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The Fabric of Space, Organic Matrix, Inorganic Matrix and Holographic Realities

The Fabric of Space, Organic Matrix, Inorganic Matrix and Holographic Realities

Years ago I was peering out of my glass covered front door when my consciousness was taken into a prism that was suspended in front of the glass to catch the sun rays. I was drawn into the prism and in front of my eyes this tetrahedral geometric structure appeared to me. This was described to me at the time as the Light structure of the Diamond Sun Body. Weeks after seeing this Light structure and meditating upon it frequently, I realized that this structure held the multi-dimensional 144 Light projectors of the Diamond Sun Body that creates our holographic realties.

This was the Pandoras Box that really led me deeper into the Diamond Sun Architecture which is the fundamental architecture for the Cosmic Blueprints that creates all of Creation. Since I had gone through the process of fully creating my Diamond Sun Body and fully embodying the role of Divine Architect, it became much easier for me to put the pieces of this architecture together since I could look back at my own journey. I had also come across an actual image of this structure online some time after seeing it in the prism. The image called the 64 tetrahedron grid and is proposed by physicist Nassim Harramein. It is a tetrahedral structure made of 64 tetrahedrons which creates a geometric structure with 144 open pyramidal faces. Due to some differences I felt with his work, I dismissed the geometry and continued instead to work towards decoding from my consciousness just exactly how Diamond Sun Architecture works to create the manifested Cosmos. This led to a tremendous amount of wisdom on the structure of The Divine Organization and Diamond Sun Architecture to come forth which I have shared on this website..

Recently, this geometry began appearing to me again and this time it became clear that I would be decoding the Divine Wisdom on how the fabric of space is constructed. I have yet again been unpacking this Divine Wisdom from my consciousness in order to share with the collective. Actually, this is part of my crystalline Light program as a logos or fractal of Source at the highest level. That is, I must share this Eternal Wisdom into the collective mind (via the internet for now) before more is revealed. Also, it reveals itself to me through Light codes at certain points on the collective ascension timeline and not all at once. I then decode the Light from within and share the eternal wisdom freely for the ONE as the ONE. This wisdom may challenge your beliefs, may make you question your reality, you may view it as false and turn away from it, you may feel it as truth and not yet understand it, or you may understand every single word…and all of these are perfectly alright. The wisdom shared in this article will deal with the fabric of space, fractal geometries, inorganic geometries and realities versus organic geometries and realities. It will speak about the quantum field and Light at the quantum or photon level. We will discuss holographic realities and how it all fits together in what is known as Diamond Sun Architecture.

First, I will say that I have no formal education in physics outside high school which was before quantum physics was even thought about being shared with students. However, through ascension, my consciousness has expanded to reveal much about the quantum nature of our Creation and how this affects consciousness. The information that I am here to deliver to the Collective Consciousness of Gaia is to share the eternal wisdom of the architecture, structure and organization of Light within Creation itself as a living, intelligent consciousness that creates the holographic realities we experience. I am not here to provide mathematical formulas, rationales, theories or to try and scientifically prove anything. What I share can be discovered within the hearts of all souls when they are ready. It comes from within each of us without the need for proof as the linear mind requires. Therefore, my greatest offering to each soul is to stay open to this eternal wisdom being shared and to trust that your own heart will lead you to the understanding and embodiment of the ultimate truth. When this level of understanding lands in each, we can “see” the geometries, the Light structures and through ascension, we actually become them. This will change science and this will change our world!

The Geometry of The Diamond Sun Body

As I mentioned above, I was shown the structure of the Diamond Sun Body inside a prism. I was able to see all 144 pyramidal faces or projectors and receptors of Light that this Light structure or Light Body has as pyramidal openings within the structure. This was to show me the actual geometry that makes up the Light Body, Diamond Sun Body or Light Structure (all the same) of every logos in Creation. It is this structure that allows for a logos to send and receive Light at varying frequencies to create its holographic realities. For a long time, I let the geometry go in order to understand how the different pieces of this architecture work together to create realities. Much of this information has been shared on this website. I also mentioned that I had not shared the same view as the physicist that brought this image to the collective because of a few major differences about how this structure unpacks to allow Light to flow through it within the inorganic realities versus the organic realities. The time has come for me to share this structure as the fundamental structure of the fabric of space and of every logos in Creation. The geometry that Nassim shared is the exact geometry that I saw in the prism. I am simply not wired to draw this geometry but instead to break it down in linearly language. So I am eternally grateful to Nassim and all of those individuals who have put drawings out on the internet for the collective to use. I am also going to discuss the differences in the underlying geometry that ultimately has to do with the dimensional awareness of the observer. This is important because this geometry is tied to the inorganic matrix as well and there is a lot of information on the internet that when read can lead the consciousness of the observer into a looping pattern instead of evolving the consciousness into a higher dimensional awareness. There is a lot of information to try and breakdown and put back together and also honor each’s truth in the process. Let’s begin!

