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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for June 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for June 2023

Message for June 2023

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I frequently feel as though I've been tossed into a washing machine in life, everything spins and whirs; I get a sense of ‘movement’ and a drizzle of hope that things are shifting, only to open the door and realize I am exactly where I was when I started.

This ebb and flow of excitement and hope, followed by the cold realization of frustration and stagnancy has become hard to swallow. In many ways I know I am the master of my own destiny, and my own thoughts and beliefs shape my experience, yet I spend so much time feeling that my destiny and my experiences are out of my control. Of course, when life gets challenging it’s hard to remain optimistic, but I still have hope every single time the great big washing machine starts to grumble and stir.  

There are days when everything is moving in slow motion, but there are also days when everything is on fast forward. However, more often than not, both seem to be happening at the same time. It's therefore no wonder that so many of us feel discombobulated and confused because we feel like we're lurching on a fairground ride that just goes round and round and round. Not only is this nauseating, but we can feel as though we are stuck in a rut and unable to move forward.

Of course, if we take a moment to pause and look back, we realize that we are not the same people we were a few months ago, let alone a few years ago, but it's still hard to look at the bigger picture when we feel as though the chaotic and rambunctious energies are tossing us around, leaving us feeling insignificant and disempowered. Each time we try to pause or take a breath, everything lurches, and this can leave us without foundations, literally spinning through time and space. So, how do we regain balance when life feels so completely out of kilter? How can we understand what's happening when it feels way beyond the language we currently have at our disposal, how can we explain the unexplainable?

Despite the spin, it's hard not to feel a tingling of anticipation with the shifts and changes currently occurring. These effervescent and vibrant energies are all surfacing for a reason, and although we may not know exactly what that reason is at the moment, intuitively we can sense the need to open up our hearts and souls towards the new. It can be frustrating to move forward when there is so much uncertainty, but in truth, the only direction we have is forward because the momentum of change is rushing up behind us, creating energy and drive, pushing us ahead.

Although it is hard to welcome this washing machine/lurching fairground ride, there is a need for each of us to step deeper within in order to find serenity and tranquility. Life is always chaotic and changeable, but the art in living well comes from a willingness to find peace even in the busy moments. This takes strength and courage, but it's time for each of us to realize our gifts, to embrace them and to let them fly free. Even though everything feels confusing, it's hard to ignore the wave of hope that's rising up, weaving together in joining souls from all across the globe. There are times when we may feel alone and isolated, but globally so many of us are now turning to walk similar pathways towards peace and unity.

So, in many ways June is a month for reflection, but it is also a time to shift the tone away from confusion and powerlessness towards compassion and empowerment. It's so easy to focus on the things that divide us and to feel disconnected from like-minded souls, but the more we focus on the things that unite us, the more we feel a conscious part of the universe and an integral part of the whole. Yes, this is mostly about perception, but perception matters as it's how we frame our lives. However, perception doesn't necessarily create change in itself, it doesn't fix the things that are ‘broken’ or heal the things that are damaged, but it's a starting point. It's only when we shine the light within and find more compassion and love for ourselves that we can begin to step beyond the segregation and isolation we see all around as love conquers all. Yet, conquer is perhaps not the right word as love is love, it's not about power or conquering, it's just about love.

It's time to let compassion take the helm now as we each Take some time to find reference for ourselves, for every soul and for the earth. The more willing we are to look honestly at the bigger picture, the more we can feel the wonder of life and this seeps into the collective consciousness, just like water through limestone. This isn't a rapid process, but the pace of change is quickening so the more each of us can focus on compassion, the more we will walk together and find unity.

There are times when it is easy to feel like an insignificant dot in the universal whole, it's easy to feel irrelevant or disempowered. However, it's only when we look at the bigger picture, we realize that every single dot matters, as every dot makes up the whole. When we spend time in nature, watching the waves or noticing a tree change from one season to the next, it's easy to feel connected to the majesty of life, and it's time for us to feel even more connected now as humanity needs to reconnect to the magnificence of the natural world and become a part of it once again.

