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The New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus

As the Moon in Aries wanes and moves steadily toward renewal by joining again with the Sun, now in Taurus, there is a corresponding shift in the focus of energy on earth away from the initiations, new beginnings, pioneering efforts, "planting seeds" that dominated last month's experiences. Taurus energy is the next step in the year-long creative process of growth and evolution. It's the next increment of development after the exuberant declaration of existence.

Now that something new exists, it needs support and the resources to nourish, strengthen, fortify itself ... and survive. With the arrival of Taurus energy -- in the sky with the New Moon's metaphor, and on earth in the practical affairs of everyday life -- you take a look at your new ideas, directions, options, opportunities, desires, and circumstances and decide how best to help them thrive.

The application of available energy moves from the inspirational to the practical. Taurus energy is concerned with growth, development, solidifying, stabilizing, increasing, sustaining, and becoming secure in the material world. The New Moon in Taurus marks a time when things are becoming real, beginning to take shape in the material world, moving into substantial, tangible form, and finding the resources that will establish them solidly in physical reality.

Taurus energy is stable, unflappable, practical, dependable, patient, nurturing, concerned with concrete physical goals and with solidifying those things which are taking root in the material world. It is steady, determined, purposeful, resistant to change (as in, stubborn), possessive, loyal, and gentle. Properly expressed, it operates to provide a safe, serene environment in which new life and newly created efforts can prosper and flourish.

Whatever your sign and wherever Taurus is placed in your Natal Chart, this moment of renewed alignment between your sense of personal direction and your sense of emotional commitment marks the place where stability is important to you. Here is where you want things to be predictable, harmonious, and pleasant -- and where resources, both financial and in terms of personal relationships, are applied and exchanged.

As I have said before (and will no doubt say again), the energy of each new sign offers a reaction against the excesses of the sign that precedes it -- in that wonderful yin-yang system of checks and balances we will all come to know intimately as we progress through life. Where Aries energy is pushy, assertive, impatient, and a little rough around the edges, Taurus is laid-back, composed, affectionate, gentle, devoted, loyal, gentle, and "nice."

Its emphasis is on durability, being grounded, getting results, planning for the future, and making investments that are intended to grow steadily and pay off well in time. It takes undisguised delight in seeing new life prosper and mature.

It not only values, it needs peaceful, serene, aesthetically pleasing surroundings. It revels in its indulgence of all the physical sensations. And anyone who thinks Taurus can be pushed anywhere it doesn't want to go, or any faster than it wants to travel, hasn't ever tried that theory out on an actual member of the tribe.

Taurus is Fixed Earth energy. Fixed ... as in "set in its ways." Earth ... as in "able to dig in its heels and ground itself like the roots of a mighty oak." Its reputation for needing to do what it does, what it wants, in its own way is legendary. You might think twice (or three or four or five times) before deliberately running afoul of its formidable brand of determination. I can pretty much guarantee more stalwart souls than you have failed to budge this notorious character quality. Just a word to the wise.

The love of achieving efficient, sensible progress through sound planning and a willing pair of hands that comes to its forte in the work ethic of Virgo and the need for lasting legacies in the material world that mark the ambitions of Capricorn begin here in the nurturing care, financial savvy, visionary schemes, deliberateness, and concern for establishing the next generation that is the heartfelt center of the Taurus soul.

Taurus ambitions revolve around ownership and possession. The basic statement of this energy is, "I have." (And nobody better try to take "it" from him!!) What it lacks in the flash and drama of the Fire signs, Taurus more than makes up for through persistent effort, doggedness, and sheer staying power. What it builds is built to last.

On its softer side, however, is this intention: What it builds, it also means to enjoy. Thus the connection not only to physical creation but to physical sensation is another hallmark of Taurus energy. If it plants the rosebush, waters the ground, fertilizes and aerates, prunes the canes, sprays for aphids, and watches the buds form and swell ... then, by Heaven, it's also going smell those roses when they bloom -- as much and as long as it wants.

For Taurus, physical life and the physical world are things to savor, from fine food to beautiful art to wonderful sex to the more opulent trappings of a truly luxurious lifestyle. Living the good life is what life itself means to Taurus. Period.

Since this kind of indulgence usually takes money ... Taurus is intent on making money. Since this kind of aesthetic sensitivity requires raw materials, artistic talent, and creative effort ... Taurus will support that, too, with everything from offering its own designs, ideas, and efforts to generously patronizing the work of others. (The original art hanging on the walls doesn't always have to bear the signature of the Taurus owner. Van Gogh's autograph will do just fine.)

If a tree falls in the forest with no ear around to hear the crash ... ok, it may not make a sound. (Taurus is not one bit interested in such abstract, hypothetical notions!!) But if beauty exists with no one to behold it ... it may be a total waste. And if there is one thing Taurus cannot abide, it's waste. So whenever possible, it takes no chances. It tastes. It admires. It sniffs and samples. It listens. It touches. It savors ... and it feels.

If you want to label it self-indulgent and hedonistic, well ... go right ahead. "Sticks and stones" and all that!! Besides it will take more than sticks and stones to faze a Taurus. He or she will more than likely fashion the pieces into an interesting collage, slap a frame around the edges, and call it a masterpiece. Or take those missiles flung its direction in derision and add them to the rock garden in the backyard. That saying about making lemonade when life gives you lemons ... probably came from a Taurus with a sweet tooth and a yen to go sit in the shade for a while. (Another favorite Taurus occupation.)