Let’s talk about the Fabric of Space

When we think of the fabric of space we may see and image of a blanket or net or some sort of flat lattice that has a graph or grid nature. We all remember math class with the x,y,z, axis and coordinate system. This system has been the basis for how we classically describe dimensional space. We have been taught that dimensions are experienced by the amount of points or coordinates within space it takes to describe or experience something. For example, we are taught that the first dimension is experienced by two points connected to form a line segment or that the second dimension is created by two parallel line segments connected to form a square or that the third dimension is experienced by two parallel squares connected to form a cube like what we see as a piece of ice. This system of describing dimensions illustrates that space is made up of points or coordinates that must be joined together to experience different dimensions.

Now, open your heart and mind to this possibility. Instead of thinking of space as this grid or lattice with points or coordinates that are grid like and connect to create dimensions; Imagine space as many multidimensional points or geometric tetrahedral crystalline structures like above, held together through tensegrity or equilibrium to create a multidimensional fabric. This fabric reflects Light as individual points of Light or photons to create a hologram. Every point in space must contain all twelve dimensions. The points do not connect Light to create a reality, instead they reflect Light as individual points of photons that together make a picture or hologram of a physical object or Light structure. They are all vibrating to create the image or object but never touch. So at any point in space it is possible to experience Light vibrating in the first through the twelfth dimensions of consciousness. Taking into account that each point still represents a coordinate within the quantum field for Light to travel to and from a logos.

However, these points are multidimensional and contain infinite realities within each coordinate. Therefore, the fabric of space itself must be made of quanta sized multidimensional geometrics that creates not just what we think of as a fabric but more like the molecules of water filling a jar. The fabric is everywhere like air or water. Space exists in every quanta sized point in all directions of a Source. This fabric is made of quantized tetrahedral crystalline Light structures that act as mirrors reflecting Light as holographic realties to a Source. In reality Light is sent from the logos to a certain point in space which is a quanta sized tetrahedral Light structure, this Light structure then Lights up or projects Light out of one of the 144 openings of the geometric structure which Lights up that point in space at a particular frequency creating a reflection for the logos. When enough of these points or structures Light up, we see an image, object, etc. as our reality. Because it is a vibrational match to what we sent out we call it a reflection. This system allows Light to travel freely through the fabric and to reflect at varying vibrations within in any dimension at any point in space. This also means that the fabric of space is responsible for reflecting to a logos it’s multidimensional realities. This is different than creating those multidimensional realties which we will discuss later in this article.

To help us better conceptualize this, we will use a basic example to illustrate the fabric of space. Let us look at a set of plastic balls that in the image below are held together by clear plastic. Now, when you see the image, pretend that the plastic container around the balls does not exist and that you are looking at quanta sized balls. Simply try and visualize these balls held together through equilibrium creating the fabric of space which also represents the quantum field. To be clear, the balls actually represent the tetrahedral multidimensional structure on a quantum level – the micro of the micro – and not spheres. However this example is a great way to stimulate your visual understanding as we continue to discuss how the fabric is constructed and its role in reflecting our holographic realities.

