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Kuthumi & Diana - The Enhanced Divine Feminine & Goddess Codes

Conversations With Kuthumi & Goddess Diana - That Four-Letter Word
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Greetings I am Diana goddess of Light.

I step forth to present to you this day the gift of gentleness and kindness, a feminine gift extended through the current planetary frequencies.  

The undercurrent that weaves its divine flow of energy and love throughout your plane and inner planes, weaves kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, beauty, and love, holding the energies together. There is great controversy in your world, reflected through incredible disturbances within the elementals of your earth evident within your weather. Most are natural phenomena, yet on other levels some are not.  

You do you understand that ‘when ulterior motives initiate instability’ it delays and prevent the anchoring of the miracle of love.

The order of the day is to bring about balance. You are slowly emerging from a time of great chaos, moving into a time of greater order, yet that too can create confinement if not from the heart.  

The divine feminine shared through various codes and frequencies, is what facilitates and allows a softer more sensitive frequency to ease this.

In juxtapose, to create balance, order must burst forth from chaos. Thus, the need to create ‘orderly fragments within chaos’ to shift frequencies. Perhaps it sounds like a trick statement, but it is true.

Within the greatest of chaos there too lies order. Beautiful beings, as you take on your lightworker frequency, you are guided to be pillars of balance (diffusors) to bring this about.  

You emit these frequencies; thus, your inner frequencies must balance personal chaos for you to create order in the chaotic outer world. Here you become a fragment of order within chaos. This is then infiltrated into your life and your world around.

Balance, the soft gentle frequency of transformation, transfiguration, and compete shifting of all that is not, is held within the divine feminine.

The masculine / feminine must balance!

You received the teachings of the new divine masculine through Kuthumi, and together with the finely tuned frequencies of an ‘upgraded’ divine feminine, a new course of energy facilitates balance between that which is ‘over’ orderly and ‘utterly’ chaotic.

To enable you as surrogates to share this refined energy requires an upshift of your divine feminine codes.  

The divine feminine is as active as she’s playful, you will see this all around. You will even begin to notice this amongst circles which previously couldn’t face tolerance or humour.

All of this is gifted to you so that you may share this as a light worker on a sub or non-conscious level. Perhaps some may think others don’t realise or benefit from this, which matters not, for your world needs it.

There is a great plan taking place!

You must understand the disturbance currently created by many must be brought back into order. When there is chaos in nature, the universal laws bring this back into balance. When there is chaos in human nature man goes tumbling, usually because the intimate higher vibrational frequencies truth, love, peace, and compassion are ignored. Thus, their chaos multiplies completely losing track of where and when they were given a chance to revert back into balance. Next the imbalanced human becomes reactive, and everything becomes distorted.

Rise above it!

When a situation stirs you to become reactive, no matter how difficult it may be, don’t! Become the observer. This is how you create balance in the chaos during personal conflict. Sadly, most humans spin out of their own control wobbling on their own axes, thus falling prey to the chaos which convinces them that balance is not doable, yet it is, with gentleness.  

As you create your reality, so too must you now step into your ‘enhanced’ divine feminine shoes, to ‘unmanifest’ disturbances. Many were once part of the chaos; some are still willingly, whereas others may be forced to endure it. The only way to undo this, is to imprint a purer gentler frequency within the collective.  

You are creating new timelines!

That which is imprinted or programmed into the collective unconscious will influence the subconscious, eventually imprinting its signature within the conscious. Once the conscious awakens, celebrations are in order!

Unconsciousness within a conscious world remains a huge stumble block to overcome.  

By sharing information on many levels, we from the realms of light gather as collective supportive energetic teams to remind you that you are recreating, rewriting, and reprogramming a brand-new timeline for yourself.

A timeline where order reigns amongst chaos no matter the severity, that’s the new energy!

Let gentleness bring balance in an orderly way into any chaotic world, prompted via The Universal Laws. Stand proud and firm in your beautiful shoes, be it a glass slipper or diamonds on your ‘trainers’ (sneakers) for the gentlemen, whichever way you feel comfortable. The divine feminine or goddess energy has nothing to do with being female. She’s stronger and more powerful than ever, yet her soft gentle frequency is clearly evident as she brings about a new approach amongst all.  

