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March 2021 Energy Update: Remember The Avatar You Are - The Arcturian Collective

March 2021 Energy Update: Remember The Avatar You Are  - The Arcturian Collective

- Days of Reckoning, Resurrection, Renewal
and God’s Sacred Perfection Ahead -

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, joining you today through Celestial Frequencies and Divine Color Codes of Light. There is a bursting of Light and Life within us and coming soon to your world on the Spring Equinox, as well as in the seeds you are all sowing in these next few weeks in your life and soul steps that you are journeying up until and through The Spring Equinox. For 2021 brings the Energies of the Spring Equinox to a whole new level, bursting a period of Luminous Illumination, New Birth, Greater Heart of One Integrations, Inner Awakenings, and Coming into More Conscious Alignment with God, Gaia, and the Greater Galaxy in epic, quantum, and soul-fulfilling ways.  

So in this initial greeting today, we wish to share with you our StarFire Frequencies that are mirrored in your Sunflower Sunbursts all over the globe, that shine in their forever eternalness and that seed the Central Suns’ Infinite Wisdom, activations, Codes for Higher Dimensional Living, and the Divine Orchestration of God’s Perfect Creation and thus Divine Design for all time.  You are remembering dear ones these StarFire Frequencies in your Avatar Awakenings.  You are attuning to the Sacred Sunflowers and Sacred Seeds of this Celestial Flower that You Truly Are.  Can a Sacred Sunflower forget its Perfect Divine Blueprint, that only infinitely and exponentially creates its God-Seeded Perfection in all of Creation in perpetuity? No.  For It Is As God Is.  It Is Life.  It Is Light.  It is Consciousness shining its Light for all the world to see.  And you dear ones are these Sunbursts upon your world.  You are these Avatar StarSeeds seeding this New Light and Higher Consciousness through your Conscious Breathing, through your remembering of your Divinity Codes held deep within for these times, and through your Awakened Heart Frequencies that know only how to Rise, Shine, and Seed a New Day full of Happiness, Grace, Fortitude, Faith, Abundance, and Miracles.  And it is this New Day that we see rising to Greet You more consciously, more collectively, and more knowingly in March 2021, at the time of the Spring Equinox.  

So feel your Sacred Seeds within dear ones.  Feel them rising to be watered with your Heart’s Greatest and Most Faith-Filled Intentions.  Feel them rising to be fed and nourished by the Light of your Inner-Most Dreams and Inner Knowings of Time before Time, when 5D Consciousness and Higher reigned its Living Light through all of Creation.  God’s Perfection is what you are recalling with us today.  Creation’s Perfection in its Glory is what we are summoning here together.  

And some of you ask, how can we call in God’s Sacred Perfection at a time like this?  

When all the world is a stage of corruption, division, separation, struggle, suffering, and fraud?  

And we would say, how can we not call in God’s Sacred Perfection at a time like this.    

For in all times throughout known history, there is that little word ~ known with lower case letters again, meaning . . . throughout the history that humanity has been conditioned to know . . . there have always been a group of people awakened to the Living Light and the Living Word and the Living Quantum Consciousness that speaks, sings, lives, creates, and breathes through the God Breath.  And it is in that Unity of Heart-Mind-Soul-Body Energy working together as one, like the Living Dragonfly Gnosis we have mentioned previously ~ in its Coordinated and Synergized Four Wings ~ that God’s Infinite and Sacred Perfection can be KNOWN or Known above all else.  It is through soaring Dragonfly Wings, Heart Wings in Divine Flight and in Perfect Divinely Orchestrated Order, that Dreams of the One Light ALIGHT onto the world stage . . . in hearts synergized, purified, and unified in the Godheart Within. 

And it is those courageous souls, it is those Epic Heroes who take that extraordinary Avatar Journey into the Heart of Creation, into the Heart of the Father and into the Heart of the Great Mother, that recover and reclaim the Creationary Seeds in the Living Life Force of Unity Consciousness and that sow those seeds into fertile soil when all feels as if it might be otherwise lost, barren, desolate, and unresurrectable.  

