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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for February 2023

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for February 2023

Message for February 2023

As the ground continues to shift beneath our feet, everything is changing. Energetically, physically, spiritually, and politically there are shifts upon shifts upon shifts.

In a world that feels uncertain and nebulous, the only certainty is the uncertainty. Although this is bewildering and unsettling, there is also a sense of strength and wisdom rising from the depths of this turbulence as each of us begin to find our strength and our feet. Of course, every time we regain our balance, something else rocks the boat, but this is the nature of life as we barely have time to rest, reflect and catch our breath before the next challenge begins.

We long for steadier times to re-balance and re-plenish, but change is continual, and nothing ever stays the same. Of course, intuitively we know this but it’s still hard not to want a period of stillness to find some clarity and wisdom. What we want and what we get are rarely the same, and whilst this is frustrating, it’s also inevitable. The more we try to push against this by wanting change to stop, the more we shift out of alignment with ourselves. The more we can go with the flow of life, the more able we are to find strength, wisdom, and inspiration as the wheel turns. Going with the flow is not the same as giving up or giving in, it’s simply being wise as to the bigger picture of life.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean simply navigating the waves of change, it means becoming one with them. We have each been challenged on so many different levels with some intense highs and lows, but it’s the unknowable uncertainty that’s been most challenging as it’s hard to know how to act, how to be or what to do. We know everything is changing even though we can’t make sense of those changes. We sense shift on every level, but we can’t quite put a finger on what’s shifting. We have many more questions than answers, and although it’s hard, we need to set ourselves free from the conditions we place upon ourselves to live. Life isn’t about being more, doing more or achieving more, life is about feeling whole, feeling joy, and living wholeheartedly. Whilst these are not necessarily mutually exclusive, it seems important to let go of the conditions in order to cultivate wholeness, joy, and wholeheartedness.

It’s time to honour our true essence and to give ourselves the time and space for our creativity, emotions, and spirituality to find their own paths. Although they are a part of us, we need to set them free in order to let them dance through our hearts and souls. When we tether our gifts, we hold ourselves back from living life fully. When we hide in self-doubt or fear, we step into the shadows and become lost in the darkness. We each need to let our gifts fly free, to let them travel through us like a feather in the wind. Storms come and go, but the feather finds a new path. The more mindfully we can observe our inner worlds, the more we can navigate the turbulence around us with strength and wisdom.

It’s time now to find ways to transmute pain into joy, loss into love and life into living. It’s time to live wholeheartedly as we breathe deeply into life allowing life to breathe deeply into us. This is a time of unity not separation, and we each need to reach outwards now with love in our hearts and joy on our minds…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



The spotlight looks set to remain on how you want to live your life as you begin to let go of the ought’s, must’s and should’s that you’ve been carrying for so long. Your intuitive, inner voice grows louder and clearer as you give it the time and space it needs to flourish and thrive; in essence, you are allowing your intuition to lead the way. February looks set to be a month of insight and discovery as you continue to connect to your sense of self and to your true purpose. You have spent so much of your life trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be, so it’s hard for you to be sure exactly who you are. Many of your dreams and hopes have been coloured and shaded by the hopes and dreams of those around you, and it can be hard for you to know your true priorities as you’ve been distracted with things to do, people to see and places to go. You have spent a great deal of time trying to keep others happy, to do the ‘right thing’ and to compromise your own needs for the sake of those around you.

Whilst you have done this willingly, there is a part of you that feels trapped and tethered to a life that is shaped by others. Your soul longs for the space and freedom to find it’s own way as you no longer feel content to be the person you intuitively know you’re not. The whispers of discord within are growing louder so it seems important for you to take the time to pause and contemplate what you truly and wholeheartedly want. It’s time for you to turn towards the things that make your heart sing and your soul glow with warmth and joy. Life is more than keeping on keeping on, it’s about living your best life and having the self-belief and courage to live your dream…


As you continue to get to know your ‘why’ in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to re-think many aspects of yourself as a result. Your ‘why’ is the force that motivates and inspires you, it’s your dreams and goals, and it’s the how you know you’re on the right path in life. It’s easy to lose sight of your ‘why’ when the busy-ness and distraction of life often blurs the view and pulls your attention in different directions. Yet, at the core of your being, your why remains strong and robust, so when you pause and take a deep breath, it’s easy for you to re-centre your body, mind, and soul in order to re-connect to your ’why’: to your true purpose.