Therefore, do not let anyone persuade or influence you to be or think different to that which you prefer. Be your gentle self, for the frequency of this new divine feminine is very capable of bringing the overactive masculine aspect within the feminine into balance, whist recalibrating both the masculine and feminine frequencies within the male.  

Generally, when placing these two equal energies within one arena, chaos wants to rule through the lower ego. Equality is about balance! Sadly, many are still blinded by the control of their lower ego which refuses them to integrate balance of the masculine/feminine within the confinement of their own restricted mind. When this is finally understood, gentle kindness brings clarity.

Love and care bring restores conflict. This enables you to ‘enact’ what the Universal Laws dictate, no matter the circumstances.    

The enhanced divine feminine accepts her role as an observing pillar of strength no matter the conflict. She imprints her codes within all to reveal a clearer vision needed to facilitate restoration.

We have our own ‘trick’ plan!

Humanity is very good at playing tricks! Fact is, you cannot bombard or force awakening consciousness, well you can try, but because of Free Will, each have the right to think and do as they wish, inevitably taking responsibility for their consequences.  

You all have ‘the bigger picture’ imprinted within your ‘life plan’. But because most don’t allow themselves to escape the clutches of their own chaos, they struggle to awaken to the consciousness of The New You within The New Earth.

Our ‘trick’ from behind the ‘curtain’ is to let the lightworkers, you, and many within the animal kingdom, become infused with frequencies to override the chaos within the collective. Once density fills with these beautiful transformational codes, they too shall recognise beauty and love, even amongst the most unstable. This filters into the subconscious, which imprints itself into the conscious.

All in support of this from your realms and ours, especially lightworkers together with Mother Gaia, will and is showing the way to the rest. Through lending a hand which leads to a pathway of transformation, they too can step into their own divinity without fear or intimidation.

I am Diana, I am the goddess of the sun, moon, and stars. I am a goddess that teaches focus. How? Focus on that which you want, then let it go.

Let your focus become instinctive. Let go of negative projections. As you draw back your bow to let go of your arrow, let that which you focus on be a subconscious goal, so perfect, and so direct, you never need focus on it again. That is how you do it.

Until we meet again, Adonai.

Kuthumi Speaks - The intention to create.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of balance.

Through rising above the chaos, you take on observer consciousness.

In so doing you imprint powerful new frequencies of divinity and love without being intrusive. We mentioned years ago, if you feel your world is too grey, why not sew some flowering seeds out the car window as you drive! In time on your return a kaleidoscope of extravagant colours will bless your world reminding you of your manifesting powers.

Seeds of intention cannot sow themselves. Sure, in nature perhaps, but if you wish to create nature where there is not, then best you sow the seeds!

The new codes will shift worlds without intimidation by releasing fear. The energy will pick up momentum as the portals reconnect.

Here you invite the paths of darkness and light to greet you without fear, like venturing through and beyond the ‘darker side’ of the moon where there is always light, yours.

These codes plant seeds of immaculate divinity, hence the unsure feminine no longer fights off insecurities needing to demand power, as they know their inner worth.

The sensitivity within the Divine Masculine and the power within the Divine Feminine facilitates this. Of late, the destructive limitations created through control consciousness amongst all genders prevents order, thus failed boundaries of mutual respect. Anyone caged up in confined spaces will eventually burst forth creating more chaos.

Light dances with dark, soul with spirit, mind and brain with body.

The darkness that you perceive to be unknown, therein you find light so bright and beautiful. Letting go of the fear brings about transformation at a cellular DNA level. This is held within every code of consciousness present in your reality, and as you integrate this, you create an even more splendid presence in your reality.

The testosterone ‘rule’ of the old masculine created much distortion influencing the human female frequency. Many has taken on her own ‘version’ of what she believes to be ‘her own’ testosterone rule.

It’s not working for her! Balance must be the order for life to be a platform for expansion, to experience breakthroughs and new discoveries!

20 or so of your years ago I Kuthumi anchored the Portal of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Goddess, not very far from where you are currently sitting in this location of Howick. It was the first ever on this continent, to ease the distortion of that which was to come.

Years later the ‘predicted’ chaos is evident everywhere. Roles are reversed and intentions distorted. What utter chaos!

