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An Astrological Overview of May 2023

An Astrological Overview of May 2023

As the editor of the Astrology Arizona newsletter, I compose an overview of each month. Today we take a look at the primary factors for the month.

The Overview for May

This year the month of May features Pluto in Aquarius for the first time since 1777 with a major T-square formed the third week of the month by Mars square Jupiter and opposed Pluto, with Jupiter square Pluto! While exciting in its implications for the future, remember Pluto rules the seeds of things which will sprout in the future, so this T-square portends major events in the future related to the revolutionary social and spiritual developments indicated by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius.

That T-square will profoundly impact planets we have between 28-30 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and 1-3 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If you have a planet in any of those zones, this powerful integrative T-square showing the turning of a huge corner. Just keep everything open and above board, be willing to ask for what you want, get behind inhibiting circumstances, and if called upon to do something, do it in a big way!

Mercury’s retrograde the first half of the month and direct the second half of the month and favorable to Saturn the entire time, bringing productivity and harmony to planets we have in the first half of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. So for the first half of the month we continue to review the lessons around old answers being inadequate to confirm the new conditions of existence, and old approaches not being adequate to deal with what’s happening. So find new approaches, new attitudes, new understanding, and don’t worry about what’s past; focus on finding new means to get things done. This gives us a head start on lessons to come in the Autumn when Jupiter goes stationary retrograde on the same degree Mercury did in mid-April.

Mercury’s on a stationary degree of building good bridges to help link up separate realms. With Venus in early to mid-Cancer the second and third weeks of the month, there should be great harmony, with personal feelings prominent and a favorable linkage between early Pisces, early Taurus, and early Cancer.

With Mars activating a LOT of things this month as it moves through late Cancer and early Leo, at the T-square we get the first non-Lunar opposition between planets since November 2022! In May, Mars is in great shape with favorable aspects from the Sun and favorable aspects to Uranus and Neptune all month, strengthened by favorable Mercury aspects through the first three weeks of the month. So even though Mars is the activator of the T-square with Jupiter driving the void into early Scorpio, Mars is also exactly sextile the Sun and exactly biquintile Saturn, showing that whatever “erupts” is probably productive and the result of preparation and skill in previous months.

This month all the inner planets transit Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, with Mars entering Leo in mid-month, heralding future transits of Venus, Mercury and the Sun. That means the outer planet occupied zone of Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, and Uranus in Taurus is now being extended into Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, putting all the planets in half the zodiac, creating a “Bowl” Jones pattern when the Moon is between late Capricorn and late Leo.

Because the inner planet conjunctions with the outer planet spiritual heavyweights renew many important cycles between January and May, it’s a time when some things end which will be replaced with a new focus of spiritual energy for the year. The inner planets transiting the outer planet span is a time to pull the energies inward, and when things are concentrated in this way, the Moon is the key to effective expression. When the Moon is between mid-Capricorn and Leo, we’ll feel more “enclosed,” whereas when the Moon is between mid-Virgo and late Scorpio, it will be the focus for all the other planetary energies as a nozzle pointing us to right action.

Remember the first three weeks of the month is still under the influence of the April 19 New Moon Solar Eclipse at 30 Aries, helping us find new areas of effective action which could be fun for us and our friends. This will come to fruition after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Taurus/Scorpio on May 5. The last third of the month is under the influence of the May 19 New Moon at 29 Taurus, helping us see several points of view in any situation.

When Jupiter entered Aries in May 2022 we launched into a new era which became a dominant theme when Mars conjuncted Jupiter in late May at 4 Aries. That conjunction began a 2 year cycle of learning how to enjoy life more naturally on our own terms. When Jupiter revisited that conjunction point in the third week of January it accelerated the growth of that energy, renewing its fiery expression. This month Mars finally makes the waxing trine to that conjunction, cutting loose some of the potential which has built this past year.

Jupiter moving through Aries gives an Aries backdrop to planets we have in Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as the houses where we have these signs on the cusp. This month changes that to a Taurus backdrop, and should help us settle into a comfortable groove in those areas of life.