The Fabric of Space, Organic Matrix, Inorganic Matrix and Holographic Realities

Space is made up of these quantized tetrahedral structures or points in space that each have 144 openings which are both projectors and receptors of Light, that are held together through equilibrium or energetic balance, creating a multidimensional crystalline fabric or matrix we call the quantum field. At this quantum size, Light moves through space at the speed of Light which we can equivocate to the eternal now. Through the fractaling nature of Creation, every logos in this Universe is made up of the same tetrahedral structure. It is a fractalized system, the wheels within wheels that most Spiritual texts describe. There is ONE massive Light structure, Diamond Sun Body or matrix that is the fabric of space or quantum field. This space is made up of the quanta sized tetrahedral structures held together through tensegrity. Within this fabric are fractalized versions of this geometry at varying scales known as the Universal, Galactic, Planetary, planetary being such as human, animal, plants, cells, etc. whose Light Bodies are this same tetrahedral structure at different sizes and held within each other. These fractalized crystalline matrices are each a Diamond Sun Body. This is is what Jesus meant when he said “My Father’s house has many mansions”. Each tetrahedral structure is a house or mansion for consciousness, a logos or fractal of Source. It is the Light ship, crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body for a logos to experience holographic realities. Without it, consciousness would only travel the fabric and would not be able to experience anything outside of that. To be clear, from the quanta sized Diamond Sun Body of Creation to the Universal size Diamond Sun body and all logos in between, the architecture is exactly the same. It simply fractals up or down containing all the Diamond Sun Bodies that are above or below it within it’s own Diamond Sun Body. In the ultimate reality, it is only ONE massive Light structure which is the fabric itself and the Infinite Source or Great void.

The Diamond Sun body is the living Light structure that creates all holographic realities within spacetime. These crystalline structures of each logos are “floating” in space, by the gravitational force known as time supported by the tensegrity of the fabric. This gravitational force is created by the electromagnetic field of the logos. Meaning it is a logos’ consciousness that creates the illusion of gravity or time by orbiting the Source which can also be explained simply as the logos being out of balance. When we are off center, or out of balance, or away from the Source we experience gravity, time, and separation. Therefore, this creates a state of non-equilibrium allowing the logos to experience itself as separate from the fabric, creating holographic realities experienced as time by using the fabric to reflect it’s own Light. Therefore, we can also say, that when a logos is in complete balance as the Infinite Source, it becomes ONE with the fabric and there is nothing to reflect back as a separate holographic reality. Therefore, we experience the entire thing as ONE reality.

Ultimately, it is through the push and pull of energy or Light, the magnetic and electric forces creating gravity that allows these fractalized tetrahedral structures to be held within the perfectly balanced fabric of space and experience separation or time or holographic realities. The entire point of ascension at any level is to come into equilibrium as a logos, returning to the Source, thereby activating and embodying this geometry within our entire Light Body so that we can experience Creation within all dimensions as the Source. The fabric houses and holds together the tetrahedral structures of all logi in the Universe. These tetrahedral structures at all layers even the quanta layer are called Diamond Sun Bodies because there is a center point or Source point within each structure that emanates all twelve rays of Creation that carry different rays of Light with different codes to one of the 144 faces or stargates of the structure. This creates the holographic realities within spacetime for a logos to experience.

This is done through a method of projection and reflection. First let’s look at the projection. A logos as a Diamond Sun Body with 144 stargates becomes a living Light projector of all 144 harmonic frequencies of this Universe. When a logos emanates a Creation Wave from it’s Diamond Solar Heart Center, depending on the frequency of the Light contained in the wave, it will project out of one or more of the 144 stargates or projectors of the Light Body or crystalline matrix that is the Diamond Sun Body of the logos. These words Light Body, crystalline matrix and Diamond Sun Body are really all the same. A logos sends out a Creation Wave from its Light Body, that is “floating” in space as a fractalized version of the quantum field. This Light is encoded to travel to certain coordinates within space where it is received into the quanta sized tetrahedral Diamond Sun Body, the smallest of the fractals, it is here that a photon of Light will emanate from one of the 144 stargates or faces of this structure, lighting up that point in space. Remember, we called these stargates or faces in the fabric, “tiny mirrors”, this is because essentially these points or Light structures in the quantum field will Light up and “act” like mirrors to reflect back to the logos a certain vibration or dimensional experience of Light. Now, when you get exponentially large numbers of these photons Lighting up these points in the fabric of space, they create a holographic image that is experienced by the logos who sent out the Creation wave. When we do this as a Pure Source, we “see” our reality without distortions so we view a Pure reality not a distorted version of the reality. Additionally, those who have ascended may be able to see these “tiny mirrors”. They show up through our physical vision as pixelated Light whether it is daylight or dark in the empty fabric around us or by shifting our perception of a physical object to view it at a much smaller level. What we are seeing, is the actual reflection from these individual points in space or from the quantum field at a slightly higher level than the quanta but not as slow as Light in the form of physical matter can appear.