Taurus energy mellows out the fuss and ferocity of its Fire sign predecessor ... and works to make the world a nice place, at least in the corner it has to occupy. (The only possible time Taurus might have an interest in warfare is in defense of its possessions ... or if somehow there is a profit to be made from the fracas. Way back behind the lines, however, where there's no dust and things are relatively safe. Otherwise it is emphatically a lover, not a fighter. And it takes considerable prodding to rouse it to belligerent response.)

Its interest is in production, consolidation, fortification, and permanence. Conflict, especially for the sake of conquest, or worse, for the howling excitement of strife ... is a colossal waste of time and effort where Taurus is concerned. And I already mentioned how it feels about waste ... of anything.

Taurus plants, tends, invests, encourages, builds, arranges, assembles, plans, finances, supports ... steps back from time to time to appreciate and relish its own work. And then it holds on to what it has, be it money, property, possessions, or people.

It's also well-known for being territorial and overbearing in its relationships -- extending its sense of ownership to include the important people in its life, whether that sets well with the other person or not. Along with being stubborn, Taurus is known for jealousy. Both qualities are among those on the darker side of this otherwise placid, kind, and sociable spirit.

Of course, the much darker side of matters on this continuum reside in the horrifying excesses of unrestrained Scorpio energy -- Scorpio being the polarity sign, the sign whose energy embodies the "opposite qualities," of Taurus. The division of qualities are a little harder to see between this pair. Both are into control. Taurus -- for the status, sense of ownership, and accumulation of wealth that control can represent.

Scorpio's need for control draws more on passionate feelings, a need to improve what exists according to its own vision of unmet potentials, a desire to integrate its resources with the contributions of a partner, and, more often than anyone might comfortably admit, for the sheer rush of joy that imposing its personal power and will on another can bring.

The cleavage is a little more explicit when demonstrating Taurus' active involvement with creating and sustaining its creations to maturity, whereas Scorpio is actively involved in destruction, disassembling, dismembering, recycling, improving, and building again. To say that is a more intimidating and painful process is to state the obvious ... and ridiculously so.

However, the positive / negative polarities of expression exist specifically in Taurus energy, as they do in everything. It's just that Taurus may not let them show as quickly as do some of the other signs, but once out in the open, they can be just as stubbornly emphatic as everything else in the Taurus character.

When this kind of energy is not well-integrated into a personal chart, or when it conflicts with more preferred strategies, it results in action that is materialistic, extravagant, lazy, self-indulgent, envious, demanding, possessive, manipulative, greedy, and wasteful. Much as that is anathema to a positively expressing Taurus energy, it is wantonly obvious when the energy goes awry.

Unbalanced Taurus energy is not only financially disastrous, it causes deep and lasting problems in the relationships it touches. It can be coarse and crude beyond description in its dealings with people. It can be strangely demanding of others ... while simultaneously ignoring, abusing, imposing on, and taking advantage of them. And more than any other sign, Taurus can and will use money as a weapon when it's energy goes off the scale and out of control. Wonderful as Taurus energy can be, the downside is not a pretty picture.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Taurus, the theme of life's creative cycle -- and the focus of people in general -- becomes more sensual, more considerate of emotions and feelings, more compassionate, helpful, tolerant, and solicitous. That admirable Taurus readiness to help shoulder a burden and tote another's load wedges its way into human interaction. A touch of charm and empathy enhances relationships. Peace and harmony have a chance to assume priority in people's lives. After the intense and competitive push of Aries energy for the last few weeks ... this can be an indescribable relief.

This energy is very attentive, dependable, kind-hearted, considerate, long-suffering, and accommodating. There is extra emphasis on being cautious, firm, authentic, and resolute. It is a good time to protect the status quo, to take stock of your resources and possessions, to examine your abstract values, and to focus on "how you take care of yourself" -- physically, financially and emotionally. It is also a good time to relax a little, enjoy life, carry through with established plans, and indulge yourself in sensory pleasures.

During times of stress with this energy in effect, people (and the ways they express their emotions) are overly sensitive, sluggish, wasteful, resentful, suspicious, rigid, and greedy.

On an individual level, you may find you are unusually concerned with your financial life and with your personal relationships. You may want the pace of life to smooth out and simmer down a bit -- so that you can enjoy some of its finer and more sensually appealing pleasures.

Upset and surprises may be especially unwelcome ... even if you normally handle them well or even find the challenge appealing. You want predictability in your life for a while. You want to be able to plan on what tomorrow will bring ... and not have to adjust to new situations. You may feel you've had enough novelty in your life for a while. The fireworks of Aries can leave you wanting a little time to breathe deep and recover now.

With any luck, others around you will feel the same ... so you won't get any arguments about taking some downtime to put your feet up and enjoy a little music and maybe a glass of good wine while you watch the sunset. The energy now is sure conducive to that. You might also take a moment, look around and see what you can do to make your immediate surroundings -- that setting in which you watch the sky turn colors as the sun sinks under the horizon -- more comfortable, more attractive, more ... well ... luxurious.

Does that easy chair need new upholstery? Could the walls of the room use a different shade of paint? How about some new art to give a little zing to the indoor scenery? Or if you're really feeling ambitious ... and prosperous ... try a new recipe, a new fah-ncy restaurant, or a couple of really elegant additions to your wardrobe. Splurge a little on a gift for your significant other ... and then step back and watch those returns on your investment turn into sweet personal "dividends."

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