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Starseed Energy Update - October 2022

Starseed Energy Update - October 2022
Starseed Energy Update – October 2022

Exciting Galactic New Alert! In this session, aside from sharing the special updates from the Galactic Federation, we are also channeling both messages and energetic upgrades from various Galactic Light Beings: The Sirians, Lyran Avians, Lyran Felines, and the Orions. They share with us their insights and messages of hope, encouragement, and love for the human collective.

Watch the October Starseed Energy Update:

Listen to the October Starseed Energy Update Here!

Here are a few key moments in this amazing Starseed update for the month of October:

  • 00:00 – Update from the Galactic Federation
  • 07:35 – Message from the Sirians + channeled activation: stabilizing high vibration
  • 20:35 – Message from Lyran Avians
  • 29:44 – Message from Lyran Felines + channeled activation of leadership codes
  • 37:53 – Message from the Orions (Minataka)

What the Galactic Federation Wants Us To Know

The current status of the world is temporary. We are aware that it is depressing to witness the widespread occurrence of conflict, poverty, a growing ideological chasm, and other bad forces hurting our globe. It will not last forever, though. The Galactic Federation will cooperate in the upcoming months to liberate and expel the harmful extraterrestrial races that have colonized our planet and have been operating covertly to affect our consciousness. We have all the support we require to swiftly transition from the third dimension to the fifth! The future is bright!

Message from the Sirians

Like all the other races in the Galactic Federation, our loving Sirian friends have been watching our ascension trajectory with great interest. They want us to understand that the transformation of our collective consciousness is unavoidable, but that we must also work on ourselves personally to facilitate the process. Although the Galactic Light Beings are assisting us, we must also take the responsibility ourselves.

Message from the Lyran Avians

Our DNA ancestors, the Lyran Avians, want us to maintain as close a relationship with them as we can in order to help us prevail in the struggle for human sovereignty. The Lyran Avians advised us to exercise discernment in what we fill ourselves with on a daily basis, whether it comes from what we eat or how we think. There are turbulent times ahead, but a new dawn of love, equity, and light is just around the corner.

Message from the Lyran Felines

In our session today, the Lyran Felines highlighted two important points: the awakening of the Divine Feminine, and our human concept of hierarchy. The Lyran Felines want us to know that there is a stirring of Divine Feminine energies in the next couple of months, and it is important to strike a balance between respecting and embracing our feminine sides, as well as our masculine sides. It is from this balance do we tap into a more powerful sense of self, free from judgment and full of love. Meanwhile, we need to let go of our old concepts of hierarchy. Status, titles, age, these come with some sort of recognition. But what is more important is stepping into roles of leadership when we are called to it. Recognize these codes and do not shy away from them. It is an honor.

Message from the Orions

The Orions have noted that certain aspects of our planet today are posing a threat to our sovereignty by secretly altering our human DNA through the patterns and habits that we have developed in response to our surroundings. The Orions advise us to exercise caution when using technology and pay attention to our patterns of conduct. Determine what is influencing our thoughts and behaviors and pay attention to your own body.

If you have enjoyed this October 2022 Energy Update from the Galactic Beings, please do not forget to share it with other Starseeds to help them awaken into their Divine missions!

Aeron Lazar


Aeron Lazar, a spiritual guide with full-fledged psychic abilities is an energy worker and an Akashic Records Expert. Aeron Lazar assists his clients' Akashic Records in removing past-life karma, release trauma, and letting go of barriers, limits, curses, bindings, seals, and other spiritual influences.

Aeron assists individuals from all areas of life in realizing their divine potential, gaining access to higher planes of awareness, discovering their global mission, and easily attracting their soul's truest desires.

Find out more about Aeron's work here

Riya Loveguard - Galactic Linguist

Riya Loveguard is an energy worker whose mission on Earth is to activate supernatural abilities in Starseeds, Earthseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Creatives and Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Riya is a global leading expert on cutting-edge Sound Technology called the Language of Light.  Riya uses a wide repertoire of various Galactic and Terrestrial Languages including Arcturian, Lemurian, Sirian, Pleiadian and numerous other frequencies with great precision.

Check out Riya's upcoming classes here.

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