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Metaphysical Dodecahedron

dodecahedronPhysical Qualities of the Dodecahedron

The Dodecahedron is the fourth in the series of the five Platonic Solid shapes. It contains 12 faces, 20 vertices and 30 edges. The Dodecahedron (along with its dual partner, the Icosahedron) is the closest of the Platonic Solids to mimic the shape of the sphere. Each of its faces are shaped in the form of a Pentagon.

Each of the five sides of the Pentagon could be said to represent one of the platonic solids. The number 12 is found numerous times in art, literature, music and metaphysical/spiritual connections.

Dodecahedron - Ether Element

Metaphysical aspects of the Dodecahedron

Plato described the Dodecahedron as the shape, "... god used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven". Aristotle added a fifth element, “ether” and postulated that the heavens were made of this element. The Dodecahedron represents the aspects of the Universe (Divine Creation) and is connected with the higher chakras (6th, 7th and above), which hold the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening, higher consciousness and Spiritual Ascension.

The shape of the Dodecahedron is linked to the Higher Self/Divine/All That Is and is a perfect tool to use in meditation and connection with this Source energy. The energy held within the Dodecahedron will raise the holder/users vibration up to meet its own. This allows for a state of connection to Higher Self/Source.

Due to its similarity in overall shape to the sphere (much like its dual, the Icosahedron) the energy will be a gentle one, emanating from all sides in equal proportions. This is very helpful when using the Dodecahedron for healing or meditation, as the entire space around you is filled with this energy vibration.

Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the Dodecahedron

The Dodecahedron would be most helpful when raising the energy vibration is needed.

Hold a quartz Dodecahedron as you sit in silence to attain a deep meditative state. Readers of all types may use an Amethyst Dodecahedron to access the higher self/consciousness and receive information from source.

A Rose Quartz Dodecahedron can be used to let go of ego when it stands in the way of what is in the highest good for all. Understanding this vibration of “All That Is” may assist when the physical “being” is pulled into old programming/conditioning by ego. When your ego becomes an issue, simply sit with this Dodecahedron to move out of the ego vibration and into the true higher self. This allows you to observe the situation from a completely different aspect.

Use a Dodecahedron in your healing practice to allow your clients’ energy vibration to effortlessly open to a state of wellness and wholeness.This vibration will allow the flow of energies to go exactly where they are needed and infuse the client with health and well being.

Create a grid using the Dodecahedron. Use a combination of Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine tumbles placed in a circle around a Dodecahedron to fill your space (and beyond) with the energies of Universal Love and Compassion.

To access your Higher Self/Source, try placing pieces of Amethyst and Quartz in a large circle. Sit in the middle of this circle while holding a Dodecahedron. This is a powerful meditation vibration.

I would even suggest placing a Rose Quartz or Amethyst Dodecahedron under your pillow while you sleep. Many times information from Higher Self/Source is presented during dream time. Make sure to have a journal or tape recorder handy.

Closing Comments for the Dodecahedron

The Dodecahedron is an expression of life and consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the physical vibrations of the body and to reconnect with the higher vibration of our true nature.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids are a set of five, three dimensional, shapes that date back to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and later named after the Greek Philosopher Plato. The Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron each have unique characteristics, in that all sides are equal, the angles are the same and the faces are identical.

It was the great Greek Philosopher, Plato, who paired each of the platonic solids with a classical element (fire, earth, water, air, and ethers/Universe). He believed that these three dimensional shapes were the building blocks to the creation of everything—in us, around us and beyond.


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