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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for May 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for May 2023

Message for May 2023

We are certainly living in a time of shifting landscapes, both within us and around us. Challenge seems to be a central theme for so many, an almost constant stream of challenge after challenge after challenge.

Of course, challenge comes in many shapes and sizes, and we can each face confusion, pain, grief, anger, and heartache; sometimes all at once. As a result, the skies often appear stormy and grey, as we can feel lost, alone and without hope, disconnected from the world and with a perspective that sees others getting on with their lives, but we can feel stuck. It’s human nature to feel that everyone else is ‘moving on’, but we each have our own challenges and our own struggles. We so often believe that we are not enough, we are ‘less than’ or that others are somehow better than us; this is an understandable human response, but we need to shift the dynamic now towards something more holistic and life-affirming.

Even when the storm clouds circle and we feel lost, deep within we can sense those tiny chinks of light that bring us a ray of hope and a splash of optimism. When our life experiences collide like waves crashing onto rocks in stormy seas, we can feel shattered into tiny pieces, yet it’s often during such challenges that we discover our resilience and be-friend our gifts. We all so often push hard to get away from the challenges, that we forget to appreciate the lessons they bring us as well as the need to pause and reflect in order to grow and evolve.

Despite all the challenges, there is a sense that we are standing in-between two chapters in life, not quite where we were and not yet where we want to be. Of course, the idea of where we want to be constantly changes, but we can intuitively sense the general direction! It seems important though that this ‘in-between’ time is not overlooked as merely a stop gap as it brings each of us an important and powerful opportunity to step back and explore the bigger picture. We frequently get lost in the routines of life, losing sight of hopes and dreams, and feeling disconnected from our intuitive selves, so it’s important to pause every so often in order to re-focus and re-connect.

Even when the skies are stormy and we’re feeling lost or alone, light finds a way through. It might take a while and it might be hard to see, but it’s there. The more we acknowledge this, the more we open up our hearts and souls towards a more conscious way of living and being. At the same time, there is a need to set the pain free that resides within our hearts and souls, to acknowledge that it’s a part of us, but to no longer let it weigh us down and hold us back from living our best lives.

It’s time to choose to live life with all of our nature, not just a part of it. To live wholeheartedly and to have the love, compassion, and self-belief to be our true selves. Of course, the world is not always accommodating to truth and there is still so much hatred, judgement, and torment, but intuitively we know we are collectively moving towards a turning point of acceptance and the more we open to this process, the more we will illuminate this pathway for others.

Many of us continue to feel lost and alone, disconnected from the world and from like-minded beings. It’s as though the compass within has gone haywire, spinning wildly in every direction, so finding north (the way home) feels out of reach. Yet, when we pause, breathe, and re-connect, north is there, we sometimes have to have more trust and faith in the process. Feeling alone and lost is a common theme for so many, and it’s important to know that others walk the path; some near and some far, but we are never truly alone. When chaos runs amok within our hearts and souls, and we feel disconnected and alone, it’s easy to see challenging emotions surface from anger to pain, and it’s important to acknowledge these tenderly as they are still a part of us. It’s only when we can embrace the entirety of our natures that we can find peace.

Although life can feel heavy and difficult, joy exists. It’s a bit like happiness in that it isn’t a by-product of eradicating the difficult stuff, it needs to be cultivated and nurtured in its own right. Yet, when consumed and overcome with the weight of life, it’s not easy to find the space to do this. However, even a few minutes a day opening up to joy can initiate a journey towards a more enriching life. Of course, focusing on joy doesn’t eliminate the challenges, but it helps to shift our perspectives and open up to the bigger picture.

May looks set to be a time for coming together and for reaching out to others as we step beyond the boundaries of our lives and towards unchartered terrain. Our routines have become comfort blankets of security and it’s time to step off the treadmills and find a new way of living. There’s more to life than keeping on keeping on, and as the darkness continues to disperse, it’s important to consciously acknowledge the light. The more consciously we choose to live in the present moment, the freer we become. It’s time to accept the amazing, albeit bewildering, beauty of being alive.

