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Book Of Life: Chapter Sixteen - TIME FOR CHOICE

Book Of Life: Chapter Sixteen - TIME FOR CHOICE

The 'Day of Judgment' is traditionally a time at the end of a particular phase of planetary evolution when an assessment of each and every Soul's attainment is made to determine those who are able to join the move up to a higher plane, and those who must start again elsewhere at the beginning of that phase in order to re-attempt the lessons they have failed to master.

There are practical reasons for this assessment. Those whose vibration rates are below a certain level, reflecting a lack of evolutionary progress, will not be able comfortably to make the transition to the higher vibrational dimensions. They would find the intense vibrational light-energy of the Higher Spheres quite painful to them. They would also find themselves deprived of the opportunity to express the many lower instincts and emotions which they have not as yet fully mastered; they would simply not feel at all at home in such an elevated world of increased strictures and refined sensibilities.

All the Masters and Guides communicating at this time therefore stress the present urgency for us to pass this final test as soon as possible, whilst we still have the opportunity left within the remaining testing environment of the dense Earth physical plane. The dense physical plane of Earth is about to be gone forever; it is only at this dense physical level that we can make such rapid progress in resolving and transmuting our past karma. By contrast, when we reside on higher spiritual planes, we live in such a relatively perfect and peaceful environment that many of the more backward characteristics within our make-up cannot be expressed and resolved. If on the other hand, we do manage to tackle and master the tests we have set ourselves down here within the short time-frame left upon the present third-dimensional Earth, we shall make some of the greatest advances within our millions of years of evolutionary development.

For those whose destiny hangs in the balance, between Ascension and starting all over again, an eleventh-hour effort to reform and learn essential lessons can yet turn the scales. This time of Tribulation is a 'Dividing of the Ways', the 'sorting of the wheat from the chaff'. Especially on this Planet, endowed as we are with a full expression of free will, every individual has the opportunity to make those significant choices moment by moment. Indeed in this present period of resolution, the many opportunities for choice will be multiplied and magnified by the increased Light-force energies now being beamed down to Earth by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Master HILARION, an Ascended Master from Planet Earth and a member of Earth's Planetary Hierarchy, makes this comment on the 'Tribulation' and the opportunities for Mankind:

"The Tribulation that has been planned for many thousands of years is descending upon the Earth. It will be recognized early by some who have remained aware of the Higher truths, but most will fail to see that the Last Days are upon them until near the end of the time of trial.

We have previously spoken of the arrangement for Humanity by which rebirth and karma were to allow individual souls to learn the main spiritual lessons and to settle the debts incurred when that learning process led to the harming of others. It was thought at first that this great Plan would permit virtually all of Mankind to achieve the basic goal, which was to escape by its own efforts from the wheel of rebirth and the karmic necessity.

But this hope was not realized. The temptation of Man's own base nature and the whisperings of the forces dedicated to his destruction proved, again and again, too strong for many souls whose resolve and whose spiritual sight were not sufficiently developed.

For this reason a new Plan was devised in order to allow for all those whose steps had faltered, a final chance to gain the goal that had been set for Man. This Plan was laid some twelve thousand years before the present, at about the time that the great continent of Atlantis sank to its final destruction beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. All of the details of the new Plan were carefully worked out at its inception and have not been changed in any important degree since that time.

One of the most important components of the 'Tribulation' was the necessity that all those who appeared unlikely to have reached the required level by the end of the rebirth arrangement were to be given the chance to make the right choice during the period in question. At the inception of the plan for the Tribulation, it was not known and could not be foreseen exactly how many souls this necessity would apply to. But as the millennia passed and the time draws near, it became clear that a number in excess of four billion souls would require this last desperate chance to succeed where before they had failed.

Prior to the passage of the Earth through the 'cloud' in space, a sign will appear in the sky, to indicate to those who have realized the truth, that the last days have come. This is the sign of the Son of Man spoken of in the Scriptures. Those who fail to understand and heed the meaning of the signs in the heavens will not be able to escape the final, dreadful weeks and months of the Tribulation by a subsequent change of heart. All of those who earnestly and with the whole heart change their old sinful ways and take up the cross of service and dedication to their fellow man will become entitled to what the Scriptures call the 'Rapture'.

