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Book Of Life: Chapter Fourteen - CLEANSING PLANET EARTH

Book Of Life: Chapter Fourteen - CLEANSING PLANET EARTH

Just as many of us may prefer to view our planet as timelessly stable and unchanging, closing our minds to past and possible future disruptions, many also have a parallel view of Planet Earth as an inanimate object which we may exploit and abuse at our pleasure.

The 'Higher Wisdom' however gives us a view which is now gaining increasingly wide acceptance on Earth: that Mother/Goddess Earth is a living sentient Being, to whom we owe not just our respect, but the privilege of being permitted to reside and evolve upon Her surface.

Goddess Earth, or Gaia, as she is also known, is indeed a very High Being belonging to an earlier wave of Creative Light Beings. She is correctly referred to in the female as she has retained a certain predominant female characteristic. Having originally completed her own first Great Cycle of Evolution and returned to the Godhead, she was then given further 'Higher Service', a chance to become a "Planetary Being" through 'ensouling' the body of Planet Earth. She was also given the assistance of a 'Planetary Logos', a highly evolved soul who maintains contact between Her and all the evolving sentient lifeforms within and on Her surface. This has up to now been the Lord Sanat Kumara, originally trained for this position on Planet Venus. It is he who has provided the vital link between Mother Earth and the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms up to the present. However, he himself will be shortly moving up to even higher service in another area at the coming end of the present Great Cosmic Cycle.

The Master ZEN TAO: "That Being whom you know as Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia is a very powerful Being, possessing profound wisdom and power. By the invocation of a single word she can transform the whole nature of her being. Although she has released partial dominion on her surface to Humanity as Planetary Guardians of the mineral, plant and animal life so that Humanity may learn therefrom, ultimately Gaia controls the planet and the nature of what manifests on its surface. Nature is her nature.

This planet is now approaching a time in its evolutionary cycle when it will change dramatically, rather like a snake throwing off its old skin. Every so many thousands of years, no matter whether Humanity is incarnated on Earth or not, this planet goes through a metamorphic change as part of its natural cycle. As our physical bodies replace themselves every seven years, so does the planet's body. This is essential for the planet in order to preserve the creative, the reproductive nature of its being. So at its appointed time the planet goes through a cycle of transformation. This necessarily involves major movement of the planet's landmasses, movement of the waters, and the restructuring of the matter of the Earth." [The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

We should recognise, however, that the need for a thorough cleansing of Planet Earth at this time is more than a matter of regular end-of-cycle procedure.

Planet Earth has up to now served as host to the younger souls and also the more aggressive and destructive souls for at least twenty six million years. It has become well-known within our Milky Way Galaxy as a place of learning at the densist third-dimensional physical level those particularly hard lessons for resolving any aggressive and destructive tendencies of those who have not yet developed their Heart-centers of caring and love. Many throughout the Universe have come, or been placed here, in order to work out their aggressive and destructive tendencies, particularly through the outworkings of the Law of Karma. The Earth has also had the role up to now to act as an early Evolutionary School for a large population of relatively 'young' Human souls starting out on their evolutionary cycle. Many come here to learn some of their first and most fundamental evolutionary lessons as a consciously evolving Human. Here they are learning to discriminate between good and evil, and more importantly, to develop, over time, a respect for the sanctity of all other evolving life. It has been painfully evident that within the less evolved and developed countries of the world, however kindly and friendly many of the people may appear to be when things are going well, they do have a tendency to rapidly descend to killing each other and other atrocities when times get difficult.

Over a long period, as a result of all this learning activity of a somewhat negative nature, a gradual accumulation of a 'black cloud' of negative thought has developed in the spiritual ethers around Earth. This dark cloud is clearly visible to all Spiritual Plane Beings and the higher-vibration visitors of other planets and worlds.

SANAT KUMARA: "Before the New Age can begin on Earth, our Planet will be rewarded for its years of service at the lowest level, by undergoing a thorough cleansing of its surface, removing and neutralizing our cumulative environmental damage and the dark cloud of accumulated negative thought which now surrounds us.

The physical manifestation of this great cleansing will be precipitated by a tilting of the Earth's axis resulting in the Planet being literally 'shaken up'. This will cause an expansion of her molecules to a more tenuous, less dense aggregation, thus allowing a higher vibration rate.

The cause of the destruction that shall come upon the Earth is from man's own thinking. The Elements! They are intelligent life! They are part of the Infinite One, and because they are part of the Infinite One they will not respond to man's negative thinking any longer. And they will rebel, causing great tidal waves and great winds." [The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in "Secret of the Andes" - Leaves of Grass Press, NOVATO California]

The Master ZEN TAO: "The Mineral Kingdom is under the control of Humanity. Humanity influences the Mineral Kingdom by its own thought-forms, by its own patterns of behaviour. Humanity can, and must, co-operate with that Kingdom if it is to continue on its evolutionary path on the planet Earth, but for so long has the Mineral Kingdom been abused and vandalized by Humanity in order to serve its own ends, no matter what the cost to the Mineral Kingdom, that this co-operation has broken down. It is because of this that Humanity now approaches a time of planetary transformation, when the minerals of the planet will move, will vibrate to a different note. If Humanity does not change to that note, does not recognize it, then it will perish.

