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White Magic - Spring Prosperity Spell

green candle

Spring Prosperity Spell for the Month of March

Because it is the waxing part of the year, at a time when fertile energies abound, the Spring Equinox is a prime time to cast prosperity spells. There's no coincidence that prosperity is related to the fertility of the earth, considering how dependent upon the land our ancestors were for their very survival. Just as they were dependent on a bounteous harvest or thriving herd for their livelihood, so are we dependent on the growth of our businesses, salary and investments.


  • a coin with the year of your birth on it (preferably silver)
  • a small or medium sized flower pot
  • growing medium
  • mint seeds
  • spring water or rain water
  • a piece of paper
  • a green marker
  • a green candle
  • patchouli oil

Cast your spell on Ostara, or during the new moon near Ostara. Sit and meditate for a while to balance and center yourself.

Take the green candle and anoint it with patchouli oil. Start from the tip of the wick, and rub the oil down to the base of the candle. As you anoint the candle, envision money coming into your life.

Set the candle in a candle holder.

To raise energy- fantasize.

Engage in creative visualization, imagining your savings account or investments growing, or your salary being raised, or more work coming your way, or your home business taking off.

Visualize every detail in your mind, as if watching a movie of yourself with this happening. Try to feel like you would feel if you had a bigger income.

Imagine the peace of mind you would feel when your bills and debts are paid when your nest egg grows enough to feel secure or buy things that you need or want.

Hold this visualization for as long as you can.

When you can't hold it any longer, light the candle. Know that the energy you have built up in your fantasy is being released.

Take a small sheet of paper or parchment and write your name on it with green ink. Place the coin in the center of the paper. Fold up the paper with the coin inside of it and seal it with some wax from the candle.


Place the flower pot before you. Put in some growing medium to cover the bottom (any good potting soil you can find). Place the small wrapped up piece of paper with the coin in it in the pot. Add more growing medium to the top. Plant the mint seeds in the soil. Sprinkle some spring water on them as an offering to your deities, or to the Earth.

End your ritual by relaxing and clearing your mind.

Keep your pot on a sunny porch, windowsill, or in the yard. Nurture your plant to grow and thrive, and as you do, so will your prosperity grow and thrive.

When the mint leaves grow, make a tea with them to drink, or pour the tea into your bath. Place leaves from the plant in your wallet or purse, wherever you stash your cash, or in envelopes with your financial papers.

To break the spell, clip the leaves and return them to the Earth. Break open the wax seal, burn the paper and bury the coin.

Remember to manifest for need, not greed !!!!

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