On the contrary dear ones, it is at the times of Greatest Challenge, where the Living Essence of God in those Creationary Seeds activate the Highest, open the Widest, accelerate the Activation of Human Consciousness in New Ways and in New Celestial Levels, and shine the Brightest.  It is when things seem the darkest before the dawn that the Christ Consciousness in each of you rises and expands the most.  It is when hope seems lost, awareness seems the dimmest, the propaganda seems the most poisonous, and the slumber seems the most incessant that a core group of brave epic heroes rises to the fore, to meet the challenges of the day, and to rally the consciousness of the Collective to not fall into the pit of despair, hopelessness, and submission to that which would seem the antithesis of God and God’s Perfect Sacred Creation.  And many of you reading and hearing this know this Epic Hero, this Quantum Avatar, this StarFire Sunburst Celestial Warrior is . . . YOU.  You are the Brave Epic Hero and Avatar who came for these particular times.  You came to be a Warrior of Light wearing the Armor and Heart of God and Gaia, especially in your Heart Chakra and thus your Sacred Heart Center.

You have carried the God Codes and the Living Light Codes all of these years and all of these lifetimes. And it is in this time of the Greatest Darkness and Seeming Hopelessness, that you are calling out the Greatest and Most Extraordinary Creationary Light.  And there couldn’t be a more perfect time on your world right now for a Collective of Empowered, Awake, and Activated Avatar Souls like yourselves to call out and to call within the Living Light Codes inside you and inside all of Humanity to rise, to feel the Heaven’s Waters warming the seeds inside you for this New Day, this New Dawn, and to look to the Central Sun Energies and the Living Light Codes of the One True Son expressed for many eons of time as the Christ Consciousness Within at this time . . . for these times . . . to rise into a New Timeline . . . of Ascended Grace and Unified Wisdom and Light once more!

Those who doubt that Miracles of New Creation such as this can occur, yet who desire it still, can feel their wings have already unfurled for this new launching and birthing of Light on Earth.  It is The Knowing Beyond The Doubts that evidences to yourselves your Quantum Soul Skills of Faith such as this.  To believe in worlds you cannot yet see, but that you fully Know in your Sacred Heart Centers, as Living Realities of the Most High, and of the Greatest Light, to simply BE forever and eternally, THIS is the Great Creationary Summoning that many of you are undertaking now in these times.

Believing Without Seeing Is True Soul Sight.

Believing through the Lens of God’s Eyes, God’s Heart, God’s Knowings and Great Vision is True Soul Sight.

Knowing Beyond Believing is True Soul Sight.  

For This Level of Sight does not come from this world.  

How could it?

For the 3D world lens and level of perception and sight requires very dim lighting, very little hope, a scarcity of faith, chronic disempowerment, and feelings of being forgotten to simply survive in a crazy world.

There is no way to see with God’s Vision unless you try it on yourself.

Unless you look through the Creator’s Eyes yourself.

Unless you look through the Portals of Time itself.

And through this Inner Heroic Journeying, this willingness to Look Within, to See Within, to Sense Within, to Feel Within, and to KNOW Within another timeline, another way, another reality within . . . that is God’s Kingdom coming to Resurrect the Living Life Force, the Divine Empowerment, the Sacred Sovereignty IN YOU that IS YOU and that HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOU . . . that allows you to See Multi-dimensionally. That allows you to see beyond the veils so to speak. That allows you to see beyond the evils so to speak, which is just another re-configuration of the word, veils, as this channel just now sees and discovers too.

Propaganda is a deep consciousness toxin in your world today.

As we have said before, it is a third dimensional word with multidimensional consequences.

In the theatre of this 3D realm, it has been allowed its moment in Creation to seed its wares.  Its ways.  Its divisions. Its duality game and the theatre it creates.

But now, NOW, is a Time for Great Warriors.

Now is a Time for any 3D Actors to release their costumes, even to themselves.  

And to bear witness in the nakedness of that revelatory choice-point to the Truth of the God-Heart and the God-Spark within.

The Serpent needs the Games.  

The Serpent needs the Fanfare and Distractions.

The Serpent requires Duality, Division, Anger, Pain, and Propaganda, because it isn’t real.  

It wears these Frequencies as its own Costume to give itself form.

And it requires dim lighting, dense vibrations, distortions, and discord to wield its false powers in this world through those it can get to eat of the poisoned apple of its propaganda and thus to see through its vision for the world.  