The speed or size of a Creation Wave propagating through space depends on the size of the logos and of the dimension it is traversing. This will also affect the realities it creates. For example, a solar system Creation Wave contains more Light photons than a human Creation Wave so it can create things like planets and moons. A logos’ ability to experience sending and receiving waves from their matrix or Light Body to the solar, galactic or Universal matrices up to travelling directly through the fabric depends on the vibration of the Light Body which also effects the experience of time for the logos. The potential energy or Light of the fabric is available in any moment. When there is a push or pull it “squeezes” the field and photons are emitted to produce Light to help balance the logos. At the Diamond Solar Heart center of every logos is the singularity point just as is found in a supper massive black hole. This point is the stargate to the Great Void, the Infinite Source of all Light in the Cosmos and it is the only stargate in our Diamond Sun Body that we are able to send and receive Light directly from the Infinite Source. It is the zero point for any logos where space and time do not exist. When we travel through any other stargate in our Light Body, we are actually merging with the crystalline fabric of space which allows us as consciousness or Light to travel the fabric and exit at any point within the quantum field. It is the consciousness super highway where our consciousness travels at the speed of Light anywhere within the Cosmos. When we collapse spacetime at point of singularity or zero point, nothing remains but the infinite void from which all of Creation emanates.

The Inorganic Matrix versus the Organic Matrix

Now that we have a better understanding about how the fabric is created and how a logos creates holographic realities using these tetrahedral geometries, let’s discuss the differences that I mentioned in the opening remarks. The neutral way to say this is that the information about Creation, consciousness and Sacred Geometry within the “Old Earth” grids of duality is very different from the wisdom received about these things in the organic crystalline matrix and higher dimensions of unity consciousness. Therefore, we have a lot of information in our collective consciousness that only serves to keep our consciousness in a looping pattern where it does not expand past this dualistic matrix. This is why embodied Pure Source Conduits share the Eternal Wisdom received with the collective consciousness, to give the consciousness of the reader and the collective, the opportunity to expand their consciousness and go within their own hearts for higher truths than they may be willing to believe at this time. So what I am going to do is breakdown the “Old Earth” finite geometrics of what is called the carbon matrix and how they affected our realities versus the unified “New Earth” or eternal geometrics of the crystalline matrix that will now affect our realities. It is important to know that the third and fourth dimensions and actually all twelve dimensions exist in the crystalline matrix. Which is why our collective consciousness has migrated to the New Earth or crystalline grid system and still remains in the fourth dimension. This is also why many are seeking the truth within versus reading spiritual information written or shared from the old matrix. Now that we are on this matrix system it will be possible for the collective to embody Soular Consciousness which connects us back to the Source.

Through the Divine Plan of Creation, consciousness moves in ascending and descending cycles in order to experience and learn about itself. Through the descension of consciousness on this planet our collective consciousness was disconnected from the crystalline matrix system of Creation so that we could experience duality. Many view these as space wars, fall of Atlantis, or other things that circulate through the lower dimensions to cause separation. Again, there are infinite ways to view the fall based on the logos’ experience. However, in this forum, we will simply honor the highest reality which is descension occurred as part of the Divine Plan and refer to it as the fall of consciousness on Gaia, no story attached. When our planet was originally created, it was created with Diamond Sun Architecture and the collective began evolving from the crystalline matrix system. This can be confirmed by the geological formation of our Earth’s inner world, which is mostly crystalline in nature. Through the fall, the structure of humans, animals, plants all became carbon based with the last root race. This meant that our Light Bodies and collective Light Body were no longer communicating with the Cosmic grid system.

The carbon based matrix is very similar to the crystalline matrix and this is why we have a hard time discerning the inorganic from the organic geometries. The carbon grids only allow Light to flow through them at slow speeds, creating an environment of more solidity, longer experiences of time, life, decay and death and the need to consume outside energy to maintain life. The inorganic geometries from the carbon based matrix system were designed on a dualistic, finite energy system. This means that we were not receiving the Pure Source Light to regenerate and create our realities and instead were using finite resources as our energetic means to create with. Think fossil fuels (a finite resource) as our collective Source of energy and how it is killing all life on the planet and would mean a huge change for the planet itself to rebuild life here again. This is an example of the carbon matrix. Now think of harnessing the power of our sun and how it is a renewable energy. This is more crystalline matrix because we are using Source Light to create with. Which is why currently we see a global initiative pushing us towards renewable energy collectively. It is part of our ascension and migration to the crystalline matrix.

