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Tarot Tableau: Gemini Season 2022

Tarot Tableau: Gemini Season 2022


Past Situation: Strength
Outgoing Conflict:  3 of Wands
Outgoing Support: Page of Wands
Past Actions: Knight of Swords
Integrated Shadow: The Moon

 We exited Taurus Season having learned the value of regulated self nurturing.  Asé! So. It. Is. Our willingness to release what no longer sustains us brings us into Gemini Season feeling fortified by our self-compassion & awareness, and free from the illusion that we might possibly know it all. (Strength) The concept of integrating The Moon’s energy strikes me almost as fantasy… In the “Black Tales Tarot”, there are many shadows. The underside of ripples on the surface, the cliff’s edge, even the underside of the moon itself exist beyond the apparent reach of light. It begs the question “how might we integrate what within us cannot be defined clearly or even fully witnessed?” 

The Knight of Swords in this deck rises up like a lightning bolt, his sword of truth polished by detachment carries him over the moon transcending with passionate clarity all deceptions & omissions within and without. As we collectively detach from our illusions surrounding altering the past, our patience with processes or time spent without purpose has waned substantially. Waiting in vain or planning in perpetuity became unbearable in the last cycle. In this one, we’ll clean up the remaining debris. This includes our resistance to exerting will & fearing the responses and comparisons of others (3 of Cups)

The 3 of Wands symbolizes the initial stages of manifestation. It can also be the renovation of a plan. This is taking first steps and looking for results, and of course adjusting accordingly. In the context of ‘passing conflict’, someone may have waited too long to implement a plan, adjust what didn’t work, or recognize the effects of actions taken. Our support during this time was the Page of Wands.

The courage to initiate the plan and passion to see it through has served in the creation & trial stages. However, it must be sustained to ensure overall success & stability in the long run. It is as if energy levels have shifted away from the physical exertion and toward analysis. The is not the place we want to be losing steam but getting a rhythm. The Page’s energy, while strong is short lived without a muse or goal motivating them to keep taking action. He is a champion for our cause, but we must do the work. As his support moves out, we’re gifted with new verve & inspiration that compels yet another and another. Steady steadily. Like Taurus taught us.



Actual: Ace of Swords
Environment:9 of Wands, 5 of Swords
Support: Ace of Wands Positive Influence: 4 of Wands
Known: The Lovers Unknown: 2 of Pentacles

The arrival of new information, via direct communication, study, or sudden understanding is indicated by Ace of Swords. It is the necessary conversation, the emerging space between separating people and things. This one also implies protection earned through our honesty and clarity that is gained from pure intent. Remember, the mind is often misused due to ignorance of its impact. This Ace says now we know what we know (and just how much we don’t). Interestingly, supporting us this season is yet another Ace.

The Ace of Wands bolsters our self confidence and creativity, indeed our physical energy. It is the purest expression of fervor to initiate, innovate, defend, and move forward.  Keeping the environment in mind becomes more important for two reasons. The first is that we are the environment for others. Secondly, purity is often influenced by that which is around it. Consider that Air & Fire (thoughts/voice & ire) move quickly and often without attachment to their affects.  It’s time to redirect any misunderstanding, cutting convos, or outright manipulation we’ve been subjected to or the source of. When faced with decisions regarding our relations, balance & integrity will be crucial.

Tarot Tableau: Gemini Season 2022

The results of any distrustful energy in the 9 of Wands & 5 of Swords around us seems to be channelled well though. Protection mode permeates this season. The 9 of Wands suggest the exhaustion of defending oneself or pursuing one’s goal in the face of frequent threats or opposition. One the other side, the 5 of Swords is often indicative of an internal battle that’s projected onto another person. It seems we have grown tired of being caught between the egoic and very real threats of others (9 of Wands) and also the one we’ve had with ourselves that decides our interactions with them. Good.

