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Archangel Michael - The Way You See Sorrow

Archangel Michael - The Way You See Sorrow


I am not here, as you used to say, 'to add fuel to the fire.' Today, I bring a moment of reflection. The atmosphere on your planet is reaching the apex of the great moment. I would say that all are highly exacerbated; the reactions and feelings are intense.

It looks like a big shed that was abandoned for so long that it accumulated a thick layer of dust. Finally, somebody decides to clean that shed. The dust is high because the shed was abandoned for a long time. So, this dust gets into the air; t will be removed somehow, but it will get, raise, and pollute the air for a long time until it is entirely cleansed.

I would tell you that all the dust is on your planet now. There are no carpets or hiding places, nothing at all. Nothing is hidden; everything is open. When these energies surface, negative energy rises with them because these are not beautiful feelings. All that was hidden under the carpet or in prohibited places were not Light things; they were crimes, nasty actions, and emotions, everything that is low vibration. Your planet is living it Today. You are living inside this immense mass of negative energy.

Everything seems out of control, and all problems in the world begin appearing; things that have never been heard start to be revealed. Are they new things? No, they are old things but were hidden and now are exposed. All this layer affects you. There is no way to escape this layer. There is no place on the planet where you can say: "I am not affected here!". It is a big aura as if a massive egregore of negative energy was around the entire planet.

What is happening today? According to Physics laws, let's put it this way, each particle has a weight. So, lighter particles fluctuate and stay in the air, while heavier particles tend to fall. So, imagine a big negative light egregore and the Light of the Central Sun (another immense Light egregore around the planet). Those lighter particles, i.e., the lighter negative energies, have already been consumed long ago. The huge Light egregore is reaching an apex. The heavier people provoke more damage that is not so easy to transmute.

You are living in this moment where any unbalance or open door allows an avalanche of problems to enter. What to do? Seat down, lay down in the hammock, and sleep? Or sit down at the door and cry? No, I don't think this is a good solution either. Now is the moment to elevate your thinking and emanate equilibrium and everything with Love. Don't let your heart emanate bad feelings. Avoid contaminating yourself with exterior events.

So, I will ask you one thing. What is suffering for you? Is it something that aches and brings unbalance? Is it something without a solution, or is it something you like feeling? Each will have a definition. What is the trend when it comes to human beings? "The world is causing this sorrow in me." When you say "the world," it is other people's life. Ah, it is God Father/Mother. There is always someone to blame, and you forget each move you make returns to you. So, if sorrow comes, it is the return of a wrong decision taken way behind. It doesn't matter if it is in this life or another. It is the return. Who did it? The other person? No, it was you. You provoked your suffering.

Then, many will say that I am saying silly things. I am not worried about that. What do you do with this sorrow? "No, I didn't create it; it was another person. So, what will I do? I will pass my sorrow to another person, so that person can suffer together with me. It is unfair to suffer alone. So, I take a megaphone and tell my pain to everybody." There is always someone who says," Poor guy! It is a pity!" Everybody takes pity on the one who is suffering.

Now I ask: what do you have to do with other people's suffering? And I answer nothing because each one has its own paths, not another person's ways. If the other person did something to you, it is because you created it. Everything originates in you. And now I ask another thing: when you have a problem, why do you have the need to pass this problem to another person? It is because this is a need you have to take the trouble and give it to others? So you pass the problem to many others to see if someone can help you.

Whose problem is this? It is yours. Who created the problem? You did. So, why do you think another person will solve your problem? I would say that this is selfishness. "If I am suffering, I will pass this sorrow to the maximum of people I can because everybody will suffer with me." You have an immense capacity to love the other. "Oh no, I pass the problem to see if other people help me." And why do you have to ask for help from another person?

How often will we have to repeat that help is inside of you, not outside? You keep shouting, "Ah, I believe in this; I adore that; I love, but when you have a problem, who do you look for? Another person; this is interesting. It is as if you were saying to us: "Look! I believe I trust, it's all right, but I need someone physically to help me. Yes, only on my mind. It doesn't help". Hum! Interesting the way how you think. Tomorrow if you are lonely someplace and have nobody to ask for help, how will it be? You will tear your hair and get bald, but you will not ask for help from whoever is inside of you. You always depended on other people. The other person always solved your problems, giving his opinion, which was not the best answer for you because the situation was yours, not his.

When will you learn this? Considering the time we have been saying this, I think you will never understand. Then, you tell us: "I cannot hear you." It is interesting the absurd need you have to see everything. You cannot believe it without noticing. So I tell you: you must learn this because tomorrow when you are alone, for one reason or the other, what will you do? Ah, I understood. You will sit in a corner crying until someone appears. Interesting this posture of yours.

This is not a scolding, just a reflection. You are going through a difficult moment on the planet, where you begin to face more and more those energies that were well kept and are yours, and each of you must deal with them and find the solution. How do you find the solution? Ah, I hear the answer in a chorus: "Asking help from another person!". You did not learn anything because you continued insisting on the same error. The other person is most important than ys. We have never heard you, we do nothing for you, we don't give you the answers, we don't take care of you. That's all right. If you tell us all this, it's all right; the choice is yours.

Think about the following: Did anyone ask you to do so each time you took your suffering and passed it to everybody? Did anyone ask to know your problem? Did anyone tell you, "Do you have a problem? Tell me your problem. Did anyone say so? No, because people are polite, they won't tell you this. But you did. You took your situation, made a ball, and threw it to the world. The world is suffering with you. Are you happy now? I believe you did because you spread your suffering. Excellent, now all are suffering with you, thinking about your problem, trying to find a solution. Good, isn't it? You will have many solutions. This is good! What did you do? Nothing. You had the answer delivered ready on your hands.

You did not think or meditate about the problem. You just passed it ahead and had an answer. Perfect! So, I will tell you one thing. First point: you invaded the free will of other persons because nobody asked to know your problem. Second point: your problem will come back to you. It will undoubtedly come back to you with much more strength because you didn't solve the problem; others did.

So, my brothers, once more, I will ask you: what should you share? Experiences. What are experiences? Suffering, pain, and anguish moments? Are these experiences? I don't think so. So, I will ask you again: those who have problems, keep them to yourselves. Nobody has anything to do with you; the problem is yours; it is not a group problem or others' problem. Spread experiences, exchange points of view, not suffering. Is it hard to understand?

Another point to close the subject. Why do you need to ask another person to do something for you? Why? "I will do this and that. Please, pray for me?" You are imposing on those persons; they must pray for you. They will feel forced to pray for you. Is it good? No, it isn't. Why? When you tell a problem and ask others to pray for an issue that is only yours, you don't receive only positive energy. Many feel pleasure in increasing your problem. So, think about it.

People have the free will to donate whatever they want. Nobody needs to ask. To ask is something you force another person to do. Think about it and start changing your attitudes. Remember one phrase: each day, it will be more complicated. The definition of how the wall will be is individual. So, make the right choices.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

Image Courtesy of The Crystal Wind Oracle and Artist Lisa Iris
oracle.crystalwind.ca - www.lisairis.ca

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