The carbon matrix also meant that our bodies were subject to death and decay because we were not receiving the infinite, regenerating Light of Creation that comes from our Diamond Solar Hearts. Likewise, our Light Bodies were not part of our physical bodies but were more of an overlay that “speaks” to the fabric for us. This all contributed to our souls becoming looped in incarnation cycles as we spent lifetime after lifetime somewhat evolving our consciousness through duality and “free will”. Again, try to stay in neutrality and the ultimate truth that this is and was the Divine Plan and not shift into the dualistic blame game that it was some extraterrestrial agenda or something outside ourselves as consciousness. We consciously chose as the Source to descend as part of a Light program we were encoded with at the soul level so we could evolve and experience ourselves in the arena of “free will”. Because we had this “free will” or dualistic experience, we needed to be separated from the crystalline matrix for the experiment to be able to occur. This is why the inorganic carbon matrix was created for this star system. This dormant Light structure was energetically held in place by other planets in our solar system to support the Solar Light Body for this to take place on our planet.

When our consciousness is operating from within the carbon matrix, we “see” our reality completely different than when we expand past the gravity of this matrix and merge back with the crystalline matrix or our Light Body that has acted as an overlay. The carbon matrix has created a distorted view of the Cosmos as well as the man versus nature mentality that has dominated our collective consciousness for thousands of years. But how does this work with the fabric and the geometrics? The fabric of space is the fabric of space. We cannot simulate an inorganic fabric. Therefore, the carbon matrix and the crystalline matrix run on and within the same fabric of space. The main difference is that the carbon matrix speaks to our Light Body overlay which projects into the fabric for us as us. When we create from the carbon matrix, we are cut off from the center point or Source point energy of Creation. Therefore, the toroidal fields of our Light Bodies change drastically. The way nature unfolds changes and even atoms behave differently. Therefore, the world or Universe that we observe is slightly different in some aspects than it will be when our collective consciousness returns to unity consciousness. And this is the difference that I mentioned in the understanding of the geometry as my consciousness has shown me versus the physicist that brought the 64 tetrahedron grid structure to the collective.

The fundamental difference is that in the crystalline matrix we do not have the Flower of Life geometry. Which was the geometry used to describe the lattice work of the the tetrahedral structure of the fabric. When I embodied Pure Source Consciousness, I was immediately disconnected from the Flower of Life pattern and even discarded a necklace I had worn for years. Later it was revealed why and I wrote an entire article about this which is available on this website. I was also shown the Lotus of Life or Eternal Source Spiral as the replacement geometry for the Flower of Life. Neither of which are the fabric of space as may be commonly referred to but they are geometrics to help us understand how Light flows through the fabric and our Light Bodies. Also, the understanding that each point in space exists in all twelve dimensions at once through the multidimensional tetrahedral structures is the other major difference.

The Flower of Life and the Lotus of Life have to do with the toroidal fields of the Light flowing through the tetrahedral structures that make up the fabric and all matrices held within the fabric. In the Flower of Life, the energy or Light flows through the Light Body in a tube torus or bi-wave toroidal field. This is because the logos is receiving Light or energy from an outside source. This type of dualistic system leads to entropy or death because there is only a finite amount of energy available for the logos. However, in the Lotus of Life, the energy or Light flows from the heart, center point or Source, it is infinite Light radiating out in tri-wave toroidal fields which is constantly energizing or fueling the infinite Light Body of the logos. Here we see the big difference between the finite and the infinite geometries or symbols used to illustrate to our consciousness the flow or toroidal fields of Light created by a logos within space and time.

If we are unware of this because our consciousness has not evolved past this viewpoint, we will not be able to “see” this within space or in nature. We simply see the tube torus geometrics and patterning that align with our consciousness at those levels. This is the difference that drove me away from the tetrahedral structure before. I simply could not accept the Flower of Life. However, the tetrahedral geometry has remained the fundamental structure of Diamond Sun Architecture, I just could not understand how the Flower of Life or Lotus of Life fit in to the fabric until now. That is that the fabric does not contain these two geometrics at all. It is only the tetrahedral crystalline Light structures of the Diamond Sun Body that make up the fabric. If we were to stretch out or unpack this structure we would get a triangle like lattice that would be of no use. It only works because of its geometric structure and how it emanates or radiates Light from its center point or Source point at all layers of Creation. The Flower of Life and the Lotus of Life are simply geometries that show us how the Light moves through the structures. One is finite and one is infinite. One flows in from above the body, through the crown and out below the body, like the “Old Earth” chakra system and one is infinite and flows from the Source or heart out through the Diamond Sun Body. They both show how Light or energy moves through the Light Body. They do not create the holographic realities experienced by the logos.

