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The 7 Planes Of Existence

The 7 Planes Of Existence

There are 7 planes Of Existence – which have a lot to say, in terms of how we create our own reality, they describe how everything that is created is created from, the plane of thought, and the other planes of existence.

By understanding these planes of existence, we understand how diseases manifest themselves physically, and thereby we can work further from that. There is a lot of information about the 7 planes existence, this is just part of it.

Man is more than just a body – 

First and foremost, the concept expands man to be far more than just a physical body. While Paul originally divided man into body, soul, and spirit, based on the consideration that every human being consists of life, consciousness, and body.

The world of spiritual science has thus extended this consideration to man consisting of, or existing on, seven planes of existence. 

This is in contrast to the medical and natural sciences, which still to a very large extent maintain that man consists only of the body.

The spiritual itinerary – 

The seven planes of existence can be used for an understanding of what it means to have a spiritual development. The seven planes of existence are the development we as humans must go through on our spiritual journey. 

It is, so to speak, the itinerary of spiritual development.

Chakra – The understanding of the seven planes of existence can be used as an approach to the concept of Chakra, which is central to understanding what it means to have a spiritual development and what this development should end up with. The concept of Chakra has it is starting point in Yoga and the spiritual ideas behind yoga are shared with ideas about the seven planes of existence about the same frame of reference and holistic understanding.

The Higher Self / Intuition – 

In spirituality one deals with something which is called “My Higher Self.” 

According to the above, your higher Self extends, from the causal plane and up. 

And including the atmic plane – When you talk about getting in touch with your higher Self, it means getting to know your intuition, your true identity, your innate abilities. 

Thus, the idea of the seven planes of existence can be used as an understanding of the spiritual way of viewing intuition. 

Only by knowing our own spiritual nature can we find out more or less where and how our thoughts arise and thereby become more aware of our own intuition.

Aura – Through the understanding that man exists on seven planes of existence, we also gain a deeper understanding of the concept of aura. 

An aura has different layers, each showing different sides of the person. People often talk about the four main layers, also called bodies in the aura. The physical body oscillates at a lower energy than these four main layers, which oscillate at higher and higher energies / frequencies. 

The four aura layers are from within the body and out: the etheric aura, the astral aura, the mental aura, and the spiritual aura.


Spiritual science reports on reality as seven planes of consciousness, where the physical plane is the lowest, “lowest” and densest plane of matter. 

When the One, called God, created the seven planes of consciousness or existence, it happened from within and out – or “from above and below.” 

Therefore, all these plans are expressions of life and spirit.

A “Substance is spirit in its lowest aspect, while spirit is the expression of matter in its highest aspect.” The Spirit created the plans of existence with the intention of developing love and wisdom to perfection.

All human beings participate in the development process. ¨This is without exception¨

When a human being incarnates and exalts their character, they do so simultaneously on all the planes of consciousness on which they work. 

Strengthening the emotional life, for example, helps to raise the frequency at the level of the collective astral consciousness, etc.

These planes of existence also means – states of consciousness that are characterized by different densities and dimensions of matter.

In our solar system, there are seven planes of existence, each of which has seven sub-planes.

These planes of existence together constitute the lowest plan of cosmic consciousness and constitute the sub-plane of the plane.

The seven planes of the solar system are:

1: The physical plane – which is divided into three purely physical and four etheric sub-planes.

2: The astral plane – With seven sub-planes.

3: The mental plane –Where the seven sub-planes are divided into two – the Rupa plane which is the concrete plane of thought and the Arupa plane – the abstract plane of thought.

  1. The Buddhistic Plane.
  2. The Atmic or Nirvanic plane.
  3. The Monadian Plane.
  4. The Logoic Plane.

At the current level of development, which is currently in full transformation at a vibrational level, by a shift in consciousness, humanity functions primarily on the three “lowest levels.”

The two upper planes know nothing else but that they are the realms of consciousness of the Sollogos themselves and the Monads.

When the plans are called “lower” and “higher,” it does not mean that some of the plans are higher in space than others. These planes do not lie on top of each other like shelves in a bookshelf, but instead they penetrate each other.

A “movement” from one plane to another therefore does not have to cause a movement in space but is solely due to a change in consciousness.

In this way, in the course of evolution, man becomes able to recognize finer or coarser states.

