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Looking to increase productivity at the office? Start with Feng Shui


Looking to increase productivity at the office? Start with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese metaphysical philosophy that surrounds harmonizing elements of the world with the individuals that inhabit it.

GetVoIP, a cloud communication consultancy demonstrates in their ultimate guide to Office Feng Shui several ways to take advantage of the ancient art of balancing an environment to help promote improve work habits and create more energy in a business.

Here we outline a quick summary of their suggestions as well as provided a useful infographic to help inspire initial steps toward balancing office environments.

THE PURPOSE OF FENG SHUI is to create an atmosphere that promotes happiness and satisfaction, something that is crucial in a thriving office. A chaotic workspace can be draining and leads to poor communication and connectivity.

THE IMPLEMENTATION OF BASIC FENG SHUI PRINCIPLES is easier than people may think. Some may fear that achieving proper Feng Shui can be a complex process, but there are many simple actions that dramatically improve life at work. These drill down to two basic concepts: Physical Actions and Metaphysical Actions

Physical Actions: Are changes applied specifically to the environment to allow for improved energy. Examples of potential physical actions include:

Adjusting a desk to be directly across from the entrance puts your arrangement in a “power position.” This allows you to greet your visitors with confidence and gives you an openness to new possibilities. If you do not have a private office, try to manipulate your seating so that you are facing the main entrance.

Using a simple bagua map one can apply principles of Feng Shui toward the configuration of desk space. The 9 sections correspond with parts of your life such as health, prosperity, and creativity. By segmenting what goes on in these areas of your desk you create balance. In addition, paying attention to this map can enhance certain desired results on specific days.

Additionally, it is important to keep a desk clear -- at least half of your desk space should always be clean and available. Consider how white space makes for improved graphic design. The same principle applies here. It’s also important to make sure the computer and anything electrical on your desk is not a tangle of wires (something helped by converting to cloud computing). Hide cords from view by drilling a guide hole in your desk and running them straight to a hidden outlet.

1. Overall Office Design

There is evidence that colors correspond to moods and promote certain responses and emotional reactions. Stark white walls, for example, are said to lower productivity and create a sterile environment. Part of Feng Shui is to capture balance within concepts like color, art, and cardinal elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Metal). By using simplicity and positivity in these elements e it is possible to create improved flow around the office.

2. Desk Placement 


3. Desk Arrangement 


4. Clearing Clutter


How satisfying is it to come in to a clean desk and to be able to clear off your desk at the end of the day? One of the major tenets of Feng Shui involves ridding yourself of unwanted detritus. If it is unwanted, dispose of it, if it is unfinished, store it for tomorrow -- do not leave it on your desk.

Metaphysical actions: Are changes applied to a mental and spiritual approach to work which are made manifest by a relationship to the environment.

  1. Segmenting your day - By approaching your business day in specific chunks it helps achieve a desired balance. Designate one part of your day to written work, one part to phone calls, one part to meetings, etc. By not deviating from this schedule you will avoid the need to constantly multi-task, something that is proven to lower productivity and increase stress. Make sure that a part of the end of the day is designated to clearing your clutter and preparing for tomorrow.

  1. Approach communication with openness - While Feng Shui is a philosophy involving harmonizing your environment, part of this is making sure that you are connected and listening to your coworkers. Just as the clutter of your desk keeps you from accomplishing a task easily, not taking directions, or a lack of empathy can hinder a workplace environment. Ideally all the elements are allowed to come together to help develop an atmosphere of respect and clarity.

Skeptics may not believe in the spiritual power of Feng Shui, the influences of the elements, or the importance of creating a bagua map to help focus Qi energies, however, there can be no doubt that having an organizational strategy creates harmony and helps with productivity. By applying this ancient art to your worklife, you create a map you can follow that will give you confidence when connecting with coworkers or looking for that next promotion opportunity.

This Infographic represents a clear way to consider all of these concepts.



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