So be aware that this moment of rebirth is coming. The timing and the nature of the changes are known only to God. Whilst Humanity can, and will influence these changes, it can not and will not prevent their happening. The test for Humanity lies in its acceptance of the Earth changes as a natural and necessary happening, as an event which it has chosen to experience." [The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

Because Planet Earth has largely performed the role as a 'sacrificial host' to the less evolved and more aggressive/destructive types of Human evolution, she has as a consequence suffered considerable physical abuse and pollution to her body. Further evidence of Planet Earth's great sacrifice is offered in this beautiful testimony by a high Angelic Being, ELOUAI:

"Greetings to you, my beloveds. I am Elouai and I am a builder. I am not upon your Human line of evolution, but I am not one of what you call the Nature Forces. I stand with a company of others outside your planet. I am not a space Being from another planet. My home is within the higher dimensional vibrations of space. I want to communicate to you what we feel about your Earth and your work. My companions and I are among those who dwelt in space and were brought here long ages ago as companions of the Solar Logos who created this particular solar system.

We are builders within his solar realm. Every planet that is formed is in a dynamic state of life and of growth, drawing to itself the substances of nourishment and releasing that which it cannot assimilate. Thus, there are those forms and manifestations of energy in creation which are the unused, unintegrated, unresolved and untransmuted results of the creative process.

As in all living systems, until perfection and complete wholeness are achieved, there are in the body of the Solar Logos, which is the Solar System and all its planets on all their levels of being, those forces and energies which correspond to waste material. These must be transmuted and reintegrated into the cycle of life as raw material for future creativity. In the evolutionary movement forward through time, this residue which is left behind must be gathered up and purified, and then returned to the Creative cycle; it cannot be allowed to accumulate or to express itself within the evolving body as centres of unintegrated and separate energies existing out of timing and out of place, hence becoming sources of evil.

Please understand that for various reasons, Earth was set aside for the special task of being the 'purifier' for your solar system for a period of time. Hence, there were attracted to your world those elements which I have mentioned of unresolved, unintegrated matter, energy and life to be harnessed into the denser nature of material form. Left in their exposed state, these energies had the power to impact harmfully upon the sensitive fabric of the Solar Being and upon the other planets and their life-forms, being like a toxin within the systems of your own bodies.

However, by being encapsulated into dense matter within the body of Earth, their vibrations could be slowed down and shielded from the body of the whole until these energies could be purified and reintegrated harmoniously and in love into the whole. As this was done, the purifiers and redeemers came to Earth as well as those who will yet be purifiers and redeemers in destinies yet unperceived and perhaps undreamed of by you. Earth became a schoolhouse in the experiences of confronting and resolving the challenges of primitive creativity and evolution.

Your planet became an arena for the interplay of the forces of evolution on many levels and the forces of non-integrated life and energy from many sources, some quite primitive and others more evolved, but all within a sidetrack of evolution that placed these energies outside the communion of the whole. Thus, Earth became analogous to a kidney in the body of the solar system, regulating and transmuting the energies throughout the system, removing impurities and returning to the body of the whole only what is harmonious and integrated with the progressive evolution of the whole. Beings who had become tainted with energies of retrogressive evolution or devolution would come to Earth to be cleansed and reunited with the whole.

In this fashion, your planet has performed a tremendous service to all lifestreams and all planetary systems within the solar family, enabling them to continue their patterns of development with greater ease.

No planet or Being is asked to perform such a transmutative and sacrificial task endlessly, nor is it allowed to do so. The time must come when it takes up its own pattern of growth, new service and development. Now Earth seeks and is given Her redemption in a vast initiatory process occurring throughout the total body and life of the Solar Father. We who have associated with Earth since Her inception, now look upon this time as one of beauty without measure, joy without comparison.

Those forms which still remain within unregenerated aspects of primitive and separative expression will be lovingly removed, with respect for their essential Divine nature, to other areas which have newly taken on the transmutative function. Now a vast work of purification is upon us to cleanse and beautify Earth as one would beautify and enrobe a bride before her marriage; in this fashion we greet Earth in Her time of great joy and accomplishment. This event seeks its expression through your hearts and minds and your dedication.

Earth will always remain a place of special strength and contribution. Now she must progress with Her own evolution more rapidly than She could do if She remained within the service of transmutation. Because of this, you now see a great flood of population incarnating in order to take this opportunity for purification that they may maintain their link with solar evolution; otherwise they must sleep the long sleep to be reawakened in a future time in a future land."[ELOUAI, an Angelic Being channeled on 21st June 1970 in 'Links With Space', published 1970 by Findhorn Press, Findhorn, Forres, Scotland]

Those who continue to reject the idea of the need to renew Earth and her present Human civilization, should perhaps themselves question whether in fact our present life, with its sprawling Human development across the surface, the serious planetary pollution, as well as the poverty and starvation and constant wars are really so worthy of preservation as they presently stand. On higher levels, the Ascension of Humanity and the rejuvenation of Planet Earth, regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful planets within our Galaxy, is in fact seen as a coming event of great joy.

SANAT KUMARA: "The Earth is a beautiful world, vastly more beautiful than some of its neighbours. I have always loved the Earth beyond all other creations, for I see within it a melody that has not yet escaped into the ethers. I see it crying as one bound! But it shall not be deprived its Celestial Song much longer." [The Master SANAT KUMARA, channeled by Brother Philip in Secret of the Andes - Leaves of Grass Press, NOVATO California ]

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