Speaking of another long wave Aries energy in our charts, Jupiter launched a major healing and mentoring cycle when it conjuncted Chiron at 15 Aries on March 11. That began a long wave Chiron cycle which will last until the Summer of 2036. As an aside, when Chiron transits between Aquarius and Gemini, it moves relatively slowly and has conjunctions with Jupiter about every 13 years. However, it can take 19-20 years for the next conjunction after Gemini or Cancer. That means once the conjunction at 16 Gemini happens in the Summer of 2036, then we won’t have another conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron until the Spring of 2056 in Aquarius.

Saturn is beginning to slow to go retrograde in mid-June, and continues to bring deep and vast feeling energies to planets, points, or house cusps we have in Capricorn and Aquarius. Because Jupiter rules Pisces, this month Saturn will have two distinct combinations of energies in how it expresses itself. The first half of the month it’ll have more of an Aries feel, and the second half of the month it’ll have more of a Taurus feel. As Jupiter is heralding where Saturn will transit in a few years, we’re all getting a sense of corners to be turned later this decade when Saturn transits Taurus and makes the waxing square to the December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction point at 1 Aquarius. That conjunction ended a 200 year Earth era and began a 200 year Air era, and set the sociocultural conditions for the greater Aquarian 20 year era now developing.

During 2021 and 2022 we opened to a vision of how we could contribute to a greater group effort and learned ways to manage our feelings and individual spirituality. This month Saturn continues to crystallize what we need to learn about the first decan of Pisces, with the theme of “Federation.” However, we are still under the influence of its October station with a theme of rising to some type of urgent need, “emergency,” or “an exaggeration of life problems.” This month begins with the dawning of a new collective dedication with the majority of the month teaching us to be true to ourselves and stand for what we believe in.

Planets Slowing Down, Speeding Up, or Shifting Signs

This month Mercury speeds up, Venus and Saturn begin to slow down, and the rest are moving at normal speed with Mars picking up speed for many months to come. Jupiter in Perihelion is moving very quickly through late Aries and early Taurus, and Uranus and Neptune are direct and fast in motion.

In May we have four planets changing signs. This month the Sun, ruler of Leo and Cancer, will give us two (Taurus and Gemini), and Venus, ruler of Taurus/Libra, will give us two (Gemini and Cancer). Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio, will give us two (Cancer and Leo), and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, will give us two (Aries and Taurus)


After its long retrograde, Mars continues to pick up speed by the week! It went stationary direct at 9 Gemini in January, with a theme of being a Zen archer, sure in your aim as a result of your training between September 2022 and February 2023. This will be a theme for this year and the next. Mars is now in late Cancer and early Leo, helping us gather what we need for greater natural expression.

Mars is activating the house(s) where we have 20 Cancer to 7 Leo. While Mars is in Cancer, the position of the Moon is important in how Mars expresses its energies. That means we’ll have many shades of Mars coming forth the first half of May. As Mars in Cancer is in its sign of “fall,” meaning Mars doesn’t really learn from Cancer energies. Mars will be much happier in Leo, since that sign is in harmony with Mars’ Aries nature and is ruled by the Sun, which is exalted in Mars-ruled Aries. As the Sun is favorable to Mars all month, I am sure we’ll be getting a lot done!

The first half of May, Mars is in the Pisces decan of Cancer, ruled by the Moon and Jupiter with an extra dose of Venus. The last half of the month Mars is in the Scorpio decan of Cancer, ruled by Mars with an extra dose of the Moon. The second half of May, Mars is in the Leo decan of Leo, ruled by the Sun with an extra dose of Saturn.

Between May 1-10, Mars will prove agitating to those with planets between 19-25 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Between May 11-20, it will have the same effect on planets between 25-30 degrees of those signs. And between May 21-30, it will agitate planets between 1-7 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

I’ve already offered you the major aspects Mars makes this month, with the Solar sextile and the Fixed T-square being the two most prominent. As mentioned, the major friction comes from Mars opposed Pluto and both square Jupiter, challenging our ability to integrate and/or act in dynamic ways related to houses this square affects.

