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Monthly Astrology Forecasts for September 2022

Monthly Astrology Forecasts for September 2022

Message for September 2022

As the currents of life continue to ebb and flow, it can be hard to know when one chapter ends and a new one begins. At the same time, it can be challenging for us to be sure if we are following our intuition or being led by the wants and needs of others.

Of course, as sensitive souls, we are bound to pick up on the collective flow, but it goes deeper than this, almost to the point where we can lose sight of our own boundaries and feel lost and undefined in a world that strives for definition. Yet, we are each unique and vibrant beings, so, despite the uncertainty, we are also gaining more clarity and wisdom.

This really is an important time to acknowledge our true essence, and to live as wholeheartedly as possible. The more we can open our hearts and minds towards living with passion, positivity and love, the more change we will see in the world. It’s unquestionably hard when life feels so uphill, and challenge after challenge comes our way, but spiritually we are gaining strength and it’s our inner world that will ultimately lead us forward.

Although many of us may feel alone, and we may feel as though we are walking the path through life alone, intuitively we know there are others that walk the path beside us. We may not see them, and we may not hear them, but intuitively and energetically, we know they are there. It takes courage and a great deal of strength to live on the edge, but we only have to look up into the night sky to gaze at the stars to realise there are others doing exactly the same thing. We do not have to be in the physical presence of others to feel them or to know them. In fact, in many ways, it is this energetic connection that matters more as it has the power to span time and space.

We are not insular beings, and although there are times when being on our own brings great reward, now seems to be a time to focus on connection and unity. It’s time to look beyond the obstacles and the blocks that thwart us and to find ways to pause, to reconnect and to live life as consciously as possible. It really is the case that the more stillness we seek out, the more we nourish mind body and soul. Stillness is not nothing, it’s an ability to pause in the moment, breathe deeply and to feel wholeheartedly connected to the moment. Stillness is not silence, it’s almost the opposite, as being truly still energises all of the senses so everything is amplified and sharpened. Yet, this is not to be feared, it’s a state of bliss and a reminder that we are a part of the universal whole.

So, although we may feel as though we are without boundaries, and we might feel lost and uncertain of where we find ourselves, it’s important to remember that despite the indefinable nature of our existence, the more we try to accept the indefinable, the more we find peace from living in the unknowable present. It can be easy to feel as though we are a piece of driftwood being carried along by the currents and storms of life, but it’s important to realise that both individually and collectively, we create ripples and currents. Our actions and thoughts have consequences, as do our inactions and decisions ‘not to’.

We all know that change is an inevitable part of life, but it’s still frustrating and frequently an inconvenience, as a result, we can try to outsmart and outwit change, and sometimes we feel we know better, but we usually end up learning the hard way that change will happen whether we want it to or not. Equally though, it’s important to acknowledge that accepting change is not giving up, it’s a mindful awareness of the process of life. Accepting change is not walking away from injustice or the things that truly matter. Accepting change is bringing consciousness forward and allowing ourselves to be guided by this. The more we can connect to the flow of change, the more we realise that learning how to surf is an important part of life.

Life is never still; it is always changing. Endings follow beginnings, beginnings follow endings. Yet, it’s not purely a circular process, but it is a journey, nonetheless. In some ways a new beginning can motivate and project us forwards, but an ending can be equally as important as it reminds us that we are fluid beings.

There are a great many among us who remain on the edge of life, feeling different and alone, spending life exploring truth and discovering creativity. So many are bursting with gifts, but are scarred with the pain of the challenges of life. Yet it is these scarred and beautiful souls who have the power and the creativity to step beyond the maelstrom to find a new way to live and to be, bringing the gift of true unity and compassion.

