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Metaphysical Hexahedron

hexahedronPhysical Qualities of the Hexahedron

The Cube, also called the regular hexahedron, is the second of the five shapes. It contains 6 square faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges. Cubic shapes can be found in many structures including the natural formations of many Crystals. Popular examples of the Cube formation occurring in crystalline growth would be Salt Crystals (Halite), Pyrite and some Fluorites. Many other crystals are hand or machine shaped in order to utilize the energy of the Cube.

Hexahedron (Cube) - Earth Element

Metaphysical aspects of the Cube

The Cube is associated with the element of Earth and corresponds to the Root Chakra.

The Cube sits flat, firmly rooted to its spot. Meditating on this shape will assist in grounding your energy, regaining focus, removing tensions and easing physical stresses. It will reconnect your energies to that of the Earth and Nature. You may want to use the Cube as the foundation to focusing your energies before beginning any type of healing or higher vibrational energy work.

Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the Cube

Experiment with different crystals formed in the shape of a Cube. For instance, work with a Quartz cube when you want to raise and amplify your vibrational energy. Use an Amethyst cube to access the intuitive energies, or Rose Quartz when working with the heart and Universal Love energies.

In our everyday activities, the Cube is a perfect shape to keep in a busy office. It will keep you grounded and calm while chaos may swirl around you. Cubed paperweights have always been a popular gift. Even unconsciously, we understand the mystical power of this shape.

Try putting a Rose Quartz cube in your car, especially if you spend a bit of time commuting. This will keep you in a tension free and love filled energy while driving the highways amongst other commuters.

For energy work, the shape of the Cube will allow you to remain grounded while exploring the higher vibrational energies. Many who achieve deep, intense meditations will keep a grounding stone near to attain a balance of energies. Readers and healers may do the same.

It is also a remarkable piece to use with children who have problems focusing. Place a grounding crystal in the shape of a cube under their chair while they do homework, or allow them to carry a Cube of Rose Quartz in their pocket.

Have a pet that is a bit on the hyperactive side? Wrap a Rose Quartz cube in a bandana and accessorize your furry friend.

Closing Comments for the Cube

While the Cube appears to be one of the simplest shapes in this amazing group of five, it is also a great place to begin as you introduce yourself to the energies of Platonic Solids. The possibilities are endless, so have fun experimenting with a Cube and see where its energies take you.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids are a set of five, three dimensional, shapes that date back to the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and later named after the Greek Philosopher Plato. The Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron each have unique characteristics, in that the sides, edges and angles are all congruent. In other words, all sides are equal, the angles are the same and the faces are identical.

It was the great Greek Philosopher, Plato, who paired each of the platonic solids with a classical element (fire, earth, water, air, and ethers/Universe). He believed that these three dimensional shapes were the building blocks to the creation of everything in and around us. If you view a 3-D model of any of the elements contained in the periodic tables, you will see that each has a crystalline structure at the Atomic level made up of these Platonic Solids shapes.


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