As I’ve offered before, when Mars is within a degree of forming or separating from a hard aspect with a planet, slow down and show deliberation and caution in how you use force. Hard aspects to/from Mars always require that we moderate or antidote impulsiveness and impatience.

Sign Focus

This month the sign focus is on the signs occupied by the inner planets plus Jupiter, since Taurus and Cancer are strong throughout the month. We begin the month with Jupiter in Aries, the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Cancer. By the second week Venus is in Cancer and by the third week Jupiter’s in Taurus, Mars is in Leo, and the Sun’s in Gemini.

So the first week is spread out in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, by the second week Gemini disappears and both Taurus and Cancer are strong. Taurus comes back into prominence when Jupiter enters that sign, while both Taurus and Cancer recede somewhat as Gemini reappears and Leo makes its appearance on the stage of Life for many months to come! This month has shifting sign emphases, because we begin with at least one planet in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, by the end of the month Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo become prominent.

We’re Actors On A New Stage With A New Set

We’re still in the initial years of a new era. The Grand Mutation of Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 1 Aquarius began a new 20 year Aquarian Era in December 2020, as well as a new 200 year era, moving global energies out of Earth and into Air. We’ve begun to grow beyond the materialism of the past 200 years and have entered two centuries of Air emphasis, with its qualities of relatedness, receptivity, versatility, movability, lightness, and cooperative ideas, visions, and ideals.

We’re still "under the beams" of the Solar Eclipses we experienced in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, and these “cosmic recyclers” continue to remove all that we no longer need in our lives. Take note of where you have 1 Cancer, 24 and 13 Sagittarius, 20 Gemini, 11 Taurus, and 2 Scorpio, since 1 Cancer aligns us with a larger reality, 24 Sagittarius helps us find happiness, 13 Sagittarius gives us a new identity and love, 20 Gemini removes what cannot be assimilated or communicated, 11 Taurus will help us remove “weeds from our garden of Life and Mind,” and the recent one at 2 Scorpio is helping us release attachments from the past as we enter a more complex social experience.

Last May’s eclipses with Sun in Taurus have begun to shut down old value systems in that sector, as well as the Scorpio sector via the May Full Moon Wesak Festival eclipse. November’s Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 17 Taurus/Scorpio is helping us tap our spiritual power and focus it through “hearing our inner God” and allowing our Higher Self to transform our lower self and our worldly expression. The Scorpio Solar and Lunar eclipses are already leading us to say goodbye to the past, giving up some old ideals, and finding a new perspective on how and when to do things. You can find out more about the Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse by going to any of the recent articles on how eclipses work.

Last month’s eclipses have begun to work their magic on our Aries and Libra sectors for quite a while to come. The Solar eclipse at 30 Aries is sure to shut down some elements wherever we have that in our charts, and the eclipses later this year will be the last in the Taurus/Scorpio sector with another one coming in our Libra sector.

As we study how successive Eclipses have affected various areas of our charts and lives, we can get a sense of the utility of these “Cosmic Recyclers” in removing what we no longer needed in those areas, creating a void which attracted new life experiences. They invite us to look back, and then forward, to see the continuity of “letting go, taking in, letting go, taking in” across the years.

The Grand Irrationality

In May, the 7-pointed “Star of Destiny" I’ve termed The Grand Irrationality is in play around May 6-11 when the Sun conjuncts Uranus and septiles Neptune, and again in mid-month when Venus septiles Uranus and biseptiles Neptune, bringing a Venusian sensibility to whatever Mars activated in mid-April from the same Cancer zone. These will each activate all 7 zones, making the second and third weeks of the month very intense as we move through the profound choices and changes indicated by these aspects.

All of the septile-series 7th harmonic aspects from the inner planets to the outer spiritual planets represent turning points at the hard edge of revolutionary change we’ve been going through for a while. Obviously, this is activated every time the Moon moves through one of the seven “hot zones” of this evolutionary configuration. All septile-series aspects are non-rational degree relationships representing “forks in the road of destiny” in any larger cycle. I have written extensively about “The Grand Irrationality,” a configuration which has been active since 1994, at my main website http://www.aquariuspapers.com where I explain why all of humanity is forging its future destiny at this time. If you have a planet or point near any of the seven zones, your life is sure to be affected. In May these zones are around 3-7 Aquarius, 25-29 Pisces, 17-21 Taurus, 8-12 Cancer, 29 Leo- 3 Virgo, 20-24 Libra, and 11-15 Sagittarius.