If we pause for a moment, close our eyes, and take a big deep breath, it’s easy to sense the interconnected nature of the universe; it’s easy to feel a part of the universal whole. In that breath, life slows down and our senses open up to the infinity within our hearts and souls. Life is a miracle, and we so often forget the gift of life that we have. It’s time now to live more consciously and wholeheartedly, and to live with compassion, love, and belief…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to seek out balance in all areas of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to give yourself permission to pause, reflect and enjoy the journey of your life rather than remaining on fast forward, focused on getting from where you are to where you want to be. Whilst you will always be driven and motivated to do more, see more, and achieve more, intuitively you know there needs to be a better balance in your life as you have shifted towards seeking out quality over quantity in terms of how you measure happiness and contentment. Of course, happiness is a nebulous state of being as there’s no clear definition, and it means something different to each individual. However, you know that being happy brings a warmth to your soul and fires up your creativity and sense of purpose, so for you, these are your true measurements in life, not how much you do, see, or achieve.

It’s time to shift the focus towards your inner landscape in order to listen to your heart and soul more as there is a sense you are yearning for some breathing space and an opportunity to let go of at least some of the busy-ness as the more aware you have become of this side of your nature, the more you have realised just how much of your life you spend on autopilot, going through the motions of things to do because that’s what you’ve always done. Times are changing and you seem ready now to welcome some space into your life and to realise that space doesn’t need filling, it can be a rewarding state of being on its own. The more balance you find, the more you will realise what truly brings you happiness and what depletes you as you look set to make some life changing decisions over the weeks and months ahead…


As you continue to unravel and unpeel the complexity of your life, you are beginning to reveal layers of your nature that you haven’t really considered before now. You are a very giving soul and often give, give and give a bit more to others without much regard for yourself or your own needs. It seems the more of your true nature you unravel, the more you are realising some deeper motivations that drive you towards giving and over-giving so readily. There is no doubt you are generous, but there is also a sense that you measure your self-worth against how much you give and do for others. Whilst this is not that uncommon, there seems to be a force that drives you to push yourself into depletion in order to not let others down. However, looking even deeper, the possibility of letting yourself down seems to drive you even harder; you feel you need to be the glue that holds everyone (and everything) together as this not only gives you purpose, but it also gives you value.

It’s important to realise that your self-worth or value cannot purely be defined by what you do for others as this externalises a deeply internal process; you need to value yourself for all that you are rather than just for what you do. You are a vibrant, creative, and effervescent soul, and it’s time for you to start believing in this more wholeheartedly now. Whilst you will never stop being the rock for others, you need to find your own foundations in order to find a deeper sense of peace. Life isn’t just about charging ahead, pushing against the currents, and giving of yourself; sometimes there is more joy to be found in not doing, and in listening to the ebb and flow to guide you. It’s time to live more wholeheartedly and to believe in yourself more willingly…


As you continue to find ways to let your true essence shine brightly, there is a sense that you are beginning to see just how much you have repressed your creativity and vision over the years. This seems mostly as a result of your quest to ‘fit in’, but also a reflection of your self-doubt as to the quality of your gifts – what you feel you can ‘offer’ to others and the world. With the passing of time, you have come to realise that fitting in isn’t something that has such power over you now as you have come to accept that there is no such thing as normal, so there is nothing to fit into. Yet, your vision has gone beyond the concept of fitting it to an awareness of the innate human need to belong. Belonging isn’t the same as fitting it as it comes from the heart and soul; it’s a state of being, not a state of doing. You can’t bend yourself out of shape to belong as it only comes when you allow your true essence the room to roam free.

