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Conversations With Kuthumi & Goddess Diana - That Four-Letter Word

Conversations With Kuthumi & Goddess Diana - That Four-Letter Word

Triple date portal & Your place of daily experience

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, set the intent to connect to Spirit.

Your rewire will automatically be facilitated by your Higher Self for your greater good, as every word is energy infused with love, guidance, gratitude and healing, claim it, enjoy it.

Greetings, I AM Diana, Goddess of Light.

You are once again coming to face a time of self-illumination, standing in front of your pillars of self-reflection, recognition, and development thus self-creation.

Dear beautiful beings, when entering energy phases such as this, you are reminded to act from a space of immense beauty and inspiration, inspiration of the self and beauty of the world that you find yourself within and celebrate that you are very comfortable in this energy of love and harmony.

It is when you come to face the frequencies of the Earth, and best I be clear, not the frequency that is immitted from the Earth, but the frequency that the poor Earth, if I may say so, has to continually uplift herself through for her to shine her beautiful light, the frequency of discontent that humanity sows around themselves, them lives, their families, and their place of daily experience, as we like to refer to your ‘work’.

The four-letter word called work

Perhaps to some ‘work’ remains a ‘four letter’ word, it is your place of daily experience. The objective is to allow yourself when transitioning from your place of living to your place of earning, to ‘experience’ the energy for what it is, thereby giving yourself an opportunity to face your pillar of self-recognition in your home and work time.

Many has a conflict of personality interest and reflection. Because of the total unconsciousness and obliviousness of humanity in general evident in many places, situations, institutions, and corporations, those that ‘lead’ often undertakes a ‘personality change’ between that which they leisure and that which they should treasure, their work. Leaders take heed, the subtle frequencies within the Celestial waves of thought is what transform lives, transforms worlds.

Some find that to enable those that are collaborating with them (or as they say sometimes, under them) to fall ‘into place’ they have to take control, and thus go through some sort of a ‘walk-in’ change of personality to control their office space. We say, when someone works ‘under’ you, you are going to walk all over them and that’s no good, best let them stand beside you.

Dear beautiful beings, we do understand the concept and ‘where you are coming from,’ but for ‘where you are going to,’ that situation will need to change, for ‘denial’ is one of the greatest conflicts you are facing on this planet, which has everything to do with self-worth and self-value. If those that are in a position of earning are able to go to their place of daily experience and truly experience that which they need to, and to in their own words ‘put bread on their table’ and pay for the things they need for them to come into full realization of where they are at, then in truth, where are they?

They are in a fortunate situation to be able to go to an institution who then teaches them to do things all day long and in-turn at the end of the day, week, or month, get their renumeration. Perhaps some then take that, and again transform that energy (money) to exchange it for other values or energies that they need for daily living, food, home, car, and all the things reflected through within their own pillar of recognition.


This is what this gateway is all about. I am going to ask you to continue to celebrate this daily because although the higher essence of this energy is open for a 21-day period at its peak, it is thereafter integrated in the energies of that which follows, peaking again at the Solstice of self, the 11.11, then the universal solstice, the 12.12, and again rebooted at the 21.12 gateway.

This essence is being seeded to bring an awareness for humanity in general that the ‘work’ place they find themselves within as part of their daily experience, needs to be respected, enjoyed, and used as a platform for exploration to extend your knowledge, understanding, and to learn new things. This should be a place for you to ‘express’ through turning it into a valuable exchange to sustain yourself in whichever way, thought, or form.

Even if you are self-employed, have your own practice or business, doing your own thing, always respect that, and understand that even though there may be much controversy about working ‘from 9 to 5’, it is indeed what you make of it. Treat your ‘work’ as another opportunity to express yourself on an integrated platform, for you to excel from!

Beautiful beings, we understand that in certain situations much conflict arises between the communication of those ‘in charge’ or overseeing, and those participating. We ask that you set the intent to create a beautiful energy of light, you may give it whatever colour you wish, call it whatever name you wish, and then send this energy vibration out to all those that participate in your daily experience. Inspire them to begin to appreciate that platform in a different way. Instead of being labored by it, complain about it, even ‘negatively’ affected by it in a derogatory or limiting way, to understand the experience for what it is, and enjoy it no matter what. Those that are in an overseeing position must hold the essence of harmony, light, and peace in their own energy field, for you know the story, as you sow so you shall reap! One of my overseeing talents as Diana, is to help humanity become more focused on that which they wish to create.