The Lovers represents our knowing. This card points to the collective making conscious decisions surrounding connection with those willing to meet us as equals. This requires we put effort into a strong bond between our minds and our hearts, too. Building a new tribe or relationship after experiencing traumatic conflict or loss because of it is this 3-card combination. The clarity & confidence of the Aces helps us choose. It is union within ourselves that attracts the best people to evolve us. The 2 of Pentacles reminds us to stay mindful of the state of our resources and any fluctuation. Managing them properly will prove important later. Best to prioritize and prepare.


Distractions:10 of Swords
Problem Behavior: 3 of Cups
Negative Influence: Wheel of Fortune

It seems important to mention again that those we choose to spend our time with and invest resources in have a potent influence on what we create and experience. (3 of Cups) It is even more important during Gemini season as ruler of the 3rd House (local community, short distance travel, siblings & communications). This season begins with Mercury retrograde in the sign. It hints at those in our immediate environment giving us info to process and vice versa. With this, we can move into the future with clear awareness of where to seek support and who can offer safety. Retrogrades say any endings taking place are less likely to happen or affect us right away. (10 of Swords) So, consider major changes to your life and bonds carefully and avoid any impulsively. (I say that because Mars & Jupiter in Aries may make this difficult. Like an Ace of Wands on steroids…). HUSH UP AND PAY ATTENTION.


Ideal Situation: The World
Ideal Environment: King of Pentacles, The Empress

Collectively, our intent seems to be the glow up.  The result of our expanded self-awareness leads us out of a cycle and into another. We want to see the tangible results of our consistent work during Taurus Season. (The World) This looking back is fitting, as it helps us recognize in the now and going forward who is invested with a benevolent eye to our creatively rebuilt self-value. The Lovers says we may have a choice between many who want to engage us. Choose from a place of true worthiness and authenticity. (The Empress)


Incoming Info:The Magician
Incoming Trigger: 3 of Swords
Incoming Support: 2 of Cups

Coming in quickly is confirmation that our internal and external resources are full and in balance. The Magician as incoming info is an emerging awareness if energetic reserves and how we may better use them in service to our intentions. We are healing our connections and increasing our capacity for deeper participation. Look for the moment in the season that says to you “Everything I need I have.” Keep it in mind. The 3 of Swords as an incoming trigger seems harsh. Circumstances might require us to reconsider some attachments and relegate them to the past. It’s all to the good as this liberates us to use our tools in the best ways. 

How do you know when it’s time to let go? When the holding hurts more than the thought of release, when you loosen your grip and come closer to peace, let it be. “Loving Surrender” Kori Woo

In contrast to any difficult detaching this month asks us to do, the 2 of Cups arrives to reconnect us to the softer, more compassionate side of ourselves and others. Where there may be a painful separation, interference or leftover feelings about old ones, there also remain loved ones who do hold safe space for our vulnerability. We can often be sure because they trust us also with theirs.  Moreover, the void left by those who may, with all good intent, no longer align is filled with new bonds that reflect our heart’s values.

Advice: 3 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords
Outcome: Queen of Pentacles, King of Wands

As we navigate Gemini/The Lovers energy and its quick mercurial shifts, the advice of our spread is comically 2-sided.  3 of Pentacles guides us to invest in creating community with those who recognize our potential and respect our value. But the 2 of Swords represents ambivalence and forced distance between oneself and the truth. Its’ advice is a focused indifference toward any entity that distracts you from the foundations you’re building and tribe you’ve established. Those who wish to commune with you will naturally get on board. Instead of going to battle with those who would bait us into pointless chaos, let’s use our energy in support of healthy collaboration. What results is wealth & power born of confidence and our willing to take direct action, securing what matters and the wherewithal to get away from what or who does not. Those around us are doing it too. We find camaraderie through our mutual effort and investment in wellbeing.

Blessed twinning season to all! kOri

kOri Woo

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

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Reprinted with Written Permission from kOri Woo.

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