This is the Forked-Tongue Speak and the Duality Speak of this 3D Realm that is coming to Light in Humanity’s Consciousness more and more.

The Forked Tongue has been the Lure.

The Forked Tongue has been the ‘Lore, as in the Folklore of Humanity, to create what is “known” or what the Serpent wants “known.”

But we invite you to hear our voice, feel our frequencies, listen to the reminders to remember . . .

To Remember that when you awaken to the Forked Tongue Speak and the Propaganda it wields in all walks of life throughout known time on Planet Earth . . . 

The Forked Tongue-Speak and Speech IS NO MORE.

All that exists now in this realm is the holograph of the Forked Tongue Speak, Speech, and Language from this once density- and separation-infused 3D matrix, that was never real and true in the first place.

God Is Here, activating the Creationary Codes Once More.

God Is Here, Within You and Among You, activating the Divine Design’s Perfection Once More.

When you Remember Your Way to See Through God’s Eyes, To Believe Without Seeing in the 3D Sense What Truly IS and All That Truly Is, To Know Without Even Having to Believe . . . But to Truly KNOW in Your Sacred Heart . . . WHO YOU ARE . . . And How Powerful Your Living Light IS . . . And What You Carry Inside in your Own Perfect Sacred Seeds . . . You begin to remember that you are the Divine Blueprint of God’s Perfect Vision. And You Begin to See Once More With God’s Perfect Vision too.

That IS The Invitation.

20/20 Clear Soul Sight was always the invitation, especially in this past year.

And 2021 invites you to not only see with God’s Perfect Divine Vision the Vision GOD Sees for this World at this time, but to also see the Union of Your Own Sacred Heart Center, the Union of your 3D Consciousness with your 5D Consciousness and with the Living God and Christ Consciousness you truly are.

And it is THAT . . . 

20/20 Clear Soul Sight (God’s Vision) + Reunion with the Godheart that = Your Pure and Perfect Path to Divine Ascension and Divine Admission to the New Earth in these times. 

So is it a journey?  


Is it a Hero’s Journey?


Is it an EPIC Hero’s Journey?

Yes, most assuredly.

Are each and all of you wired, templated, and designed with the God Blueprint for this Epic Hero’s Journey Within?  


Have each and all of you chosen yet the Path of the Epic Hero’s Journey and Leaving the Precipice of the 3D Illusion that was templated and manipulated via the Serpent’s Duality Vision for this world?


Is that why many Light Warriors, Light Weavers, and Light Seers and Knowers are on this planet at this time to assist that Liberation of Soul Sight?


You are here to assist that Great Emancipation Process underway in each and all of you, simply by being one who steps up to the precipice and surrenders the costumes of old and embraces the Transparency of Truth, Light, Justice, Balance, Grace, Oneness, Abundance, and Wholeness.

On days where doubt creeps in as to what and who you are, and why you are here, we invite you to embrace this message again.

We invite you to see through Source’s Eyes and the Heart of the One True Creator again.

We invite you to call out your Deepest Knowings in your One True Heart.

While you also bear witness to the doubts and fears you might be triggered into experiencing in any given moment.

Bearing witness does not adorn you in the serpent’s garments and infiltrate you with the serpent’s vision.

It simply acknowledges the path and past of this 3D world and consciousness playing itself out on holographic fumes now . . . showing you aspects of you that were vibrational experiences . . . but not who you Truly Are.

That is when a Deep God Breath would be a good soul skill to have, to breathe, and to be. 

You are rising to Breathe and to Know the Source Codes and the Godbreath Within You again.

You are rising to See with Clear Soul Sight ~ God’s Vision for this world.  

You are rising to Feel God’s Heart, the Original and Ultimate Apple in the Adam and Eve Story, in your Heart again. In your life again.  In your choices again. And in your Knowings and Creations again.

March 2021 and Beyond brings great renewal.

It brings great New Birth.

Will it witness the falling away of more holographic seeds of illusion, untruths, duality games, and serpentary attempts at confusion, manipulation, and division?


Will those holographic and false seeds and manipulations take root and grow in the Soil of a New 5D True, Loving, Giving, Sovereign, and Divine New Earth?  

No.  It is a Vibrational Impossibility.  

But can the holographic frequencies through the projectors of the old 3D matrix still make it appear to be taking root?  