During the periods these 7th harmonic aspects are in play, if things get weird or crazy, be clear about the choices you’re making. While a lot won’t “make sense,” it doesn’t have to; just be clear about what you’re doing and why. Even though there may be interactions with unreasonable or irrational people, we still have the power to respond in productive ways.

As with “hard” aspects to and from Mars, if that planet (or really any planet) is involved in any non-rational aspect, whether one to our natal Mars or transiting Mars making a non-rational aspect to one of our natal, progressed, or solar return planets, it’s a time to be cautious during the period when the aspect is within a degree of forming or separating. Things have a way of getting strange during 7th harmonic aspects, so those are times to be especially deliberate and thoughtful in choosing our responses.

Primary Action Beats for the First Half of the Month

May begins under the influence of the April Solar eclipse at 30 Aries. Where that falls in our charts shows where we will have losses followed by gains. We all will lose an old arena of activity, even as a new one opens up. As the Inferior Conjunction is on May 1 at 12 Taurus, take a new look at what you’ll need in the way of goods as you prepare for your new area of effective action. Because Pluto also goes stationary retrograde on May 1, be cautious due to the immensity of the “sea change” this portends.

Jupiter finishes its stay in Aries during the first two weeks of May when it occupies the last 4 degrees of that sign. With Venus making a favorable sextile and quintile the first two weeks of May, it’s a productive, harmonious, and specializing time of discovering ideas and initiatives. However, Venus squares Neptune the first week of May, so there may be mixed signals or some sort of confusion in the general atmosphere. Adjust as needed, see the humor or poignancy in things, be cooperative or find the cooperation you need, and use your insight into human motives and folly to demonstrate the significance of these to others.

The Moon moves between Virgo and Sagittarius the first week of the month. There are quite a few Lunar quincunxes on May 2, 3, 6, and 7, so make adjustments accordingly. The main aspects in play the first week of May are Venus square Neptune and sextile Jupiter in mid-week, culminating in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Taurus/Scorpio. As that is the Full Moon known as the “Wesak Festival,” celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and acceptance of His Way as a teacher of the Dharma, it is said this Full Moon is when a new “Compassionate Buddha Wisdom” comes forth as a driver of a new world teaching for the year. We shall all be put through losses and changes over the next few months by this eclipse, but it will help us all see “the world of the five senses and the mind as the playground of God and Soul.”

Venus enters Cancer on May 7, and immediately quincunxes Pluto. Pay attention to details, see the big picture, and feel the shift in allegiance Venus shows you, since it’s a portent of late June. As the Moon is still outside the outer planet occupied span the first 5 days of May, it’s the nozzle to focus and release the other energies, as well as how to “get a handle” on situations.

The second week of May features the Moon in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, showing the Moon is again in the outer planet occupied span, so things will feel more self-contained with a spiritual focus. Major aspects that week include Sun conjunct Uranus, Mercury sextile Venus and Saturn with Venus trine Saturn, creating 3 points of a Great Sextile configuration. This is extremely productive and as it involves the rulers of 6 of our houses, it should be a very harmonious and stable week.

The second week of May ends with Mercury going stationary direct at 6 Taurus, so it continues to make a sextile to Saturn through the third week as well. This aspect is good for planning, simplifying, intuiting the easiest way to do things while still making sure the structure is sound, and coming to a clear view of the way things are.

That week the Moon makes some very favorable aspects to the other planets, and helps us redirect and/or release energies in calculated and balanced ways to anticipate the major T-square just around the corner. May 10 will show us what’s coming. The Mercury cutting a double sextile within the Venus trine Saturn will prove very harmonious to any planets we have near 5-9 Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Primary Action Beats for the Second Half of the Month

The second half of the month begins a very intense time! Mercury goes stationary direct on May 14, Jupiter enters Taurus May 16 and squares Pluto on the 17th, and Mars enters Leo on May 20, where it immediately opposes Pluto and activates the Fixed T-square. This would make Mars very volatile and prone to overshooting the mark or escalating when it shouldn’t, except we also have Mars trine Neptune on May 15, with the Sun and Mercury both sextile Neptune on May 18 and the Sun trine Pluto and sextile Mars on May 21.