Of course, for a great many souls, being truly free isn’t an option in a world that still carries so much judgement and fear, but in your heart and soul, you know you can always be you. Whilst this may not fix the imbalance in the world, connecting with your heart and soul can bring you more purpose and meaning, allowing you to channel your creativity and gifts towards making the world a more loving and compassionate place. This doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from who you are; it’s not about being the person you feel you ought to be, it’s about being your true self. Such a shift will take time, but remember this is a journey to savour and enjoy…


September looks set to see you continuing to explore the concept of living your life whole-heartedly rather than conditionally; you have spent a great deal of time placing conditions on your life, waiting for a better moment, or holding back from stepping towards pastures new, as you feel that what you know is better than the unknown. Whilst there is wisdom in all of this, there is also a sense that you have lost a great deal in the process as your life feels more linear and pedestrian rather than a kaleidoscopic, exciting, and colourful array of possibilities and potential. Although you are easily able to see the bigger picture of life, you often keep your gaze down, preferring to keep on keeping on. Yet, it seems important to ask yourself why this is. What drives you to keep your focus so close and what prevents you from lifting up your gaze and exploring the vast expanse of possibility before you?

Whilst only you can answer these questions, there is a sense that there are aspects of your nature that you have denied, ignored, or overlooked for some time; being creative and expansive sounds amazing, but it can frequently upset the apple cart of your life as it often invites change. Yet, there is also a sense that there are parts of your nature you have yet to come to terms with, aspects that have felt like a hindrance and other areas that you haven’t, as yet, taken the time to get to know. Of course, we all spend our whole lives getting to know our true nature, but you are well ahead of the game, and it seems important that you now lay your own cards on the table and find ways to wholeheartedly embrace all aspects of your being. This is a time to relish as you seek out new ways to live your very best life…


As you continue to find ways to make peace with the ever-changing landscape of your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to open up to a level of consciousness that’s breathing new energy into your hopes and dreams. This energy is your phenomenal and extraordinary creativity, a force you are obviously familiar with, but you have struggled to give it priority in your life as it’s been hard to know how to squeeze it into your busy ‘to do’ list. It may sound strange that you haven’t found the time to let your inner powerhouse flow freely, but sometimes life gets so busy and uphill that you forget to use the tools and gifts you were born with. Although you have sensed the imbalance for a long time, it has been hard to know how to change it simply because your life has been too busy, however, you have reached a time where the longing to facilitate change is overshadowing the desire to keep on keeping on.

Yes, your life may still be busy with things to do, places to go, people to see and things to achieve, but you intuitively know how important it is to look beyond the distractions towards the core of what you truly need. A great deal of the busy-ness is clutter and there out of habit. If you review your ‘to do’ list, you will soon realise just how much you can let go of as the concept ‘less is more’ really is apt for you now. Your creativity needs expressing, and you are innovative enough to know that there are many, many different ways to do this, but you need to allow the process, or it will remain locked up inside of you, waiting for a better moment. Believe in yourself and tap into your courage to step into the unchartered terrain of ‘less is more’…


Creating ‘you time’ looks set to remain top of the agenda for you throughout September as you continue to re-shape and re-define the path you’re walking in life. For a long time now, you have walked the path of other people’s lives, in essence, going along with the flow and doing what you’ve felt is ‘right’ or what you’ve felt you ought to do. Whilst you have learned a great deal in the process, you have become increasingly aware of a need to find your own flow. It’s not hard for you to look at the bigger picture as you often contemplate the meaning of life over your porridge or wonder why things are the way they are as you do the washing up, but there is a stirring coming from deep within the core of your being that wants more now. Your consciousness reaches far and wide, and you have grown and evolved to a point where maintaining the status quo no longer feels enough.

Although you accept that many of life’s bigger questions will remain unanswered, there is a sense that you need to turn to your own intuition more to realise that you already have many more of the ‘answers’ than you may think. Sometimes, it’s the act of letting go that brings the reward; it’s the idea that not seeking an answer brings an answer. It may sound counter-intuitive, but intuitively you can sense the logic. It’s time to use your intuition to bring a deeper sense of purpose back into your life, to find your own flow and to be at peace with the unknowable nature of existence. Of course, there’s no denying it’s hard to bring your consciousness back down to earth, but this is more about bringing your consciousness back down to within your heart and soul; to let it tenderly envelop you and guide you forwards…