The planes are at atomic level separated from each other, as each plane has its special atoms, and it is their compounds that form the sub-planes and the shapes.

It is said that each plane has one dimension more than the nearest and lower, such that the astral plane has four dimensions, the mental plane has five, etc. – but whether the principle applies to all the higher planes is not known. 

However- Higher dimensions are likely to be characterized as a kind of consciousness expansion.

Each level of consciousness has a frequency. The lowest frequency belongs to the seventh plane, the Physical Plan.

For each plane, the frequency increases.

The Astral Plane – which is the sixth plane, has a higher frequency than the Physical Plan, and can therefore not be experienced through the physical senses that are created to relate to the Physical Plane, but the physical world can be experienced on the Astral Plan, Because the frequency there is higher.

The astral plane – is the collective unconscious of Mankind. 

It contains the sum of the emotional life on Earth. 

Everything that humanity has felt, coveted, and desired has taken shape on the Astral Plan, and exists there as astral archetypes, whose frequencies affect those people, tending to the same kind of emotions.

The astral plane – is in constant motion with changing “colors and shapes” due to the changing emotions and desires of Mankind.

A person’s personal astral body is a non-physical, i.e., an “invisible body” also called an energy area, which has the same shape as the physical body.

The astral body is a prerequisite for a human being to feel.

When a human incarnates – the soul constructs a personal astral body with the same shape as the physical body out of the matter found on the astral plane.

The astral plane can be perceived as the astral body of the Earth.

Souls not yet incarnated are also on the astral plane, where they are waiting to incarnate, or where they work as helpers or are on their way to the mental and soul plane (the causal plane) when their emotional desires have been lived out and processed.

If the physical man wants insight into the Astral Plan, it requires metaphysical abilities such as: clairvoyance, or that one builds a close relationship with one’s dreams, as we are on the Astral Plan when we dream.

Astral refers to the word “star” with both Latin and Greek roots. 

In Sanskrit, the astral plane is called the “kama-loka” world of desire.

1, – THE PHYSICAL PLANE – This is where our etheric body takes place. – man has two bodies. The first body is the physical body, which is to say, the physical body, our body. It is deadly and dies when the biological processes cease.

The second body is the etheric body, which has the same shape and size as our physical body.

This body is divided into two parts, the doublet, and the health aura, which differ from the other bodies in that it is re-formed at each incarnation of man and dissolved upon the death of man.

The other bodies continue to exist after physical death, and they enter at each new incarnation in connection with the newly formed physical body. 

The part of the etheric body called the doublet can be considered as a kind of architectural drawing for man. It is the duplicate that is believed to shape the physical body. At the onset of death, the doublet leaves the physical body, and the body disintegrates because what held it together (the doublet) is no longer present. The duplicate can sometimes get stuck near the physical body, and this is what is interpreted by many as a ghost.

Within a few weeks, the duplicate dissolves. 

Often one does not deal much with scientific evidence in the spiritual universe – simply because much of the universe cannot be measured and weighed and proved – but precisely with regard to the etheric body, it should be mentioned that an American scientist around the turn of the century weighed dying patients and who would have expected it, but there was often a weight reduction during the death struggle ”due to the fluid loss. 

But the scientist also thought he could ascertain that exactly at the moment of death all the patients had a weight loss of about 26 grams, which of course has been taken by some as proof that man contains a soul body.

The second part of the etheric body – The health aura – has its origin in the energy centers called chakras, which are discussed in more detail in the next section. 

In short, the health aura attracts life energies and channels them to the physical body. When the body’s energy stores are full, the excess energy settles as a protective sheath around the physical body. 

From this follows an interesting assumption, namely that due to the protective mantle, man can in principle not become ill due to external causes. 

The causes of illness always lie in oneself. 

Negative thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy lifestyles can diminish the power of the health aura, thereby creating weak points in the health aura through which negative energy fluctuations can penetrate the body and cause disease. 

Herein lies the explanation that positive thinking, within the spiritual, is seen as very important for health

2, – THE ASTRAL BODY – like the etheric body, has the same shape and size as our physical body, but its aura radiance has an oval shape that extends up to several meters from and around the person. 

The astral body contains our desires, psyche, emotions, and emotional moods. 

As we find here all our conscious and unconscious states of anxiety, aggressions, feelings of loneliness and rejection, lack of self-confidence and so on lies, it shows that we are truly inside an area that shapes our view of the world, and which is the background for many of the energies we emit to the outside world. 

