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Experience Your Unlimitedness - Archangel Michael

Experience Your Unlimitedness - Archangel Michael

Michael: Greetings. It is I, Michael. I am very pleased to be a part of this experiment. We Angelics are very excited. There is still some integration time that has to be allotted for but it has been decided to move forward a little bit so you can experience more of your multidimensionality and your unlimitedness. This is a very important key in being able to absorb and use what we are attempting to make available to the Earth plane at this time. Until you can experience your unlimited awareness and the unlimited availability of your consciousness it will be impossible for you to integrate what we are about to give to you.

It is important in the next few weeks that we move very slowly and that we do some exercises around that unlimitedness. Allowing experiences to take place within the fourth, fifth, sixth and a little bit of seventh dimensions. There is movement and potential within those dimensions that bring about a fuller awareness of yourself as a creative, unlimited being. It will bring about a fuller awareness of the vast unlimitedness of Creation, of the Godhead and of all Creation. It is very vast.

We will attempt to lay some foundational concepts to bring about this awareness more fully. Now, before I continue are there questions or anything you would like to discuss?

Jim: I don’t think so. I’m clear as to how we are moving forward and it seems to be settling in a way that looks absorbable for most of the students.

Michael:  Wonderful. Let us begin here. First and foremost, it is very important that the students do not allow some of the tools that have been given to them to fall by the wayside and stop using them. These tools that they have been given in the last several sessions are key to them being able to move forward in consciousness. By that I mean spending some quiet time not only in reflection and awareness, but seeing and using the ‘El Shaddai’ . That tool opens up that first Ray’s energetics which begins to imprint more readily within their energetic system. It broadens the view of Creation and the Godhead, which is not by any stretch of the imagination a singular entity, being, or even a collective. It is much vaster than that.

Using and working with the flow of the chakras; checking in to see the functioning of the those first four chakras; being aware of the presence of Holy Spirit; being aware of the impact of the Light frequencies, along with the Color Coding and the sound templates. These are all very, very important. Their consciousness was opened and broadened through the presence of the Eye of Horus in their higher three chakras. This was another key energetic event that is necessary for us to move forward into the sixth and seventh dimensional concepts and energetics. They are all interwoven … sound, Light, and color. They are interwoven with a broader understanding and awareness of Creation and of the Godhead in great magnitude.

The goal here is to make the students open and conscious of the fact that they can interact with higher dimensional Beings of Light such as: the Archangelic realm; the Master realm; the Elohim and the Lords of Light. They are part of those collectives. This is not only possible, it is a fact. It is not about communicating or getting the information from those realms, It is understanding that they are a part of and One with. It would be like a board of directors of a huge corporation. It is not that they visit or communicate with members of that board but they sit on the board. They are part of it. Do you understand?

Jim: Yes. Very clearly.

Michael: That is very difficult for beings embodied in a third dimensional body. It has to occur before the awareness of the multidimensional state of consciousness and their membership, their unity, with various collectives. It is not just one way: ‘Well, we give you the information and you begin to work with it.’  At some juncture of using this material that consciousness will be available. 

So, it is important that, as we move very slowly here, that we build the foundation energetically and conceptually for that vaster awareness to begin to take hold. And, if you are not using some of the initial tools and concepts that were given to you early in this experiment, you do yourself a great disservice because these are all pieces and parts.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Michael as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.


Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of the Tools for Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes. Jim is presenting Free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field around North America. www.MasteringAlchemy.com or 775-851-8950

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