As Diana mentioned, we come with a ‘trick’ from behind the consciousness curtain. What better way to transform than unconsciously, collectively?

Humanity is being influenced on a large scale through subconscious promptings, advertising and social media. These influencers have caught on to the power of the subconscious. They realize the fact that once you are able to fill thus convince the subconscious, it will automatically convince and influence the conscious.

As mentioned, your subconscious is like a sponge which keeps absorbing until it sinks, and when it does, it ‘sinks’ into your consciousness.  

This can be your biggest gift or greatest enemy. How many times do you not visualize and formulate situations which doesn’t really exist? You conjure up stories because of the dramatics that you love!

By flowing into a focused, balanced and gentle timeline, you create yet a better new reality. Through subconscious influence of the collective, by living your truth, others will awaken to the truth of their emerging conscious, whatever it means for them. Only they can do that, but you can fill the space around your planet with that which is good, kind, and amazing.

We understand that there are massive issues which needs addressing, and it can be done. By creating a new positive timeline at a non-intrusive level everyone will eventually step into an alternate frequency to create an even newer timeline of thought. You are strong enough to hold this divine frequency.

There is a great awakening happening on your planet! Be aware, and you will see this with your physical eyes. With your inner more powerful eye, see this world as transformed, as you sow seeds of transformation wherever you go.

Imprint whatever you do for the self into the world around you. The more you work on yourself, the easier it is for an unconscious shift within the collective.

Step forth, knock on your golden door, and move through it!

Goddess Activation

Visualize yourself walking through a magnificent forest. Smell the trees, leaves, and feel the dampness underneath your feet. Visualize the cobblestone pathway transform into a beautifully tumbled rainbow crystal pathway guiding you deeper into the forest. Pause.

In your mind’s eye stretch out your hands and feel and touch the foliage, flowers, and trees. Slide your hand across a massive tree trunk, and for a moment connect by placing both your hands on the bark. Tap into the history of that tree, the goddess of that tree. Tap into the male and female aspect which together gave life to it. Give thanks to nature all around. Pause

As you venture forth you discover a beautiful lake stretching beyond your vision. Stand, and just BE. Pause What does the texture of the sand feel like? Soft, powdery, rough, or a balance of all? What colour is it?

Feel the texture of these calm turquoise waters around your ankles as you connect to the essence of the Divine Feminine within this lake. Then slowly walk deeper until eventually you gently start swimming without making too many ripples. Pause.

When reaching a comfortable depth, turn and float on your back facing up. Stretch your arms out and finger the water, feel the powerful yet gentle energy that it offers. Feel the essence, emotions, and flexible femininity, just float. Pause

For a moment bring a picture into your mind’s eye of all that you experienced thus far. Pause. See massive mountain peaks surrounding this scenery. Pause

This is your sacred lake. Allow your emotions to become balanced, gifted through the turquoise ray. Turquoise carries the frequency of fluidity thus flexibility. Pause

Feel the power of the Sun rays bathing your face and body. Be ONE with the water. Pause.

Take a deep breath, hold it. Pause. As you release gently sink into the water. Relax. You can breathe comfortably under the water, as you gently sink to the bottom. You are very comfortable being ONE with the crystal-clear water. Pause

You are now standing at the bottom of the lake and all is as you imagined.

An underwater wonderworld surrounds you as you are comfortably able to transcend dimensions. Pause

Gently amble about, exploring the underwater world, the magic of your mind. Pause. Next you stumble upon a very special space, an area surrounded by ancient statues and figurines with an open centre platform. It resembles an ancient open-air cathedral embedded deeply within the centre of the lake. Pause  

Become aware of several monoliths that surrounds the platform. Notice a distinct pattern imprinted on your centre platform, recognise it. You feel as if you are transported back into ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times. Pause.

Before stepping onto the platform, connect to the symbol again imprinting it deeply within your memory. Pause.

If you cannot sense anything right away, ask for the symbol to be revealed at the appropriate time. You may share this with others, yet each imprint is unique, like your hands and feet, your DNA, even if the shapes appears to be similar.

Now step onto your personal unique circular platform and come to stand in the very centre, with your pattern stretching all around you. Pause.

Beloved ones, you notice myself Kuthumi coming towards you from your left, and Diana from your right. Energetically, your right-hand side is your masculine rigid past, and your left side your feminine flexible future, which crosses over in brain function. Pause.

