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Flora Magic - Pine Trees

Pine Branch and Cones

Many of us think of using evergreens only as part of Yule and Christmas celebrations, but their magical uses extend well beyond the Yule season. Here are some ways to use pine to enhance your magic year-round:

  • To ensure a bountiful spring, as part of your Ostara ritual, take a small pine branch and place it in a flowing stream or river. Give thanks for the returning season of light.
  • For fertility, use a fir branch to represent a maypole during Beltaine. Also, include three pine branches in a sacred bundle, along with branches of oak and hawthorn, and burn this in your Beltaine fire. This will ensure strength and the fulfillment of wishes.
  • During spring, to welcome the Green Man place branches of pine near your door, on fences, at garden gates, or in barns.
  • In late summer, make a swag of pine and goldenrod to ensure good health for the coming year.
  • Include pine cones in fertility spells for an extra boost of power.
  • To remove negativity, place two small pine branches in the form of a cross before a ritual fire. Bless them and then place them in the flames.
  • To purify your home during the winter, mix a pinch each of ginger and allspice with a drop of olive oil in a quarter cup of water. Anoint the tips of a small pine branch with this mixture, and sprinkle the mixture about your home. Begin by facing east and move in a clockwise direction. Pay special attention to the windows, doors, and fireplaces.
Snow Covered Pine Branches

At Yule, pine wreaths are among the most ancient and potent forms of pine magic. Pine represents life, and the round shape of the wreath symbolizes eternity. Decorate the wreath with natural materials, and include a few small glass ornaments to repel the evil eye.

The centerpiece of the Yule season is the Christmas tree. The holiday tree represents the Tree of Life. The lights symbolize the stars of heaven and the star at the top of many trees represents the divine spirit. When you decorate your tree include some ornaments shaped like fruits and vegetables, especially pickles, apples, berries, nuts, and corn dollies. These serve to remind us of the coming growing season and the bounty that lies ahead. A popcorn garland is also a nice touch.

As you can see, the magical lore concerning pine trees is rich and varied.

Pine Centrepiece

When you are collecting branches, remember to ask permission from the tree, and ask it to direct you to which branches or parts of itself can be harvested.


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