You have always been aware of a part of your being that radiates brightly, like a beacon of light. This light has the power to shine like a lighthouse, allowing your gifts to emanate outwards with a soft, tender hue. Whilst you have always been aware of this, for the most part, you have kept that light hidden away as you have often struggled to know exactly what to do with it. You have a yearning to inspire, encourage and inspire others, and you have a longing to use your creativity and intuition to facilitate change, but it’s been hard to bring all of these together as life keeps getting in the way. It’s as though you have been waiting for a moment to take a deep breath before you can shine brightly once again without realising that you already shine as it’s not something to do, it’s who you are. Yet, until you can wholeheartedly acknowledge this, it’s hard to do much about it as it continues to feel out of reach.

So, how do you acknowledge your radiance and how can you let your gifts flow freely? There is no magic key or ‘x marks the spot’ sign to follow, this is about believing in yourself and honouring yourself more. Yes, it’s hard to radiate brightly when you’re dealing with the day-to-day mundane aspects of life, but your inner sparkle never fades. There are times when you may feel as though your inner light has dwindled and got lost in the mists of time, but it’s always there, you just have to take a deep breath to remind yourself. Trust your inner light to guide you and let it illuminate your inner world. It’s time to look for the path within you and have the courage to follow it as you embark on a new adventure of self-discovery and enlightenment…


September looks set to see something of a rebellion going on at the core of your being, a sense of one aspect of your being pulling against the rest. It’s quite an indefinable and nebulous rebellion, more of a sense than a clear-cut knowing, but its presence is undeniable as it seems to be affecting most areas of your life. Of course, when it comes to knowing exactly which parts are rebelling against the other is far less clear as this appears to be something of a shifting uprising that ebbs and flows depending on how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. Now this isn’t a suggestion that this rebellion is therefore insignificant, far from it in fact as it’s actually a sign of your rapid evolution and growth through this particular chapter of your life. Although it’s hard to feel excited about something you can neither define nor explain, you can’t help but sense the shifts going on within. It would seem fair to assume that the lack of clarity is due to there being multiple ‘rebellions’ going on as the many different facets of your being try to come together as one.

Whilst this has been a long-term process, the pace has quickened which explains why it now seems more apparent. What does seem clear from this whole process though is the need to give your free-spirit more breathing space, to listen to your intuition more and to trust your own wisdom. In many ways, the ongoing cycle of change is allowing you to spread your wings and break free from tether after tether after tether that you’ve inadvertently collected over the years; beliefs, must’s and should’s that have shaped and defined your existence. The time has come to make peace with all of the many different facets of your being, to celebrate your uniqueness and to set yourself free…


As you continue to navigate the series of somewhat random moments and experiences in your life, there is a sense you are finding a great deal of strength from your ability to ride the waves with wisdom and acceptance. In part this has come from your recognition that life is unknowable and unpredictable; you also have the insight and willingness to learn from your experiences in order to grow and thrive, but there is a sense that you still hold yourself back from allowing your essence to shine brightly. The reasons for this seem complex, but your inner light is that part of you that transcends the winds of time and expands through space without shape or form; it’s your passion, your creativity, and your tenacity. It would therefore seem likely that holding all of this back comes from a desire to be a part of the flock, going with the flow rather than twinkling brightly and following your own lead.

Of course, it’s easier to go with the flow, but it doesn’t seem to warm your heart and soul as it’s your inner light that brings your gifts to life and inspires you to live as wholeheartedly as possible. There’s no denying that your life has been busy and full of distractions, and this has taken away many prime opportunities to re-balance and re-focus, but there is a part of you that seems content to leave this slightly out of reach as it makes life somehow easier. Yet, you have to find a way to reconcile your desire to shine with your desire to go with the flow and realise that they are not mutually exclusive; this isn’t a case of one or the other, it’s about embracing both and seeing where it takes you. Life is not just about getting from a to b, it’s about enjoying the journey and being open to ‘b’ evolving over time…