And as the energies we emit attract similar energy fluctuations from the environment and unite with them, it means that we are often confronted with the very people and situations that reflect what we consciously seek to avoid, escape from, or of whom we are afraid. 

How to develop the individual bodies – including the astral body – and thereby free themselves from any negative energy radiance and attraction. 

The astral body does not die at the death of our physical body, and it is on this level that humans stay when they die. 

It is assumed that we humans have a more or less developed astral body.

On the lower parts of the astral plane are the persons bound by grosser emotions (hatred, selfishness, etc.). People who in life e.g., have been alcohol addicts, swarms of bars can be seen on the astral plane. 

Hateful spouses can swarm around the survivors who enjoy freedom etc. 

The higher astral levels have to do with finer emotions (impersonal, abstract). Here, artists, philosophers and scientists are busy with their work. The astral body of the ordinary reborn person does not move consciously on the astral plane, but often guests do this in their sleep and the experiences are remembered as dreams. Clairvoyant humans can see in the astral aura of the incarnated human being what emotions are bound on the astral plane and can thus gain knowledge about the emotional state of the observed. 

3, – THE MENTAL PLAN – We experience the mental plan in the form of thoughts, which is why it is also called the world of thoughts. 

It is far more difficult to contact this plane consciously, and dreams from here are rarer. All human thoughts appear in the aura of the mental body, which in turn resonates on the mental plane. 

What is called the personality belongs from the mental plane and down through the astral and physical plane. According to the mental plane, the personality ceases. It is assumed that humans – in the same way as with the astral body – have a more or less developed mental body. Often referred to by the fact that the energy fluctuations on the planet are higher or lower.

In the lower parts of the mental plane – man is characterized by using the linear way of thinking of the rational mind, in their search for the answers, the truth. Here the inspiration for the thought processes is taken from below in the physical plane. Thus, information is collected from the physical body, which via the etheric body is transferred to the astral body, which then transforms the information into emotions, which are again dispatched on to the mental body, which then respond to it by transforming them into verbal thoughts. 

Due to the influence of the astral body, with its unresolved emotional structures, the information is often distorted and the mindset colored. Our thoughts are thus influenced by unfulfilled dreams, longings, and wishful thinking, which means that the rational way of thinking is almost never impartial and objective, even though we believe that it is.

In the higher parts of the mental plane- he inspiration for the thought processes is taken from above in the spiritual planes. 

Thus, information about the universal truths is gathered from the spiritual planes and these are integrated with the rational sense that transfers them to concrete situations, leading to a solution of problems that are in accordance with the universal laws.

The knowledge and insights gained from the spiritual plans often manifest themselves in the form of intuition, including images and sounds, which in turn are transformed into verbal thoughts. The way of thinking here is holistic in contrast to the before mentioned rational linear way of thinking.

4, - THE CAUSAL PLAN – Above the mental plane is the causal plane, which is part of the mental plane, but since most people do not function on the causal plane, it is separated as independent. 

At the causal level, the abstract thought process unfolds. 

Plato called it the world of ideas and theosophy also calls it the world of the soul. Only a few people are conscious on the causal level. 

In humans, who are still very unconscious on the spiritual plane, the causal body, along with its aura, extends only about one meter from the physical body. 

In a human being who is very enlightened and deep in the spiritual universe, on the other hand, the causal body and its aura can radiate several kilometers out of the physical body, thereby transforming the original oval shape into a regular circular shape.

5,6 AND 7, - THE SPIRITUAL PLANES – Existential plans higher than those that make up the personality are considered spiritual.

The 1. spiritual plane of existence we encounter is the Buddhistic plan, (not Buddhist!) Which stands for spiritual love, the world of intuition. 

Next follows the Atmic Plane – which is the world of spiritual will and power. 

And as if it were not about to be just legally complicated enough, something called: The Monadic Plane – follows with omnipresence, omnipotence, and all knowledge. Also called the transcendent world of the indivisible spirit. 

Finally follows the highest plane of existence called the Tagnic plane.

HOW TO USE OF THE IDEA OF EXISTENCE PLANS – Apart from that it is a magnificent and beautiful way of thinking, that we are all born divine and are on our way back to this state, for what can we then use the idea of existence planes? 

Listen to this wonderful meditation music and imagine your own 7 Planes of Existence.

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