Over the course of your life, you have accumulated a great deal of physical, emotional, and spiritual ‘stuff’.
Although a lot of this has proven useful and valuable on your journey, you have found it hard to let go of the rest, preferring to carry it with you ‘just in case’ you need it. Whilst there is wisdom in this strategy, the sheer weight and volume of your experiences is enormous and there is a risk that instead of bringing you wisdom when you need it, it simply weighs you down from living free in the present moment. Sometimes, less is more. Your spirit longs for space now, it wants to stretch out, breathe deeply and let go. It therefore seems time to stop storing all of this ‘just in case’ stuff in stacked boxes towering high in every nook and cranny of your soul and to let it go. Set yourself free and know that you have the creativity and intuition to re-connect to any of this again in the future if you need to. So, it seems clear that part of your ‘why’ in life is to fly free…


Living wholeheartedly and honouring your true self both look set to continue throughout February as you embark on a new journey in a new chapter of your life. In many ways, you have been treading water for quite some time, feeling ready for change, but not being sure what that change entails as it’s felt quite nebulous and undefined: you know it’s there, but just can’t give it shape or form. It has therefore been hard for you to gain a sense of direction and you have hovered on the spot as a result, feeling frustrated and disempowered that your life path has felt out of your hands. Yet, this uncertainty isn’t what it seems as you are one of the most intuitive, creative, and innovative souls on the planet, so the nebulousness and lack of clarity actually come more from within you than from external forces in your life as you’re not seeing your life or path ahead with either the self-belief or intuition you have by the bucket load. In short, listen to yourself, trust yourself and let your soul guide you.

Life is always uncertain as no one can know what resides around the next corner, but you already know this, so rather than let the nebulousness of uncertainty hold you down, allow it to set you free. Believe in yourself, know yourself and connect to the need to honour yourself more. Life may feel heavy at times, but when you step beyond the chatter of your busy mind and towards the light of your soul, this light can guide you, inspire you and empower you. The key to success here comes from your willingness to believe that you absolutely have ‘what it takes’ to live your very best life and to follow your dreams. Of course, life often doesn’t work out quite as you would expect it to, but channel this uncertainty into your creativity to find new ways to flourish and thrive…


As you continue to reconcile and understand your true nature, it seems you are beginning to make a little more sense as to why you are the way you are. You have spent a great deal of your life keeping on keeping on, trying to get your life right and working so hard to be the person you’ve felt you’ve needed to be. As a result, you have lost sight of the magic, sparkle and creativity that shines brightly from the core of your being. It’s a though you’ve been wearing a façade of ‘normal’ even though you’ve never actually been sure what ‘normal’ is (who does?). You’ve been trying to fit in with the flock without ever really noticing that you don’t have a woolly coat and you definitely don’t ‘baa’. Of course, intuitively you’ve always known this, but you rarely let your intuition guide you. It’s time now to ask yourself why this is, why do you block out your phenomenal awareness just to go with the flock of ‘normal’?

It’s not just about accepting there is no such thing as normal, but it’s also about understanding why you feel you need to fit in. The façade you wear feels heavy and cumbersome, so you need to ask if the value of wearing it still outweighs the value of living free, exactly as you are. Maybe you have always felt that going with the flow has been easier, but it seems important to acknowledge your motivations in order to understand. Although you have lost sight of your intuition and creative sparkle, they are still within you; it seems time now to take a big deep breath of life and allow your true essence to flow freely in order to show yourself that the façade and the flock aren’t representative of how you need to live your life. It’s time to be yourself and to love yourself for it…


Going off road and discovering pastures new both look set to continue throughout February as you channel your creativity and passion towards living your best life. On your quest for balance, there are inevitability some twists and turns ahead, but it’s important not to make assumptions that all of these twists and turns mean challenge or trouble, as they don’t. Of course, life always brings challenges, and whilst it’s wise to be prepared, it’s also good to live more consciously in each and every moment in order to live your life as fully, and as wholeheartedly, as possible. The path ahead of you is always curved and rarely straight; there are potholes, blind bends, and meandering paths. Although when you’re energised and focused you just prefer to get from where you are to where you need to be, there’s value in the nooks and crannies of life and February looks set to be a time for you to thrive in the zigzagging meanderings on your path ahead.

Seek out the joy, the wisdom, and the creativity in the places you’d least expect to find them and be open to embracing new opportunities and new pathways. In short, open up your heart and soul towards the bigger picture by trusting the flow and intuitively knowing you have what it takes to thrive on the paths less travelled in life. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will realise just how quickly you are evolving and changing; you simply aren’t the same person you were a year ago. Life doesn’t have to be about charging ahead, it can be about savouring the journey and making the most of every moment. Just as you have evolved, so have your dreams; turn to face them now and be prepared for a new adventure as your priorities are shifting and inspiring you to live your best life…


February looks set to continue the need for you to cultivate happiness and create space in all areas of your life. You have spent such a long time keeping on keeping on, and it’s important for you to pause for a while to contemplate if you’re where you feel you need to be in your life. In other words, are you content? Are you cultivating happiness? Are you finding space to breathe deeply and seek out balance? Whilst none of this sounds particularly dynamic, this is the point, as this isn’t about what you need to do, it’s all about achieving a state of being that is more in line with your true essence. You have spent a great deal of time trying to make sense of the world, seeking out answers to life’s unanswered questions, and whilst you have made peace with the knowledge that many of these questions may remain unanswered, there is still a part of you wanting to prove differently!