For now, and as always, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As your life continues to be filled with busy-ness, there is a sense that the longing from your heart and soul for some slower-paced wholehearted living is growing in importance for you. You have so often sacrificed your own needs and dreams for the sake of others, but you have finally accepted the fact that if this pattern is going to change then you need to be the one who instigates this. Re-shaping and re-defining your sense of self looks set to build in importance throughout May as you start to dig a little deeper in order to understand the things that nourish you and the things that don’t. This includes the many different aspects of your life, including the paths you walk and the people around you. It’s easy to shift into auto-pilot when you’re constantly bending yourself out of shape to accommodate the needs, wishes and whims of others, and whilst bending and flexing is an inevitable part of life, there needs to be a free-flow of give and take, and this seems to be lacking as there are those around you who are good at taking but not so good at giving.

As a result, you have become an expert contortionist, trying to be everything to everyone, but it’s time for change as you intuitively know that this restrains your creative and intuitive flow, preventing you from living your life as wholeheartedly and as intuitively as you would like. Of course, being everything to everyone allows for a more peaceful existence, but the cost to you now seems too high a price to pay. It’s time to stop living the life you feel you ought to live and instead start to focus on living the life you choose to live as you shift the focus towards your true priorities. It’s time for you to fly free and to embrace the freedom that’s both within and around you…


As you continue to dive deeply within your heart and soul, there is a sense that you have experienced some important shifts over recent weeks as you step from living the life you’ve felt you ought to live towards living a life where you have the time to take a breath, to take stock and to re-connect to the path you intuitively know you were born to walk. There has been a constant theme of ‘rush, rush, rush’ for you lately, with so much to do, so many people to see and so many places to be and this has left you spinning as a result, it has also left you with a level of doubt as to your true priorities in life. Of course, you love pressure as this is often when you truly excel in life, but being at the heart of the buzz and busy-ness doesn’t give you much opportunity for breathing space and you really need this now as your soul is yearning for an opportunity to re-centre and re-balance.

In fact, it seems essential to create some time and space for yourself as you have started to wilt under the pressure you’ve been under for so long. Yes, you are robust and more than capable of handling the strain, but the focus needs to turn towards whether you want to continue along this path, not just on your ability to manage it. Being busy keeps you focused, but it can also shift your focus away from your own needs and dreams, and it’s time to ring the changes as you seem ready now to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. The first step along this path comes from your willingness to look deeply within in order to open up your heart and soul towards more enrichment and fulfilment, embracing both adventure and possibility as you start to truly honour yourself and your dreams…


As you continue to stand on the edge of life, trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are, there is a sense that you are beginning to see your life with fresh insight and perspective. You have spent a great deal of your life trying to ‘fit in’ and trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be in order to feel whole and complete. For a long time, this focus seemed all-consuming as you felt you were unable to ‘move on’ until you felt whole and became an integrated part of the flock of ‘normal’. Of course, you’ve evolved beyond this now as you have realised that it’s your uniqueness that brings you creativity, wisdom, and strength, and trying to channel your energy towards being someone you’re not takes away your confidence and self-belief as your focus is always on the horizon and not on where you are now.

May looks set to bring you some much-needed breathing space as you step back even further to gain more insight into your path ahead. Breathing space isn’t just about doing less, it’s also about thinking less and trusting your intuition more. This sounds easy, but for an over-thinker, it’s a challenge to stop over-thinking! In essence, it’s time to lessen the pressure you place on your shoulders and let go in order to step beyond the beliefs that have shaped your life for so long as you start to explore a new way of living and being. At the same time, you seem ready to start letting go of your quest to ‘fit in’ and instead embrace your uniqueness as it brings you such a fresh perspective in life. This is likely to create something of an internal struggle as you have strived for so long to ‘fit in’ that willingly letting that desire go may feel unsettling, however trust your intuition, and believe in yourself…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your sense of self, May looks set to bring you a new level of awareness of the bigger picture of your life. As you know, the bigger picture is a collection of moments that weave and dance together to form the landscape of your life, and whilst some are well-defined and easy to understand, many are nebulous and incomprehensible. As a result, there can be times when you really have no idea where you are, where you’ve been or where you’re going, and this can lead to an inner restlessness and discombobulation. Whilst you’re definitely not alone feeling this way, there can be times when this confusion and bewilderment can leave you unsure of your path ahead, not really knowing what to do or which path to follow. During such times, it’s important to turn towards your inner light and to know that you have a wealth of resources within you that can help guide you.

