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Conversations with Kuthumi: Coming into Full Circle #2

Conversations with Kuthumi: Coming into Full Circle #2

Technology and Oneness 
Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of love.

Beloved ones, humanity is facing one of the greatest challenges of wakening consciousness ever experienced, and I include all within an incarnated life process upon the planet at this time.

Never before has there been a time where the reality about Oneness is as you say, so in your face. In days gone by during times of world trouble, wars, illnesses and disasters, you didn’t have the technology that ‘binds’ you as it does now. In fact, looking back, compared to what you have today, things were pretty ‘primitive’ at times. In the same way, after the opening of the Aquarian Gateways which started surfacing and opening its cracks in the late eighties, early nineties, you can now tune into your station with much greater precision and with far better results than previously, even more so on an energetic level. Thus, as with technology, spiritual energy or ‘spiritual technology’ is expanding at an ever-increasing rate too!

When one takes these changes into consideration, one must include science, for everything on and off your planet is science. Everything in Creation is a sacred science, reflected through what some refer to it as sacred geometry.

Your fine-tuned apparatus

Every one of you has within a fine-tuned energetic ‘apparatus’ that enables you to not only understand and integrate technology, spirituality, and science, but to actually expand from it through exploration. You opened up the flood gates. You asked for this world to expand from itself, and for it to integrate a higher and a bigger world that exists ‘beyond’ yours into your current energy, thus life on Earth today, and YOU are doing just that!

Never again will people look at you ‘strangely’ as they did before when you mention the word Oneness.

Never before in your history have you been able to do that in such a conscious way, so much so, that even the young can perceive and conceptualize the essence of Oneness. Your television is a wonderful example of this on an ordinary level. Many programs are presented ‘live’ even offering participation through social media tools like your mobile phones, tablets, computers and the like. You are able to speak to one another on your personal devices. Back in the day when you first had news of this amazing feature that was to take the world by storm which enabled you to engage in conversations across hemispheres in ‘real’ time, and then later to be able to see one another in ‘real’ time, you swallowed hard on it.

What a massive communication breakthrough and Oneness celebration that was! Now look where you are! Thus, in many ways, Oneness spreads its waves through technological wings! 

Beloved ones, little did you know that a time will come when you will be able to carry every single person on this planet in your pocket. At a touch of a button you are not only able to connect with them, speak and see them, but you can do so as a group across your globe, in real time, wow! Now ain’t that something!

You wake up, and others follow!

Just as your current energies are changing and progressing, so did it when the initial gates of the Aquarian energy started opened up many years ago to initiate the technology you now enjoy!

Humanity started waking up, and in turn they reminded others around them to wake up, and then they them, and so on and so forth. Eventually enough of you were awake to connect in unison around the planet, and you know what? You did so long before any of this technology was evident!

If you think back to the meditations that was shared back then and the results that were achieved compared to what you are able to do now, it was a phenomenal achievement back then! As mentioned before; there is nothing wrong with enjoying, participating, and partaking in technology for it opens up avenues of discovery all around. But there is no need for you to become that technology, as you are way beyond and above it!

You are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, magical, magnificent expression of light, which is who you are!

You are not technology and technology should never be in you. You are biology, you are human, you are the greatest creation ever created! Your magnificence sustains anything even beyond your perception. You tend to think that your magnificence is encapsulated within an immediate energy field around your body, yet it extends way beyond that!

You are able to transcend barriers of energy like never before. Beloved ones, those of you that are able to ‘let go’ in such a way to expand from yourself a sphere of light so immense to eventually encapsulate the essence of Gaia within that, we needn’t  explain to you what the true essence and meaning behind Oneness truly is. We are all One and YOU, the great energy quantifiers, you KNOW IT.

Within your heart of hearts, at that level, you know this!

You understand energy technology and now with the modern technology that you are playing with, you are able to understand it even better. The Oneness we speak of expands beyond anything. These waves of communication extend further than the most mind-blowing technological waves found in and around the planet. Even within expansive technology, there is still confinement.

You can tap into Galaxies and Universes at a drop of a hat!

You are a masterful being beyond any computer, radio station, telephone frequency and the like. You can scan much further and quicker than any satellite will ever be able to do, and you can do so in a flash, which is the gift of Oneness!