This more stubborn side of your nature drives your perseverance and ingenuity, but it can also leave you feeling frustrated when, no matter how hard you try, you cannot answer the unanswerable. Yet, at the same time, you are an intuitive and wise soul, so you know you cannot find such answers! It therefore seems clear that it’s time for the seemingly contradictory sides of your nature to come together into a more cohesive whole. Let your thoughts, ideas and emotions flow freely like water rushing down a stream, don’t build dams in an attempt to stop, resist or question the flow as this is your essence; it’s time to accept your natural flow and to find peace within you as you stop pulling in different directions. You are a vibrant, wise, and creative soul, so let these qualities flow freely now as you divert your attention away from those unanswerable questions and towards living your life more wholeheartedly in the here and now…


As you continue to find ways to let your spirit dance freely in the sunshine of life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise the need to make some important changes. You have been on fast forward for a very long time, trying so hard to be the person you felt you needed to be and wanting to be everything to everyone. The reasons for this are complex, but this quest has left you feeling out of kilter with your passion and creativity in life as you’ve disconnected from your own hopes and dreams. At the same time, there has been a pedestrian edge to life lately as you have been focused on keeping on keeping on. You have tried so hard to be the stitching that holds everything (and everyone) together, often pushing yourself hard and depleting your own resources as a result. This desire is a reflection of your generosity of spirit and your desire to keep others happy, yet it is also a sign that you have let your inner flame dwindle and fade as you have rarely turned within to ensure you are living your best life.

Over time, it’s become easier to focus on others, but this inner flame has never been extinguished, just clouded from view. February looks set to be a month for you to re-connect to your inner light in order to reflect on the path you are walking; it’s time to ask yourself some important questions as to how you want to live your life, as well as acknowledging your true priorities and goals. Just remember, it’s okay to say ‘No’, it’s also perfectly wonderful to honour your own needs as your life shouldn’t just be about what you do for others – you matter. Stop pirouetting around your need to ‘be there for others’ as a reason not to follow your dreams as your dreams are now ready and waiting to blossom and thrive…


The little voice within you is slowly growing in volume and strength, calling you towards living with more balance and awareness than ever before. You have spent a great deal of time trying to accommodate the wants, needs, wishes and whims of others, and you have lost sight of your edges, not knowing where you end and where others begin. February looks set to be a month of clarity and insight as you continue to peel back the layers upon layers of things to do, people to see and places to go on all levels of your being. So much stuff! Stuff is all of those random experiences, thoughts and ideas that build up over the years, much of it you don’t even think about, it’s just tucked away within you gathering dust. Of course, some of this ‘stuff’ may end up being quite useful, but there is a great deal you can set free now as travelling more lightly seems important so you can use your reserves to reach towards new adventures rather than using your energy to carry around a gargantuan bag of random ‘stuff’.

Stuff has it’s uses but it can also build up and stifle your flow, leaving you feeling disorientated and discombobulated, overwhelmed, and disillusioned. It’s not that stuff is, in itself, bad, it’s just that it can take over and direct your attention away from your true priorities, as all of your energy is spent trying to manage and juggle increasing volumes of stuff. It’s time to ring the changes and to have the self-belief to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out; it’s time to shake everything up. You have experienced more than your fair share of storms in life, and each one has created unrest within your heart and soul, leading to doubt and a shifting perspective. Although the storms are disorientating, you feel so uplifted when the storm clouds pass and the skies clear as your inspiration and hope shine brightly. So, it’s time to let go, let flow and shine…


You are a fluent and free-flowing soul, often preferring to ride the currents of life rather than allowing your consciousness to stay in one place for long. Change, variety and movement are the forces that nourish you as you thrive on the uncertainty that comes with living on the leading edge of life. When you look around, your world might not appear much changed over the years, but on the inside you have grown and evolved beyond measure. Your stealth, wisdom and innovation allow you to bend and flex with the ebb and flow, enabling you to adapt well to most situations you find yourself in. Your tendency to bend and flex shows a willingness to want to ‘fit’ in, as well as a desire to put the needs of others above your own. Yet, intuitively you have long known that bending and flexing is a protection mechanism as it makes for an easier life even though your heart and soul are longing for you to stand up and declare to the universe that you are a free spirit.