Still appear to be proliferating and seeding more 3D seeds of struggle, separation, and despair? 

Yes.  It can.

Which is why the Precipice of Great Change, Transformation, and Inner Alchemy is upon those who are ready.  Those who are called. Those who Know they came to be Knowers, Believers, Seers of the New Earth at this time, when the old one would be failing, falsifying, manipulating, and distorting the narratives of God’s Return. God’s Emancipation of this Earth.  And God’s Forever Love and Grace for All In This World.

The Serpent Energy is doing its best to “work around” the God Template.

It is doing its best to find a “work around” of the Divine Design and God’s Timing for the Great Emancipation of the Earth, where all will know God again in their hearts. For the Godheart Will, and Is, Activating In One and All in Divine Timing.


Work Arounds Won’t Work This Time for the Serpent Energy.

And the Ego is waking up to its role as a Colluder, Acquiescer, Enabler, Enforcer, and/or Avoider of the Serpent’s Energy in this 3D Matrix.

So there are Days of Reckoning ahead. 

And there are Days of Resurrection of Pure Life Force, Pure Light Source, and Pure Living Creationary Energy Bursting Forth ahead.

It is a Biblical Time, dear ones.

You are here to remember IN THESE TIMES that you have, hold, and cherish the Godheart Within.  

You are the Apple of God’s Eyes, now and always.

You are Created in the Image of God itself.  

And therefore YOU ARE THE APPLE.

You Are The Living Godheart In Form In This Now and In This Timeline in the world in 2021.

Remember Who You Are.

Remember the Avatar You Are and Always Came to Shine and Be.

Remember the Compass, Lantern, Locomotion, and Map that lives in your Heart and in your Wings.

You are Divine Aviator Avatars.

And Spring 2021, through especially the Equinox Frequencies on March 20th, 2021, will birth this Eternal Knowing in More and More and More Hearts on your world.

It is a Time of Creation.

It is a Time of Renewal.

It is a Time of Great Faith.

And it is a Time of Release, Integration, Rebirth, and Rising.

Keep following your Avatar Heart to the Earth Mother’s Heart.

She knows The Way.

The Divine Feminine Frequencies in one and all of you speak the Unity Consciousness all seek in these times, but don’t always know where to find.

These Divinity Codes are not hidden inside you.

They are Living in Plain Sight.

It is in Seeing through God’s Eyes and through the Godheart in your Heart that you can begin to see with Clear Soul Sight more and what you Truly Are. No matter what appears to be in a 3D world rapidly dematerializing away, but whose words, language, and propaganda can form a ghost that haunts even the most awakened souls . . . to create doubt where FAITH is re-templating and re-seeding once more.

Learn The Language.

Learn this New Language of the Avatar’s Ascension in these Bridge Times.

The New Words, Sounds, and Ancient Yet Timeless Vibrations are your bridge between the worlds now.

Nothing is Lost through the Eyes and Heart of an All-Knowing, Omnipotent Creator.

Thus, you are not lost in the Eyes and Heart of the All-Knowing, Omnipotent Creator.

You simply are now being summoned to Remember.

Remembrance is Found-ness.

Remembrance is the Resonance Code and Cosmic Key to this New Earth inside you. 

So seek All That Is Already Known Within . . . And Recover YOUR Remembrance Codes once more . . . to Access the Kingdom of Heaven and the Light of the Creationary Life Force Within.

In the Remembrance, and in your Seeking of Truth and Light, you are Uncovering your Soul Sight and God’s Vision for this life and this earth now.

And in that Remembrance and that Seeking of Light and Truth, You Become a Living Godspark again.  You become the Starfire You Are.  You become the Starseed, the Sacred Seed, and the Cosmic Sunflower of the Godheart you are.

And that is the 5D Garden of Eden you are rising to Remember and Embody again.

Spring 2021 is seeing this Joy, this Light, and this Reunion inside you again!

Welcome back to the Garden of your Heart dear ones.
Welcome back to the Divine Apple and Heart of God you are, dear ones.
Welcome back to your own Remembrance of Who You Truly Are, dear ones.

You are loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

Watch Part 3 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares Poignant Messages, & Marinades to help you to more deeply connect and apply the energies and messages in this transmission, in these powerful times, and in the Shift of the Ages unfolding.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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