What usually prevents humanity from being happy at their place of daily experience but the ego, which interferes creating competition…

“Who is the best, nicest, most sleezy, controversial, dedicated, or most shocking” It is insanely crazy which creates a dense negative reflection within the collective!

Support yourself and all that you can to create a better environment through a lighter way of thinking and being, so that they will indeed come to enjoy a better reflection of their time as opposed to ‘slogging it out’ as they say. Although you probably say, “Diana you must be crazy if you think I am going to go to that place every day and enjoy it,” and I say “You should, for you are not doing it for nothing”

You do it as a way of receiving energy which you can exchange for whatever you wish or need or extend from for you to be able to live the life that is reflected in these pillars of self-recognition, inner reflection, thus acceptance of inner divinity. To celebrate a complete transformation on this planet, these issues must be addressed.

We are not asking you to run to your offices and burn the smellies and light candles and go crazy so to speak, (yet crazy is always good), but rather to lighten up that inner candle of self-recognition, and to also share this by holding this frequency within the ethers around the planet, as this is one of the hurdles to overcome.


Focus on what is at hand. Do not let that which is behind you influence that which is next to you, and thus that which lies ahead of you.

Be comfortable where you are. If for some reason you absolutely hate your work place and loathe everyone that you are spending your time with, please be sensible about this!

How many hours in your life do you spend in that miserable situation? Is it truly worth it? If not, change it!

Your lifetime is so short, and even though you may see it as ‘years and years,’ it is fractional. Find ways to integrate change and uplift the frequency. Support each other, for all of this together makes this place into the paradise that it already is on a higher level.

The energy within your auric field is ‘created’ or influenced by the physical, mental and emotional fields that hovers around, and is reflected onto the planet. If there is a problem then why not work on it? This is why I chose to address this issue today because it is important for humanity to focus on joy and upliftment especially for the few hours they enjoy their home space.

Leave the slog behind and integrate a fresher way of looking at things. The new planetary energy is all about seeing everything in a new light, and to be able to do so, you need to manifest this for yourself first, and I bless you to do so.


Kuthumi Speaks

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of self-realization.

A quick interlude from Goddess Diana is always so welcome beloved ones!

The issue at hand of taking the misery out of the many menial moments of your day is indeed very important and should be on the top of your list of change, for in doing so you will create peace, better health, more ways of exploring the self, thus gift unto the self what you believe your worth to be.

When exploring different avenues in a positive frame of mind with an outlook of inspiration allowing the impossible to become possible, you ‘allow’ miracles to guide your way, as many other ‘platforms’ presents themselves within your space, projecting themselves as future pathways to explore. Be open to this, which is why we set the intent for the frequency of synchronicity to bless and infuse every word, be it spoken or written, so that when you hear or read this it knocks on your heart, and opens every one of your energy centers for you to finally step in and recognize what it is like to live a beautiful, placid, peaceful life, for what good is life without peace?

Beloveds, you have had hundreds of lifetimes basked in trials and tribulations, filled with thorns, scattered in crushed glass, incased in sharp edges. Now it is time to let it go, hence your commitment to your full awakening in this lifetime. If that weren’t so, you certainly would not be reading this or hearing these words.

Self-Reflection and your Higher Self

The essence of this day opens up a portal of higher self-reflection for the self-beloved ones, it is all about celebrating your higher self, knocking on the innate doors of the inner self, which is why Goddess Diana asked you to focus your attention on how important it is to create a shift within your outlook when it comes to your place of daily experience or work. We don’t often express this, but it is an avenue within life’s projections that is becoming increasingly depressing for many.

We understand that there are subjective laws, rules, unconscious and subconscious restrictions within many governments, but in time to come these too will work themselves right out of their own entrapments.

It is unfortunate that many feels trapped within a world of despair, finding it difficult to express themselves. When facing a situation of loss of hope or faith, or simply feeling lost as you feel that the world around you can be no more because the trickiness within your daily experience becomes too much to bear, become still.

Be your own Portal

I am speaking to you, you that person, find a quiet place, sit or lie down anywhere, gently extend an energy flame from your base chakra all the way up to the crown. Allow this sweeping movement to ignite the golden flame in the crown, the magenta flame in the eighth, the soul chakra, and then release that essence very gently, extending it up through the higher portals, through your energy, through the torus, let it connect to the grids and merge with the Cosmos. Ask your Higher Self to extend its energy to meet yours, melding its essence into the flow of your own.