June looks set to be a month where the power of re-connection starts to grow stronger and stronger. We each have a choice as to how we live, how we think and what we believe. This is a time to stand up, to be wholehearted and to consciously reconnect to the natural flow of life. Whilst we can never know where such a flow will lead us, it's important to trust our intuition to guide us and to believe in our gifts as they will guide us forwards.

It's time to breathe more deeply into life and to acknowledge that we each have our parts to play in the bigger picture. In short, it's time to let love be love.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful. 

With love,



As you continue to unravel your need and desire to try to be everything to everyone, there is a sense that you are finally beginning to find some space amongst the busy-ness. Your life has been full steam ahead for quite some time, as though someone pressed the fast forward button and left it there. As a result, it’s been hard for you to breathe deeply and take stock of your life: of the path you’ve walked, the one you’re walking and the path ahead you’d still like to explore. In many ways, you thrive under pressure and enjoy the challenge of having so much to do, see and be. Yet, intuitively you are weary of the fast pace as it leaves you unsure if you’re coming, going, or lost somewhere in between, and you’re ready to let go of the pressure you place on your own shoulders to ‘get things done’. Although you have achieved a great deal, the cost has been losing sight of your own bigger picture as many of your goals and dreams have gathered dust within your heart and soul.

So, the more you let go of the need to be everything to everyone, the more centred you are becoming, and this is enabling you to re-connect to your hopes, dreams, and goals. Inevitably this is likely to create feelings of guilt within as you usually spend so little time focused on yourself, even though you know this isn’t selfish as it’s vital for your well-being. June looks set to bring you some breathing space in order to think about your true priorities and to find ways to take care of your own needs more. You will always be a giving and generous soul, but it’s time now to shine this within to illuminate a new way of living and being…


The need to honour yourself and your dreams continues throughout June as you create some much-needed quiet time in your life. Although you would never consciously opt for a complicated life, it seems complexity has taken a stronghold and left you feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and things to do. Intuitively you are wise enough to step back to see the bigger picture, allowing you to put this complexity into context, but it has still left you feeling tied up in knots and somewhat bewildered as to where you’re heading and why. A great deal of this complexity is connected to the lives of those around you and this seems to have unsteadied you from your usual earthy, grounded stance. Of course, it’s difficult not to get tied up in the lives of others, but much of the complexity is not yours to carry, yet you think nothing of sharing the burden.

The issue with this comes from your tendency to take on the load from others but so few around you seem keen to help share your own load. Most of the time you manage this, but it can leave you in a spin, dangling in mid-air as you struggle to regain your footing, and the harder you try to stand firm once again, the more you spin. However, if you take a deep breath and re-centre, you realize that there are times when trying to stop the spin won’t work, instead you have to let go; but this feels counter-intuitive on so many levels but intuitively you know it’s right. It takes great courage and wisdom to jump into the spin, particularly when most of the spin has been created from the ripples of the lives of those around you, but trust the process and know that it’s time to open up your heart and soul towards breathing deeply and going with the flow…


Trying to make sense of ‘why things are the way they are’ has always been a central theme in your life as you have always longed to understand your path, your purpose and yourself. In many ways, and on many levels, this quest has shaped your experience as you have spent a great deal of time looking at the bigger picture, trying to answer so many of the unanswered questions in your life. You have tried to rationalize the irrational and sought out ways to answer the unknowable, and whilst you have made good progress, there is still so much yet to discover. Of course, this quest has helped you a great deal, but it has also kept your focus on where you’ve been, rather than on where you are now. Looking behind you brings context, but it’s important to bring your focus firmly into the present moment in order to live your life more consciously as you are on the brink of making some important and life-altering decisions about your values, dreams, and beliefs.