This has inevitably created something of an inner tug-o-war within you as your soul longs for you to live your best life, embracing your gifts and standing in your power. Yet, your tendency to go with the flow of other people’s lives can leave you feeling flat, frustrated and a bit empty. It’s time to ask yourself why you do this. Do you doubt your strength? Do you not feel that your gifts are worthwhile? Are you truly content riding the waves of other people’s lives? It seems clear you have some thinking to do, but one thing is sure: you seem ready to stand up and stand firm in order to change the direction and flow in your life to one that is both inspiring and life-affirming. You are a free spirit; it’s time to dance with the universe…


As you continue to embrace the winds of change that have been gathering momentum in your heart and soul, there is a sense that you are starting to feel the inklings of anticipation when it comes to walking a new path in life. Although you have been ticking along well, you have grown weary of the routine and your soul longs for more adventure, more creativity, and more opportunities for growth. Although you are a wise and creative individual, and you are also open-minded to both old ideas and new innovations. For example, you may still love vinyl or CD’s, but you can see the worth in playlists on your phone. You certainly won’t dismiss something because it’s old, particularly if it still works. Yet, you also won’t jump on the bandwagon of something new just because it’s the latest fad or trend. You know your own mind, and this is a blessing in a world that is changing so rapidly. If you want to read a paper book or use a pencil and paper, then do so. Know yourself and don’t be afraid to stand your ground in this ever-changing world.

Going with the flow isn’t always the best policy, not when you intuitively know that you have no need to follow the flock. You see the world in a much more clearcut way than most, so it can be hard sometimes as you may feel a little isolated when so few others have the level of wisdom and insight as you. Standing in your own truth takes courage and self-belief, but it also takes strength to open up to the winds of change when they come knocking. Most importantly, be yourself, know yourself and trust yourself. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you as you stand across the bridge between the old and the new; you are about to embark on a different kind of adventure…


As the whispers in your soul continue to grow louder, it seems the reason for this is because you are finding the time to listen. These whispers are your intuition, and they have been calling you home for a very long time. You have been so busy getting on with life that you have had little time to notice your inner world or listen to the whispers of intuition. Yet, without these you can feel lost in life and unable to navigate the shifting currents. The whispers have grown louder because your life has been shifting out of balance and out of kilter with your true priorities and needs. You might be a talented shapeshifter and able to adapt to most of the situations you find yourself in, but you have grown so used to bending and flexing to accommodate others that you don’t even notice you’re doing it. However, the louder these soul whispers become, the more you are realising the need to re-establish balance and re-affirm your true needs.

In order to find more balance, it seems important to find ways to live more wholeheartedly in each and every moment; instead of thinking about where you’d like to be, think about where you are. In other words, shift your focus away from the future and use the present as your true reference point. This isn’t to say you should give up on dreams, far from it, it’s just a gentle reminder to not forget yourself in the moment as there are many ways to flourish, blossom and thrive. Being more present allows you to re-connect more consciously to the whispers within, to become attuned to them and to re-align your mind, body, and soul. Most importantly, listen. Listen to your intuition; hear the words of your soul. You are a bright, shining light and the whispers of your soul have great meaning and purpose, so become one with them and let them be your guide …


As you continue to seek out new ways to replenish and restore your inner resources, there is a sense that you are finally realising that you cannot keep giving and over-giving from an ‘empty vessel’. You have given so much of yourself over the years and this has come at a cost of your inner light fading as your creativity and passion have both withered and shrunk. Although you have never lost your connection to these, you feel a sense of sadness that, despite your best intentions, there rarely seems to be the time in life to dream, to relax, to be creative or to be still. Of course, life is often this way, but there is a need deep within you for you to find a new path to walk, one that involves the space and time for you to accommodate all of the above. These aren’t luxuries in life, they are necessities for the well-being of your mind, body, and soul. There is a part of you that resists space, that fights against your intuition, wanting the busy-ness over creativity and balance.

This part of you is quite nebulous, but it seems connected to your tendency to measure your success or happiness by how much you do for others which seems to come from a lack of self-belief and self-worth which is a result of giving so much for so long; you have stopped seeing yourself. It’s important to show compassion to this part of you even though it can be the driving force of a great deal of unrest in your life. Bring it back into the fold of your heart and soul as it’s time to find new ways to build your self-belief and self-worth. You will always help others, but it’s time to shine the light on your own needs now. Create time for space, rest, and creativity, then prioritise it and honour the need to honour yourself…

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