We take your hands in ours, we turn to face each other whilst you face ahead of you.

We now imprint a frequency of your unique pattern into your subconscious. Thus, from our third eyes into yours. See this imprint manifest within your third eye. Pause

See it fully integrated into your third eye. In the very centre of your third eye, visualize small a golden pyramid and then place that frequency within that pyramid, hold it there. Pause.

We release our energies and give thanks to you for bringing yourself into this sacred space as we take our leave.

Directly ahead of you, a most beautiful Goddess comes walking towards you. She steps onto your platform and comes to stand in front of you facing you. Pause.

Relate to her in whichever way you please. This may be an imprint of a being that you are familiar with, or simply a flame essence frequency. Pause.

She reaches out placing both her hands on your third eye. Pause. Then onto your throat. Pause. Finally, she places both hands onto your heart. Pause.

She reaches within herself and brings forth a magnificent chain with your unique  pattern hanging from it, like a pendant of sorts, and hangs it around your neck. You now have an imprint of your unique symbol hanging around your neck on a crystalline chain, guarding over the essence of your heart. Long pause.

Beloveds, this gift from the Goddess is your unique imprint of the Divine Feminine Codes, anchored and programmed to a frequency you can relate to. Manifest this for yourself either as a mental or physical frequency. Pause.

Look deep into the Goddess’s eyes, her eyes are turquoise like the waters that envelops you. Her frequency is as crystalline, like the chain that she gifted you. Let this remind you of your own goddess frequency, no matter your preferred gender.

She brings her hands together, namaste`, and you do the same, as you offer each other gratitude and love. She gently turns and makes her way from your platform. In the stillness of this sacred space give thanks all including yourself for making the effort and taking the time to reinitiate yourself into this divine goddess frequency, endorsed with your own personal energetic stamp, individually, uniquely, yours.

Gently open and stretch out your arms, and as you do so you begin drifting up towards the water’s surface, away from your sacred space beneath this lake, your own ancient temple. You are the keeper of this temple, thus revisit it during your meditations, anywhere, anytime.

You head is again above the water. Take a deep breath in, hold it, and as you exhale turn and float on your back again with the sun streaming down upon you. Move your hands and your legs, make ripples in the water and then slowly, slowly, turn over and gently swim towards the shore. Step down with your feet back onto the sand, and then again stand next to the lake ankle deep in the water. The ripples on the water subsides until gentleness and peace mirrors again.

Beloved ones, this activation reminds you to let the ripples within subside, and you do so by finding balance within every situation. Even if there are challenges, rise above it. In that way you begin to influence even that beyond the average restrictions and restraints of human consciousness.

You do so by imparting all that you are blessed with, all the wonderment, into everything wherever you go. As you touch and walk you imprint your divine frequency onto the planet as a keeper and carrier of The New Earth DNA.

You are a keeper of The Earth Flames, and now as a keeper of The Enhanced Divine Feminine Goddess Codes, you have been gifted your own symbol to draw strength from.

Remind yourself of this unique symbol by visualizing it descending from the apex of your pyramid imprinting it into your entire body. Call upon the essence of the goddess within to bring about balance, calm, and order, no matter the confinement. In doing so restriction needn’t brew chaos.  

Remove the self from that which is unstable. Allow your frequency to expand, and in so doing, inspire the new codes of the Enhanced Divine Feminine Goddess to be bestowed upon all.

Until we meet again, I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Chohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom, and I bless and I leave thee in love.


Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

Article Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email from Chanel Lingenfelder with Written Authorization to reblog on CrystalWind.ca.

Chanel Lingenfelder
Chanel Lingenfelder has been a transvoice channel for Kuthumi, Diana, the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings since 2006. She lives in Howick, South Africa. Apart from earning mega academic accolades, she’s a published author and travelled extensively. Her book “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” is available on all leading platforms. For more info www.visionoftheheart.co.za. Chanel’s dedication toward lightwork remains as unwavering as her wicked sense of humor!

Below is a link to Chanel's book. 

From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia 

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Chanel Lingenfelder and reprinted with written authorization. Do Not Copy!
Header image courtesy of CrystalWind.ca.

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