You have changed, grown, and evolved so much over recent years, and you seem ready now to step into unchartered terrain when it comes to embracing your creative and intuitive gifts. It’s time to look at what’s holding you back and to seek out ways of re-shaping these to something more life-affirming. In addition, it’s important for you to re-define your sense of self, to be proud of your uniqueness and to re-focus those blurred edges as you stand firm in your power. Turn to face any areas of discontentment or imbalance and trust your intuition to guide you as to how to address these. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, and it’s time to believe in yourself and to dance freely through life once again…


Your life has always been unpredictable and unknowable, full of twists and turns as you’ve navigated your way through many layers of challenges and obstacles. You are resourceful, open-minded, and wise, and this enables you to manage the winds of change more readily than most, becoming an expert in navigating the unchartered waters with courage and determination, knowing that every experience is an opportunity to grow and evolve. Yet, there is a part of you fed up with the ebb and flow of the currents, longing to rest and be still for a while; you yearn for some quiet time to re-balance and re-centre, working out your true priorities and making sense of the bigger picture of your life. Although you are strong and courageous, you have grown weary of navigating and circumnavigating, you just want an opportunity to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ – such a shift takes a conscious choice to breathe deeply and pause as you ride the waves; and it takes time for this to become your natural way of living, but it doesn’t have to be your only focus, just an integral part of your path ahead.

Although you will always be navigating as that’s a part of being alive, it’s time to shift your focus towards living more consciously and creatively, embracing the moment, and opening up to opportunities and new experiences. Life isn’t just about navigating the currents, it’s about learning how to flourish and thrive. You are creative, spiritual, and intuitive, so channel these gifts and let them flow freely into every nook and cranny of your existence as you look towards your hopes and dreams. It’s time to let your heart and soul guide you as you step towards a new way of living and being that inspires you to embrace your gifts as you explore a path that encourages you to fly free…


As the winds of change continue to gather pace and momentum within your heart and soul, June looks set to be a month of new doorways opening on your path ahead. You have spent a great deal of time contemplating your true priorities and ascertaining what’s truly valuable in your life, and this has enabled you to focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to seeking out happiness and joy. You have been hovering on the edge of a new chapter for quite some time, but there is a sense that you have felt almost stuck between where you’ve been and where you’re going, as the path ahead has been cloudy and obscured from view. As a result, you haven’t been sure how to move forwards, uncertain if you should do what you feel you ought to do rather than doing what you intuitively know to be right. In a way, you’ve been stuck in a moment, in a space that’s neither here nor there, it’s as though you have moved beyond the ‘old you’ but haven’t been ready to step into unchartered terrain, mostly because you haven’t had any clear insight as to what’s next.

On one level, you have longed to have the space and freedom to follow your dreams, but you have spent so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone else that defining your dreams isn’t easy as they’ve faded over time. It’s therefore time for you to take a deep breath and re-establish a connection to your heart and soul; you are deeply intuitive, and you sense the time has come for you to embrace your strength, courage, and creativity with passion and zest as you seek out ways to let your effervescent and exuberant essence shine brightly. It’s time to live wholeheartedly and to take some big, bold, and wonderful steps on your path ahead…


As you continue to move towards acceptance and knowing in many areas of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to make some important realizations about the choices you make and why you make them. In many ways, the equation of your life has never been particularly straightforward as you are not a kind of ‘A plus B equals C’ kind of soul. Although you have a good understanding as to what makes you tick, you intuitively sense that even when A plus B equals C, this cannot fully explain why things are the way they are; you exist beyond the equation. This sounds confusing, but it’s a reflection of the complexity of your existence as you see beyond the walls of your everyday life (the equation), and your consciousness thrives in the area beyond this.

