temples). In the India, Sri Santara or Big AUM, is represented by an equilateral triangle.The Hindu book Niroukta affirms that: "There is three different persons and only one real God".

The Caldeos were representing AIN SOPH, the Big Light, like a Trinity by means of the equilateral triangle. Later Procio places that: "The Demiurgo or Creator is triple". And Pitágoras (who had studied in Egypt, where the triangle with the eye was glistening for thousands of years in the temples) was affirming: "God is a numbers and harmony. The triangle represents God". Very much earlier the preAmericans were proclaiming that the divine thing was demonstrating mathematically, that HUNAHPU was ' the giver of the movement and the measurement '.

Mayan Numbers


Mayan CreationThe Maya were a religious people, who lived in fear of the destructive nature of their gods. Death rituals became a very important part of their religion; they developed many traditions to commemorate the recently deceased and worship long-departed ancestors. The Maya greatly respected death; they feared it and grieved deeply for the dead. They also believed that certain deaths were more noble than others; for example, people who died by suicide, sacrifice, complications of childbirth and in battle were thought to be transported directly into heaven. The guilty and evil suffered eternally in Xilbalba, the Maya underworld. Otherwise, death was thought of as a journey, with the possibility of rebirth. The Maya believed that certain individuals, important to their lineage, became deities that acted as patrons for the surviving family and many subsequent generations.

The Maya dead were laid to rest with maize placed in their mouth. Maize, highly important in Maya culture, is a symbol of rebirth and also was food for the dead for the journey to the otherworld. Similarly, a jade or stone bead placed in the mouth served as currency for this journey. Often, whistles carved from rocks into the shapes of gods or animals were included in the grave offerings to help the deceased find their way to the spirit world. The Maya associated the color red with death and rebirth and often covered graves and skeletal remains with cinnabar. The bodies of the dead were wrapped in cotton mantles before being buried. Burial sites were oriented to provide access to the otherworld. Graves faced north or west, in the directions of the Maya heavens, and others were located in caves, believed to be entrances to the underworld.

Burial practices of the Maya changed over the course of time. In the late Preclassic period, people were buried in a flexed position, later the dead were laid to rest in an extended position. In the late Classic period, the elite constructed vaulted tombs, and some rulers ordered the construction of large burial complexes. In the post-Classic period, cremation became more common than elaborate burial sites.

There have been many archaeological discoveries of lavish tombs within ceremonial complexes from the Classic period. However, only a city’s most important ruler was buried in this way. These aristocrats were placed in tombs at the bottoms of funerary pyramids that sometimes consisted of nine stepped platforms symbolizing the nine layers of the underworld. Other temples were constructed with 13 vaults the symbolizing the layers of the heavens in Maya cosmology. These temples reflected the continued worship of these important nobles. The tombs were filled with precious goods including fine polychrome pottery, effigy figurines, jade and marble pieces, masks, mushroom figures, obsidian, exotic shells and valuable stones. In some instances, members of the royal family or young attendants would be sacrificed to accompany the lord in death.

Other elite members of society were buried in vaults with an array of luxury items. The bodies of higher-ranking members of society were buried inside sarcophagi. They sometimes were buried in family crypts or underneath the family home. These funerary constructions of the royal often destroyed the residence itself. Commoners were also buried near or under their houses. These graves did not have extensive burial offerings, but often contained objects that identified the individual: a tool or possession.


As conception more abstract that the Trinity appears in all the worships " Lo Innombrable ". In the language of the Chinese: " The Tao that can be named is not the Tao. " In other terms: Bram, Aelohim, Adi-Budha, Hurricane (the Mayan were using the last one to designate the God who cannot be represented, literally " what is said sighing ", that is to say, imitating the sound of the wind). From this abstract God they arise Elohim (Hebrew word that translated literally it means " Gods and Goddesses " since it begins like singularly masculine and ends as feminine plural). The same meaning has the Mayan word " Lahum ", where there is observed, again, a curious similarity of structure and of phonetics.


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