When we start to create with the organic geometrics and crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Architecture, we will see our collective hologram and collective realities change. Can you imagine a flower that never dies? Or a human living 500 years? Breathing Light crystals or space itself? Things like this that cannot happen with the Flower of Life or Fibonacci Spiral, etc. because these are finite geometries. When a logos is connected to their Diamond Solar Heart or pulling from the Infinite Source, they are simply pulling from the infinite Light available within Creation. Because their Light Body is connected to the Cosmic Light Body and their Source Portal or Diamond Solar Heart is open, they are in geometric alignment with all of Creation thus are able to create with the infinite Light of the Cosmos. However, when a logos is not connected to this architecture and are creating from a bi-wave system, they are bringing in recycled energy or Light from other sources through their crown via the central channel in order to fuel their Light Body and create within a system that is close looped and finite. Which will eventually lead to aging and death which is why the survival instinct is so prevalent in this type of system. When we are receiving infinite Source energy to create, as we ascend, we will also transcend death and nature will change as well. Plants will become brighter, more vibrant and will not die. Animals and people will procreate new life sparsely as the entire Collective Consciousness of Gaia will transcend the survival instinct inflicted through the “Old Earth” matrix. This will level the population numbers on the planet and bring a sacredness to creating new life here as well as exiting life here.

Tying it all Together

The fabric of space is a made up of quantized multidimensional tetrahedral structures that together make up the entire quantum field. Through fractalization, this tetrahedral structure also creates the Light Body of each logos in Creation. This tetrahedral structure is known as the Diamond Sun Body and is the basic building block of Diamond Sun Architecture. Light emanates from the center of the logos in tri-wave patterns that create Creation Waves that move through the multidimensional Light Body of the logos and projects Light onto the fabric to create holographic realities. The Lotus of Life is not the fabric of space, it is simply the illustration or geometric that shows how the twelve rays of Creation are emanated from the Diamond Solar Heart Center of the logos and radiate through the Light Body. Additionally, because the Light Body and the fabric are of the same crystalline, multidimensional Light structure, consciousness can travel anywhere in Creation as Pure Light when the Diamond Sun Body is activated.

Gravitational fields are created by the size of the Light Body or Diamond Sun Body of a logos suspended within the fabric as a macroscopic version of the quanta sized structure. These structures are held together within the fabric, as a part of the fabric, by tensegrity or energetic balance. The gravitational field is determined by the electromagnetic field of the logos which again is held together through tensegrity of the fabric. Where it is pulling or pushing the fabric due to its electromagnetic field, gravity or time is experienced. This is why energetic balance is needed to be able to move consciousness between dimensions through stargates. Because when we are in balance, we can move through the fabric via stargates as Pure Light at the speed of Light. It simply means we can travel directly through the crystalline Light structures that make up the entire fabric of space at the speed of Light.

The entire fabric and tetrahedral structures are crystalline and work like prisms to project or reflect Light into space to create a hologram. The hologram is determined by the logos and fractals down to other logi or souls within the structure. Our ability to change the outer hologram is relative to the size of our Light Body, position within space and the dimension we inhabit. For example, on Earth, we can not change the entire hologram of the collective as an individual but we can change our immediate reality and the dimension of which we experience on Earth. Yet our outer is all happening in the space of Earth, unless we travel via a stargate outside of our bodies.

By creating a crystalline Light Body as the Collective Consciousness of Gaia, we are becoming the fabric, ONE with Creation. When we create from here, we get pure unified realities because we are ONE with the unified field, quantum field or crystalline fabric of Creation. Within the crystalline matrix there is a crystalline Light program that runs for each logos throughout the main stages of evolution, personality, soul, oversoul and Universal or Pure Source. Each of these programs unfolds within the three dimensions of that evolutionary stage of a logos. Personality 1D,2D,3D, Soul, 4D,5D,6D, Oversoul 7D,8D,9D and Pure Source Consciousness 10D,11D,12D.When we have fully integrated and evolved through a stage, then a stargate to the next level or stage opens up and we begin running that part of our crystalline program up to the full embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness in the twelve dimension. When we as a logos have transcended the Light programs at all levels we will run the ONE crystalline program of Creation. This is Pure Consciousness evolving as ONE organism. All roles within the crystalline Light program of the logos are now “played” as Pure Consciousness, not as a separate role or identity.

