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The New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra

As the New Moon cycle moves into Libra, we wrap up the details of doing work, being of service to others, and generally making ourselves useful -- which is the essence of Virgo energy, and we shift the focus to relationships, other people, partnerships and ... marriage interests.

Maybe we think we deserve some companionship and quiet intimate moments as a reward for all the good we accomplished this last month, when helping others through selfless generosity was our primary focus ... or maybe we're just looking for someone to help share the load in the future. In any case, forming partnerships is the theme of Libra energy ... which, with the arrival of this New Moon, is receiving emphasis right now.

Another subtle motif in astrology is that each succeeding sign (and house) -- as the year's creative process unfolds -- represents the "payoff" and "resources" of the one that precedes it. (Each sign builds and "invests itself in" what the next sign will use as "natural resources," the "foundations" upon which that sign builds its own expressions.)

Thus, following this metaphor, it seems that the more useful we are on a practical level, the better we are at providing work and services for the benefit of others, well ... the more resources and assets we accrue when it comes to forming the partnerships and relationships we need in our lives.

The converse implication is, ironically, that a significant partnership requires a solid grounding in the ability to work ... and tend to the routine, mundane duties and details of life which is the essence of service to others.

It is interesting to me to note, that in following this process, we arrive halfway around the circle of the Zodiac with the result of birth ... Aries energy ... culminating for the individual in the work and service efforts of Virgo energy. And in time, in due course, the result of partnerships ... is the self-sacrifice and self-dissolution of Pisces energy ... before the rebirth of self ... back in Aries energy again.

Libra energy feels incomplete when required to stand alone. It needs relationships and partnerships in order to function as intended ... and constantly seeks them out. Libras are the proverbial souls immortalized Barbra Streisand's famous song ... the people who need people.

They are absolutely delighted that other people exist, because the opportunity of joining with someone else -- for the pleasures of companionship, diversity of viewpoints, variety of interests, and the benefits of teamwork -- seems to them such a much better way of life than that available to the rugged individualists who need no one but themselves.

Libra energy is practically synonymous with joint efforts. It thinks in terms of we instead of you and me. It seeks consensus out of the diverse ideas that come with a variety of contributing sources. Therefore it places special emphasis, not on the aggressive expressions of individual initiative, but on the social virtues of cooperation and compromise.

Libra people are arbiters, negotiators, peacemakers, and strategists ... and have an exceptionally keen regard for matters of justice, fairness, equality, and applications of law.

Their natural skills at seeing and even identifying with other viewpoints ... make them valuable consultants when dealing with disagreements, social and legal contracts, and delegation of workload and personal responsibilities.

Libra energy is, in fact, strongly intellectual ... as well as refined and cultural in its focus. Libra people are natural writers, thinkers, and artists ... and will show this orientation over and over again in their everyday lives.

They are also marvelous confidantes and consultants ... with an interest in seeking the win-win situation for all involved whenever possible. They do make superb friends, partners, and spouses -- especially as they themselves are interested in these kinds of social arrangements.

Libra energy is cultured, charming, tactful, conscientious, invested in achieving balance, ... and interested in appearances.

It seeks harmony, wants choices, is dedicated to seeing both sides of an argument -- or as many sides as can be presented, and is very much concerned with presenting a united front ... a concurrence that enables Libra to speak in terms of we and us ... as if the benefits of strength in numbers are enviable ones indeed.

Libra energy is considerate, polite, well-mannered, diplomatic, sincere, sympathetic, and warm. And obviously these are the tactics it uses to attract others into its personal environment.

Libra is Cardinal Air -- concerned with initiating action inspired by ideas, opinions, thoughts, and perceptions, using intellectual energy as its fuel. The natural outgrowth of this, of course, is the fondness for options that is such a hallmark of the Libra nature. The "other people" who are so plentiful in the lives of Libras, naturally, furnish them with a nearly inexhaustible supply of these.

That, of course, contributes to another quality for which Libra is famous (or infamous, depending on how you feel about such things) ... that of sitting on the fence endlessly when it comes time to finally make some decisions and plot a course of action. Their wavering and waffling can drive a more active sign mad with the back and forth ... first on one hand, and then the other.

But Libra just wants to make sure its thought of all contingencies, covered all the bases, seen things from every possible point of view ... and done whatever it can to make sure everybody's happy. (The fact that some of the signs plain don't care whether everybody's happy is a true mystery to the Libra soul.)

Libras sound like wonderful folks. And for the most part -- and in a highly social world -- they are. But they also have their down side.

When this energy is not well-integrated into a personal chart, or when it conflicts with more preferred strategies, the results show themselves in actions and attitudes that are overly sensitive, jealous, possessive, manipulative, antagonistic, contrary, exploitive, and emotionally demanding on behalf of self-interests while neglectful of relationship needs and the partner's prerogatives.

The polarity sign for Libra is Aries -- Cardinal Fire, and perhaps nowhere do they clash more severely than on this question of when to take action and when to hold back. Aries is built for taking action now, action immediately, action yesterday ... if at all possible. Libra ... well, Libra wants to wait a little longer to make sure all the votes are cast, all the opinions registered, all the facts are in hand.

The two signs can drive each other wild with these two different outlooks and tactics for taking on the world. But as with all the polarities of the Zodiac, they need each other for balance. Aries needs the occasional tempering of its impatience and tactlessness with Libra's celebrated social skills. Libra needs Aries' elbow, pitchfork, bayonet, cattle prod ... whatever it takes, whatever comes to hand ... to get it moving instead of dithering. And even then the effort can require a mighty shove.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Libra, the theme of life's creative cycle -- and the focus of people in general -- becomes more devoted, companionable, compassionate, graceful, and sincere. They value behaviors and methods that are considerate, cooperative, "nice," pleasant, diplomatic, refined, and concerned with the needs of partners and personal relationships.

People tend to be concerned with manners, appearances, finesse, polish, elegance, and savoir-faire. They aim for harmony, "culture," courtesy, and social exchanges that are smooth and enjoyable for everyone -- at least on the surface.

This energy is known for being fair, tactful, congenial, elegant, cordial, and concerned with justice and "compromise." There is also extra emphasis on companionship, "teamwork," group efforts and activities, "couples," "other people," and marriage. (As I said, Libra is uncomfortable pulling a load in single harness ... and they're uncomfortable watching others do so who are actually built to operate better that way.)

Under stress, people may be unusually manipulative, blaming, superficial, "unhappy," exploitive and self-centered. They become churlishly insistent that partners supply them with what "they need", while losing sight of what nourishes the relationship in the first place and what partners expect in order to keep the pact going at all.

They may meddle more freely in the business of others, want "help" and someone to rescue them from life's more unpleasant moments ... and exploit their partners to their own advantage, all the while denying that this is so.

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