At cellular level, it is a gift that you know and understand, that you again came to challenge yourself with. It is therefore imperative that those in the know share this with those that are not. Continue to share this through the etheric realms, speak of it if you are asked, get the information out there so that others realise that the world (planet) they thought was bigger than their own reality, is in fact a pin prick in comparison to other worlds. Yet your world (consciousness) is so vast, so massive, it can tap into worlds beyond worlds faster, quicker, better and clearer than any technology ever created upon your planet, should you dare!

The gift of being able to open the doorway that leads to your passage of higher transformation will widen your perception through understanding for you to do so without thinking about it. This is a responsibility that only you can take on, you that walk that path. You the initiate who was and is daring enough to survive the chambers of the unknown, the chamber of shadows, which were able to come out the other side and tell what it’s about, you can and are doing it!

It is only those that are prepared to masterfully walk the journey of responsibly and complete trust, especially in the self, and able to completely surrender into expansion, exploring directions previously unknown, that can venture forth along that sacred corridor.

Your key is transformed into an Ankh

There you find a world of infinite possibilities where you are handed a key and like in the meditation, when that key is transformed into an ankh, then you are able to go through the next doorway of your own truth by surrendering into even deeper levels of trust.

This is when divine integration and assimilation of Oneness truly influences and includes all, for you are not an island, never have been, never will be. Every single venture that you take on will eventually affect and influence others.

It is that responsibility, beloved ones, which allows you to transcend, to leave the past behind and move swiftly into the direction of The New You. It is through these doorways of truth and divine perception of Oneness that we introduce even ‘higher’ energies to you, as we have just done. In case you haven’t noticed, each time venturing a little further until eventually you find yourself on a brand-new platform!

A new platform brings new intensity with finer-tuned effectiveness than ever before. Just as you moved on from the wireless home unit to your tiny mobile device where you have everyone in your pocket, you can move from an ordinary state of meditation into a complete state of Grace, but that journey, the corridor, the passage that you traverse through, that is solely your responsibility. When you are able to surrender your transformative ‘key’ into a sacred Ankh, that’s when you begin to unlock those sacred doors of infinity one at a time.

As you do so, feel your Dimond Crystalline codes contained within your heart essence (and 12th chakra) come alive with the Presence of Christ-consciousness. You feel the essence of your spiritual self greater than ever before, feel the EMPOWERMENT for that is indeed YOU!

Feel the humbleness of LOVE.

Tap into your beauty and magnificence, always. Embrace this level of intensity, your personal divine unique frequency. As you lean into worlds beyond worlds of infinite possibilities, feel it, KNOW it, that’s why you came, to remember.  

Embrace your coat of many colours and your cloak of many fragments and be as ONE.

Acknowledge your soul immortality and commit to do what you came for. Stand firm within your power and your rights and be the magnificent being that you are. Embrace your bliss consciousness codes, your gamma consciousness, and be kind unto all.

Sow seeds of awareness and consciousness wherever you go, imprint all with that which is encoded within your hands and feet. As a carrier of the new earth DNA do all that you can to make your world a beautiful and better place.

You are already in it, now live it, share it, bless it.

May the Light of the living Christ be within you and burn brightly all the days of your being, and may you know that not now or now ever can you be alone, for we are truly all ONE.

I am Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in LOVE, Adonai.

Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

Article Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email from Chanel Lingenfelder with Written Permission to reblog on CrystalWind.ca.

Chanel Lingenfelder
Chanel Lingenfelder has been a transvoice channel for Kuthumi, Diana, the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings since 2006. She lives in Howick, South Africa. Apart from earning mega academic accolades, she’s a published author and travelled extensively. Her book “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” is available on all leading platforms. For more info www.visionoftheheart.co.za. Chanel’s dedication toward lightwork remains as unwavering as her wicked sense of humor!
Below is a link to Chanel's book. 

From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia 

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Chanel Lingenfelder © Blog posting 2024 crystalwind.ca. All rights reserved. Reprinted With Written Authorization From Chanel Lingenfelder. 
Header Image Courtesy of crystalwind.ca

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