In this situation, the Sun cuts the Mars opposed Pluto into a sextile and trine, making a very favorable evolutionary configuration which is harmonious to all planets and points we have at the very end of the Earth and Water signs, as well as the very beginning of the Fire and Air signs! The opposition can bring penetrating awareness as well as dynamic power to act, while the Sun ruling Mars with both in a sextile shows maximum productivity and adaptability.

The third week of May shows the Moon in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, showing a more instinctive period of mostly favorable Lunar aspects except for the evenings of May 16 and 19, when it’s best to slow down and take it easy. May 17 is another trigger for the T-square as the Moon squares Mars, conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury, and squares Pluto. Due to Jupiter square Pluto, be careful if you’re out and about, do not agree to anything secret or underhanded, and beware of corrosive people the entire month, especially the third week!

We also have the New Moon at 29 Taurus on May 19, ushering in a month of “compare and contrast” internal and external dialogs. As that Taurus Full Moon is also sextile Neptune and Mars, it seems we’ll have another very productive, grounding, simplifying, and enjoyable few months in front of us, despite the eclipse removing our ability to hold on to things which are already passing away!

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21, and makes the excellent evolutionary configuration described above. The fourth week of May shows Sun sextile Mars, Mars square Jupiter, Venus square Chiron, Venus sextile Uranus, and Sun square Saturn. Mars builds through the Sun and releases through Jupiter which is a release point for the Pluto in Aquarius future oriented energies pouring forth into the world in seed form.

The fourth week of May shows the Moon in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, where it makes very favorable aspects May 22, 23, 25, 27, and 28. Things could get volatile on May 24 with Moon conjunct Mars in Leo opposed Pluto and square Jupiter. Be focused, concentrate, renounce ego, and show your genius on May 25 and 26. There’s a heavy vibe on May 27 as the Moon opposes Saturn with both square the Sun. See the humor, see the big picture, and allow your life and love to be renewed in some way, since the 28th brings understanding of what we like and why we like it.

The last three days of May shows the Moon in Libra and Scorpio. There are interlocking Yods on the 29th with the Moon as the nozzle, of the Jupiter sextile Saturn, and Saturn as the nozzle of the Moon sextile Mars in Leo. This requires a lot of adjustment and sacrifice, but that interlocking configuration is also found in the charts of spiritual teachers, so perhaps the 29th will give you clues about how to become a Master of your Wisdom. May 31 and June 1 bring us a Grand Fixed Cross, with Moon in early Scorpio square Pluto, opposed Jupiter, and square Mars. Whether things are fracturing, or eliminating what we no longer need, or attracting the new to us, by the end of May things are in dynamic motion!

Evolutionary Development

This is the sixteenth month of the North Node in Taurus era! We’re now in a time of our greatest development coming through the sign of appreciation, value, and enjoying the best life has to offer. The recent eclipses are already assisting us in letting go of strong feelings related to the past, as well as all which blocks us from going deeper into our connection to Source. With Taurus growth and Scorpio release, keep it simple and steady, showing what you know by releasing what needs releasing and attracting what needs attracting.

As I noted at the beginning, Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries in late May 2022 began a 2 year adventure in opening to new ways of enjoying life and new freedom to be as authentic as we need to be. That cycle and other Aries cycles are already in motion, bursting into a bright flame thanks to the inner planet conjunctions with Jupiter and Chiron.

Our wise friend Saturn brought us to the threshold of radical transfiguration and entry into a greater field of conscious Light/Life in March, and now we’re in the deep waters of Pisces. This is a time of demonstrating a greater empathy, sense of connection, intuition, and compassion. Specific Saturn themes for May include burying the past and standing for what we believe in as prelude to hearing a call to renewal in June.

