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How To Work With Your Spirit Guides

How To Work With Your Spirit Guides

Who are your Spirit Guides? Are they the same as your Ancestors? How about your Higher Self? How do these three play a part in your ascension journey?

Starting out on your spirituality journey because of so many modalities and concepts that are new and you are just hearing about for the first time. Sometimes you might feel like everything you read or see online can either make total sense or can be quite confusing.

A lot of clients I’ve worked with certainly have different perceptions about their “Spirit Team.” One of the most asked concepts, at least in my case, is the true nature of Galactic Beings as Spirit Guides, as well as their difference from Ancestors, and the Higher Self.

I must emphasize that while ultimately, it’s alright to mix them up together – after all, they are all working towards a common goal, and that is to help you on your journey – it’s still fun and a great way to honor them if you could distinguish them. This will also help you address your different concerns more accurately.

Here is a basic crash course on who your spirit team are and how you can ask for their guidance.

Who Are Your Galactic Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Guides are entities who work with you at certain points in your life, depending on your needs. We can have multiple guides at the same time, or even just one. These entities come to you with their particular “expertise” – for lack of a better word – expertise which you can call upon to hurdle certain trials or periods in your life.

Think doctors who specialize in different things – a cardiologist for your heart, a neurologist for your brain, a dermatologist for your skin and so on. Your Spirit Guides could have a certain “expertise” or knowledge about what you’re going through, making them the best fit for your needs at a certain time.

But… who are they? Well, if we are asking about their exact identity, that’s a personal journey for you to explore. But generally, Spirit Guides are souls who have completed their soul evolution after learning the lessons they need to learn in their many different incarnations.

See, when we talk about “ascension,” it’s actually a “completion” journey. A completion of all soul lessons that we undertook to learn before incarnating. Now, you could have incarnated as a human being at this certain period and have agreed to learn lessons about selflessness or kindness for example, but in your next life, you might need to incarnate as an Arcturian, Lemurian, Andromedan or any other Galactic Being because you need to learn about a certain lesson that you can only learn in that realm and not here on Earth.

Of course, learning lessons are not all that we are here for. We are also here to fulfill some purpose as contribution to this planet’s soul evolution.

Circling back to Spirit Guides, they are souls who have completed their ascension journey, and have chosen to become guides for other souls. They themselves have overcome different challenges during their different incarnations, and many of them have human experiences which makes them even more suitable to guide you and I. Spirit Guides are ascended masters of their respective race who, instead of “going back” to “Source” or the “Universe,” they chose to become guides and impart their own wisdom to others.

Some of the most famous ascended masters of the human race are Buddha, Jesus Christ, and some of the Saints we know.

Who Are Your Ancestors?

Your Ancestors are your departed loved ones who keep you company on your journey. They remain to be who they are when you met them in this lifetime or in other lifetimes, only now, they are in spirit form, free from human limitations. So, you can have your deceased grandmother from this lifetime, but you can also have your dead father from a previous human lifetime as your guide.

These Ancestors, however, have “crossed over” the “veil of forgetfulness” from this 3D plane to the spirit plane and have been re-oriented about their soul journey (and yours!). When they pass away, everything about their soul mission comes back to them and they realize what they did right and what they did wrong in their lifetime.

Death sheds the human blockages and chains that are keeping us from truly understanding the universe and seeing our entire soul trajectory. So, you might not have had the best relationship with a relative when they passed away, but they can still become your Spirit Guides because they played a vital role in your soul development.

As an example, when I was in this Ayahuasca Ceremony, I was completely blown away by the potency of the energies the Shaman was harnessing, and just the whole shamanic tradition of that medicine. I could feel at that moment that the Shaman was working with and was connecting to his own Ancestors.

Normally, when you talk to him, he was this nice, normal bloke in swimwear. But when he draws his Shamanic wisdom in, you can feel centuries and centuries of knowledge passing through him.

While in this ceremony, my grandmother, who was a healer when she was alive, came through and spoke to me and reminded me of my lineage. It is almost like she’s saying, “Okay, that’s amazing and all but don’t forget we’ve had our own medicine, and our medicine was love.”

This is because in our family, we’ve had almost this natural immunity from illnesses and other physical imbalances when we’re caring and showing our love for animals, sickly kids, etc.

It was amazing to me that my grandmother took the time to come through and reminded me that I also have potent healing powers in my ancestral lineage.

In the spirit realm, the Ancestors may continue to play a major role in your life, however, they don’t hold on to their human frailties, traumas, and mistakes and only emanate pure, unconditional love.

How To Work With Your Spirit Guides

Who Is Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the ascended version of you from when you complete the cycle. From a 3D point of view and Earthly concept of time, your Higher Self is the “future” iteration of you, who has already completed all these lessons that your soul needs to learn. Your Higher Self can be your guide as well, as they have harnessed wisdom from your shared experiences as well as experiences you have yet to have later in life (and perhaps in other, subsequent incarnations).