You are strong, wise, creative, and intuitive, and your life experiences have enabled you to gain a good balance of perspective. Yet, when you feel out of sorts and tossed about by the storms of life, it’s easy to lose sight of your gifts and feel powerless. Although your perfectionist tendencies mean you often push yourself when you’re struggling, try not to give yourself a hard time for feeling this way as it’s completely natural. It’s also an opportunity to pause, breathe and reflect giving you a much-needed opportunity to enjoy the process of re-shaping and re-defining your sense of self. Look beyond your everyday routine towards the kaleidoscope of colours that represent the effervescence of your soul as you are a vibrant being and a shining light. The landscape of your life is yours for the shaping and it’s time for you to shine…


Shifting your priorities towards your true goals has been a central theme for you over recent months. You have spent so much of your life trying to be the support and the rock for everyone around you, giving and over-giving of both yourself, and your reserves, in the process. Whilst it’s true that giving so freely warms your heart and soul as it’s a reflection of your deep and far-reaching compassion, this can only truly flow freely if the flow moves in two directions: others offering you the same level of compassion and, at the same time, you showing yourself love and compassion. The latter in particular seems to be lacking as you so rarely take the time to step back and think about your own needs. Yet, others offering you the love and support you both need, and deserve, also lacks oomph as it seems you are the driving force of compassion in your corner of the world and, over time, this has become a little taken for granted by those around you.

There is nothing particularly malicious in this, people have just grown used to your giving nature and have started to take it for granted. This dynamic needs to start changing now as you step more consciously into the present moment and start to connect more intuitively to your heart and soul as these are your guiding lights, illuminating the path towards more balance and joy in your life. You will always be a giving soul, but you need to prioritise yourself for a while and bring your dreams back into focus as you stop trying to do everything for everyone else. It’s time now to feel your feet once again, and to re-connect to the passion and fire within, as your creativity begins to awaken and stir. Shine the compassion within, show yourself tenderness and understanding, and embrace a new direction of wholehearted living…


As you continue to seek out wisdom and understanding in the quiet pauses and the tranquil moments, it would be easy to feel as though this is a thankless task as you are so busy with things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve that there is no space left for quiet. There can be no denying that your life has been busy and chaotic, and yet, when you take a deep breath, you immediately touch a pause as your energy shifts, and you feel more connected. Whilst one breath on its own doesn’t make much difference, the more time you can find to breathe, reflect and be still, the more you will realise just how important these little snippets are. Inner peace doesn’t have to come from weeks, months or even years of reflection and stillness, it comes from the willingness to embrace every moment, however short, knowing that it’s the accumulation of lots of these snippets that ultimately helps to shape and redefine your life.

This is a slow process, and one that can’t be rushed as you are evolving and growing on every step of the journey, so this is a process to savour and enjoy as much as possible. May looks set to be a time to actively seek out breathing space as you contemplate how to make some changes to the fabric of your life in order to create a more balanced way of living and being; you can sense the need to allow your intuition to guide you forwards towards pastures new. Although you still have many unanswered questions in life, it seems important now to stop over-thinking and over-pondering, moving away from procrastination and towards acceptance and knowing. This is not about giving up on the answers, it’s about finding peace in not knowing and strength in uncertainty. So, breathe, release, repeat…


May looks set to be a month of change and a time of changing currents on all levels of your life as you embark on a new chapter that takes you into new terrain. You have been restless for a long time, wanting more, but not being able to give this ‘more’ either shape or definition. As a result, you’ve drifted and felt restless, trying to get from where you are, to where you want to be, but without actually knowing where you really want to be. This may sound a little contradictory, but it’s a good reflection of the swirling mass of thoughts, ideas and beliefs that constantly move around your mind at a million miles an hour. It’s as though you have to wait for your life to catch up with your thoughts as they are always charging ahead in the distance. Yet, your thoughts are a part of you and the more you realise this, the more you will understand why you are the way you are.