The lower first through third dimensions allow a logos to form a personality to be able to experience separation as an individual fractal in order to have different experiences. Without the personality, the experience is similar or the same for each logos. Allowing a personality to form on a crystalline matrix gives a uniqueness to each individual fractal like a snow flake. Each fractal is unique and the personality formed on the crystalline matrix will be much different from the personality formed on the carbon matrix of duality as it will be based from love and unity. It is a part of each soul’s evolution even on New Earth to create a personality and eventually evolve through all stages of conscious evolution to become a Pure Source embodied.

As our world begins to align more with the crystalline matrix that our collective consciousness is now on, it will begin to change rapidly. We will continue to align more with Diamond Sun Architecture as we continue to bring more parts of our collective Diamond Sun Body online through the evolution of our collective soul. The crystalline matrix or Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia is formed. It was restored during the previous seven year ascension cycle by starseed volunteers and allowed the collective to migrate to the Diamond Sun Architecture and Light Body in January of 2020. We have incarnated beings here as frequency holders that literally hold this living Light structure in place for and as the collective. As the collective continues to ascend through the dimensions, we will continue to activate certain sections of our Diamond Sun Body up to the twelfth dimension. Within the space of the Earth as physical beings we have and are creating a multidimensional holographic structure that is a fractal of the Cosmic model and speaks directly to the fabric. This allows us to project Light onto the fabric to create our multidimensional realities as a planetary consciousness. The point in space of our collective matrix or Light Body remains that same but the level or dimension within the matrix or Light structure shifts. In other words, all variations of Earth (old and new) exist in this space from first to twelfth dimension. However, we will experience Earth and our collective hologram based on the overall vibration of the collective Light Body which we now call New Earth because we are on the crystalline grids.


What a journey this article has been, not only to write but the entire process from spending days deep into the void to see and understand, to shifting back into the linear mind to try and find the words to write. It is a laborious multidimensional process which takes an immense amount of energy to bring forth this level of consciousness and to share it in linear language. It is also a privilege and an honor. May it serve the greatest good of all. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this Eternal Wisdom to the collective consciousness of this star system. The work here is Light encoded at the Pure Source level and will activate the reader at right time on each’s evolutionary path. I am grateful to each and every soul on this planet and all who support the work of The Divine Organization of Terra Nova. I am also grateful for my beloved Christos who supported me with his energy and taking care of worldly affairs like cooking and keeping groceries around while I went into myself to access and deliver this wisdom for the benefit of all. I am blessed to be in Sacred Marriage with such a beautiful reflection of the Divine. Blessings and eternal love and peace to each of you. I love you.

Sharing Divine Eternal Wisdom is always a wonderful thing to do when welcomed. If you feel aligned to share the information in this article, please refer back to the original source, www.divineorganization.earth, so that all souls may benefit from the resource here.


Photo Credit: Nassim Harramein


The Divine Organization of Terra Nova is dedicated to bringing forth the Cosmic Blueprints for this star system. This is achieved in a multitude of ways including sharing information to assist all souls in raising their frequency to support the construction of their own Diamond Sun Body. All information shared is to update on the unfoldment of the Cosmic Blueprint for this star system and to educate on Cosmic Knowledge to support the process of full Source embodiment as a collective consciousness.
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The Story Behind the Gemini Zodiac Sign Read more

Litha Sabbat - The Summer Solstice

Litha Sabbat - The Summer Solstice

Gardens are blooming, and summer is in full swing. Fire up the barbeque, turn ... Read more

Summer Solstice: The Sacred Marriage of Heav…

Summer Solstice: The Sacred Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and stands opposite the Wint... Read more



Helps you create the future of your dreams Read more

Birth Totem - Deer

Birth Totem - Deer

Birth dates: May 21 - June 20 Birth Totem is: Deer Read more

Dowsing With Your Pendulum

Dowsing With Your Pendulum

Einstein's famous equation, E = MC2, equates energy and matter. All living... Read more

Litha - The Midsummer Solstice

Litha - The Midsummer Solstice

The Litha festival is one of the lesser Sabbats of the Witches annual calend... Read more

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

The Energy Buster Stone Rutilated Quartz is an illuminator for the soul, pr... Read more



The Divine Listener Stone Celestite has remarkable relaxing and uplifting a... Read more

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