You have never been one to live inside the box or to paint by numbers as you need the freedom and space to breathe and explore in your own time and in your own way. There is some residual guilt still bubbling around connected to your belief that you should try harder to be the person you feel you ought to be rather than living intuitively and being true to yourself. Why do you feel that you could, and should, do better? Why do you feel that you’re not enough exactly as you are? In many ways, life would be easier if A plus B did equal C, but you would quickly lose motivation to keep expanding and evolving. June looks set to be a month for you to start carving out some new beliefs based on what you truly believe as you let go of the ought’s and must’s. At the same time, why not be yourself and love yourself for it? It’s time to create your own equation for a happy, joy-filled and rewarding life…


June looks set to mark a significant change in the direction and flow of the currents when it comes to the tides of your life. You have spent a long time in a chaotic maelstrom of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences, all swirling around your consciousness, and all weaving in and out of your awareness. Some of the time these are clear and distinct, but mostly they are in a big heap of confused, chaotic ‘stuff’. As a result, it’s been hard for you to have any sense of clarity as to where you are, where you’re going and why. You’ve been in something of a spin, feeling as though you are being carried along by the tides with no control over the direction or flow. There are times when you have resisted and fought the tides, you have also tried to outwit them and find another way, but here you find yourself, still being carried along by the currents.

This isn’t a suggestion that you have failed or given up, just an observation that you are still facing challenge after challenge. It’s been discombobulating and disorientating, confusing and bewildering, as you usually like to have a clear sense of direction and feel as though you are creating more balance in your life. It seems clear that you need to stop trying so hard to find a way through this as you have been running both backwards and forwards just to stay on the same spot and you need a rest; stop trying so hard and know that it’s perfectly fine to rest for a while. Although drifting isn’t your usual state of being, there are times when it’s better to go with the flow rather than continually trying to resist the currents, why not try it out and let go? There is no ‘do’ here, just a willingness to be fully conscious in the moment…


It seems you have spent a great deal of time lately trying not to do what you’re doing and trying to do what you’re not doing. Confused? Well, everyone around you is! There is a sense of inner battle going on within your heart and soul as you seem weary with your tendency of going with the flow of other peoples’ lives. As a part of the process of re-establishing your sense of self, you have been chopping and changing direction, hence the confusing first sentence. You’re not being contrary or difficult, you are simply trying to find peace with your true nature in order to feel more centred in your own strength and power, and part of this process involves twisting and turning as you try to shake free from the tangles of those around you. This time of change has created ripples both within, and around you, as your quest for more self-awareness has inevitably impacted the lives of those close, just as they have impacted you.

Yet, intuitively you know you are now walking the right path and the more you connect to your true essence, the more you will find clarity as to your path ahead. This path is fresh and new, and it involves living more consciously and letting your intuition guide you towards pastures new. This isn’t about ignoring the needs of those around you, it’s about finally acknowledging your own needs and recognizing the necessity to explore these now; you have the creativity and innovation to find a way to make this work. It’s important to avoid second guessing this process as it’s fluid and evolving all the time, so instead of trying to charge ahead, take your time and gently allow your gifts to unfurl and blossom. Stop thinking about the life you shouldn’t be living and focus on living the life you were born to live…


tune with your hopes and dreams, there is a sense that you have reached a significant point of breakthrough as you feel lighter and more energised, as though you have let go of a great deal that has been holding you back. Yet, it’s hard to define exactly what you’ve let go of as it feels vague, nebulous, and a little non-descript. However, despite this uncertainty, it feels truly significant, and this needs to be acknowledged even though you currently lack clarity as you have reached an important milestone of self-awareness and self-compassion. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, oozing with creativity and extremely intuitive, but you often ‘park’ this for the sake of getting on with the business of life.

Whilst this sees you achieve goals, there is a hollowness at your core which longs for a life lived more in balance with your heart and soul. You have always carried a level of burden that few others could even comprehend, let alone manage, as you carry a lifetime (more even) of unprocessed and unacknowledged experiences and dreams. It’s not that you’re not aware of these dreams, it’s just that you so often defer them for a ‘better time’ and you also seem to doubt your innate gifts and talents. It’s time to realize that the ‘better time’ is now, as you step deeper into the ever-changing landscape of your soul in order to re-connect to your strength and passion. It’s time to believe in yourself and to know that the more wholeheartedly you embrace your free spirit, the more you will realize just how important it is to fly free in life. Breathe deeply and feel your spirit dancing within as it’s time to step boldly forth towards pastures new…