You can think of your Higher Self as the better, wiser, stronger, happier, and more sovereign version of you.

What’s The Difference Between Spirit Guides and Ancestors?

Here’s where the distinction becomes important between your Spirit Guides (both human and Galactic), your Ancestors, and your Higher Self, because while everyone is working as a team for your benefit and development, one can be of better help when it comes to a certain issue or challenge than the other and vice versa.

Your Spirit Guides are great to call upon when you’re struggling with finding wisdom, especially in the middle of a crisis. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, it’s difficult to see the reason for what we’re experiencing. Why did your beloved pet pass away? Why did your best friend fall into an illness? Why is your business in such a long slump? Spirit Guides are there to help you connect the challenge to the lesson.

At the same time, they are amazing at helping you boost intuition. Whenever I need help in deciding anything, I can just ask for their opinion, and they help me weigh my options. Ultimately, of course, it is up to us to make the decision because Spirit Guides and the rest of our Spiritual Team are only here to hold our hand as we trudge along. Our free will is always paramount.

As to Ancestors, they are watching over you generally to provide emotional support. Ancestors have a special link to us because they literally belong in the same bloodline and share our DNA. With this more personal connection, Ancestors can understand our human aspects better than all other guides because they see our humanness from the viewpoint of our shared ancestry. They understand what you’ve gone through, as well as patterns you need to break that emanate from ancestral karma and trauma.

So, whenever you feel down, tired, heartbroken, frustrated, or feel just about any low vibrational emotion, your Ancestors often come forward and help get you through it. If you ever need emotional support, just call on them and they will come to your aid.

Lastly, tapping into your Higher Self helps you improve characteristics, skills, talents, and values you already have. In essence, they are the upgraded version of you. So, let’s say you want to be healthier and can’t stick to your new way of eating, you can always ask your Higher Self for help and guidance. Or maybe you’re trying to get a higher degree of education, just say, “Higher Self, can you help me understand this topic? Please help me memorize these in time for our exams.” Remember, your Higher Self is just the idealized and realized version of you, they’re still you!

How To Connect To Spirit Guides

So now that we know exactly who consists of your Spiritual Team, the next logical question is inevitably, “How do you connect to them?”

Should you find a dark corner, sit on the floor, and start meditating? Well, yes and no. Yes, because having a regular meditative practice can immensely help you build a connection not just with your Spiritual Team, but also with Source, and with yourself.

I cannot stress enough how important meditation is if you’re trying to uncover new terrains of your spiritual journey, because meditation is one of the most effective ways to open up our chakras and puts us into the “receiving mode” for energies and messages from the Quantum and Spiritual realm.

The “no” however, is that no, you don’t need to be in a meditative state or go through some shamanic ceremony all the time to connect with your Spirit Guides. In a day-to-day situation, you can simply talk to them in your mind and call on them.

I do this all the time, for example, while I was waiting for my husband to finish getting his haircut at the barber shop, I suddenly connected to Hathor, the Egyptian goddess in front of all these guys getting their haircuts and rap music blasting throughout the shop. While connected to her, I felt her healing energy, and giving me that feeling of comfort as I sat there.

Sometimes, connecting with them can be as easy and as subtle as that, and the more you do it, the stronger the connection gets.

My challenge to you, then, is to take even just one to five minutes every day to call upon them and ask them questions. Ask them how to solve a particular problem, or what daily task you should do first or even just small stuff like which fruit to buy in the supermarket. And most likely, the first thing that pops up in your mind is their response.

The key here is tuning in, and feeling that slight intuitive twinge in your stomach whenever a thought enters your consciousness. It’s little things like this that tell us our Spiritual Team is connecting with us.

Once you’ve practiced this for quite some time, you’ll find that identifying their energies and their presence in your life becomes easier.

Another thing is putting trust and confidence in yourself that the messages you’re getting are from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Higher Self. This is something a lot of people sometimes struggle with because their rational mind can interfere and just make them feel bad or foolish.

Just remember that our rational minds only draw conclusions from past experiences, the experiences of the people around us, and all other factors that have nothing to do with your spiritual journey. The mind sometimes cannot understand what the body, especially the gut and heart does. Follow your intuition, open up your heart space, and allow these entities to work with you daily, and sooner than later, you’ll find noticeable changes in how you connect with them.

Riya Loveguard - Galactic Linguist

Riya Loveguard is a Starseed and Light Language Activator. Her mission is to activate the ability of channelling Light Languages in Souls ready to support collective consciousness ascension and coach them how to utilize these frequencies with intention, precision and understanding. Find out more about Riya’s work at

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