Yes, it’s confusing having a swirling mass of thoughts and ideas whizzing around your head, but these are the source of your creativity, your intuition, and your wisdom, and whilst it can be hard to see this swirling maelstrom as a gift, the more you can appreciate the benefits it brings you, the more you will find ways to channel it more consciously in life. In short, if you can start to find a deeper sense of peace with your true nature, then you will begin to find new ways to live that are enriching and fulfilling, encouraging you to reach towards your hopes and dreams; it’s time to breathe deeply and to have the self-belief and self-awareness to live the life you were born to live. You are a wise and intuitive soul, and only you know your true priorities, but take the time to listen to them now, honour them and let them lead the way…


As you continue to explore the landscape within your heart and soul, it seems you have ventured into the wilderness within, into that place you so rarely go. When your life is busy with keeping on keeping on, the wilderness feels out of reach as you don’t have the time to go there. Yet, intuitively you know that your creativity, tenacity, and wisdom all reside within the wilderness, as although it’s wild, it’s vibrant, beautiful, and full of potential. In short, it’s where your dreams reside, it’s the place where your intuition and sense of self hide when life gets busy. You’ve spent so long keeping on keeping on, that the overgrown wilderness may look full of tangles and impassable paths, and so a little forbearing, but do remember it’s a part of you and with a little time and love, you can re-connect to it more wholeheartedly. Spending your time trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve ought to be, needs to be a focus of the past now as the time has come for you to re-connect to your true nature and to stop being torn in two trying to be someone you’re not.

Focus your phenomenal energy within and realise that you have the power to transform your life from the inside, out. Life isn’t solely about keeping others happy, it’s also about living your best life and embracing the gifts you were born with. Life rarely paves the path ahead with gold as challenges often appear, and these can knock your belief, so try to use your gifts to deal with these challenges and have the self-belief to know that you absolutely have what it takes to succeed. As you embark on a new chapter in life, have the courage to venture into the wilderness within and let your intuition be your guide as you step towards something new…


The need for you to embrace your expansive inner spirit looks set to continue throughout May. Your soul is radiating and shining brightly, inspiring you to look beyond the four walls of your everyday life and towards new possibility and new adventures. Your life has certainly been full of ups and downs recently, there have been times when you felt lost and alone in the darkness, but when you’ve taken a deep breath and looked within, your inner light as illuminated your path ahead. In other words, even during those times when you feel without hope, or without purpose, it’s important to know that you have all of the resources you need within to guide you, to lead you and to inspire you. You are a wise, vibrant, and compassionate soul, but you often lack the belief in yourself to allow these gifts to flow freely. It seems important for you to look deeply within in order to understand why you struggle to believe in your own phenomenal potential, as it’s usually this lack of self-belief that holds you back.

Life offers you opportunity, but your doubts can leave you hovering on the edge, unsure if you have what it takes. This needs to stop! Not only do you have what it takes, you have an amazing gift, and your inner light shines so brightly, it’s time for the world to see it. You keep the light within because you feel others may not want to see it, yet there is much darkness in the world, and your creativity, compassion and knowledge are very much needed now, so it’s time to challenge yourself to allow your inner light some freedom to dance freely through life. Of course, being you is unquestionably complicated, as you struggle to love or own your gifts, but don’t be tethered by your fear as it’s time to live your life wholeheartedly and to shine as brightly as possible…