The Sun in Taurus is a time to see the Light of being able to enjoy life on our own terms, doing what we know we must do to ensure our future well-being. This grounds the idealistic vision of Aquarius that was deepened in Pisces and brought to new activity in Aries. This month we can move forward, building bridges using new information and new approaches, releasing the past and any stuck feelings we may have.

We now continue our third year of the new Aquarian era, having renewed that energy via inner planet transits for this year. When Jupiter enters Taurus, it will find a new “expansive ground” which will sustain the process into the future. As Aries and Taurus introduce new cycles, move into the future, stabilize what you can, and open to newer forms of self-expression.

The new 2023 Aquarian energies powered up the last three months, with rapid developments in March when Saturn entered Pisces and Pluto made its first appearance in Aquarius. As Jupiter is racing forward at maximum speed, embrace the future and don’t clutch as things rapidly accelerate. This month begins our 2023 grounding of the Aquarian vision, preparing us for a very dynamic Summer of Venus and Mars in Leo!

As we’re now at the beginning of the third year of a new 20 year and 200 year cycle, remember a new era has dawned. Have courage and take the initiative to leave the Earth and fly free into the Air of what’s opening as the Grand Mutation expands its promise into the Divine transfigured ideal of a more just truth and future. This month brings the enjoyment of adventures embraces the past few weeks, so remain focused, be willing to find new arenas of effective activity where you can work and play with other Light Spirits, and take heart as we stand at the dawning of the coming Pluto in Aquarius era.

We have now collectively transfigured into a greater vision of the one Light/Life we all are together. Continue to find your heart strength and new forms of genuine happiness appropriate for who you are now, and who you are becoming relative to just a few months ago.

The 2022 Capricorn and Aquarius transits began a new chapter of utilizing forms of personal power in Capricorn to serve the emerging Aquarian ideal. A huge part of the past died in 2021 and 2022 and a new expansive inspired energy came in via the Mars conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. The past is over and we all have begun our trek into a new world of new potential, new adventures, and new ways to enjoy being ourselves while doing our work of Destiny. Open to the abundance of the process of growth, since we are all on a rocket ship to the stars!


Since I also include this in the newsletter, I’ll offer it to you here:


SUN – 11 Taurus to 10 Gemini
MERCURY – 12 Taurus back to 6 Taurus then forward to 15 Taurus
VENUS – 23 Gemini to 25 Cancer
MARS – 20 Cancer to 7 Leo
JUPITER – 27 Aries to 4 Taurus
SATURN – 6 to 8 Pisces
URANUS – 19 to 21 Taurus
NEPTUNE – 27 to 28 Pisces
PLUTO – 1 Aquarius (all month)
CHIRON – 18 to 19 Aries
TRUE NORTH NODE – 5 to 4 Taurus



(Bold entries are the ingresses, stations, and lunations. Non-bold are significant aspects.)

VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE; May 4 at 27 Gemini/Pisces
FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE; May 5; Sun 15 Taurus; Moon at 15 Scorpio

SUN CONJUNCT URANUS; May 9 at 19 Taurus

NEW MOON; May 19; Sun and Moon at 29 Taurus

MARS OPPOSED PLUTO; May 20 at 1 Leo/Aquarius
AAZ Meeting; May 21

MARS SQUARE JUPITER; May 22 at 1 Leo/Taurus
VENUS SQUARE CHIRON; May 24 at 19 Cancer/Aries
SUN SQUARE SATURN; May 28 at 7 Gemini/Pisces
FULL MOON; June 3; Sun 14 Gemini; Moon 14 Sagittarius

VENUS OPPOSED PLUTO; June 5 at 1 Leo/Aquarius

I want to welcome all to drop by our Astrology Arizona Facebook page and join the social media initiative going on there. Please feel free to contribute a topic, ask about a topic, or anything else related to our new group! See you over there!

 Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson


© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

About the author:

Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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I want to welcome all to drop by our Facebook page at Astrology Arizona and join the social media initiative going on there. Please feel free to contribute a topic, ask about a topic, or anything else related to our new group. See you over there!

Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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