The Rapture is essentially an escape from the horrors of the Tribulation, to a place of safety where those who have assembled there can work and learn in order to prepare themselves for the great task of reconstruction which will begin literally minutes after the Day of Wrath has terminated." [The Master HILARION, channeled by Maurice B. Cooke in 'The Nature of Reality'. First published 1979. Marcus Books, Queensville, Ontario, Canada]

This theme is repeated by the Master EFI of Mars:

"Now for this day are they being prepared, when each and every one shall be put into another place, that which is prepared for them. Some shall be freed from all darkness; these shall be free to go and come throughout the Galaxy, and they shall know no barrier. Others shall be put into a place wherein they shall till the soil with their bare hands; they shall have no implements, they shall have no tools, no machines. They shall have no memory of their past, of their science or of their fortune of the past. Such shall be the destiny of them which betray themselves." [The Master EFI of Mars, channeled by Sister Thedra in "Prophecies for Tiahunaco" -The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Sedona, Arizona, USA ]

Those who fail to reach a point of being able to Ascend to a higher plane at this "End Cycle " of Resolution and Self-judgment, will themselves recognise the need to start over again on another third-dimensional planet in some other solar system which will still have facilities for such living. Those that are particularly heartless and destructive souls, may even find that their soul/spirit requires a return to a yet lower level, to start again in a second-dimensional world of the Mineral Kingdom. This is not a punishment, it is simply an objective reflection by your higher Spirit/Soul of the fact that your lower personality-self would not be able to function at the new higher vibration rates. These Souls would find that they need once again to start over again and learn to become less ego-centered, to rise above the narrow view of self-interest and the taking what is not yours from others. They have to learn to give as much in return as they are themselves given by others. They will thus in future come to learn the joys of living in a cooperative world, of respecting and caring for others, of peace, goodwill, and of expressing unconditional love to all life forms.


"Whatever form the healing of the human world takes during these next few years, know that it is for the good of all. Do not be concerned with the fate of those who reject my Spirit. Their story is far from over. I am caring for each one in the manner of his or her greatest need. The Human world is in good hands. When you and much of Earth's present biological life have been sprinkled throughout the stars, and the oceans have changed places with the land, after the poles have shifted and new mountains have come to look over the plains, then will the truly slow-learners be recalled from the Mineral Realms where they shall slumber, to learn of intelligence again, and to come again to choose between love and fear." [The CHRIST, channeled by Ken Carey in "Vision" - Harper San Francisco ]

The time of Tribulation is a Parting of the Ways. Those who choose to do so should familiarize themselves with the circumstances and the issues involved, with a view to making a personal assessment of their conduct and such modifications as are necessary to facilitate a 'lightening' and a widening of their consciousness. This is easily said, but it demands self-sacrifice and self-discipline. And at this significant time, in particular, the temptations of pursuing a course of exclusive self-interest are magnified by the Forces of Darkness who wish to delay or prevent our Ascension.

The Master ZEN TAO: "It is inevitable, at such a critical time in the Earth's evolution, that the Forces of Darkness should be present just as much as the Forces of Light. The Forces of Darkness would like nothing better at this time than to subvert the path of the Aquarian cycle, for this cycle is destined to be the greatest cycle in Humanity's evolutionary path.

For every side or opinion that is present there will be another side or opinion to oppose it. This therefore requires that you exercise the great gift of discrimination. It is how you choose, and your motivation for choosing, that in essence represents the sorting of the 'wheat from the chaff'. There will be many who will follow the path of evil, but remember that you can walk to the gates of Hell and still turn back. You follow a path only for as long as you wish to. There will be much suffering in the World but no more than Humanity can bear and understand. Many, for instance, will not be touched by the plagues that are predicted to come." [The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury. ]

Clearly one of the predicted 'plagues' testing Humanity at this time is the one now known as 'Aids'. It is almost unique in that, with few and rare exceptions, it can either be contracted or avoided by 'conscious' action:

The Master ZEN TAO: "Aids is the first of the seven plagues from which Humanity will suffer. Now you must understand that the purpose of disease is not to punish: it is to bring about transformation. Disease is a great tool of evolution and all disease should be seen in this way. Aids, of course, is a disease which is usually transmitted sexually. The greatest disease of the Human Race today is its abuse of sexuality. With Aids, therefore, you have a disease which demands sexual responsibility. Aids can be likened to a genetic time bomb, because ultimately only the pure in body, mind and spirit will survive it.

The sexual act should not be regarded as an act of self-centered pleasure, but rather as an act of Cosmic creation. If you live a life of sexual purity you will not be touched by Aids. If you are pure in body, mind and spirit you will not be touched by much of what is to walk the face of this Earth. This is indeed the beginning of the sorting of the 'wheat from the chaff'. It would be true to say that in the New Age it will only be the pure of spirit, the pure of mind and the pure of body that will inherit the Earth." [The Master ZEN TAO, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury.]

It often seems at this present time that discipline in personal conduct is frowned upon. Yet it is perhaps now, as never before, that we should once again be guided by, and make every attempt to follow, the traditional old-fashioned ideals of 'Right Conduct', not only in treating our own bodies correctly, but of respecting the rights of others and the environment .

