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10 Amazing Essential Oil Combinations For A Diffuser

10 Amazing Essential Oil Combinations For A Diffuser

Since the time essential oils became famous due to their multiple health benefits, people are using them with various tools like vaporizers.

Vaporizing is just not enough; instead of that, one should use oils in combination with the diffusers because the results will be amazing.

A variety of oil combinations can provide several therapeutic effects at once.

Try out these ten best essential oil combinations for diffusers and increase your knowledge about diffusing methods.

10 Best Essential Oil Combinations For Diffusers

1). Frankincense And Lemon:  This is an amazing fragrance that has great benefits on the skin, immune system, and respiratory system.

It also reduces stress levels naturally with its sedative properties.

2). Cypress And Neroli:  This combination is helpful for skin and hair. The advantage of this combination is that it balances the body's natural oil production.

3). Rose And Sandalwood:  Not only do these two oils smell great, but both also have restorative properties which make the task easier for the diffuser.

While rose has stress-relieving properties, sandalwood helps to reduce anxiety levels.

4). Frankincense And Lavender:  These two essential oils are known as master de-stressors and their therapeutic properties relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress caused by high demanding situations like work overload, etc.

They also boost the immune system because of which one feels good about oneself.

In addition to that, they have relaxing properties that help the person to give a calming effect.

5). Sage And Geranium:  These two oils are quite popular for increasing the focus and awareness level of a person, along with relieving headaches and stress-related conditions.

They both work as anti-depressant agents because of which you feel fresh and active throughout the day.

6). Bergamot And Rosemary:  It is one of the best combinations that release mental stress and uplifts moods.

Both smell pleasant and provide therapeutic effects like improving memory, concentration, etc.

They also boost immunity levels due to which allergies caused by dust particles reduce considerably.

7). Clary Sage And Cedar Wood:  This is one of the most common combinations that give an exotic and pleasant fragrance.

Both these oils have therapeutic properties which work to improve skin health and reduce stress levels.

8). Eucalyptus And Fir:  This combination helps you to fight fatigue, cold illness, and respiratory problems.

This oil combination also works great in eliminating excess mucous from the lungs along with allergens from the nasal passages, thus increasing breathing capacity.

9). Lemon And Mandarin:  These two essential oils are known for their cleansing effects on the body due to which they remove internal toxins from the blood circulation system.

This amazing oil combo provides a calming effect on the mind and reduces anxiety levels naturally.

10). Peppermint And Lavender: This is one of the best combinations that can be used in various diffusing techniques.

This particular aroma helps to relieve headache which is caused due to mental exhaustion.

It also provides a calming effect on the mind by preventing stress, anger, and fatigue-related disorders.

Essential oil combinations for diffusers are definitely amazing if you know how to use them in the correct way.

They not only make your house clean but also make an impression on people around you about your good taste in choosing flowers for yourself.

These oils have effective anti-depressant properties which help you to deal with stressful situations easily without getting depressed or addicted to them.

Author's Bio:

Aditya is a natural beauty & aromatherapy geek and co-founder of healjunkies - an all-in-place for authentic essential oil & beauty resources.

This article was submitted exclusively to by Aditya Sneh.

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