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Creativity Witches' Bottle

Creativity Witches' Bottle


Make a Witches' Bottle to aid in creativeness and inspiration.


You will need:

Mason jar

Square piece of black cotton fabric

Orange fabric paint or orange acrylic

Dried mint

Dried orange peels

2 drops orange essential oil

1 drop mint essential oil

Rubber band

Orange ribbon


Lay the black fabric flat on a hard surface. With the orange paint, paint a spiral in the center of the cloth. Set the cloth aside to dry.

Place the mint first and then the orange peels inside the jar, filling it up about two-thirds of the way. Add two drops of orange essential oil and one drop mint essential oil.


Stir ingredients together while saying:

"Creativity, come to me

In whispers and dreams

And visions that gleam."


Now place the cloth centered on the jar's mouth, spiral up. Holding the cloth in place, wrap the rubber band around the sides to keep it in place. Tie the orange ribbon over the rubber band.

Keep the creativity bottle in your work area, wherever you do your writing, painting, drawing, etc. or put it on your nightstand for inspiring dreams.


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