As your focus continues to move away from keeping on keeping on, it seems you are beginning to feel more space in your life. The inevitable attraction with space is to fill it with something else, but it seems important that you give yourself some time and allow the space to just be space for a while. Sometimes it’s the spaces within the spaces in life that hold the most knowledge and wisdom, and sometimes it’s these spaces that bring us inspiration and guidance. Life isn’t just about keeping on keeping on, being busy or ticking off ‘to do’ lists, life is about living and being alive. It’s easy to become trapped in the cycle of autopilot with routine and pedestrian daily matters, and whilst these are important, you also need to look beyond this towards the bigger picture of your life to find ways to incorporate your hopes and dreams into your everyday world.

You spend a great deal of your time trying to do your best for everyone and inevitably this has led to you not always doing your best for yourself, and although intuitively you sense the need to change this, you have never quite managed to get around to doing this. This needs to change as it’s time for you to acknowledge the extra space in your life and to find peace in allowing it to remain. Feeling fulfilled does not necessarily come from being busy; true fulfilment is a state of being, not a state of doing. It would be good for you to understand why you try so hard to be everything to everyone, but more importantly you need to understand why you so often actively avoid connecting with your own bigger picture and your own hopes and dreams. You are probably the most resilient and wise person you know, so use these gifts and create the change in order to live a more fulfilling and enriching life…


The whispers of your soul are still calling out to you on all levels of your being, inspiring you to look beyond your perceived boundaries and into unchartered terrain. You have grown and evolved a great deal over recent years, and this process seems to have escalated more recently as you have opened up your heart and soul towards living more in tune with your true essence. It’s hard to condense and distil ‘your true essence’ into words as its vast and indefinable, and yet in order for you to be able to process this, there is a need for you to make sense and understand, so you therefore feel trapped in a kind of perpetual conundrum. You are wise enough to know that sometimes life doesn’t have the answers to many of your questions, and whilst you can accept this, you seem to be struggling as you cannot work out how you can live in tune with your true essence if you’re not quite sure what it is!

Yet, you are also wise enough to know that sometimes you need to go with the flow of your intuition and trust the answers will surface when, and if, they’re meant to. It seems you are being asked to step beyond your mind and into the terrain of your heart and soul to allow this process to unfold in its own time and in its own way. Decluttering your life will help as it will support you in travelling more lightly through life, letting go of both the inessential and the busy-ness will help as you need the space to breathe and re-centre. Sometimes, it’s only when you step back from the chatter of distraction and rest in stillness for a while that you start to see a clearer and more detailed picture emerge. It’s time to take a deep breath and to set yourself free…


Life has been feeling rather heavy and awkward recently, a cumbersome overtone to a background of a lot of challenge and angst. It’s as though every time you take a step forward in knowing and wisdom, you feel that life pushes you back two steps. Over time, this has worn you down and left you feeling overloaded and weary. Yet, despite the hard slog, you haven’t lost sight of your hope and optimism. The art of saying ‘No!’ is an important lesson for you though, as you so often try to be everything to everyone and saying ‘No!’ can feel so difficult as it invokes feelings of guilt, as though you are somehow letting others down. Of course, this is just perception, but it still impacts you, so you often say ‘Yes’ even when your heart and soul are yelling at you to do the opposite. It’s an integral part of your nature to go with the flow of other people’s lives, yet there are times in your life when honouring your own needs and standing in your power are vital for you to re-centre and re-balance.

You cannot continually bend and twist yourself out of shape to accommodate the needs of others without experiencing the consequences of such a choice at some point along the line. You need the room to stretch and dance in life to express your creativity and to live as consciously and wholeheartedly as possible. You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, but you need to focus now on self-compassion and self-love in order to establish a new way of living and being. Saying ‘No!’ can be a challenge, but you’ve got this. Take a deep breath, say ‘No!’, then take another deep breath and repeat in order to re-establish your boundaries and to start the process of honouring and loving yourself more. Each time you stand firm you are acknowledging to your deepest self that you matter. And you do…

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