"And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be so overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day comes upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole Earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." Luke 21: 34-36

While 'surfeiting and drunkenness' are clearly to be avoided by those genuinely seeking to follow higher principles of conduct, there are more subtle ways in which we should seek self-improvement. In our 'civilized' world during recent times, the aggression used by those who are self-seekers has become subtler; but it remains aggression nonetheless:

The CHRIST: "Survival into the Third Millennium is reserved for the spiritually fit. The key to survival is not competition, but cooperation. Spiritual fitness is not aggression, it is fitting in with the purposes of the Earth and with the purposes of her Creator as these larger purposes blend in human exchange." [The CHRIST, channeled by Ken Carey in Vision - Harper San Francisco ]

At this important time of self-examination, the Ascended Master SAINT GERMAIN, a member of Earth's Hierarchy, recommends the practice of meditation (or communing within yourself), through which one can develop a mental calm and an openness to communication from one's Higher Self.

"I would like to suggest that meditation is very important for you at this time. Meditation is how you will gain mastery, the self-mastery and the focus that is required to go into your next phase. Meditation is how you will create the space between your limited ego-self and your deeper expression. You will put a little bit of distance between you and the ego so that your reactions will not be so automatic with regard to responding to negativity. All of you are experiencing much of the density of the Earth in your daily life. But, if you can meditate you will not feel the effect of it in the same way. You will have more of an overview, so that when those emanations or impressions come to you, you can choose consciously and wisely in each moment how to respond." [The Master ST. GERMAIN, channeled by Eric Klein in "The Inner Door", Vol.2 - Oughten House Publications, Livermore, California, USA]

Meditation, however, is not necessarily something that requires a lot of intense training, sitting for hours in the 'lotus position'. The Masters have stressed that there are over a thousand different 'paths' to meditation, and that one can just as easily 'meditate' by walking and thinking in the quiet of nature. Essentially what one is doing, is looking 'inward' to contact the inner voice or Higher Self, wherein, it is said, all the wisdom of the Universe is available.

The Master SAINT GERMAIN also stresses the importance of forgiveness. The significance of forgiveness is that in forgiving an insult or an act of aggression, the momentum of the act is thereby nullified; when we fail to forgive we perpetuate the act through a continuing stream of vengeance, so its evil effects are 'passed on', propagated and nurtured. Through forgiveness the totality of evil in the world can be progressively diminished.

"By forgiveness you can avoid the creation of any more negativity. You can 'let the buck stop' where it is, instead of passing it on as so many have done for so long in this world.

When someone expresses anger towards you, the tendency of the ego is to respond in the same way. And even if your ego is not at that moment responding in the same way to that particular person, perhaps it will await a perfect opportunity to respond that way to another, in an attempt to clear itself of these impressions. This is why the negativity on the Earth has become so dense. Humanity has continued to pass it around, to propagate it, so to speak. And the goal of mastery is, of course, to master this. Master your own creations and emanations so that what comes through you is love, so that what comes through you is that divine presence that you are. And that clarity which gives you wisdom to deal with situations, to defuse the reactionary elements of human life." [The Master ST. GERMAIN, channeled by Eric Klein in The Inner Door, Vol.2 - Oughten House Publications, Livermore, California, USA ]

An underlying theme pervading all the warnings of the coming 'Day of Judgment', and all the accompanying messages of counsel, stresses the need to seek a return to balance and harmony in our lives, in our relationships with others, with humans, animals, plants and nature as a whole. We must also develop an intunement and sense of balance and harmony in the relationships between our 'two' selves, our Earthly Self and our Higher Self, so that we in our Earthly incarnations are living in a manner which causes no conflict with the 'ideal' as seen by our Higher Selves and Guides. Only in this way can we comfortably by-pass the 'Tribulations' which will shortly be upon us.

The Master RAMALA: If you yourself are living in balance and harmony, you can survive any physical challenge. Though you work in a room full of diseased people, you will not be touched by any disease. Though you are shot at by many guns, you will not be hit. Though you are thrown into the sea when a ship sinks and many drown, you will be saved. For those who live in peace, that is, obeying God's Natural Order, there is total protection. Those who follow God's Natural Order will find their own lives in order. For those who trust in their Creator, there can be no fear." [The Master RAMALA, channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury .]

The Master P'TAAH: "You see, dear one, if you are not in fear of what is to come, and know that you live in a perfectly safe universe, it is merely to live constantly in the 'moment of joy'. To know that you will, of course, be safe, that you will survive. It is your reality. You create it. If you are living in an area, for instance, which may be subject to a very sudden Earth change, and you are living in joy, and not in fear, then on that day, beloved, you will be away visiting your mother. You see, it is you who create the reality." [The Master P'TAAH of the Pleiades, channeled by Jani King in The P'taah Tapes: Transformation of the Species - Triad Publishers Pty. Ltd., Cairns, Queensland, Australia ]

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