September looks set to be a month for some inspired ingenuity and creative thought as you begin to look at your life with fresh perspective. For a long time now, your focus has been fairly narrow as you’ve had to channel most, if not all, of your energy into keeping on keeping on. You’ve been dealing with challenges, but still trying to get from where you are to where you want to be, as a result, you have felt as though you have been treading water, feeling frustrated that things haven’t quite gone to plan. Whilst treading water can be good exercise, it adds pressure and angst, distracting you from contemplating how to better acknowledge and honour your own needs and dreams. Despite the uphill struggle, you have still been moving forwards, but it’s been hard for you to see signs of progress when life feels so heavy. Don’t beat yourself up for not making more progress as you have been juggling with so much, a great deal of which is actually related to those around you, rather than yourself.

It’s time to start thinking about your own needs more now as you channel your energy towards expansion and exploration as you start a brand-new chapter in your life. This feels both exciting and a little angst inducing as you’ve never been one to upset the apple cart, but you know that it’s time for change. You are an intuitive and wise soul, and it’s important to acknowledge your own gifts and needs, as your life is not simply about being there for others, it’s also about living your best life. Sometimes this may mean upending the apple cart, sometimes it might mean finding a different fruit, and other times it might mean making an apple pie or some cider. In other words, use your creativity and ingenuity to forge your own path…


As you continue to think about what truly matters to you, there is a sense that you have shifted into a new level of awareness, one that sees both the bigger picture and the finer details at the same time. For many, such a perspective would be overwhelming and bewildering, but you have the capacity to take it in your stride. You have spent a great deal of your life pondering the meaning of life, trying to make sense and understand as to why things are the way they are. Your determination has seen you seek out many answers, but your life is still full of questions. Some of the questions have answers. some of them are questions waiting for answers and there are also those questions that just don’t have answers. It has taken you a long time to accept that there is still much that is unknowable about life, but you have started to find peace in the uncertainty and stepped beyond your quest for answers in order to feel more connected to the present moment.

Of course, you can’t help but feel somewhat irked that, despite your best efforts, there are still aspects of your life that just don’t make sense. Well, join the club! However, your determination to find peace in the uncertainty has seen you shift your perspective where you are able to see both the bigger picture and the finer details (and everything in between). There are days when such perspective feels overwhelming as it can feel as though you are aware of every sight, sound and thought, but then you realise that you have always had this awareness, it’s just that now you are more conscious of it. It’s time to find ways to thrive in the uncertainty of life, to think about what you truly want and what truly matters. Breathe deeply, pause, and let go…


The concept of living your best life looks set to continue throughout September as you begin to contemplate what exactly living your best life means. There can be no denying that the path you have walked over time has been a rocky one, and you have faced more than your fair share of challenges. Yet, despite this, your strength and resilience still shine brightly. You often doubt your capacity to navigate the ebb and flow of the currents of life, but you are so much stronger than you ever give yourself credit for. However, life isn’t just about how strong you are as that suggests the need to always be resilient. Whilst resilience is a necessary quality, there always needs to be room for creativity, tenderness, and joy. September looks set to be a pivotal month for you as the winds of change continue to gather momentum and focus you on your hopes and dreams. You have always been an intuitive soul, but you need to channel this intuition into all areas of your life and allow it to guide you.

You seem ready to make some big decisions about your path ahead as you think about your true priorities. In many ways, you have been hovering at a precipice for quite some time, on the edge of something new. Although you have kept one eye on the rocks below you as you’ve dangled on the edge, you’ve always had a sense that you are ready to fly. Of course, this is metaphorical, but when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can sense that flying free is what your soul desires the most. Flying free for you is allowing your gifts to flow and cherishing your creativity and intuition. Whilst it’s understandable to want to keep hold of that precipice that’s keeping you in the safe and familiar, maybe it’s time to up-anchor towards pastures new…

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