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The New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo

With the arrival of the New Moon in Leo, we've passed completely through the powerful time of Cancer energy (whose beginning is always marked by the Summer Solstice) with its emphasis on emotional bonds, family ties, roots, heritage, home and deep security issues -- and moved solidly into Leo energy -- which carries a much greater sense of pure joy, creativity, playfulness, "attention-getting," speculation and romance than the often moody emotional tone of Cancer.

In terms of the creative process, which the progression of signs through the Zodiac depicts, we've established a new beginning and an individual identity in Aries; solidified and grounded this in Taurus by acquiring the resources -- including money -- that one needs for survival in the physical world; discovered an ability to think, communicate, and learn in Gemini -- a process most definitely necessary to growth and continuance; and established a home and family support system in Cancer.

With this protection, security, and home base as background, we can now move into other pursuits. The psychologist Abraham Maslow talked about a "hierarchy of needs" in his work and theories, and such a thing seems self-evident when you think about it. You need a ready and dependable source of supply for very basic survival issues before you can go on to develop other things which may also be important to a full and satisfying life -- but which can "wait" while your attention is focused on the more crucial elements.

A lack of a crucial element of survival focuses your attention there right away, until you get that need satisfied and can put your energy into other interests. In other words, if you suddenly cannot breathe, you have an immediate concern to get that problem solved (!!!) to the point that issues like hunger, romantic attention from another, or finding entertainment go right out the window.

By the same token, if you are literally starving to death -- you'll be putting your available energy into finding food ... not achieving a professional promotion. Only when your more fundamental needs have been adequately supplied, will you turn your attention to more abstract matters.

The focus of attention for Aries (getting born), Taurus (getting food, nurturing care, and money), Gemini (getting information, learning to communicate, intellectual development), and Cancer (getting shelter, emotional connection, and a "family circle") -- the first quarter of the Zodiac -- all deal with things we literally cannot live long without.

Only now, that we come to Leo, have we reached matters and interests beyond "basic survival." Arguably, Leo contains survival matters of another kind -- our creative efforts, romantic exploits, love interests, leisure preferences, and the ability to get attention for our talents and natural gifts -- but, as you can see, these have a different intensity of importance than things like air, food, and shelter. But once we get here, with the "fundamental stuff" supplied at least enough to keep us going, it's playtime!!

Whereas the Moon -- with its metaphors of changeability, softness, mystery and reflection -- is "at home" in Cancer, the Sun -- with its metaphors of power, dazzling radiance, dominance, and the need to shine -- is "at home" in Leo.

Leo energy ushers in a time of greater self-awareness and self-assurance, an emphasized concern with having impact and influence in the world, of showing leadership and encouraging self-expression, and of nurturing a personal legacy through some kind of individually creative product -- such as art, children, "brain children," or other extensions of oneself.

All of these have as their general underlying agenda this theme: seeking attention -- being "on center stage." Leo wants people to notice him!!! And he will do pretty much whatever it takes to obtain this for himself.

Do we notice all the words with "self" here? So is Leo energy self-centered? You bet. As are many creative people -- especially when in "that mode" of creating ... and discovering what inside themselves needs to be and can creatively be expressed. Artists, actors, and writers, indeed, are notoriously self-centered -- because the necessarily inward focus of their work requires that they be so.

So, too, are children self-centered, and children as a group fall under the aegis of Leo energy, being after all the very "offspring" Leo is interested in producing. Children are, in fact, one's most personal physical link beyond this life into the future, a piece of immortality. (And those of us who love Leos ... and writers ... and artists ... and Leos who are writers and artists ... know they are all just "big kids at heart.")

Leo people are famous -- and infamous -- for being confident, vital, charismatic, courageous, proud and egotistical. Sometimes even that last quality is a virtue ... played out with grace, respect and generosity from the paw of a very evolved lion.

It doesn't happen often, but it can be a masterpiece of example for others to behold and follow -- this kind of self-confidence being way too rare in the world. True Leos, expressing properly, are rightfully proud of themselves. They want to be noticed, admired, fussed over, sought after, and taken into account. They really, really, really want applause and appreciation.

(Ok, they really want to be put on a pedestal, proclaimed King or Queen of the world, have statues dedicated to them, and have their photo on postage stamps. They want that kind of applause and appreciation. But I'm tryin' to keep things realistic here!!)