Here you experience an almost deafening silence, a high-pitched frequency for lack of a better word, and if you listen closely, you will begin to recognize the symphony of Celestial Peace, and for however long you are able to connect to that energy, understand that there is a greater aspect of yourself that have walked this journey plenty times more!

You are doing it yet again!

Bathe in this connection, this essence of your greater power beloveds. Draw forth inspiration, motivation, and hope to carry you through the despairing rivers of sadness, into the rivers of happiness, joy and peace.

That quietness, that stillness, that moment of deep, deep, inner connection and reflection beloved ones, that is your innate self.

Understand that at most times there are two of you within one body that you have to deal with, your soul and brain aspect, the soul and the body, and to get these two to join in a dance of transformation, which is what you are aiming for.

The ego, or the ego-personality as it is known within the brain aspect of self will always try and convince you otherwise, whereas the soul-spirit aspect within your higher essence knows best. Yet it too comes for the ride, to experience all that’s on offer, to join in, to practice joy and learn from sadness. Yet there remains a tremendous ‘under current’ of incredible density and overbearing sadness when it comes to lack, which is why we keep harping on these subjects, for you to finally let go and enjoy your rewire.

In so doing your will create a different outlook of your place of daily experience. Recognizing the self in its higher essence is what this (7:7:7) triple energy represents which adds up to a 21/3 which represents the truth of your personal trinity, thus self – reflection, recognition, and development.

Don’t become confused or obsessed with labelling gateways, for the bottom line remains that these and other key events are of a very a high vibration which brings through amplified opportunity for change. The brooms of change sweeps through a new understanding, even of things which previously interrogated, blocked and controlled you, thus stripped you of your power.

The New You

At times of despair draw forth from your higher essence every inspiration needed. The downtrodden aspect is part of your lower multiple facets, and although confusing, there are many of you fighting the survival game that most lower aspects like to play. The moment you are able to work through the habit of playing the survival game, the peace warrior awakens. You take on your coat of many colours and you embrace your cloak of many fragments!

Adorn yourself with whatever you wish, but your frequency shouldn’t dwindle, beautifully reflected through your eight chakra, encapsulated by the frequency of the innate self which key portals serve as a reminder of. Remain connected to all that is you, inspiring the human personality-self together with your soul-self to embrace their reflection in your mirror as you dance with your shadow, for it’s all about balance!

All your aspects remain an integral part of you. Your body may be left as ash or bone, but your great soul warrior essence leaves with all that you experienced.

The body and soul must come together to create a mindful experience which opens up the higher heart and mind, and so the realizations begin, the energy begins to spin, and the connection forms which you can tap into all times, and we insist that you do, as you form a close relationship with your higher self.  

For you to embrace your true transcended spiritual essence, there needs to be an awareness of your pillar of personal reflection which this energy awakens, like sitting yourself down in front of a cosmic celestial mirror!

The meditation ‘The New You’ presents you with this mirror.

You are here to learn to grow, thus, to experience. This will enable you to transcend from a lower brain to higher mind state.

Focus on change by embracing ‘The New You’ thus be the keeper of the New Earth Flames imprinting all with New Earth frequencies. Make friends with and be kind to your body, your mind, your brain. Learn new things, explore, travel, traverse across cosmic frequencies of the unexplored!

Light up your flames of self-exploration, let go of the old, embrace the new! Transcend into worlds that awaits your embrace, and remember through all this, the least you owe yourself, is to unwrap the gift of the innate self by connecting with the higher essence who knows who you truly are. Befriend it, walk and talk with it, and call upon it for guidance.

Call upon it to sprinkle the crystalline dust of synchronicity ahead of you so that your world may become easier, your life lighter, and your light ever so much brighter!

Until we meet again, I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and I bless thee in love, as I sprinkle the dust of synchronicity before you.


Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

Article Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email from Chanel Lingenfelder with Written Authorization to reblog on CrystalWind.ca.

Chanel Lingenfelder
Chanel Lingenfelder has been a transvoice channel for Kuthumi, Diana, the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings since 2006. She lives in Howick, South Africa. Apart from earning mega academic accolades, she’s a published author and travelled extensively. Her book “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” is available on all leading platforms. For more info www.visionoftheheart.co.za. Chanel’s dedication toward lightwork remains as unwavering as her wicked sense of humor!
Below is a link to Chanel's book. 

From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia 

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Chanel Lingenfelder and reprinted with written authorization.
Header image courtesy of CrystalWind.ca.

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