June looks set to be a month of insight and inspiration as you begin to see beyond the boundaries of your everyday life, looking towards a brighter, and more expansive, future. You have spent a long time thinking about why you are the way you are, pondering and contemplating different ideas and scenarios, trying to find answers to your many unanswered questions, and whilst you have found some understanding, there is a sense that there is still a great deal yet to discover. In some ways, this realization frustrates you, but intuitively you know that you will never have all of the answers as life simply doesn't work that way. In many ways, it's the magical, uncertainty of life that brings opportunity and adventure, and whilst there are times that you long to live with clarity and knowing, logically you know this isn’t possible as life is full of unknowable-ness.

It can be difficult to make choices and decisions about how to move forwards in life when there are so many unanswered questions, but this is no different to every other moment of your existence thus far. However, the depth of uncertainty does feel more profound, and this is hard to manage as it’s left you feeling unsettled and unsure as to how to move forwards and make decisions. Although you are naturally a ‘doing’ kind of soul, there are times in life when not doing makes more sense, and this seems to be one of them as there’s a need to be patient to see where the currents take you. Whilst you are not usually happy to watch and wait, intuitively you realize that it feels wise to hover on the periphery for a while in order to let more clarity surface. It’s time to trust, take a deep breath and step consciously and wholeheartedly into the present moment…


June looks set to be a month where you continue to review and reflect on all aspects of yourself and your path in life. You have been pulled in a multitude of different directions lately and this has left you feeling scattered and disorientated, unsure of where you’re going or why. Despite the discombobulation, there is a sense that it’s only by being scattered that you’ve been able to see your bigger picture, and this has given you insight into how to bring together the many different facets of your being. As you know, your head and your heart often have different agendas, and this can leave you feeling at odds with yourself as it can stifle your ability to see your path ahead. There are times when you feel as if there are two versions of you: the thinker and the intuitive dreamer. Both have value but it’s important not to facilitate a head versus heart scenario as both are integral parts of your being.

Although there are times when you feel this divide deeply, try to be self-compassionate and use your phenomenal intuition to find a new way of living and being that welcomes all aspects of your nature as you try to bring your head and heart together. It’s time to stop pulling against your natural state of being and see the power and potential of allowing these two powerhouses (your heart and your head) to work together. Try not to over-think this process, try not to over-feel it either, find your own middle way that embraces every single facet of your being. You seem ready now to re-connect to the light within and to find new ways to illuminate your life from the inside, out. Intuitively you already know how to dance with the light, so take a deep breath and let your light lead the way.


As you continue to explore your inner depths, there is a sense that you are beginning to understand your true self and your motivations with more clarity than ever before. There have been many times in your life where you have felt frustrated with the choices and pathways that you followed, as instinctively, and intuitively, they haven't felt quite right even though you went along anyway. Overtime, you realized this tendency was mostly as a result from your desire to please those around you, and this then left you feeling deprived and disconnected from your own sense of self. June looks set to be a month where you seek out new ways to find balance in your life as you look to reignite the flames and passion within. Whilst you will continue exploring your inner world, the shift also moves externally to the path you were walking and the life you were living.

In short, you are opening up to the bigger picture of your life and shining the light of compassion more wholeheartedly towards yourself. This is not selfish; it shows a willingness within your heart and soul to honour yourself and your own needs more. As a result, where you once saw boundaries or barriers, new horizons are opening as walls fall away leaving the pathway ahead open and full of opportunity. Of course, you are bound to feel an air of caution when it comes to diving deeply within, but it's time to realize that your true power resides in your heart and soul. Part of this process involves the need to honour your own needs more, to master the art of saying ‘No!’ and to open up your heart towards loving every facet of your being. You are an amazing, gifted, intuitive and vibrant soul, and it’s time to turn towards your inner world and embrace your power and creativity as it’s your time to shine...

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