In return, they are romantic, magnanimous, affectionate, benevolent, spirited, fun-loving, often adorably child-like in their atmosphere of ongoing entertainment and wonder, and unabashedly dramatic in claiming the notice of the world around them. Leos are emphatically creatures of pleasure. They are the lovers of life who are loved by the world. Leos ... in the words of the song "just wanna have fun."

The energies of both Leo and the Sun are affiliated with the Jungian archetype of The Divine Child, the "inner kid" of pop psychology fame (although undeniably real); the part of us that is always "young at heart;" the piece of our spirit that is constantly renewing, filled with wonder, and ever-free to love the richness and variety of the world we romp through in search of new discoveries.

It is our sense of adventure and romance; our joie de vivre, our zest for living, our willingness to "take a risk and see what happens" -- including falling in love, perhaps the biggest risk of all. It is, in many ways, the best and most delightful part of us -- each and every one of us.

Thus Leo / Sun energy (and even more, in some regards, the energy of the Leo Moon -- since it is so automatic and reflexive) is dignified, dynamic, honorable, proud, determined and inspiring. It is the catalog of stereotyped qualities we look for in our "leaders" ... and perhaps what we also privately want our children to achieve.

There is a valid definition of "a successful life" found here ... with the element of Moon energy (with the alignment of Sun and Moon in Leo -- which is the definition of a New Moon) to provide the "caring and human" dimension to the mix.

Leo energy is ambitious, outgoing, demonstrative, self-directed, stately, even elegant in its purest expression. It commands a measure of genuine respect through sheer force of personality. Those who express it outwardly walk a little taller, stand a little straighter and have a little-bit-more dazzling smile -- all expressions of their undeniable pride in being who they are. It's part of why they expect the world to notice them ... and the world, as a rule, obliges.

When this energy is not well-integrated into a personal chart, or when it conflicts with more preferred strategies, the results show themselves in actions and attitudes that are arrogant, domineering, self-absorbed, haughty, overbearing, and vain. In extreme cases, this energy, when stressed, is also narcissistic, tyrannical, and cruel.

The polarity sign for Leo is Aquarius -- Fixed Air. Leo finds ways to support itself, its interests, its creativity, its children, its ego, and its connections to the world of pleasure and joy. It exerts its leadership and dramatically makes a statement with its life and actions about the proud power of ego. When this doesn't run amok and turn into inflated conceit, it can be a wonderful example of what self-esteem and this kind of self-confidence can accomplish.

Aquarius, while abstractly involved (as are all the Air signs with their issues), rather than emotionally involved (like the Water Signs), or involved in practical ways (like the Earth signs), takes on these same concerns and focuses its attention on a grander scale. Aquarius looks to support society's needs, interests, and welfare on into the future.

Aquarius is concerned with the creative evolution of the social order with its connections to art, culture, philosophy, education, and such. Aquarius wants everyone's children to be valued, advanced, fed, educated, afforded the opportunity to succeed, and creatively inspired to continue their advantages into the succeeding generations.

Aquarius is just as concerned with leadership and with advancing its notions, ideals, humanitarian visions, and altruistic plans ... but there is far less personal ego found in that sign. As such, it can lack the "personal touch" of Leo and seem somewhat "Ivory Tower" in its independence and impersonality. But the issue of individual value is a strong common theme in the energy of both signs.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Leo, the theme of life's creative cycle -- and the focus of people in general -- becomes more dramatic, self-confident, and proud. There is extra emphasis on getting personal recognition, showing off, blowing your own horn, and pointing out what a wonderful human being you are -- to those who may not have noticed. That everybody's doing it -- makes it both more encouraging for folks to join in and more tiresome to those who have to listen to it.

People may also be concerned with their relationships with their children, with exploring new hobbies and creative outlets, with having more fun in life, with just kicking back and taking things easier, with getting noticed, and with adding a little more spice and romance to their worlds. They are definitely looking to get a few more ego strokes -- any way they can and wherever they can find them.

Under stress, people may be unusually arrogant, pretentious, vain, and self-serving. The extraordinary emphasis on personal ego that is the hallmark of this sign, requires tremendous care not to cross the line of narcissism on which it treads constantly.


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